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NID935- Expression

No Idaho #935


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expression
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Expression
Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us as we know you do, as we circle up here together tonight in an effort to come closer to you in this process of becoming more spiritual. Help us to stretch further in this process of reaching towards you, our Divine Parents, and bring to us that which we seek in this process of offering the questions of our hearts. Thank you for joining us in this process, even now, let it be so.


CHARLES:  I would seize this opportunity, I am Charles and I delight in joining you this evening in conversation about what is on your mind. I understand the question to be: Is a benefit derived from expressing that which is on your mind and in your hearts? I say, there is indeed great benefits to be derived because in this process you are required to formulate your true feelings and opinions. You are forced to choose the right word symbols that most adequately describe what is a feeling to you and then you are required to string these word symbols together in an attempt to communicate from one human mind to the next what it is that you are trying to describe.

This is a grand exercise for you to undertake and particularly in conjunction with those desires of your hearts and minds because when you are required to fulfill these different parts of the process it is incumbent upon you to choose well your thoughts, to seize the word symbols which most adequately describe them and to attempt to put your experience, your feelings, your awarenesses in a description that another mortal of the realm may take in and share just as you have described it. This is truly a gift, this ability to converse and share between and among mortals experiences which are had by one but may be shared by many.

So I most wholeheartedly encourage you, whenever appropriate to share, to open your being to express yourself. You are a valid son of God, just as all are. Your viewpoint and expression are treasured just as all are. And so, you are invited by the universe to be who you are, to express yourself and to be unafraid of the consequences of being genuine and real and true and beautiful and good. I invite you all to be bold in this expression of self.

To be willing to share this perspective that you have on the journey can be a valuable thing when offered in love, when accepted in love and transferred across the experiential plane from you to another, a shared experience because it was your desire to do so.

As far as the question in your minds and hearts as to how to be better prepared as the eventuality of life overtakes you, and I say that your daily efforts to be aware, your hourly efforts to focus your awareness and be present, your moment by moment experience of the now, these are your keys to a solid foundation, a firm footing, a proper stance to take when the waves of life rise and fall. To stand firm on these greater principles makes you strong against the rising tide. Your simple desire to be more prepared brings to you opportunities for such.

You all could witness the many things brought to you because you are seeking and then you are able to find. You all activate this principle on a regular basis and so your desire to be ever more prepared will most certainly be endorsed and as times change and needs change. Never doubt that you will be alerted for the ones who are seeking and listening will certainly hear the call.

It is a great pleasure to join you in your discussion this evening as one among you, similar to you. We both share a similar component of spirit. For you it may be less prevalent, less obvious but it is there, it exists and this life affords you the opportunity to explore that hidden dimension, that buried aspect of yourself and come to terms with that part of your being and include it more and more in your experience simply because your awareness shifts about it.

This shift brings with it a greater balance for now there is not only the mind to think, the body to feel, but there is the spirit to endure. It is a joy to observe you more fully discover this dimension of your being. It fulfills the design of a universe built for this purpose. That is what is so treasured about the ones in the program for whom the school has been built. I would close my remarks there but would remain in attendance for any further dialog that may have been generated.


Comment: Thank you once again for sharing, bringing us all back home, bringing us back to this wonderful attribute of spirit of sharing, sharing all that we are and all that we have with others so thank you for sharing yourself this way.

CHARLES: : And you as well my friend, as it is written: “For he who is greatest among you, let him become server of all.” It is a gift when you give of yourself in service. When you offer your inner self for the good of the whole you are connected to the grand scheme of everything when you do this for we all cherish the act of being in service, of offering ourselves for use by our Divine Parents. This is the way we all share this circuit in common, this circuit of service and of devotion.

Through our love we choose to direct our intentions in this way and when we circle together as we have now and come together and focus our intentions we are as a bright beacon upon the horizon, a spiritual glow in the distance that will draw the attention of many. This must be taken in faith for you at this point and the very fact that you do take this in faith is a testament to the inherent goodness of the process. You are respected and cherished for your willingness to not only take this in faith, but then move forward to act in faith. This is how an individual is changed and grown, this is how a world is changed and grown, these same dynamics are at play in the individual as in the nation and for the world.

So thank you my dear ones for keeping the ball in play, for being out on the field and willing to use your efforts to move about in play, not always certain of your direction or your next move or whether or not you are prepared or qualified, but always willing to proceed, to move forward and act in faith, to be in motion that you may be blessed and guided. This is the simple directive of this universe principle and one you are all well familiar with and I say becoming masters of in your own time. It is my pleasure to join you at times like this where we have a joint meeting of the minds, a meeting of the spirit and a joining together of these dimensions because we would so choose to do so. Thank you all, I applaud you for your efforts.


LIGHT: I desire to make my presence known, I am Light and I am delighted to join you this evening in this discussion of spirit and spirit presence and spirit awareness. I offer you the suggestion to envision this presence, this being, this space as being filled with light. It can bring one more dimension of reality to it for you to envision this pervasive light which is part of this equation, part of this reality, for in fact when you are engaging in spirit you have become a brighter soul, a lighter soul. It is noticeable. To those who are aware it is easily perceptible.

Even you as mortals have witnessed individuals who you perceive to be lighter and brighter. Even with your limited senses this awareness was achieved. I tell you plainly that your exercise in spirit brings many shades of light to illuminate who you are and to make you a brighter soul. You may also consider the sending of this light, the beaming of this light as your flashlights focus the beam to an intended destination, so to can you focus the beam of your projection to a specific intended location and beam this light because it is your desire to do so, to another location, an individual, a circumstance or a situation.

All these may have the light shone directly on them. You have the capacity to wield this tool and I invite you to take the opportunity. Remember, a small amount of light will dispel darkness. It does not have to be intense or overwhelming. It takes but a small amount of love in the form of light to dispel a great darkness.

I would love to join you as you exercise your free will capacities to channel and focus this love energy in the form of light. I invite you to practice this. What do you have to lose? So be it, it is my pleasure to join you this evening, make my presence known among you and co-mingle our energies. I as well appreciate your willingness to participate and open these doors and walk through them in spirit. Well done, I bid you all good day.

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