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NEC20 – Progress of Work; Vectors of Probability; Future Democracies

New Era Conversations #20
– Progress of Work; Vectors of Probability; Future Democracies
– Apr. 25, 2014

Teachers: Christ Michael and Charles

Christ Michael’s message
Report on this month’s presentations for the mission
The status of the work in South America
The distrust of governments
The first three papers
Will our future democracy have political parties?
Dealing with the vectors of possibilities
The amount of celestial help available
Parting thoughts

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray

April 25, 2014

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Creator of all, we are thankful for your wisdom and generosity in allowing your mortal creatures to evolve into perfection with the assistance of so many celestial beings. We are especially grateful for our Sovereign, Christ Michael. As we just passed the anniversary of his ascension from our world, we appreciate The Urantia Book for teaching us the true meanings of his life, teachings and death on the cross. We ask that our beloved Christ Michael and Nebadonia be with us during this meeting of our team to guide us as we work toward the success of the Correcting Time. Amen.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles.

(Group greetings.)

CHARLES: Thank you. I will act as the MC for a moment and introduce our next guest, upon which time when he is finished with the “microphone,” it will revert back to me. And now, here is Christ Michael.

Christ Michael’s message

CHRIST MICHAEL: Good morning, my children. It is a pleasure to be here with you. Your faith and your optimism and your actions are truly pleasant to experience, for I am able to experience the totality of your being and all your thoughts and all your actions and all your choices and all your preferences—and your intentions—and these are pleasant to me.

Today, my presence here is an assurance to you that the Correcting Time is proceeding on course, that it is developing in a very timely fashion, albeit much delayed. As you were told before, we have the capacity to move expediently when necessary, when developmental progress does not allow the time to do so developmentally. The specifics of these revelations will be known to you before long, and we anticipate that they will occur this year in preparation for the immense changes that will occur in 2015. I state these things not as forecasts, or to act as a fortuneteller, but to give you forewarning in preparation for events to come. There are some inexorable changes that [you will] have, in the future, that repercuss historically so that you may feel them now, as some people have already.

We know that there are certain events in the future that are inescapable and unalterable simply because of the decisions of mortals who make them. The events of your planet can be altered or delayed by our Power Directors, but eventually these can only be held in abeyance for so long and they will inevitably, as well, come forward to express themselves and make an impact upon your world, your nations, your societies, your communities and you individually. These are events of a geophysical nature, of course, are all natural on all similar planets that have a similar construction and constitution as Urantia. These events and their development have always been foreknown, though the timing can be elastic. Nonetheless, they can only be stretched so far and pushed so far.

Though your numbers are small, you have made an almost miraculous impression upon the lives and minds of those who have followed this material, even those who followed it only briefly, for this is in their consciousness and they know where they can return to [for] this source of information and guidance when they need to. The timing of events are such that there will be a rapid development of our programs once they begin.

My presence here today is to announce that though you may not see any evidence of them beginning, they truly have. These programs that develop will be present well into the future, until their usefulness has expired. I have called upon the other two members of the Triumvirate to exercise their executive control and management of these developments for the best advantage of those [who] will build your new societies. Thank you for your presence here today; thank you for your diligence, for your tenacious persevering natures to assist us to be our agents of light on this small world. Good day.

Roxie: Thank you, Michael, and we send you our love.

CHARLES: This is Charles. Let us continue with our session today. Do you have questions you would like to ask?

Report on this month’s presentations for the mission

MMc: Yes. This One gave a presentation on an “Introduction to Social Sustainability” on the 8th of April, and another on “Conscious Evolution” on the 15th of this month. I believe these presentations were given to members of the faculty and administration of a university in Colorado. I am interested in your feedback concerning these presentations, and are there future presentations planned?

CHARLES: Yes, thank you for your question. Yes, This One did make those presentations. And I must advise you that some of this material will necessarily be truncated or edited out of the final public release document. This One is scheduled for Monday to meet at the university to TR for them and present “The Guys,” to [answer] their questions. We are hopeful that there will not develop a prejudice against channeling, as expressed through This One, as that would present quite a hurdle, an impediment to further progress in our relationship with the Professor and the University. On the other hand, it is our dear hope that this work, this channeling, will be regarded as “speaking in the English language,” rather than “speaking in tongues.” If conservative Christians can accept “speaking in tongues,” then we anticipate they would also accept “speaking in English,” with the intent and meaning very clear to them.

This One had not anticipated such an early development of the spiritual nature of this work, even though we had made efforts to make the work of social sustainability totally secular. We, in this work, strive to achieve the separation of the spiritual component of this work from the work of the secular organizations. We wish that the secular organizations [would] have credibility to those who believe in God and those who absolutely deny the existence of God, but who nonetheless see the need for social progress and evolution on this planet, [the] planet’s governments and societies and cultures.

We do not state how this will develop, as we are quite unsure. We have several vectors of probability that can develop from this event on Monday. We hope that they are positive and contributory to the ends of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time programs. There are several options that we wish you to hold in mind, and not hold any one particular vector of more importance than the other. Can you allow for that?

Group: Yes.

CHARLES: Thank you. One of the options, of course, would be that there would be a complete denial of the spiritual nature of this work, and that there would be withdrawal of [the] Professor’s support and assistance.

It is our hope that there will develop at least one, if not three, middle ground vectors that will assist in the recognition of the spirituality of this planet, and that the planet is under spiritual management. It is important through that vector that those followers who see this possibility, understand the true nature of God’s involvement with this world, meaning Christ Michael as the Creator, having made this planet as an evolutionary planet, and that it is subject to the vicissitudes of geophysical issues and problems—and benefits—and that tragedies of a geophysical nature are not the outworking of some “bent mind” of God, but of God letting the world evolve as it must. This option would allow for tremendous reinterpretation of God’s work—both meaning God as Christ Michael the Creator, and God, the First Source and Center. This would allow tremendous reinterpretation in the minds of most believers of how the world came into existence and their personal relationship with their Creator.

Various other vectors could involve the disavowment by any social or governmental, economic or financial organization of the legitimacy of these efforts, and would work against these efforts for its progress. Another vector would be that those people in governance and in positions of leadership, socially, culturally, governmentally and economically would see the advantage of the future for a sustainable society and culture, to assist in the development of nations and the recovery of nations and communities after the cataclysms that will occur.

Most people, whether they are ordinary citizens watching TV at night, or whether they are governmental leaders, cultural leaders, and so on, who work 100 hours a week, are in denial that these possibilities could occur and are reluctant to face them proactively. This is where you come in to assist us in these developments. I hope you are beginning to see the difficulty of managing so many vectors of probability; there are teams of angels and Melchizedeks and others, who are working on each vector to assure that the best option occurs in each of those vectors. There are additionally many subordinate vectors, which I have not mentioned and will not today.

Please know that we are tracking these very well and that we are working for the best outcome in all regards for everyone. Our work, of course, is all oriented toward the development of sustainable societies throughout the world before, during and after the cataclysms occur. This, as you know, is a rare opportunity, both for humanity and for the celestial/spiritual realm, to affect a swiftly and correctly oriented future for the best outcomes for all future generations. The care with which Christ Michael and those advisors in Uversa have been working on this is extraordinary. The possibility of the options and the benefits to God the Supreme are truly immense and rare in all of these seven superuniverses.

I will stop there and ask if you have further questions. Before doing so, let me state though that the work of This One to present this to the university went quite well and that we hope that there will be further ones in the near future. All is fairly dependent upon the outcome this coming Monday.

MMc: Thank you.

The status of the work in South America

Roxie: Charles, what is the status of the work in South America? Is it kind of on hold right now, or is it still very active?

CHARLES: As far as mortals are concerned, it appears to be on hold, but we are developing programs for the South Americans behind the scenes. Much of the work that we are preparing is to assist those emerging democracies to be able to skip over many decades of democratic development that sometimes takes centuries to occur. It is our hope that we will be able to assist all emerging democracies in South America and the rest of the world to move into the principles of sustainable democratic practices before the end of this century, even long before 2050, and that they would be fully aware of the potential within the next 5 years.

The distrust of governments

You are seeing throughout the world tremendous distrust of citizens against their nations’ governments in democratic nations, even those in the United States and Europe are distrustful of those in power and the purposes and intentions of those who are in control, authority and positions of power. It is essential that these social sustainability principles be made evident to the public in this year. This One has written the manuscript, as you are well aware, and has subsequently written the 12 articles, which are analytically or linearly developed to awaken others who would not read the manuscript. We are currently working on 3 papers simultaneously to give interpretations to the responsibilities of individuals, families and societies, juxtaposed with the responsibilities of “the state.”

The first 3 Papers

Paper #1 is general in nature and sets out the responsibilities of individuals and the state. When we speak of socially sustainable moral responsibilities, those are described in great detail in the manuscript, and we also state the obligations, responsibilities of individuals and families. When we say ‘individuals’ it is always individuals/families because you cannot separate the individual from the family and the family from the individual as they are so intimately connected.

In Paper #1, we have discussed the responsibilities of the individual family and the state in a symbiotic relationship. It is important that they understand these responsibilities with the individual not seeking from government an authoritarian parental or paternalistic care situation of dependency. Neither do we want the government to take on a position of the authoritarian father figure who frightens or scares people. What is necessary is their symbiotic relationship and responsibilities to participate and coordinate their activities to assure the development of socially sustainable societies.

Paper #2 deals with the socially sustainable interpretations of population management. We do not speak of birth control except in the very specific and narrow definition involving those practices that prevent procreation. We deal with the total subject of population management from the perspective of social sustainability, and then chart out and describe the responsibilities of the individuals and the responsibilities of the state. The particular topic of #2, population management, gets to the very heart of all of the symbiotic relationships and socially sustainable moral responsibilities of all parties. It quickly shows the reader the coordinated moral responsibilities for the development of future generations.

In Paper #3, which is now currently in initial development, we are using the Second Amendment, the “right to bear arms,” to describe and define the socially sustainable moral responsibility for Constitutional Rights and obligations and moral responsibilities between and among the individual/family and the state. This will help make clear the future, but in the meantime, it will expose the public and government to tremendous constitutional discussions.

We have revealed in these three papers the remarkable new responsibilities of a democratic society and the democratic practices and those democratic governing practices of the state. We anticipate that there will be no small amount of vehement discussion among everyone, particularly those individuals who have already taken positions and those organizations that have taken positions, regarding these two subjects. On the other hand, as you know, the three core values of social sustainability and the corollaries and principles that develop out of them are of such a universal and timeless nature that they are undeniable, that they are self-evident, and that they work in the favor of everyone concerned. What will be remarkable to readers is the new realm of responsibilities that they have for their participation in a socially sustainable developing public and society, and their newfound relationship with their government. These two topics are only an initial offering that we hope to propose to some publication of some eminence.

Of course this will require a review by you members of this group. As you can see, these three papers are neither liberal nor conservative, but ‘other,’ and that though people can take positions on those papers and topics, nonetheless, the papers offer everyone a way of viewing these issues in a much more equable fashion, particularly for the existence of future generations. We will be sharing these with you as soon as this one has them completed, which we anticipate will be sometime next week. Remember that these will be in rough form; they will be in draft form; and that there will be large sections of thought and discussion that will be missing, and we seek your input for that. We can only work with the database that he provides, has provided us, and so he is missing a huge base of wisdom concerning constitution and law experience and insights. We can only manipulate those concepts within his mind to generate or invent new concepts and insights to a limited extent; beyond that, we need someone who has a friendly presence to these topics.

Roxie: Thank you! That was very interesting.

CHARLES: It is not that this is a delicate situation, but there are certain protocols involved in our work; they have nothing to do with morality or ethics, but have to do with protocols and best ways to proceed. You have responsibilities with us in adhering to those protocols and we advise you, as we can, when we can, concerning those. You have enough complications in your lives as mortals living on this world, without having to observe all the protocols that we suggest, or have suggested to us. We leave that space for you to make your right decisions. Please proceed with further questions, if you have any.

Will our future democracy have political parties?

Roxie: This harks back to our last session a bit: Will our sustainable democracy in the future be constructed without political parties, or will that still be a function?

CHARLES: The development of a socially sustainable democracy in a democratic society will continue to have political parties. Political parties provide a useful venue for us, for the argumentation of the topics, which the public is reluctant to examine or is unknowing enough to participate in a discussion, even among themselves. The political parties are also useful for generating interest in topics. It is our hope to use the universal nature of the three core values and their obvious nature, being timeless and universal, to argue the cases for the development of a sustainable society. What you will see in the near future is the development of huge blocks of public opinion that are supportive of the three core values orientations. There is a latent group of thinking, knowing, believing, trusting individuals of a huge percentage who will come forward to assist these principles and projects developed out of them, and able to validate the legitimacy of those programs based on those three core values. [Quality of life, growth and equality.]

It is this universal nature of these self-evident truths that will attract many people who have distanced themselves from government. They will have a new means of interpreting the Constitution and also of giving interpretation to laws with a sustainable spin. This presents a way of providing a new perspective to laws that are friendly and those that are unfriendly to the sustainability of society. The situation you are referring to where there will be a loss of parties is when there is a unification of all major positions of opinion concerning the topic of sustainability. Then there will be one huge party and there will be many minor parties that continue to speak in opposition; those individuals who still believe that the world is flat.

There will always be small resistance groups, but in the end, as your world moves into the fully developed era of social stability and social sustainability, there will be one unified opinion in the most of society and a means of validating those positions as being legitimate and supportive of social sustainability or not. This era is at least two centuries away, so do not become too optimistic about one party dominance occurring very soon. We will use these political parties and positions for dialog, for discussion, for opening up the new avenues of interpretation that the courts can use to validate laws. This will have a tremendous impact upon your society. When these socially sustainable core values are validated by your social, governmental and economic institutions as being valid, then you will see a tremendous culture bending effect. Thank you for your question.

Roxie: Thank you, Charles. Michael, do you have any more questions?

Dealing with the vectors of possibilities

MMc: No, I don’t. I do have a comment though. It appears that for each step that is taken, there is a tremendous amount of reaction on your part because of the probabilities that are generated by that action. Am I making myself clear?

CHARLES: Yes, most definitely. Our developments in the vectors of probability are nothing like what occurs on a billiard table, simply because of the players of billiards making decisions. There is almost no reasonable, rational way of knowing what decisions mortals will make. Mortals will make decisions that they even know are contrary to right action. We have seen this many times, and so, if there is any influence of power, control or authority, or the offering of money or sex, then you can be quite assured that the decisions and choices of those who make those decisions could be quite aberrant. This is most unfortunate.

We experientially, our angelic and celestial corps, are gaining tremendous knowledge working on your planet, working with mortals in such almost abstract conditions, surreal conditions to us, in how to prepare your world for the advent of socially sustainability developments and for the days of light and life. Yes, it keeps us on our toes, following the decisions of mortals and therefore, when those decisions are made, we have anticipated them as much as possible and to have developed options in each of those possible vectors.

We consider a 20% probability as a vector of possibility; less than 20% we consider as optional, as potentially possible but not probable. Therefore, we work most diligently on those that have a 20% or higher possibility of occurring. I appreciate your observation, Michael. This helps us understand your thinking collectively of these topics and that you collectively are also beginning to more fully understand our operational relationship to you in life in general and in particular [with] these socially sustainable options. [And we do wish that to be published.] Thank you.

The amount of celestial help available

MMc: Thank you. For some time now, I’d become aware of the tremendous amount of numbers and influence that you have upon our world. Not necessarily in making us do things, but in helping us realize what may be in our best interests.

CHARLES: Only a few of you have really fully understood how many billions of spiritual beings are on your planet, working here to bring about the right outcomes for Christ Michael’s Correcting Time program. Each of you has personally, in the company of well over 9 individuals of various levels of spiritual capacity, working with you. Those who are decision makers, who are cultural creatives, are those who are in the Reserve Corps on your world, have even further assistance. It is important that those unknowing people in the Reserve Corps have their situations set up such that they will see the obvious situation to make a decision in.

We take that kind of preparation decades ahead of time, preparing an individual for a particular moment when they make a decision that will have tremendous impact upon the outcome of the future of the whole planet, or of a whole society, or whole nation. When these become “visible” that means that they come up in the observations of beings of the realm that are able to clearly identify probable events. These are roughly described in The Urantia Book, and I will not go into that any further.

Parting thoughts

We thank you for your patience today, for your questions and your participation. We particularly thank you for being vigilant to your schedule and our schedule to be here with us. As we have said before, the purpose of this forum is to assist readers to understand their relationship to us and our relationship to them, and for [members] of this team, to ask those questions which may be on the minds of the readers. This is a service we are pleased to provide and we are extremely pleased for your willingness to provide this with us. On behalf of Christ Michael and the Triumvirate, this is Charles and I wish you a good day.

Group: Gives thanks to Charles, Michael and Daniel.

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