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NID922- Silver Linings

2016-05-22-Silver Linings
No Idaho #922


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Silver Linings
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Silver Linings
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers


NEBADONIA:  Good Morning my dear ones, I am grateful for the opportunity provided and the strength provided when you have need of it. What a joy it has been to be with you as you witness and recount how many times you have been able to observe the goodness underneath, behind and surrounding what are apparently difficult and trying situations. These situations, like all of life, are wrapped in beauty and that underneath the difficulties and the trauma, there always exists these silver linings, these opportunities that are there right along side and intertwined with your life experiences. Truly my spiritualized children grow more and more to be able to discern this package and that within each opportunity are present so many factors for growth, for love, for inspiration and for service.

My children who desire to be in service are always supplied with these abundant opportunities and as was even stated here today in witness, the rewards are far greater than your expectations. It pleases me so greatly for you to be able to so sincerely and routinely or casually express your understanding of these principles at play, for when you are understanding and aware, you may certainly catch the waves and take the ride and streamline your efficiency in the process, becoming one with the flow. You are all destined to be so intertwined with this universal grace that these life experiences are becoming more and more enjoyable to you as you can settle in to the predicted principles and anticipated patterns. You become a beacon of light to all those around you who are becoming discerning individuals in their own right of how this all works.

You who are confident in the direction and the unfolding of goodness, truth and beauty, stand as pillars to all those who are in search of the same. It is my prayerful desire that each and every one of you establish this deep sense of security as a result of knowing the reality of these truths and knowing the constants of our love for you, our protection of you and of our desire to afford you all of the aspects contained in your experiences. Whenever there is change, look for opportunities. Whenever there is stress, look for growth. Whenever there is trauma, look for comfort and peace. These are present side by side with each other. You are coming to know the truth of this principle and to act in accordance with its parameters and your lives are becoming smoother as a result.

Now you move into the dimension of being comforting to those around you. As in this case we were graced with today, you are even provided with opportunities occasionally to shepherd another dear individual through this uncertainty of mortal life as they grasp a hold of your conviction and your faith. Thank you for providing this service. Thank you for being the manifestation of my love, of our love for each of them. Thank you for portraying this truth of survival in your very administering of your love. You are indeed my children in who I am so well pleased. I will continue to protect you and provide for you and shepherd you through your transition and your conviction of this truth will bring you the opportunities to share it with others. Share freely what you have earned, what you know to be true, what you have experienced personally.

My blessings I bring to you all, my peace stays with you as I never leave. Thank you for embracing my words this morning, even as I embrace you with each breath. Take my love and be in peace, so be it.

JONATHAN:  I am here as well, I am Jonathan speaking this morning with you in your reflection of your previous sharing. It is such an honor to take in such observations of grace and glory, such recounting of truth and beauty and goodness. To hear these stories makes one realize the fertility of these grounds on which you walk. So many different opportunities and aspects to be explored and nurtured and grown.

When I consider the thread running through this witnessing of life’s adventure, I note a tone that is present throughout and this tone is one of spiritual appreciation, the perspective afforded you by the fact that you have climbed to a platform of observation which is spirit. This climb that you have made in this mortal life of your own efforts has brought you to this highest perspective where you are able to see life’s scenario from a different angle with a different approach, with new meanings and values attached to previous scenarios. This is the clearest example I can point to where spirit has changed reality, where spirit influence has altered thought pattern, where spirit awareness has brought into the equation different values and where spiritual appreciation has fostered this notion of noticing the orchestration behind the scenes.

Without your willingness to look at things from a spiritual perspective, one could easily miss many many signs and gifts and offerings from the universe. To one with a spiritualized lens, looking out on the equation illuminates different parts of it and your appreciation is key to opening up doors, paying attention to signs and following your inner urges and nudges. It always is reflective of that statement that when you look at things through spiritual perspective, the things you look at change, in fact it can be said, they haven’t changed, you have.

This is another example that Mother just spoke of, the grace of your ability to see things with an enhanced perspective of their meaning and value because it is your desire to view them from this perspective of spirit. This is how you change your individual world and this is also how you change your collective world. One by one, each one choosing to view their circumstance from a higher perspective and to impose spiritual values over mortal scenarios. It is such a joy to witness these growth rings happen and to be there with you for the ride, to feel with you what it is like to have these episodes of “going with the flow.”


JONATHAN: Thank you all for the opportunity you provide by opening this door and choosing this opportunity. I always enjoy sharing the ride with you, good day to you all.

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