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NID930- Focus on Wholeness

2016-07-07-Focus on Wholeness
No Idaho #930


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Focus on Wholeness
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Focus on Wholeness
Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, it our pleasure to circle up and join forces here in our approach to you with this method we have chosen at this time to come together and co-mingle with your emissaries of truth. We are so grateful for this connection, this ability to reach out and touch each other in this way. Let us all drink deeply of this cup.


CHARLES: I greet you all this evening. I’ll take this opportunity that you all provide by lending your ear, by making yourself present, by coming to the classroom at the appointed time and making yourself available. In fact, it must be noted that this gesture, this act that you perform in arriving here and in being here in this moment is a supreme gesture. It is one of the most valued gestures one could make, what are you going to do with your time? What will your choices be? How will you manipulate your life through your choices?

So, when you allocate this time to come to this arena it is cherished. So, the call goes out and we are eager to respond. The call to service to assist those who are seeking assistance and I stand in great gratitude that I am among those who have had this opportunity to be of service in this way, to be connected with you in this way and to have and share this as our experience. Indeed it is my great pleasure to be included in this experience with you because I respect all of you and all that you bring to the equation, all that you are in potential, and I admire your willingness to step forward and offer your services that you might minister with us in this same endeavor, to serve all.

We both share the common trait that we are in awareness of just how blessed we are and that empowers us, this makes us more bold in our focus and our direction. So while we appear to be so separate and different in some regard, the one barely seeming to touch the other, we are as well strikingly similar. We have the same desire after having come to know divine energy to bring it to others and to serve this energy as we are so committed. We are strikingly similar in the desire to approach divinity further and further, more and more from whatever our vantage point may be.

We have been touched by spirit, the both of us, and transformed forever. And you have your realm and domain of influence and of creativity and we have our zone of influence as well and I stand in gratitude, perhaps with you, that we overlap to this degree that we do, that we can touch each other from such different dimensions, that we can share so many traits of those who would seek and those who would serve. So I stand in recognition of our contrasts and our similarities and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this into my experience. I understand there might be questions this evening and I would like to hear them.


Question: Some time ago we were told that we should take an area and put it in the light. I’m wondering about using this technique to put like a house, a property, whatever, in the light to neutralize things like chem-trails, all the toxic things that are found in households, things in the air on our properties, in our foods and I’m wondering if we chose an area and concentrate on putting it in the light to neutralize the toxins in that particular area, how practical and effective could this be?

CHARLES:  What you speak of is in fact your creative prerogative of conditioning your environment. You have become aware that it is possible to condition your environment with intention. I will say that you do intentionally condition your environment regularly and routinely. You have impact and effect on your environment whether or not you are aware that this is so. Once you have awareness that this is so, that equation is transformed and compounded exponentially.

I invite you to consider that you can probably bring yourself to believe that you have some control or jurisdiction over small areas. You can envision this and embrace this concept and take it in and accept it. I invite you to consider there is no difference between this equation or a much larger equation. You mention a residence but I mention a nation. I simply offer this to broaden your conceptual frame. You do have an impact over any given space, simply your consciousness shifts to accommodate different sized spaces. Spirit knows no such space boundaries, mortal thinking does. So, I invite you to experiment and participate with this concept because you might as well attempt to focus the team of horses that is running in a direction and have them maneuver more in unison. Would there be any other questions?

Question: That kind of answers my questions. I was looking for a shortcut as a human being, a spirit being living in a human body, a shortcut for forgiveness so I could wipe out the last forty years and be about my business. I’m struggling with forgiveness and judgment. It just keeps popping up no matter how much work I do on it and I am getting tired of dragging it around.

CHARLES:  Thank you for your question. There is a common thread in the human condition that an item will continue to be present as long as there is an irritant, as long as it disturbs your psyche; as long as it presses your buttons it will continue to be in your environment. Here is where you may consider the application of conditioning your environment with intention. What you have is a weed growing in your garden. It continues to pop up over here and there and everywhere and your desire is to condition your environment to make your garden weed free.

So you might envision in this scenario that one might deprive any sprouting weeds of any nourishment or any light whatsoever. They then could not thrive and live in the garden environment. If one want to seize this arena, this area of control and condition it, it is within your jurisdiction to do so. Simply mandate in your creative desire what will and what will not be in this space. It is yours to choose and I must say that again, it is yours to choose. Most responses that are made by mortals are conditioned reflexes.

When a trigger occurs, the same response is issued as was issued the time before and since it was originally recorded. Therefore, the key to conditioning your environment is to stop the automatic playback response which is loaded and ready to play at a moments notice. It will play when triggered unless there is a redirection at the time of impulse, at the time the button has been pushed to illicit the given response. If you step in and break the cycle there, then insert a new response, this is where you are the masters of your own choosing.

So you ask about replays and replays of the same old tapes and I applaud that first, knowing you have a problem helps. Knowing you have an issue of replaying these tapes is your first step to stopping doing it. The common mortal response is to simply replay what’s been recorded and repeating what has happened before. I invite you to break that cycle as has just been described. This is where you must get creative and replace it with something of your choosing, something that is worthy of directing your energy and efforts towards, something that is higher than the response that would automatically replay. This may have gone a little technical but I hope it was helpful. Any questions?

Comment: That was very helpful and I read something similar this morning so there is my confirmation so thank you very much.

CHARLES:  : Indeed, thank you for your question.

Comment: Yes, and I thank you Charles for answering my question. I guess what I need to do is strengthen my belief in the power of light neutralizing all the toxins in the area.

CHARLES:  : I might comment my friend, that perhaps I might offer that you may be encountering what transpires when you are overloaded in a sense with the details of all the different little tiny aspects involved. It is well and good that your mental exercise of attempting to understand and all that you are trying to understand, however, when you reference using the spirit tool approach, you are in fact taking the equation to a different level and you need not concern yourself in this level with the particles and their composition or relevance as much as you need to envision the true, beautiful and good aspects of the scenario, to see it as perfect and whole and good and beautiful, to hold that space for it.

That is your supreme gift. That is what you can do. You can choose to see it as whole and healthy and beautiful and good and let the chips fall where they may with how it transpires. In this way, you are conditioning the environment from the outside all the way into the middle. You are bringing the highest offering that you can bring to the table. So there are a number of ways you may condition your environment and I applaud you all for looking for these ways, for seeking and I’m sure that with your enthusiasm and determination that you have demonstrated you will certainly take these principles and go out and play with them and learn so much because you are the ones who would play with the light. That is why I enjoy so much coming to be with you, to be allowed this opportunity to share with you together.

Comment: Thank you so much Charles, you gave me a whole new way to look at this which is much more helpful. I will clarify all the details and focus on the perfection I see.


CHARLES:  : Because my dear one, you can. You are a beautiful child of light who has this beautiful perspective to bring and that is what is needed, that is what will bring a great joy to many others. And you all do this and I thank you all for the ministry that you have in your own lives, I recognize these. Unless there are any other questions this evening I would take my leave.

Comment: It is a wonderful lesson to be remembered. It’s always so much simpler than we think it is.

CHARLES:  : Indeed, thank you.

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