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NID934- Alternating Awareness Frequencies

2016-07-31-Alternating Awareness Frequencies
No Idaho #934


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Alternating Frequencies in Awareness
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Alternating Frequencies in Awareness
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


MACHIVENTA:  [Mark] Yes, I am here and I would join your discussion today and pick up on the thread being offered of relative awareness. As you have stated, there are certainly times when you are in awareness of the role or access to the role that you play and at such times there is a great sense of being in the flow and going with the flow of energy and being an instrument in that effort which appears to have the real sense of a group effort. Then there are many many times where you are simply going about rather automatically, your daily routine, and are by contrast rather unaware that your routine normal and everyday activities also carry with them the same potential of joining with the greater good and coordinating with this flow of energy.

The more spiritualized you become, the more you are able to function in awareness, albeit necessarily partial awareness as you are not granted the full appreciation of the full significance of your role until a later time. Even this partial awareness inspires you to be more present, more at play in the game, more responsive to leadings and promptings and more willing to follow through if you feel that sense of being a player on a team.

Speaking of awareness, I would point to you something to serve to expand this consciousness. You are all well aware that you are dutiful about recording these times for your own edification and the edification of others; you are steadfast in your mission to take down our lessons, as you refer to them, to dutifully make them available in written form, to then spread them about and post them and keep them safeguarded. All of this is well within your range of scope and awareness, but I will tell you this.

Just as you are so keenly interested in preserving these words which you have adopted and which mean so much to you, likewise, from our perspective, we take notes and dutifully preserve all the discussions that the students have regarding the lessons. All of your interactions teach us how to proceed forward. What are the thought patterns that are being expressed and how may we co-mingle and direct some of these thought patterns.

This is the example you have pointed out to of being in play so that you may be instructed as to how to be better in play. So while you are aware of the significance of these lessons being presented, you remain largely unaware of the significance you have on the process, on the impact you wield in this entire universe scheme. Thus it is possible to function both in awareness and in relative unawareness and both have impact in orders of magnitude you may not appreciate. So be it, you may justly learn from these lessons, so be it that we also may learn from our students and that both of the parts in play are significant and meaningful, yours and ours. It is my pleasure to offer an example of this relative awareness and this significance in the process.

I thank you all for your efforts at keeping the ball rolling, keeping the lesson plan unfolding and generating new areas of interest that we may then explore and flesh out. Truly we work together in this process and one day you will appreciate the significance of the many roles you play in the process. For now, it is required that you act in faith that this is so and you all have been steadfast in this process. It is my pleasure to join you on occasion and to fellowship with you as a fellow in the process working together on this experiment in progress. I bid you all a good day, farewell.

DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Greetings to my assistants, Dr. Mendoza here making the rounds with you. It is my pleasure to observe the many things the physician’s assistants bring to the consultation. Truly there are so many different facets to be explored which apply to the human condition of health and healing. It is through your familiarity with these many aspects that you offer yourselves the opportunity to find the resources, the methods, the techniques and the approaches which are significant.

I would like to call you all to witness that in this last report from the field of healing, it was pointed out the significance of addressing all three aspects of humanity: The physical condition and the nutrition required to establish health and healing: The mental state, the preferred state of being to promote health and healing: The spiritual component being addressed and brought into the equation as the third leg of the triangle. It would be helpful for my assistants to be on the lookout for all three of these aspects are critical for the stability of the platform. All three of these ingredients must be in compliance for true health and healing to occur. If any one of these ingredients is severely out of balance, then the platform will not be stable and will topple.

So therefore, the scope of your evaluation may increase to include all of these various aspects. Certainly the physical must be addressed but it alone comprises only a portion of the whole. The whole is made whole by accounting for all of its aspects and bringing them into alignment. You are gaining many many tools in your toolboxes to use in this process. You are finding ways to bring them out and use them, to find where they may be applicable and where you may need to change tools and use another resource. These are the traits of a good physician, to be able to assess and readjust as needed, the treatment.

And so I am so pleased to work with you and be on call to you as the head physician. When you have need of me, call me as was illustrated in the story and I will most happily get the page and will respond. Trust that you are capable of more than you think in this process, that you may act in my stead and that we act in Michael’s stead, that we may act for each other in service. Trust that this is so, that you are empowered to do so and be so in this process. That is what we are growing towards in this training program and you may consider: Is this a matter of awareness? Does my awareness that this is so, change it, create it, allow it, welcome it? I invite you to consider flipping that switch of awareness. It is at your command to do so.


DR MENDOZA:  I echo Machiventa in his sentiment of appreciation for all that you bring to the class and all that you have to share. Nothing is more potent and powerful among you than testimony from a fellow, the witnessing from a friend and this you so freely offer each other. It has been a pleasure to make rounds with you this morning. Trust that we are all there together when we are on our individual rounds, that we have this fellowship to bring with us, it is so. Go now in peace and spread this love. I will return as you have need of me, until later, farewell.

LIGHT:  [Cathy] You also have my permission to bring light as a tool in your kit. I am always ready to help

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