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NID916- Hand on Your Shoulder

2016-04-10-Hand on Your Shoulder
No Idaho #916


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: My Hand on Your Shoulder
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, Elyon, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: My Hand on Your Shoulder
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, Elyon, Charles
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


Prayer: [Mary] Father, here we sit, a circle of friends, circle of beings, your sons and daughters making our ways in this opportunity you have gifted us with of consciousness of being, of being boots on the ground on such a planet. We all feel the warmth and the camaraderie in this circle and we are grateful for connection. We pause in this moment of connection… [dogs barking] the canine connection, the feline connection, we are all connected and we know the animals of this planet feel the energy and respond to it. So as our hearts are warmed and connected, we also bring in our Thought Adjusters and their network and we bring in Dr. Mendoza, our teachers to gather around us in this circle and breathe some light to Sophia Christina and breathe some light to Jack. Neither of them are ready to leave this planet so may the light uplift and uphold them as they walk their path. For now we pause and commune in the circle and give permission to anyone who hears the presence of a teacher and wants to speak do so as they are inspired.

JONATHAN: [Cathy] I also join in the familiar circle around the table in the music room. So many connections and lovely embraces have occurred here. Let us join hands in connection with the many from this side who gather with you. Together we can strengthen our ties to spirit and increase our service.


ELYON: [Mark] I am very grateful to welcome an old friend and I am happy to accept the invitation, I am Elyon and I accept in the spirit it is offered, this gesture of good will about being an old friend. We are indeed old friends in this process. There is a special bond between us for we have forged together the very foundation method that is used today in this process. I would speak a few words this morning to you about the journey. You all are captains of your own vessels of destiny and as such, you have grown accustomed to sailing the seas and navigating them more and more with your spiritual side, that aspect of yourselves that you have come to lean on and rely on in the process of finding your way about. When you act in accordance with your spiritual nature, you bring into play a whole counterpart of yourself, a whole aspect of your being that is part of who captains the vessel.

You are making this part a larger and larger percentage, bringing more and more spirit into your life’s equation and you will all witness, it has changed your course, it has altered your direction many times. It has brought you sights and experiences that you failed to imagine without its assistance. This is the wisdom you bring as captains of your vessels. You are truly learning that the value is not arriving at your destination of choice, your temporary landing pad, the port you choose to pull up into, but the real value is in the long term sense of journey, that no matter what your destination is, no matter what direction you may go or under what circumstances, you are still captain of your vessel of destiny and the entire set of experiences from destination to destination, from port and through storm are what the experience is designed to give you, a sense of moving through time and space and changing as you go, growing and learning, becoming more skilled at navigation and using more of the tools available to you.

You have all wisely discerned that it is not to end up at a specific destination, it is to enjoy the ride and to make the most out of it for there will continue to be innumerable destinations, points at which you will set your focus and navigate to. I feel as though we have navigated some terrain ourselves in the spiritual realm. We have charted some of the waters. We have been out and about on our journeys and explored unknown dimensions and we have all grown as a result, we have all matured in the process. Now we observe this stage of life in which the realization to be present, changes the entire dynamic. The desire to be in the moment spiritually enhances all experience and now you are captains of a greater degree. Now there is more smooth sailing because there is more understanding and awareness. You can rely on your faith and your experience when things appear stormy.

It has been a joy to be associated with this experiment we all undertook, to rely on faith, to expand on faith, to use our faith to achieve the victory over time and space, the coming together of alternate dimensions through spirit forces of human will. I tell you plainly that this experiment has been a resounding success. I know questions in your minds and in your hearts about the significance of the mission at times and I tell you plainly, the universe was designed to have such experiments occur and such transformations of spirit be the result, the transformations of your spirit as you have been lifted up. The Father has reached you through this method. You have heard He will stop at nothing and He has proved it to you. To those who believe, all things are possible with God and once again, you have proved this truth to be so.

It is normal and natural for you to think of terms considering the impacts of spirit being large, visible, noteworthy and impressive but I tell you plainly, victory of accomplishments and of massive spiritual growth is evident here, now, among us and between us. The universe has succeeded once again and the journey continues. There will be more success, there will be great success but the universe spiritual ascension is measured, one individual at a time. I stand in a group of many individuals that have experienced spiritual transformation and I stand with you all here in gratitude. We have all grown, we have all expanded our capacities. Our dimensions are no longer the same. This, is the unyielding success of the plan of which we were all a part. This is the grace from on high, manifest, and it has brought me great joy to be with you throughout this process, to share in the accomplishments and the transformations.

I will always have a special place in my heart so to speak, for the work that has been accomplished together and individually the transformations that have occurred. Thank you as usual for your willingness to extend this format, that we may meet and greet here together. I would now withdraw to allow this platform to others, good day.
Charles: [Mark] Good morning, this is Charles and I heard there was some navigating of vessels and I am drawn to this analogy for many times we have pictured ourselves and climbed together into the spirit raft and launching ourselves from the stability of the shore into the currents, that we may be swept along where spirit would take us. In our scenario, there has been installed a guide on the raft, one who knows the terrain, one who knows how to navigate the craft but in this scenario, the team must pull together. Everyone on the raft must put an oar in, in order to keep the vessel appropriately directed.

This scenario is so appropriate for this group who gather in the name of healing. This is where you pull together. This is where you magnify your own efforts by combining all the efforts. All the intentions, when directed, become a powerful force and they are able to change your course, to alter your direction, to do the bidding of the captain. In this scenario we are happy to have one such as Dr. Mendoza directing our line down the river of spirit, encouraging us to pull for the team, to be involved, to install our energies into the matrix.

It is so rewarding in situations like this to consider working with a team and pulling together and creating, co-creating and co-creating together. This is a powerful thing that you may choose to do, that you may choose to offer the Supreme. The combination of intention, will and spiritual appreciation is a powerful combination and when you come together in service your hearts are woven together as one, all on the same vessel with the same destiny, the same experience combined. That is what is such a joy, when you work together, to be a part of in this process. The team effort is well shared in this experience.

So side by side we have these opportunities to climb in the raft together, paddle forward and pull for the shore together and as well, simultaneously, we each are learning we are our own captains of our own little vessels of destiny and at times we may join with others and pull together for a common cause. But throughout our eternal career we are learning to navigate our own vessel under more and more divine guidance and principles. We are learning it is about the journey, the ongoing journey of forever. Thank you for allowing me to get in the raft with you for some of the journey. It has been my pleasure, carry on.


MICHAEL: [Cathy] My children, I join in the gratitude for the growth that has occurred. It has surpassed all expectations. Your Mother and I are full of parental pride in these steps you have taken in faith. Now we move to new dimensions with increased opportunities. As before, we your parents, are supporting you as once again we step out in faith. Be not afraid, the path will become clear. My peace I leave with you.

MICHAEL: : [Mark: I am requested by Michael to ask if we would all rise in a circle.] I am Michael here with you now. I make this request of you that you will rise, but you have risen in spirit and I recognize that. I make the request of you that you would be in service for me and you have gladly accepted. You all are in service to me. I need your hands, I need your voice, I need your boots on the ground for you to be my grace, my love and my peace to all the others. I need right now your hands. I ask that you put them on the shoulder of the person next to you as I would do, as I do now and as you do now for me. This is what I ask of you in this moment, to be my hand, to pass on for me my love, to add your love with mine and to allow me the use of your hands. I wish each of you to feel my hand on your shoulder. You grant me this access, you give me this permission and so I seize it.

I assure you, this is my desire, to touch you and the way I may do this now, here, is with your help. You who would follow me would serve me in this way. I am with each of you, I am for each of you, I am here surrounding all of you and your will and your desire is the final step in this connection, the final piece of this puzzle that comes together to allow this connection, this en-circuitment of this kind. Feel my hand on your shoulder and take this sense with you. It is my desire to touch you in this way. Let it be so Father, even now.

Those who are in this circle through this speaker, you are among us as I am among you. We bring you into this circle. Remember this hand on your shoulder, always it is my desire that you feel touched by me, I am there. Thank you for the grace of this opportunity. My peace I leave with you, my touch I leave with you, my embrace I leave with you. Take these in, they are yours. I cherish you all and I am never far. Go now in peace.

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