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NID929- Part of the Whole

2016-07-03-Part of the Whole
No Idaho #929


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Part of the Whole
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Michael, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Part of the Whole
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Michael, Serena
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


MACHIVENTA:  [Mark] Yes, I will take the opportunity you provide, I am Machiventa here to speak to the thread of significance. This notion of the mortal that they are somehow tiny, small, perhaps even insignificant in the great what appears to be overwhelming scheme of things, but I would bring you the affirmation here and now that there are no small parts of the whole. Each circuit that is created, as you mentioned applying to the configuration of this gathering, is a treasured unique fragment of the whole and as such it has bearing on the whole, it has respect from the whole. It has relevance, significance and importance in the overall equation and the more it is fostered and grown, the more significant it is to the Whole.

It is sad to consider from our perspective that mortals often attribute their smallness as the reason that they do not qualify to be communicated with from on high or to be touched from such a grand scale to such a small scale but I assure you we know no such boundaries. These boundaries that you confine yourselves by are of your own making if they exist. You are as part of the whole as I am, as your Master was, as all are who are an aspect of this family and as a member of this family in good standing, you are granted latitude. You may in fact demonstrate attributes of the whole, even as a fragment. Even as a piece you may resemble the Whole, the grandness of scale that you only allow yourselves to dream of.

You are a part of this grand scale of all that is as I am a part. The configuration we make here and now is a part of the whole, is embraced by the grand scheme of things as being its own. So how then can you conceive to limit yourselves from the potential of the whole, considering that you are somehow separate? You are not separate, you have not been created to be separate. You are embraced by all that is and it is this embrace by the entirety of everything that you feel as the strands of the web are disturbed out there in human consciousness. It is this connection that plucks these strands and has you feeling the pull and disturbance in the force. This is a demonstration of what I speak of, your connection to all on many levels and this one you choose here and now is treasured because you have birthed it. It has begun with you as co-creators in this process and all that has been conceived in love is treasured and cherished as the jewels of the kingdom.

So, looking at admonitions in this context of ‘why not you’ may provide for you the extra coaching you may need to accept what is yours, to gracefully grow into your destiny, to become all that you are capable of becoming, in most cases by simply allowing it to be. The striving and the efforts made to grow are of far less significance than allowing the natural innate plan to unfold. Relax into your arrival at your destination, all the while being a faithful hand on deck when required, but take this sense of peace that you have gained in your awareness of this spirit realm we now enjoy. Bring this peace with you so that others may see the contrast you provide and while you are busy and about your practice, allow that great things may happen. Allow that apparently nothing may happen but this does not dissuade you in your work, only offers you opportunities to build your faith and to demonstrate your conviction.

I stand in gratitude for the invitation this morning to join you. We do not take such things lightly as you may observe for they are rare and so treasured for their uniqueness. Like all aspects that are representative of the many facets of the First Source and Center, they are known, loved and treasured the same. I bid you all a fond farewell and look forward to my return at perhaps your request, thank you.

JONATHAN: [Cathy] I am with you as you gather in community this morning. We wonder about changes on Urantia but from this perspective, the changes have been underway for a long time. It is a continuation of an expansion and correction from the past errors. This world has been in continuing change since its creation. The physical planet will continue to modify and the people upon it will change also. We are indeed fortunate to have a foundation on which to build stability. As was mentioned earlier, we are able to find a stable foundation and show others that this is a possibility for them. This capacity should not be underestimated. It has great potential for bringing about the changes of the Correcting Time as designed by Michael. I join you in celebrating our growth of the past and moving forward towards the Light and Life that is our future.

MICHAEL: [Mark] I greet you all my dear ones, you know who I am. You call me by the name Father and this is so. This relationship that you can identify with I have chosen to propagate and promote as a way for you to relate to the familial relationship that we share. Indeed, the embrace of the First Source and Center is so vast as it may be impossible of conception by the human mind but the significance and relationship of family is one that we all can relate to and identify with. Being the member of a family means that you are included, you are a part of the whole, you are a valued member on the team and you are respected for your contribution you make to the family. In this picture, what child could be considered any less than any of the others. This is not something a loving parent will sanction. All members of the family are treasured and loved. You are treasured and loved as a member of my family. You are unique in all of time and space and the aspects that you bring with you are a treasured part of the entire scope.

No loving parent would deny any of their children standing equally into the family and no parent of divinity does either. You are embraced and treasured and as such, you are entitled to the characteristics of the family. You are endowed with creative rights, you are bestowed with a free will choice and you are respected for how you will use these gifts of grace. I assure you, the parent hears the calls of the children and the offspring knows the sound of the parents voice. I treasure this opportunity to manifest in this form, the sound of my voice, but I know always you hear my calls as I hear yours.

It is a joy to fellowship with you at this time, to bring you once again my embrace and surround you with it, to bestow upon you once again my peace that you would embrace it, to share this common space with you that you provide. I am aware of the work you do for my sake, even in my name and I stand in love and gratitude for these gifts that you offer. I pray you feel my embrace and that you accept my peace, even now. And now, my cherished family members, my little ones in spirit, go out and play. This is how you grow. Be mindful of attempting to force this growth. It is built into the system and will transpire most naturally. Fear not that you may somehow do it wrong, only believe that I have built this path for you to follow me and I look forward to your approach. My love I leave with you, go now in peace.


SERENA: [Cathy] I have been joining your group but take this occasion to speak of change. We have all been creating change by our daily choices and much progress has been made. As a group, all the individuals aware of the Correcting Time have been moving forward and creating new possibilities for action and growth. It is only by looking back that we become aware of our greater position. As was mentioned recently, we have moved to a desired position for new action to occur. It is your individual choices that will reveal new options for others to choose. This is how we will proceed from the error of the past into a new reality of compassion and love. Continue to show your light and understanding. Continue to move forward in love. This is the progress we seek.

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