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NID985- Frequency

N Idaho #985


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Frequency
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Frequency
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] I receive your welcome warmly, thank you. In monitoring your discussion I would seize on this notion, the idea of frequency. If you consider that everything that exists is energy expressed; everything that is, is a form of energy if you consider it to be a frequency of energy, a distinct vibration of energy and this extends all the way to the very powerful co-creative elements of thought. If you consider that even thoughts are energy waves of their own, therefore you have all these manifestations of energy all around you in your lives, all these frequencies which are coming to you which are also emanating from you.

Then, if you incorporate your other notions of manipulation or more appropriately, modification, you have all come to witness in your spiritual development that energies that come to you may be modified by virtue of contact with you and be altered and infused with other elements, thereby changing and altering the frequency of this energy.

Those of you who are growing in awareness are coming to understand that all things are energy. You are energy, you are a creator of energy that flows forth from you and you are a modifier of energies that you may come in contact with on route. This is where the key to change is, is in your awareness that you are not simply bombarded by energy which then must impact you and change you, you are also creator and modifier of energies that come in contact with you or emanate from your First Source and Center.

The awareness that this is so is the goal of a lifetime and so I truly appreciate your conversation and consideration of these elements and how they impact you and how you impact them. In your illustration of various tools and methods used to create a change in vibration, perhaps creating a conditioned environment, you note that certain tools may be employed, certain methods may be followed, certain practices may be adhered to but all of this is in support of the creator, the one who will activate the circuit and choose by sheer force of will, to modify the environment.

Your attempts to identify and isolate some of these components is laudable because it enables you to track the different aspects of these exchanges of energy you refer to. Those who are in awareness can then practice and wield their potentials and observe the consequences of their intended modification of these energies. It is not magic or a miracle or in any way outstanding; it is who you are designed to be as co-creators in this environment. So as you are inspired and feel the energy to play with these energetic forces, you will gain more and more proficiency with the application of your intention which changes the very trajectory of energy and modifies the wavelength or the individual characteristic of the energy.

You do this simply as it passes through you, it is reflected and its course is changed and its tone is modified. And just as you may do this as energy passes through you, you may as well be the beginning of a new wavelength, of a new beam of energy out into the universe which then becomes real, a thing of its own because you have chosen to make it so.

Thank you for allowing me a seat at the table today. It is always such a pleasure to join you at these times. I bid you all to enjoy playing with your energies and seeing what becomes of it, a good day to you all.

JONATHAN: [Mark] Hey guys, Jonathan here taking advantage of the opportunity you provide. I got to thinking, as a result of todays lesson, that to those who are willing to work with the energies of the universe there is no limit to the contact that may be had. If one was desirous of receiving answers in prayer, then so be it. If one was intent on receiving answers through the reading of tea leaves, then so be it. If one was inspired as today with a certain lesson, then so be it. These are all methods that can be used and innumerable more, to reach back as the mortal reaches out. Whichever method you may choose to employ, whatever symbols are helpful to you, whatever actions you need to take, these are all wonderful avenues of approach in the sight of God.

There is no wrong choice when one is trying. Things may be more or less effective for you, some things will fall away as unimportant, others will rise to the surface as significant, but this is all in reference to you, important to you, significant for you. There is no over-riding sense of what has to be done or should be done, these are all choices available for you to make, all tools, all different paths to be chosen for arriving at the same place. So choose your methods, employ your tools, enjoy your symbols; if they assist you in any way then bless them as the tools they are.

But just as you have developed a means to arrive at this place, this place of spirit here and now, just as you have followed this path many times before and it now has become easier for you, so it is with the tools, methods and symbols you may choose. They are a way to promote your experience of spirit and spirit application. Once you are fluent in arriving at the state of spirit and operating there, you may have no longer need of them, just as you may have no longer need of a long and laborious stillness process to achieve arriving in the citadel of spirit.

But as you have need of them, most surely use the approach of your choice, avail yourselves of them as you have need and if they are beneficial to you, then sharing them through the common avenue of human thought and expression is quite valuable for they may assist others as well. But as you have seen, what works for you certainly may not universally work for others and likewise. It is a very personalized experience we each have even though we are all the same human family. I just thought I would jump in and pitch this ball to be hit in the game we play. What a joy it is to be welcomed into such a fraternity as this. I bid you all a good week, farewell.


LIGHT:  [Cathy] I also encourage you to use light as a frequency to modify in a manner described by Charles. You are aware that light is a tool that can be extended and spread. This occurs in a similar way to Charles’ description of modifying frequencies to make it real. The light has the ability to be modified and spread by intention. As Michael expressed in Lightline, a little light goes a long way in the darkness. You have the ability to bring light to a vast area around you. I am available to act with you in this process. I would be most enthusiastic in this activity.

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