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NID986- Michael’s Celebration

2017-08-19-Michael’s Celebration
N Idaho #986


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Lester, Dr. Mendoza, Nebadonia, Michael, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Lester, Dr. Mendoza, Mother Spirit, Michael, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] I would be the first one to accept your invitation offered here today. It is with great joy that I join you, I am Charles and I come to be with you as the moth is drawn to the flame. You are as bright beacons on the hill now with your intention of purity and divinity. You are these strong beacons that will attract the likes of me to come and see what you are up to and how is it that you are supporting this light and creating this light through your energies here and now.


It is very true that this notion of dispelling the light is a very positive way for you to consider your impact on your environment for just as when light is introduced into a dark space, you are able to alter your environment just as the light dispels the darkness and creates a place where there may be sight. Just as your energies of light are directed, they create an opportunity for examination of that which they are focused on. If your concern is of a particular direction and you focus your intention in that direction, the illumination that occurs with the addition of your energy serves to create a place where you may more clearly see what you are attempting to define or understand or alter.

This place of understanding, under the light as it were, is created by your effort of seeking and your desire to bring with you this light so that you may search and find with this tool that you wield. It is very difficult to find something hidden away in the dark using only your hands to feel. If you bring the light into the darkened space you are quickly able to see what your options are and what you are looking for. Bringing the light closer and with more focus causes you to see the very details of that which you are examining.

Upon close examination under this light, you may in fact make new determinations about that which you are attempting to illuminate. Details of what you are investigating reveal themselves with the greater and greater application of light. Indeed, when one undergoes a surgical procedure there is a great deal of light directed in the vicinity to make all observations clear and accurate. Thus you might consider about your energies, that there are these different levels of focus to be used.

One level may be considered the broad approach of lighting the darkness as the beacon on the hill, to be seen from afar and seen as a reference and others may be seen as illuminating specific issues or problems that need to be examined and yet still there is the greater focus and application of your intention to deeply explore the details that you are attempting to define.

I understand there was a petition to invite others here as well and I assure you, I am not alone in noticing your light on the hill. I appreciate the opportunity to join you and discuss the attributes of light and your relationship to them. I invite you to expand your awareness that you are the generator of this light as well as the lens which focuses the light from on high. This combination is very powerful and when wielded by masters, may be seen to have impact on all the environment that you become involved with.

It can’t help to be otherwise for when there is light present, it changes the environment. It literally dispels the aspects of darkness peacefully and naturally just with its very presence. Don’t consider that your applications need to have force for they do not. Ideas and thoughts are things that have effects just as the light and the simple and natural existence of these things changes the dynamic and alters the very reality around them.

I understand there is a certain apprehension abounding these days about the state of affairs and the future before you but I assure you, the greatest roles that you will play will be as these steadfast anchors of light, as these pillars of light in your environment holding the space wherein divine light may be focused through you to your environment. Simply being these pillars of light allows divine energy from on high to be channeled in your direction and involves you completing the circuit from on high. It may seem a simple task to simply maintain your position as light anchor, even as light worker for it may seem normal and natural but I assure you, it is significant, for where the thought of peace has been had it may be expanded. Where the idea of love exists, it may be promoted. Where you bring these visions of truth, beauty and goodness they may be expanded.

So thank you all for the roles that you play in the material plane as the final gap that must be traversed from spirit consciousness to mortal manifestation. We simply could not do it without you and so simply holding your position, with your steadfast application of your intention to do so, will mean that you are in position and that we may rely on you. And so we will, and so we do, and so I am here today to re-affirm that for you. We are players on the same team for Michael, for Mother Spirit, for the First Source and Center and it is a joy to rally together with you at times like this as team members and to share the fellowship of the game and the team as we do.

I offer you my gratitude for accepting me at a place around your circle and I would now step aside to allow others who have made the trip as well, thank you.

LESTER: [Cathy] I am here for my annual celebration of Michael and this group. The laughter and good vibes are contagious as we bring together our spirit. This world is in transition but spirit is expanding and bringing forth a new reality. Laughter is the best way to usher in this time of pain that may soon have served to build a grid of spirit and safety but if you have intention, it will be reality. I am seen as a joker but, spirit is no joke.

DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] I would respond to your request and your petition. I am Dr. Mendoza and I always like to make the rounds with you as well to assure you that we are indeed still working together. There are on the table requests for healing of individuals and requests for even large groups of individuals. I would point out to you that the approach in your visualizing health and healing is the same regardless of the subject. Your approach in bringing light and of shining light on the equation and choosing through the application of your intention to impose divine values on an individual or a nation is how you are able to impact the whole from the vantage point of one of the fragments.

As a fragment, you are attached to this whole and yet you have freewill choice to contribute to the whole your unique personal contribution. This contribution is purely a matter of your choosing and this is what makes it so sacred to the First Source and Center for you have been granted this ultimate authority to choose. So what is it you will choose and contribute to the whole? All contributions are valid yet some contributions are more divinely infused and so it is up to you to decide your calibre of contribution. How much truth, goodness and beauty will your contribution contain? How much of the divine characteristics you have come to know in your becoming spiritual beings will you bring to the equation and insert into your application of energy?

It is your playground of opportunity for the more you become spiritualized beings, the more you become aware of your power and influence when working in unison and when working with divine principles. How much deeper the equation seems when infused with divine principles. Therefore, in your attempt to shine this light out wherever you may choose, seek each time to bring to your efforts, your ever deepening awareness of spirit truths, spirit presence and spirit reality for each time that you may pray for another or visualize another’s well being, you are a new and different person than the last time you were engaged in this activity. Each day, each hour provides you with the opportunity to choose again, even more profound principles, principles that reflect even more your awareness and understanding of divinity.

Whereas one day you may pray for physical healing, another time you may realize there is a psychological component to it and seek to shine light there and then again, coming to the same equation you may understand that there is a spiritual component and focus your energies there. Each of these layers of being may be soothed with your application of divine energy and all these factors may be brought together under the umbrella of your awareness that they are all part of the whole and all respond to the same loving divine universe principles.

So while you cannot do this exercise wrong, so to speak, it is within your power to do it better and better. This exercise of being mortal would not be complete without the option to strive for perfection, to seek it and to try, try again. I assure you I am with you at whatever level, at whatever time you have to allocate for these exercises in your spiritual development. Trust that all efforts are received and meet with certain success even if that success is not tangible to you in the moment. We must take certain things on faith and it is faith that propels us to try again, to seek for greater truths and deeper understanding and to apply ourselves as we feel inspired. This we do in faith that it matters, that it is important, even that we are designed to do it.

Thank you for the chance to join you once again. As I said, I am always on call as your physician and I trust you as well are on call as my physician’s assistants. As we have need of each other, let us feel free to make the call, thank you.

NEBADONIA:  [Cathy] My children, I embrace you in love and compassion. I know of your challenges and fears. Your Father and I support you as you move forward in intention and spirit. It is our hope that you find opportunity in the challenges you face. It is our hope that you make full use of the opportunity for growth. It is most inspiring to participate with you in this life journey, it is indeed our greatest joy.


MICHAEL: [Mark] My dear ones, I come and take my place among you as you so allow, indeed as you so welcome me at this occasion. I am Michael here to fellowship with you and embrace with you on a spiritual plane. I was going to call you my little ones, my children and to inspire the vision within you of us gathering around but I must admit, you are not the children that you were when we began these annual celebrations. Indeed in those days, I saw you as young mortals of the realm and I have had extreme pleasure being invited back again repeatedly to join you at times like this and to watch your growth and development throughout.

I tell you plainly, no parent could be any prouder of the progress of their offspring. You have all made your Mother and I so pleased. But just as the vision of the children gathered around the feet of the parent or the adult, I would re-inspire this image because I would gather you all to me, even if you are not the infants of past. I would gather you around me and I would embrace you and hold you tight. I would assure you that everything is going to be all right, even that everything is going to be better and better and better.

I understand that you are still young in the scope of your universal career but nevertheless, I invite you to share some of my perspectives, the bigger picture, the long term perspective that sees you traversing your eternal careers and growing more and more into who you are as spirit beings and I delight to share this vision with you because such a vision carries with it the assurance of your permanence and the guarantee of your relationship to the whole. I invite you to take this with you and to cherish it as the foundation on which you may feel free to stand and reach out in service for I will always be here with you, I will always desire to gather you to me and embrace you in spirit. I await for your willingness and when it is there, I assure you, I rush to accept it.

Thank you for your steadfastness over these years as you have thought of me at this time of year, every year, and honor me for my service. I now would honor you for yours. I would speak to you of my appreciation and my love for all that you do in this time, here and now, for my appreciation for your acting as my hands, as my voice and as my desire for peace and love. You will take these messages out and spread them. My vision of peace for this world may even be your vision. In all these ways you serve me as you serve the others. And so I honor you for your service which can never be duplicated in all of time and space. It is your treasured gift which I accept on behalf of the Father and I have my deep appreciation for your choices that bring you to this place now and propel you forward in service.

It’s a joy to share this occasion with you once again. No matter what stages and ages we may find ourselves in, we will find the familiarity and commonness of this experience and we will rejoice. My peace I leave with you, my grace I share with you. Let it be so, now and always.

JONATHAN: [Cathy] In the discussion of sacred geometry I wish to add a thought. It is my thought that with intention, all the flowers of light be linked to form a larger more expansive grid. This symbol has been a part of religions all around the planet and link together groups in a symbolic grid of love. It is my hope that you can expand the overlapping grids to bring increased spirit to larger areas. I am pleased to join this fun today.

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