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NID942- Creativity of Intention

2016-09-11-Creativity of Intention
No Idaho #942


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Creativity of Intention
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Mother Teresa, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Creativity of Intention
Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Mother Teresa, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for this flow of energy. As you know we have been discussing how this energy flows from you, through us and back to you. We seek more values and more illumination about these things which we are beginning to grasp. Thank you for the opportunity this presents for such; let it be so, even now.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am more than willing to participate with you in this regard. I am indeed glad to have the topic on the floor which I will restate for the record, that of being a discussion between the roles of intention and allowing. As you have rightly recognized there is a place for each of these roles that you must play in the process for as a creator son, you are inherently endowed with the opportunity to create a new beginning, to birth a new train of thought, a new way of doing, a new inspiration that comes to you and when you do this, it is of genuine and real significance because, I invite you to consider, without the thought nothing exists.

Without a beginning point, nothing can be built upon it. Without the inspiration of the one to begin, the motion can’t be guided and directed. Without the pivotal role of the creator, the entire equation ceases to exist.

So, as a creator, the sons of Creators and daughters of Creators, you are endowed with this privilege of launching what could be an eternal path and as in the aspect of your children, is an eternal career. Therefore, your realization of the significance of this role is paramount in the process but then you have also rightly noticed that overmuch intention, too much trying too hard may in fact be a block in the equation. It may turn out to be an obstacle brought in as you impose your time frame, your expectations, your looking for results into the equation you impose limitations on your very creations.

So you are learning that things work best when they are en-circuited in spirit, when spirit is flowing through the equation keeping the parts in alignment. So I invite you to consider, on the one hand you have the beginning inspiration, on the other hand you have effort and the desire to push it forward and finally you have relaxing into the flow of spirit. This dynamic that plays out continually within your being is largely governed by what you would refer to as the ego. The ego chooses which of these positions it will occupy and when.

It is what is behind the drive of inspiration to push and do and achieve and it may be made to direct you to use the spiritual approach, the way of relaxing into the flow of spirit which already exists. Your experience will require your encountering this dynamic innumerable times and deciding how you approach each opportunity. The more spiritualized you become, the more you will be able to utilize the force of your ego self to enter into patterns that you choose to be beneficial to you and to forsake patterns which no longer serve your purpose.

As was illustrated in the lesson you discussed, it is up to you to throw the switch about which way this happens and as creative beings, to access this flow with intention and then having aligned all the aspects, to remember to relax into the unfolding that will naturally occur as a result of the alignment. You are most certainly mining out the more elemental components of your spiritual growth, you are fine tuning the details of approach. These aspects of differentiation help to position you in your awareness. They help to help you create a greater alignment in the process.

I always welcome the opportunity you provide to come and sit at your round-table of discussion with you, to offer the perspective from my side of the fire. I thank you all for the welcome that you present to me at these times. I now make room for others.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hi guys, I am Jonathan here to sit around the fire with you from my angle. This discussion of intention and co-operation is always a good one because all these aspects are required in proportions. That is what is so treasured about the Urantia earthly experience. One gets to observe first hand what it is to be a creator on a material world, what it is to put in motion an idea that then becomes turned into reality whether it is building something, growing something, having children, creating a business, whatever it is you set your intention about on this world you learn that if you apply effort behind your intention you can, by your sheer will of force, build it into existence, prop it up and make it a reality because you will take all the necessary steps both inspirational and physical to insure your idea becomes a reality.

It is a very real and graphic example of your ability to create something out of nothing. These elemental lessons are then built upon throughout your entire eternal career, this notion of creating something from where there is nothing, from establishing what was a thought and a word then a deed into something that is evident before you and evident to all. These basic and material elements are crude examples in a time/space realm, mere glimpses of potential from what you might consider in the spiritual realm. Nevertheless, these lessons, these foundations are being laid even now and your discussion of intention and application is evidence of more of the same.

There is an observable desire in this group to expand into morontia principles and this is most certainly one of them. Your willingness to explore these aspects is inspirational to all those around you. It is evidence of the goodness in this plan that we observe in action. So in closing, I would say that this creative prerogative that you share is not confined to this earthly existence but merely begun here and that everything that you create which has the elements of truth, beauty, and goodness have survivorship capacity, that is, they may begin with you but endure forever. Just a thought to share with you today as you so allow. I am so grateful to be associated with you in this capacity. Thank you for hearing my words, good bye for now.

Mother Teresa: [Cathy] I wish to use your forum to rejoice in the possibility of a life lived well. As you discussed, I was involved in the work of the people in need. I did not seek acclaim or honor. I reach out to you in service to encourage each of you as you proceed in your individual challenges and service. As I grew in my service I became aware that it was not my action alone. I was carried by spiritual power that flows through me. I took each step as it came. I used my skills as guided without undue worry about the view of others.

Indeed, the admiration of the world became a hindrance in the completion of my context with the people I was serving. From this view I see that my idea of the work was limited somewhat. There was much possibility that I was unable to access due to my own limited view of the options available. I wish to encourage each of you to think big. I encourage you to follow where spirit leads without hesitation. There is so much support available if you are open to receiving aid. Look around and see the possibilities in this wonderful opportunity.

LIGHT:  [Mark] I would join you this morning my dear ones, I am Light and in consideration of today’s topic I would like to offer the following picture in your minds eye for you to create. You all are aware that, as you have been told, the light you observe in the night sky from billions of pinpoints out beyond you, some of which are being observed which are from stars which no longer exist, the light that emanated from them has been released out long ago and is still traveling and meeting your gaze.

Likewise, if you consider yourselves beacons of light, your inspirations, your dreams, your thinking big, these are as beams of light sent towards the First Source and Center, the Creator of all life and your beams of light which you are releasing and directing have a life of their own. These glowing lights will be received on high, they will make it to their objective. When they contain the waves of truth, beauty, and goodness then these lights will be directed to the Center of All and received from you as the creators.

You are in this way, lighting up your own heavens, creating your own starry skies of brilliance, each one flashing their light to be observed by all, to be enjoyed by those who are there to witness them. Recall that your efforts are as light beams, they may begin with you as the generator but then they go out well beyond the scope of your reach.


LIGHT: It is always a joy to join you and discuss more about light and its different interpretations. I bid you all beam your light out for all to see, good day to you all.

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