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NID921- Those Who Ask Receive

2016-05-15-Those Who Ask Receive
No Idaho #921


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Those Who Ask Receive
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Those Who Ask Receive
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


DR MENDOZA:  A good day to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza. I am here to fellowship with you and discuss more aspects of your apprenticeship. Today I would like to work with the concept of viewing yourselves as in a slightly different role to provide you with some perspective. I would like you to consider how you, as spiritual beings, might be considered administrators of spiritual affairs. As an administrator, you are one who has access to experts, you have access to spiritual resources and your role may be considered to pull together, as in your administration, what is needed in any given circumstance and then to administer this ‘recipe’ to your circumstance or situation.

You who are aware of these spiritual principles and how they are in play, may call them into service as needed. You may bring together others to work with you who have contributions to make. You may combine techniques and approaches as necessary and administer the treatment that you see fit for each circumstance. You are in this unique position of your connection to the many different circuits you have discovered all around you. You may be seen as a switchboard operator, plugging in one circuit to another, making connection between two different elements, pulling into your equation multiple connections even as is illustrated in this call at this very moment.

Much like this scenario, you may rally the different forces and project them out as you have mentioned. You may condition the environment by the use of your ability to administer a number of different connections, different circuits, different personalities, different approaches and perspectives. The hallmark of a good administrator is one who knows how to coordinate resources and envision a path through any circumstance by the use of coordinating these resources. This is more and more becoming your privilege as a result of your efforts to master your awareness of all these different aspects of your being.

So not only may you rightfully envision yourselves as the physicians assistants, ones who scramble around to ready the patient and the environment for the coordination of the physician, but rather the more experience you have, the more you move into an administrative capacity where your efforts at coordination are what brings the whole circumstance to its graceful conclusion. The biggest thing is, as you are noting, to simply realize that this is true, that this is a capacity that you possess, to show up in faith as the little one you have mentioned.

Truly, this final step will bring all of their conditions together and all resources to bear as you would wield them. We will continue to work on all of these aspects to fine tune their scope and your awareness of it and we will continue to emphasize that you are a spirit born personality and as such, you are a part of the great whole designed to resemble and reflect your grand parents and as such, you are endowed with certain capacities and rights as a member of your divine family. And while we may tell you this and assure you of your standing in this universal family, it is you who must have personal experience of this truth in order to grow your conviction of your place, your potentials and your destiny.

That is what this life was scheduled to afford you, the opportunity to discover and you have welcomed this opportunity to explore your dimensions. You have discovered many grand aspects about yourselves and all this is corresponding to the great scheme that has been set in motion for you. You will possess full conviction in due process and you are invited to accept this condition as yours as you are ready. Thank you all so much for your stimulating conversation. It makes coming to join you such a pleasure that you are so eager to participate. I bid you all good day.


Question: Would you give us an example of the combining of various resources to solve a problem. Give us a scenario in which we would need to combine resources and tell us what those resources might be.

DR MENDOZA:  With delight my friend, with delight. You have furnished all that you have need of in this question. Let me point to the facts. Fact number one: You could not be here now if you had not accepted that spirit component of yourself and provided latitude of that aspect of your being for you to mingle in such a space as we have created even now, step one.

Step two: You have combined forces, you have brought your spiritual being and awareness into the arena and you have cooperated to come together as a number of individual spirit beings under one umbrella if you will. Then you have chosen to come together under certain circumstances involving certain individuals and participants. You have channeled not only your individual energies but your combined group energies as one and you have projected out before you your desires, your prayers, your petitions for balance and peace. You have already coordinated these things, you have administered your treatment, you have combined aspects that you are aware of, aspects of personal awareness, aspects of combined intention, aspects of focus and direction.

You have coordinated all these aspects that are available, that exist and harnessed them together, wound them together, bound them together, even combining my services with yours. This is exactly as I illustrated, you have administrated these cures. You have effected change as a result of your abilities to administer all these aspects over which you have jurisdiction. I rest my case, or rather I should say our case, for we have indeed been involved in this together, another aspect of our desiring to coordinate and administer together.

I will also take a step even further backwards. Before my comments, you were engaged in a number of sharings back and forth regarding health effects, possible cures and possible conditions that were involved. You brought consultation back and forth of a very material and mortal nature. This is taking another one of the aspects that you are connected to and weaving it as well into your equation. Even on a basis of purely physical cause and effect, you can administer certain cures, certain medications and remedies. A good physician knows about many different types of maladies and cures and tries to match them up, the one to the other. This is what you are doing in material form in your discussions of what might be effective. This is also what you are doing in your spiritual projections of what might be effective.

CHARLES:  Greetings, I am Charles and I would value this opportunity to exchange with you about another aspect of your previous conversation and that is this notion of how does one deal with the different aspects of mortal existence, particularly the awareness that there appears at times to be this difference within the human mind or the human concept and how does one reconcile and what does one do about this phenomenon? Simply stated, this condition is an integral part of what it is to be born on a planet such as this as a first time spirit being. Doubt and uncertainty reign in a life such as this. You are the farthest now that you may ever be from the First Source and Center from which you were issued and the journey back to the center may take an eternity.

Out here on the very periphery of all that is, the mortal career is spent trying to identify who they are, what family they belong to and what is their destiny. You who have become aware that you are spirit born, you have a certain security in this truth, that this is truly your beginning and that you must find your way through this apparent darkness and that you will eventually emerge in the bright light of spirit, even of divinity. But in these beginning times there is much darkness, many storms and much uncertainty that must be navigated in your experience.

And when confronted over and over again with life’s propensity for uncertainty, your best defense it to always rest in spirit, to always return to this well for your well being. It is the human mind which is so prone to be fearful of the unknown and the uncertain. This is a survival trait of your species and to those who are learned in spirit, they have learned to put in perspective this nagging little voice which is ever present, awaiting the simplest of triggers. In a way you are hard wired as mortals of the realm to be suspicious, afraid, worried and fearful. These are built into your program and may even be instinctual.

The spiritualized individual is one who has learned to master more and more control over the automatic functions of the vehicle and override the tendencies with alternate patterns. You have spoken in your discussion of bringing alternate patterns with you, alternate patterns for healing, for health and well being of situations and circumstances and casting them out before you. A very similar process may be instituted for your internal well being, your internal dialog with the self. You may desire that you have more divine pattern imprinted, that you have less fear pattern present. You may literally rewire the characteristics of your thought process.

This is most readily achieved by first, your awareness or your observation of this very phenomenon, that is, you in the position as observer of what just transpired. That is the seat of power and authority. Your automatically generated responses may play themselves at will but it is you, the observer observing these play out that has the authority to hit stop, to hit erase or to hit re-record. The moment of significance in that equation demands that you be in an observer role, not a participant going along with the voices, the tapes that are replaying that have been recorded before.

Observe that they are triggered, observe that they play, then hit stop. Now, you are in a golden moment. If you have hit stop, you now may hit re-record. You may now record over your previous tape with a new one and cast your intentions out before you. Create the environment you would like to be in and record it for future use. This is how you will rearrange your very automated thought process. This is how you take charge of what is playing and who is playing the tapes that are in your mind.

So, a good exercise would be to simply realize that you can take a step back and be the observer, not the participant. Watch what happens, watch how easily it is triggered, watch how completely it replays its recorded message. Just observe it as you would observe clouds rolling by. This puts you in a power position because if you desire at any point you may decide to hit “stop”, then “rewind” to go back and hit “record” and replace it. If you are diligent with this process, you will completely rearrange that which happens to be automatically triggered by your environment.


CHARLES:  For those who ask, they shall receive. This method will most certainly demonstrate to you that you not only have control to some degree over exterior aspects of your being, but as well, you have jurisdiction and have control over inner aspects of your being as well. Just as you are eager to help another by administering an effect for their benefit, you may do the same for yourself at any time. The physicians or the physician’s assistants must themselves be well before they are of great service to others. Keep yourselves well in this process, utilize these tools that you are learning for your own welfare and benefit. This is your right, this is your privilege as sons and daughters of God. Let it be so.

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