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NID941- Turning Things Around

2016-09-08-Turning Things Around
No Idaho #941


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Turning Things Around
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Turning Things Around
Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, you know well what we’ve come here to do and we just invite you, we invoke your presence into our configuration to plug yourselves in with us in this circuit we create and form with you as partners. We come here tonight to receive that gift of grace that you would bring to this equation, that spark of spirit we come to find. Let us embrace this opportunity at this moment, even now.


CHARLES:  Hello to you all, I am Charles and I understand that there are some questions on the floor. It is one of the mortal participants greatest challenges to alter the course of action, to literally change the energy of entropy moving forward. If left unchanged it simply moves forward in the same pattern, in the same groove again and again, repeating its prior circumstance and repeating its prior results.

Human beings are (like?) little computers that are programmed from day one. They are imprinted with information and bombarded with pattern which they then internalize and ingrain indelibly into their memory banks, into their habits, into the very ways of life that they choose to live. Once they have developed a way which seems to service them they do very very little to alter that pattern. It is typically not until some stress is brought into the equation and some impact is felt that individuals even begin to come to the awareness that they are in a repeating pattern, a cycle which is simply running its course once again.

To those students of mind and thought, they are able to witness this repeating of pattern from the perspective of the observer, the one behind observing the mind play out its record. Once you can see this taking place, once you can observe it in action, there is as part of that dynamic, a golden opportunity which exists wherein you may observe the loop begin to play and by sheer act of conscious will, pull the plug, even to the point of verbalizing or internalizing the thought pattern – stop.

This can serve to bounce you out of that rut, to provide the necessary leverage to get you out of that groove but first you must understand that it is happening. You must observe it and be ready to intervene when it begins to play and replay. So there is a golden opportunity for the ones who are devout in their studies of how this all transpires with the mind and with the pattern and the repeating cycles.

This is all well and good but many will decide not to intervene in a comfort zone of their choosing by default because to change brings with it the fear of uncertainty and changing the pattern represents something out of their comfort zone which must be embraced. For this very reason alone, many will stick to their pattern, from early in life to their last day. But there are many who will decide to take the reigns of their lives and choose which direction they will go and what groove they will wear while they are alive.

So the short answer to the question: How do you turn things around would be to simply realize that they are going in a routine pattern and to say stop if it is your desire to do so and if you have the courage and the strength to go where that decision will lead you because immediately upon making that decision it is incumbent upon you to make a new choice, to decide what direction; if not this way, then which way? This is the moment of golden opportunity where switching the tracks puts you going in a whole new direction.

I think the other question on the floor is woven into this one because of the perception of change and whether one has an openness or whether one recoils and avoids any opportunities to experience this mode. You are right to observe that there is a great component of fear, that change brings with it the unknown and with the unknown is the potential for all that is bad and so many people will desire to not encounter the circumstance and simply live the lives that they have learned repeated and will continue to repeat.

The real enemy of embracing change is this fear, is this uncertainty and the grip of fear that it has. This is where your perspective of divine presence and spirit most assists you in your process, that is, to those who know the basic goodness of the universe and its workings and its eventual glorification, then change only represents steps between here and there, slight alterations in direction and application.

To one who is uncertain of this eternal destiny, they may become gripped with fear about what will happen and how they will be affected and impacted. They may lack the certainty of conviction that you as spiritual beings are beginning to possess. It may be that you, in dealing with your comrades, would do well to aim high in your interactions with them, that is, to assure them that overall, all will be well, that the universe represents goodness and grace and that they are a part of that equation.

This may be the only real legitimate comfort and counsel that you have to offer. No one knows what will transpire and the details of such, but you as spiritual beings know that it is merely another step along the path to divine certainty. There will be many paths to take, there will be many experiences to gather.

So no matter what transpires, we will gather it to ourselves and have it as our experience on route to bringing it and returning our collection of experiences back to where it was issued, back to the First Source and Center. With such a long range perspective, it is hard to be too troubled over too small a detail, however, perspective is very difficult to share and so you are all granted your own perspectives, whatever they are.

I thank you for the opportunity you present to dialog this evening on questions of your heart and minds. It is always good to have a topic for discussion. I hope we can all learn to accept the new pattern in our lives and be ready and willing to try the new things when it comes to spiritual growth and awareness. I pray we all will embrace that change as we move forward, that we will not struggle as these changes come upon us but rather embrace and even act in gratitude for the many changes we will see before we are through. I am grateful for the opportunity you present with this forum you have developed. I would now stand down to allow for others.

JONATHAN: Greetings friends, Jonathan here and I would like to get along in the groove with the lessons of tonight. When I think of this topic of patterns and grooves and repeating segments I can’t help but think of what happens when musicians take it upon themselves to practice and repeat over and over again their musical pieces until the groove is so well established that all they have to do is hit play and the entire song projects through them because the pattern has been so thoroughly established.

Consider how this works with our spiritual application because if we come to spirit over and over again, if we repeat our activities of prayer and worship over and over again, then surely they become ingrained with us just as our musical compositions. In this way we are using this tendency to create patterns and repeat them for our benefit. We are using the various scenarios which the mind craves to do towards our own end. And so this is another way to consider that there are good and positive grooves and cycles that one might choose to foster and promote because they serve a useful purpose. They are the choosing of the observer to enact the circuitry that exists.

If that is the case, and it is, then it should be a simple matter to decide to stop the playing of pattern and to reject the tape, to remove the pattern because we would so choose to interrupt it in its circuit. You see, these loops that we play over and over again are an energy field, an energy circuit. That energy may be broken, the circuit can be broken by your free will choice to deny it its power, to simply pull the plug of your energy, of your willingness to go where it would lead.

Most certainly, if you are persistent in this process, you may change and alter these directions, this purpose of your mind. This is where you show yourselves at your greatest as creative and co-creative beings. Your willingness to formulate new patterns and choose new directions is your creative prerogative in action. It is you realizing how this all works and choosing to put it to work for you.


Thank you for this wonderful topic about how the mind works and how you can intervene and turn things around just as you can practice and deliver a fine composition at will. Thanks guys, I always appreciate the opportunity to come around and visit, I say good bye now.

NEBADONIA:  I feel empowered to put my two cents in. I am this circuit of mind, I exist there as well. I am thoroughly familiar with that of which you speak and like any circuit, I would remind you my dear ones, it must be maintained, it must be utilized to insure its functioning and it may be re-circuited. You may adjust how it works for you by building strong parts of it while other parts you forsake may wither from lack of use.

In this way this circuit, this dynamic, is living and growing with how you choose to use it and what parts of it get exercised and what parts of it get ignored. If it is living and dynamic, then it may be altered, it may be rebuilt, it may be constructed as you so choose and with maintenance and use it becomes strong, eventually replacing others circuits which are no longer needed. I just remind you, my dear ones, that these things are not at all set in stone. They are as growing and changing and dynamic as you are.

Realize that all of this is in flux and that as you live your lives, you are forming this circuitry, literally building it as you go and maintaining it as you live, repeating it as you will and changing it as you so desire. Thank you my dear ones for your inquiries into these aspects of your being and thank you for the invitation this represents. I leave you all now with my peace as I always do, as I always do, wishing you all the best.

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