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NID928- Healing in Turbulent World

2016-06-26-Healing in Turbulent World
No Idaho #928


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing in a World of Turbulence
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Healing in a World of Turbulence
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


DR MENDOZA: Indeed I feel welcome, thank you for your warm gesture. In response to your wondering about what your roles may be and what your work may consist of, I feel I need to thank you for your service, in fact let us look at what transpires, even now. Without the presence of the clinic, a physician has nowhere to operate. Without the patient being brought to the clinic, a physician cannot operate. It is you who creates the clinic, you who fosters the healing healthful environment, you who provides the circumstances and the place wherein we may meet. It is also you who brings in the patient one by one, diligently and faithfully and when I say faithfully I mean with a great faith.

And in so doing you have connected these different aspects, these different venues, because you can, because you will, because you do. This is very very important work. Without you these connections literally would not be made, the one with the other, the physician with the patient. You have created all that is needed to bridge the gap, to bring together these different elements as an ambassador, as a physicians assistant. So when you wonder when you are working, whenever you are acting in spirit you are”working in spirit”, you are functioning in your spiritual capacity, you are en-circuited within the flow of spirit and you are working together with the flow of spirit.

Be in peace that you do your work in many different scenarios wearing many different hats, if you will, but as long as you are holding the space as you say, grounding out as a light anchor, then you have done the work of making this connection and making all that may transpire possible. It is I who thank you for this opportunity of service. It is I who is very grateful for your having created this opportunity and then faithfully maintaining it as you do even now.

I would like to comment on a current thread I have observed in your discussion. It is absolutely normal and common for one to be greatly moved when feeling an urge that a certain remedy or cure or supplement or tincture may in fact help the health and well being of another individual. And as you are so led you may feel it as your obligation to bring forth this ‘cure’ having such strong convictions that it will help. That is all well and good and that is your side of the equation.
Then there is the line, the boundary of your jurisdiction and then the patient’s side of the equation is their own. They commonly are flooded with various suggestions and it then becomes their challenge to decide what to do and what not to do and what will be useful and helpful and what may not.

As you are all well aware, there is a strong component of belief, even faith, in the cure that must be attendant with it for it to be successful. Indeed it can be said that this is perhaps the greatest component in any healing scenario, the willingness to believe and the ability as you have spoken of, to accept. These are the responsibility of the patient and they may not be supplanted by the caregiver, no matter how strong the temptation may be. If an individual believes that a certain thing will work, then they will convince themselves of this and it may in fact be successful but this decision to accept and believe is individual to the patient and while you may encourage and suggest and offer, in the end it will be up to the patient’s discretion what is accepted, what is chosen, what is believed in and what is accepted.

So you will continue to go about doing your best, suggesting your greatest wisdom of what will be effective in individual scenarios as good and faithful physician’s assistants are bound to do, but then having done your best to suggest and offer, recall that once this has gone over the line from your domain into your patients domain, it is then their free will choice that reigns and determines what will be embraced and what will be forsaken. This proves to be quite challenging to the physician’s assistant who may not understand why their suggestions are not adopted, why their strong intuitive feelings are not respected, but recall that this is not about you. Your patient will choose as they so desire and it is not a reflection on a physician’s assistant if the patient chooses not to adopt the recommendation.

I say this to you all at this time because you are all confronting the opportunities regularly to suggest and offer and promote what you believe to be true, good and beautiful about health and healing and its properties and this is good and appreciated. And as I said, I appreciate your making all this possible, the work that you do to maintain this citadel of spirit we are in even now, thank you.

CHARLES: I greet you all as well, I am Charles. I would attempt to return the serve made, that is, to respond to the question restated in the vaguest of terms- what’s up, what is happening with all the changes that are out there? I would call you all to witness that you have been told, you have been informed that your ministry would include seeing great upheaval and changes in your lifetime. So wherefore do you ask what all is going on? It is transpiring before your very eyes, the breaking of all the rules, the coming unhinged of the normal, the pervasive scary headlines. But you have been told of all of this. You have all along been coached that great changes were on the horizon and you are now seeing the evidence of such.

You have also been coached all along that all those things are transpiring ‘out there’. Your real and eternal security is ‘in there’, is inside and you all have a sense of this truth. To those who are aware, what should it matter if all earthly things perish, for you are secure. But nevertheless there is this human interaction with all that is going on with all of your brothers and sisters on this apparently troubled world. It is true of a certainty that this world has ebbed and flowed and seen many periods and degrees of troubled times and so it is true, that this ebb is but another one in a long series.


But, since you are here at this particular peak, it is you who will observe the greatest magnitude of contrast for you are on the very apex of the current series of peaks and valleys. Continue to grasp in faith the truth that you are all secure, whether it is now or later, here or there, the same truth holds for you and this conviction of faith should bring you the stability to weather these storms. We will be here throughout in this place that you create for us to meet. I look forward to weathering any future storms together with you. It seems so much more stable when we have a greater reality to cling to as the tides may rise. ‘Fear not’, were the watchwords of your Master. Never have they been more significant. Let us rise to His call and fear not as we know we are also in His embrace. Let it be so. It has been a pleasure to visit with you this morning, I wish you all peace in the process, let it be so.

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