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NID940- Healing Circuit

2016-09-04-Healing Circuit
No Idaho #940


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Circuit of Healing
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Circuit of Healing
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA: [Mark] Thank you, let’s all gather around to have our consultation about some of the aspects we’ve observed on the field of play today. I’m anxious to commandeer the thought train of the concept of the physician’s assistant, of the distinction between healing for someone and healing with someone. You have touched on a very key and primary component of the dynamic which occurs in this loop that you refer to of healing on high coming through the various channels, one of which is the physician’s assistant and the next step in the loop being the patient themselves and how this loop must be completed in order for the energy to flow free.

So with the awareness of this loop comes the significance of all of its parts being in alignment and being true in intention to the same circuit. It is often tried by the physician’s assistant to take on to themselves as much of the role of alignment as they possibly can, that is align themselves in the process with intention and with purpose, aligning their energy with the flow of energy, so as to be good and faithful conductors of such. As has been noted here in the discussion, then the loop comes to the patient and as was illustrated, some patients may not be in the loop of awareness of what is required of them as an individual to align themselves to be in the flow so that such energy may pass through them.

One can pray for another individual endlessly but one cannot pray instead of this individual, in other words, there must be a compliance of all the aspects of circuitry before the circuit is completed. It remains the jurisdiction of the free will choice of the patient to be a part of this chain. It remains that they share equal responsibility in this equation and that you may not simply pray hard enough to do their part.

So in this analogy, the physician’s assistant may shift their technique to be a shining example, something to imitate as to how to get oneself in alignment for this healing. The suggestion that the individual should take personal responsibility is an example of bringing to the fore the awareness that may have been absent, that they have a vital role to play, that they are not simply awaiting the results that the universe will impose upon them.

So perhaps you will begin to see your roles as physicians and physician’s assistants to offer guidance as to how to position oneself in order to be the most beneficial part of this circuit. In the end what you are coaching them to do is to become who they are in the process, to manifest their position in the equation more fully and completely, with more awareness, with more sensitivity, but nevertheless, simply expanding into their capacity. This is the greatest opportunity before you in the healing process, to heal with the individual, to pray with the individual, to be with the individual rather than to assume there is a role to play for this individual.

The one is assuming more responsibility than perhaps is due, the other is assuming guidance and leadership roles to help another become all they can be. In the end it will not be the individual prescription or application that will determine the outcome, it will be the relationship of all those combined in the circuit that will make the difference, that will complete the connection. And, you are quite right in that all this is subject to this imposition of time and the effects of the time/space environment.

What you begin in spirit here in time and space, you continue eternally in spirit and just as you have mentioned old friends that meet after long periods of time, so it is with us forming our fledgling spirit relationship which will endure through time and space.

Thank you for allowing me to jump in on the spirited conversation. It is always my pleasure to join the enthusiastic students at play and to make my presence known, that I am among you. I am available to you. We are functioning as a team and we can provide the services of those who are willing to join together for this purpose, with our intention, to condition our way. I appreciate the opportunity to have the floor, thank you.

CHARLES: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles to once again join in the fellowship of such a group. You are indeed peeling as the layers of the onion one by one back, exposing new territory and new ways of seeing old patterns. Truly this is what the journey of life is all about, not to always seek new territories as much as to gain new vantages, new points of view, new awareness that enlarges your perspective. Life is an endless series of opportunities for you to look at the same thing from different angles, to observe it from a different perspective and in this way, to potentially grow as an observer in the whole process.

You will all witness that you have all changed your vantage point many times in this ascent that is being made of your spiritual careers and that at each new level there is a deeper sense of awareness and perspective. All of this may be reapplied as you observe things as they come before you. What once appeared to be so certainly this way, may now appear to be more that way or even a combination of many ways. This continued expansion and growth is the game of the universe being played out and it is always such a joy to stand atop the latest platform and realize that things look different from here. So as the saying refers to, no matter how many times you go to step in the river, it is its own experience, a separate time in time and space.


CHARLES: It is always a great pleasure to huddle with you around the fire and express how it looks from my side of the fire and here all of you express what you observe. Each time we come to the fire we share a different angle, a different expression and each time may have more and greater meaning and purpose as we are willing to embrace it. It is a pleasure to be with you around the fire, thank you all.

LIGHT: [Cathy] It is my great pleasure to be part of your healing team. If you create a circuit I will bring the power of light. The idea of a complete circuit is key in our ability to have this energy flow. An open attitude will provide a link to all of the elements in the circuit. Together there is much good that we will accomplish.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I am also a part of the team, checking in to be of service. Conscious participation is required in all modes of action. Much help is available but the preliminary move is yours, to set up the required environment and intention. A gentle contact will be a good approach as we move forward.

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