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NEC24- Conscious Evolution of Civilization

2014-06-16 New Era Conversations #24
– Conscious Evolution of Civilization
– Jun. 16, 2014

Teacher: Charles, Assistant to the Triumvirate

Connections are becoming manifest in form
Displaced persons in many nations
Time for a new morality
This is the eleventh hour
Minded decisions
Explaining social sustainability to others
How will the future look?
“Painting” our future with the three core values
The conscious evolution of civilization is completely new
Is making the UB first-page news desirable?
Black holes in the universe
Are wormholes a reality?
Seeing the architectural spheres
Why answers are withheld from us

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray

June 16, 2014,

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we gather in your presence this morning, thankful for this opportunity to be with you. Our intention today is to assist Christ Michael’s Correcting Time by listening, discerning and bringing questions to you for thoughtful discussion. We are grateful for this and give thanks to Monjoronson, Machiventa and those of their staffs for their persistence, patience and loving care in teaching and guiding us. We commit our will to you this morning and each morning, giving of our talents to the Correcting Time and our prayers for peace, stability, love, harmony and order in all events. This we do in loving service of our brothers and sisters of Urantia, this day and into the future. Amen.

Connections are becoming manifest in form

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles. It is good to be here with you, my friends. Some of you have seen in your psychic mind screen some visions of connections, and these we wish to report to you that they are real, that you can begin to see those grand scale developments in the morontial/mortal realm. This is something that we take for granted here, which we perceive much more clearly and may be able to discern it much more succinctly. The connections we are making, some are ones that we have initiated many decades ago and now are coming forward to connect with current events to begin the expression of Christ Michael’s work in a manifest form that you can see and participate in. If you have questions, you are most welcome to bring them forward at this time.

Displaced persons in many nations

Susan: We have women and children flooding across the borders of our nation due to social and political dangers in their country. This is a situation similar to that which you discussed with us during our last session. It is a moral, social and political dilemma that the peoples of our nation must face and work out. To which do we look to the needs of the individual or the collective and long term good of the nation? I think these are already the two polar positions in the debate. This dilemma will be faced more in the future and needs creative and thoughtful, future oriented solutions. Could you speak to this?

CHARLES: Yes, I would be glad to. This is one of the large-scale demographic movements that we have been following on your world for many decades. The most significant one is the largest migration of humankind, ever in the history of the world that began in the 1800’s when many millions of people migrated westward to the open lands of the western United States. This was the most rapid movement of a large group of people ever in the history of your species. The second largest involved Europeans and others from around the world who left Europe to emigrate to the United States, and take advantage of that open space.

The most political one that you have seen, which still rages in controversy, is the emigration of the Jewish people, the Israelis to the Israel State that was Palestine. This controversy continues and will be a thorn in the side of the Middle East until it is resolved. What you are seeing in a world that has gained tremendous population since 1948, when the Jews emigrated to Palestine and established their State, is the tremendous increase in global population. You also are seeing the increase of violence—political violence—which repercusses in social and economic ways.

There are many countries where the male population is hugely decimated, or are preoccupied in illegal activities. You are seeing a mass exodus of individuals from the continent of Africa, many of whom emigrate on rafts and boats to the southern part of Italy and elsewhere. You are seeing the immigration of individuals into the prosperous regions of Europe as its population decreases, and as the skill levels of individuals’ increases, they need to be replaced with those who work at laboring and menial jobs.

What you are seeing from the south of the United States, from Mexico and the countries of Central America, is the exodus of mass numbers of women and children to the United States. The conditions of the geography and the terrain make farming difficult and there is no one to help them farm the land, if they have land. Their men are preoccupied or missing. Those men who remain are sending their children, wives and relatives to travel north to safer countries. You are seeing some of the most evident and visible forms of overpopulation in your world, coupled with immense political, military, economic and social difficulties. This is a small trickle compared to the deluge that will occur in the future as greater and greater travesties occur in countries that are marginally economic.

The need for revenge against other sectarian groups, ethnic groups, is still rampant across many of your nations. You are seeing this in the Middle East between the Muslims, who have sectarian problems of their own, yet all of them stand opposed to the State of Israel, which will soon be isolated as an island among its enemies. The condition of ISIS, (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) of individuals who are violently acting out their religious fervor, militarily, politically and economically will have a tremendous affect upon those Islamic nations, which sit on the fence.

When you see this happening, you can say that the days are numbered for the Middle East. You are now seeing millions upon millions of people leaving the State of Syria, and other nations—Iraq—that are having difficulties as well as those in Afghanistan. They are leaving, if they can, to go to other nations, which are first of all, more stable and secure and safe; and secondly, which may offer them employment. As you know, there are several million people from Syria that have migrated across the borders to other nations, which is creating a severe hardship upon the host nations.

Your concerns here in this country for the same problems of your fellow brothers and sisters south of the American border is the same, but you are much more conscious and aware of what is occurring. You, too, will have to make decisions about who will enter your country. Soon, you will see nations raise barriers at their borders and let no one who is not an authorized citizen with an appropriate passport, to enter their borders. When you see this, this is also an indication of rising tension around the world.

Consider the hundreds of thousands of individuals who are sitting idle in the camps across the border from Syria. This has a latent potential for immense harm in the world, as well as immense good. Political manipulators of violence will eventually determine how that population is used to their own advantage, for good or harm. This will become evident in months and a few years ahead. It is not good to have large numbers of people be idle. Any nation that has a large unemployment problem is witnessing this already; that is why your nation, which has a relatively high standard of living, keeps its employment as high as possible.

You are able to witness this in your nation, even by the small number of thousands that have come across the border now seeking support and sustenance from your public agencies. The result in other nations, and yours eventually, will be that your resources will be overcome by the demand. There will be no way to supply their needs and provide for them.

Your country is in such a fragile state of sustainability as it is, without having its difficulties augmented by so many thousands of people who will be coming to this nation. This will cause your own population to be confronted with these problems, because your societies and organizations are not built upon the socially sustainable values of your species. This will cause a tremendous problem for linear thinking social, political and economic/financial leaders trying to maintain the old hierarchies and old traditional organizations. Their existence will be challenged.

Time for a new morality

Your Legislatures and Congress do not have the forethought to provide healthcare services to these individuals in a way which allows them to choose whether they have more children or not. This is the beginning of the confrontation of population management, which we have spoken of through This One, in his writings with us. This will be something that will be most difficult for your conservative elements in your nation to confront.

As you can see, your question has really the point of a very large pencil, or pen with a large reservoir, that could write on for a long period of time. You have hit the question that is primary to the sustainability of your world in the very near future. The wash and flow of the tide of human beings, in terms of millions of people, and eventually, hundreds of millions of people in migration, will have the effect of locusts upon a wheat field. Your nations will have tremendous difficulties.

Your policy makers and those in houses that make decisions, such as parliaments, congresses and so on, will be confronted with the impossible situation that their traditional method of making decisions will not resolve these problems using the same logical decision-making tools and morality used in the past. Without a morality based on the three core values of social sustainability, public leaders will not know how to move ahead as they confront these problems. Your traditional morality is a person-to-person morality and was never intended as a morality for organizations that confront problems as these.

You are coming to a period of time where the morality that was embedded in your culture—your global culture—from 4,000 years ago, is coming to an end. That “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” no longer exists—you will all be toothless and blind were this to continue. There must be a means by which you can create solutions; solutions that help not only you, but also the other people involved in the equation of these social, political, military and economic problems. Those solutions can only be attained, achieved, devised and designed—and the plans to be implemented—by designing them using the three core values of social sustainability. We hope that our audience is beginning to understand the necessity of adopting these three core values into the organizational structures that support your society. Currently, no society and no organization is sustainable with the same capability as your species. They were never organized and embedded with those three core values to their structures and into their daily decision-making processes.
This is the eleventh hour

We have brought these concepts of social sustainability to you at a last moment, the “eleventh hour sort of situation,” even though it began openly six or seven years ago. The advent of self-sustainability and social sustainability is something that could not be presented earlier simply because audiences that have high standards of living are uncaring or not wanting to share their largesse with others, nor conceive of ways to do so where everybody benefits. Now, the necessities that are pregnant with your question will reveal themselves to you in the near months and before the end of this decade.

The problems that your world has are surmountable; there are solutions that can be created to resolve these situations, yet, even we cannot help your overpopulation of this world, simply because we do not, and will not, abrogate the individual moral decisions of individuals of any nation, at any time, whether they are aware of our presence or not, whether they are aware of an afterlife or not, whether they are God believers or not. We respect that completely, and so, you are seeing the approach of the end already.

It may take another 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years for this to develop, but it will be coming and most of you here today, or who are reading this and experiencing this will see it in your lifetimes. The only solution for the long-term sustainability of organizations, societies and your civilization is through the conscious evolution process, to consciously engage those facets that have sustained your species for 40,000 – 500,000 years of its existence. Until then, your world will be on edge; it is much like trying to balance a playing card from a deck of cards on its edge; it will eventually fall down sometime, and so it is that this card has been played long, long ago and will soon fall over.

Susan: Thank you. As you said, this is the eleventh hour, this train has left the station. For those of us listening to these conversations, I think we long for action that we can take now. We are few and have small voices for the present. I think what I am taking away from this is that all we can do right now is work towards engaging people through the co-creative design process, through getting the word out about the three core values, and I’m personally thinking about my “center” that I would like to build to bring people together to address these issues, yet that is a long-term solution. I’m rambling, but I think I am just expressing some of the angst that we have as we watch this and feel somewhat impotent.

CHARLES: Let me comment, please. Your point is well taken, and when we say it is the eleventh hour, we mean in terms of the scope of a civilization or a world. The eleventh hour could mean another thousand years, perhaps, but in many cases it is not. The eleventh hour for us with Christ Michael began at approximately—if you want to term this in terms of millennia—it began at 10:00 PM when there was the ascension of Jesus. The Epiphany was the inauguration of the Correcting Time as an implemented program to bring about the healing of your world and its civilization. You can count that the last two hours has been the last 2,000 years, and so we are in the last few minutes of this eleventh hour, so to speak. The time can be stretched a bit, but there are some processes, both geologic and in the course of nations, that cannot be changed very much. We can use the Power Directors and Force Directors to amend the development of some of the elements of your planet geophysically, but many social processes are inexorably moving ahead to destruction.

Minded decisions

For your situation, Dear One, and those who are of mindedness with us, you have made a decision that is as highly respected as any other decision that may be brought by a suicide bomber. We will not amend those decisions, yet we have the capacity to assist those who are in alignment with Christ Michael’s work, who are in alignment with consciousness of this good, of this light that flows through your world and in through you. You have our assistance; we do not assist a suicide bomber, for instance, but we do not thwart their decision. We, however, by you saying that you will to do God’s Will in your life, and ask for opportunities to be brought to you so that you know the direction to move ahead, we can surely engage that powerfully. And so, in your situation, to help you in your community development, you have made that decision; you have made that commitment; you have begun to radiate a consciousness of community, and you have some ideas to implement.

All of you will see that we have been sitting on many dozens of wonderful projects besides the ones that we have mentioned to you. There is a time for them to come forward to where they become manifest and visible to the masses of society that may be looking for them. Right now, you would have to do extensive searches through the Internet to find like-minded groups. Some of these come to you; sometimes you go to them, but we have been sitting on many of these wonderful projects over time, which also includes some energy projects, conservation projects and material sustainability projects. There is a time for these to come forward and a time for them not. There is a time for the chick to break out of the egg. Helping the chick too early kills the chick, and if the chick waits too long, then it grows too large to escape; it has to have room for it to peck its way out. And so it is in this situation where we have let these programs gestate to the point where they are ready to come into existence where you can see them and know that they exist. You call these the “dots” that you wish to connect with, to assist you in your program and to share your information.

You will be quite surprised when the time comes in months and years ahead. How many of these come forward and have been there all along? Some are just simply small communities sitting on a retreat center out in the woods, or in the mountains, or by the ocean or lake. Some are enclaves of whole communities of hundreds of people. Some are surrounded by community gardens, and some have wonderful daycare projects, which are based on the principles of social sustainability and Christ Michael’s life as Jesus.

You will all come forward soon and be revealed, and you will connect with each other as you can to form powerful unions where your dots make up a wonderful mosaic, and when you stand back in the distance, you see the face of Christ. This is no exaggeration, and the metaphor and the parallel of the mosaic is quite accurate, for the pieces are out there, as are the shards that the mosaic artist would use. We have been picking them apart and nurturing them as we have been able to, and soon they will come forward. Yours is one of those; your community project is one of those which will be manifest sooner than later, and it will be an important part as providing a model to other communities who would like to emulate some of the things that you do.

And you will see other communities and you would like to accept some of the things that they do into your designs of your community, something that would assist your community at large, whether they participate in your community directly or indirectly. Be of peace of mind, Dear One, and project your consciousness for Christ Michael’s work wherever you go today or night, whether you are asleep or awake, become a bright and shinning beacon of the Christ Light that shines through you, when you will to do so.

Susan: Thank you, Charles, for that perspective—it’s heartening and a reminder to me of the magnitude of this project and the way in which each one of us can participate here and now. Thank you very much.

CHARLES:  You are most welcome.

Explaining social sustainability to others

MMc: I’ve been thinking about trying to explain social sustainability and its three core values to other people. I have an old friend, and some time ago I asked him to meet me for coffee, specifically to talk about social sustainability and the three core values. As we talked, his questions could be characterized by “what is this like?” He was very interested in finding out and trying to relate the things that I was telling him with situations that he was familiar with. One of the questions that he asked me was, “Is this communism?” I told him no, the sustainable society can only exist in a democratic society where everyone has a say. I’m not a student of Marx and Engels, so I’d like to ask you how do the tenets of social sustainability and the three core values compare with those of purely theoretical or philosophical communism?

CHARLES: There is no comparison with them; there are only distinctions and a great many of them. If you look to the closest you can get to with any similarities or comparisons would be through the intentions of those philosophies and of those political theories. What is the intention? And almost immediately, when you come to communist and totalitarian regimes, is that they begin interpreting the means to achieve that almost simultaneously as they state the intention. And so, when the intention is stated in the means, and the means is the intention, then you have havoc that will reign. I am struggling to answer your question; there are almost no similarities. You have seen what communism is and what communism can become.

You have seen the totalitarian regime of Stalin and the development out of Stalinism into communism. You have seen how communism has been used in China through Mao, and the Cultural Revolution wherein millions of Chinese of the same culture and ethnicity were killed and destroyed, as were so many of the era of Stalin. You have seen what communism can do in small countries where dictatorship and communism is used as a vehicle for a dictator, a totalitarian regime. Christ Michael’s Correcting Time program is also totalitarian if you accept that individuals become totally committed to doing good in accordance with the principles of love being expressed through their lives. When you compare that to the totalitarianism of the proletariat and the worker class in communist countries and societies, you see that there is a subservience of the individual, where the individual is seen as a material asset, rather than a social asset for good. Well, my friend, we cannot go there with you to answer this question.

How will the future look?

MMc: I think you’ve done very well, actually. As this gentleman was trying to understand what I was trying to tell him, his first reaction was related to things that he was familiar with. As thinking people go on and they are thinking about this, they want to know how is it going to work? What changes are going to come about? When you get to the point where this is actually in a working situation, what does that working situation look like? But, I wonder if you would explain to our audience why asking those questions about the future for socially sustainable institutions are often ambiguous.

CHARLES: I would be glad to and thank you for the timeliness of your question. The future will look, as it will, based on your decisions. We cannot dictate how that will turn out—you do that. We simply give you the values and the mechanisms to make those decisions. How they work out is up to you. The wonderful thing about social sustainability and the three core values is that they are completely adaptable to any culture, to any ethnicity, to any political party, to any religion that you may have, as long as you follow and validate what you are doing through the three core values; it matters not whether you wear a hat with feathers, or you shave your head and wear no hat at all. The difference in what this will look like is dependent upon how you engage this by your decision-makers.

You will see that eventually it will become a way of life, and those cultures and ethnic groups who have particular mores of living that are contrary to social sustainability will be confronted about the incongruence of their mores, their cultural and ethnic mores with the values of social sustainability. You, for instance, must be completely aware that there is discernible dissonance of the Catholic Church with the three core values of social sustainability. You must also be aware of the dissonance with the three core values in cultures that place men above the women in importance in their society.

You will also see in your political parties and political partisan groups of how out of sync they are with the values of social sustainability. We are very curious ourselves, as to how your political landscape will adapt itself to these three values. We know that political parties have a definite need for support from the population, the public of the respective jurisdictions, and that they will market themselves to that. How the populace or public works with their political parties to get them all on the same page of social sustainability is something that we are very, very curious about. We have our own speculations and our own thoughts about that, but we do not project how that should be expressed. The “how” is up to you; the process and the values are ours, and when you apply this standard to your social, political, economic and financial organizations, they will begin to morph.

Remember that your species is sustainable; your organizations and your societies and civilization are not—they never have been, and never will be until those organizations that support society and support your civilization also include the three core values into their operation. For instance, how would a commercial corporation look in its human resource policies when it embedded the three core values into its policy-making process? What would be the relationship of the investors to that corporation, and vice versa? How will this change? How will your family dynamics change? They will change immensely but you, you as decision-makers make those choices, and so how this looks is not ambiguous to us as long as they have passed the validation test of the three core values.

MMc: Thank you.

“Painting” our future with the three core values

CHARLES: Let me extend this a little further. Let us say that if we gave ten people three colors, three primary colors, plus black, and gave them each one canvass, and we told these ten people to paint some painting, some drawings, some whatever they wanted to, on this canvass, using those three colors. Well, you can imagine some will make cartoon characters where the black is on the outside, and the three colors are the clothes of the characters for instance, where as others will reverse those things. And some, in fact, will become so ingenious as to mix several of the colors together to get a different color all together.

This is how the three core values will work, is that you will paint your own social pictures, your own political pictures, your own financial/economic pictures, using these three core values. How it looks will be quite different; your landscapes will be much different, your main objects in the middle will be much different, and so on. The choice, how you use them, is yours. You can, in fact, refuse to paint any picture, and just leave the canvass blank. Or, you could paint the whole canvass black, if you wanted to—it is your choice. What is essential is that these values that are inherent in your cells—the urging within yourselves—to fulfill the course of your species to sustain itself, must also be invested in your organizations for them to be sustainable as well.

Do you see the point, that there have been no societies, no organizations and no civilizations that have survived? None! No civilization, no society, or organization has consciously come into its conscious evolution by using these three core values. Our challenge to organizations—all organizations of every stripe and color, means and function—is to become sustainable, to follow the growth and development of your people into the future. Profit-making corporations have only been able to survive because they have followed the market.

The market develops; you see this with your cell phones—remember those large portable phones you had in the 70’s and 80’s—they were called “bricks.” Now you have the greater equivalent in a handheld smart phone than any computer that sent men to the moon and back. It would appear that corporations are sustainable, but they are not. They have a loosely attached symbiosis to the host society, the market society; they are much like those pilot fish that attach themselves to sharks that are parasites and live on the surface of the host fish and travel with it. So too, are corporations similar. There are no motivations invested in your organizations—of any type—that motivate them to follow the core values of the species, of people.

If you have a population of 300 million people, (or approximately more in this nation,) then how do the political organizations evolve to follow the needs, desires and urgings of people to improve their quality of life, to grow, and to grow equally as others do? Right now, there is no motivation for any of your political organizations, whether political parties or any form of government to change and so, these organizations have been formed at the point at which your societies existed at the time of their formation. Your American democracy was incredibly innovative, to use a very safe term, but it was radical and it was revolutionary. It was far different than any other form of government that had ever existed. It was far different from the democracy that was typical in Classic Greece. Now, over two centuries later, your societies, your public, have moved forward by the motivation of the three core values in each individual to satisfy itself to grow. Your societies have developed and evolved.

Your political institutions have not grown. And so, it appears that your government processes are moving backwards—it’s just a relative term, it is a matter of political relativity. You have moved forward; you have evolved, and so you have a need to devise more evolved forms of organizations. That is why there are revolts and rebellions, demonstrations and revolutions against democratic governments —as societies have evolved democratic governments are no longer relevant to the public; they have not evolved. What social sustainability proposes has never been done before! And so, your friend who asked these questions would be completely puzzled. This is so radically different, and so innovative that almost no one can relate to it.

The conscious evolution of civilization is completely new

It is hard for us to explain social sustainability to individuals who have lived in such a prosperous, growing, evolving nation as your own. Yet, on the other hand, you see the evidence that your nation, your political processes, even your religions have not grown. The challenge of the 21st Century is how to get organizations to evolve and to grow. The conscious evolution of a society, of an organization—let alone the whole society and civilization—is completely new, because no one until this time knew how to establish sustainable organizations. No one knew at the time that these three core values were so important to the sustainability of your species, of your nations, of your organizations, and to the very lives of each individual.

Now, let me tell you of an irony: it is such a paradox that is almost incredible for you to accept at this time, given the fact that you have so many millions of social study grants and proposals and research papers that have been written, that the three core values that sustain your societies, that sustain your species, has never migrated from the individuals who work and live and are employed in these organizations, and has never migrated into and been embedded in the founding documents or the decision-making processes! Now, is not that an irony? For a civilization, that is an existential irony, for if you do not invoke and embed those three core values that are inherent to each individual who works in those corporations, companies and those governments, if they are not invested into the foundation of those organizations and the decision-making process, then they will all fail.

Are there more questions?

Roxie: The only questions I have are not related to what we’ve been talking about this morning.

CHARLES: They are welcome and [I am] open to other questions.

Roxie: Since The Urantia Book goes into the history of the universe and our planet of Urantia, may we ask curiosity type questions related to these areas?

CHARLES: You are most welcome to always ask them; we, however, always take the discretion of answering them.

Roxie: One of our readers sent me some questions related to Robert Sarmast’s expedition in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, looking for the first Garden of Eden. He wanted to know if the long, narrow peninsula, almost an island, projecting westward from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, connected to the mainland somewhere in the vicinity of Latakia, Syria. Is that a valid assumption?

CHARLES: We will defer answering the question, thank you.

Is making the UB first-page news desirable?

Roxie: Then his other questions will probably be declined as well, except his last one. He says, “If a well-funded, seafloor archaeological expedition, equipped with its own state-of-the-art autonomous underwater vehicle and diving team, discovers unquestionable proofs of the remains of the First Garden of Eden, will this be beneficial for the popularization of The Urantia Book; and, is it wise for The Urantia Book to become first-page news?”

CHARLES: It is not important that the book become first-page news, and this revelation would not necessarily be relevant to the authenticity of the book. The book was never intended to do that. The intention was to be used on an individual basis to reveal the truths of the universe and the relationship of the individual to God, and in the grossest sense of descriptions, provide an outline of the journey of one to Paradise and to the Corps of Finality. The importance of the book is to the individual to discover their own relationship with the Creator, who resides within them. This is truly the greatest truth of the book. The second is, of course, the life of Christ Michael as Jesus on your planet. His life is exemplary of the life of one who would want to dedicate and will their life to the ascension plan, to arrive in Paradise and the embrace of the Creator.

The writers/authors have striven not to over-complicate the purposes of that book, which tends to be expanded in the thinking of individuals who are enthusiastic about it, and who accept its authenticity. Others, outside of the book would not accept it as valid or relevant to their lives, even if it was proven by scientific data to be so. The only validity of the book’s purpose and importance is to the individual, much as the “ah-ha” one gets when they first experience the presence of God within them. The experience of the mystic is immense and it is irrefutable, and once you have that, there is no going back. The Urantia Book, on the other hand, has many readers who accept the book as valid and authentic, yet were [there] not mystics who have not had an experience of knowing God. Is that not ironic as well?

Black holes in the universe

Roxie: Thank you, Charles. Concerning the progress that has been made by our scientists in the field of cosmology, are they correct in their theory about black holes, or are those being mistaken for the dark gravity bodies that The Urantia Book talks about?

CHARLES: They are the same. Yet, your scientists have much, much more to learn about the black holes; they are inferred by the absence of light; they are inferred by the presence of jets of X-rays, and gamma ray particles from them, but there is far more about the dark bodies, dark holes, black holes that you mention than they are aware. The use of black holes in the function of the universe is immense—I am not provided the clearance or the authorization to reveal to you their mechanism, as many aspects of those vortices of matter and energy have to do with the eternal realm as well. When you tear apart beams of light into their constituent elements of particles and waves, then you are approaching the quantum existence of eternity within the realm of an infinite universe. I will leave this answer as it is, as ambiguous as it is.

Are wormholes a reality?

Roxie: It certainly was interesting. Are the worm holes that they theorize about a reality, or not?

CHARLES: Yes, they are, but they are grossly inadequately described.

Roxie: Are there other dimensions to our universe that we are not aware of?

CHARLES: I chuckle because your question is accurate. If you knew about them, you would not know about them.

Seeing the architectural spheres

Roxie: Why is it that our astronomers have not been able to see the architectural spheres, since some of them are quite close to us in astronomical terms?

CHARLES: Yes. Let me say that the answers to that will be revealed as they continue to work with their instruments and make inferences from their measurements as they are very similar, in some respects, to black holes, but of a completely different nature. We hesitate in revealing more about this as we do not want to lead your scientists or your believers to look to an object, or look to a place and say, “Oh, there is heaven! That’s where Christ Michael lives!” and so they would project their awareness to a situation or place that would not be profitable to their own lives.

Many of the questions you have asked today are relevant, but they are relevant only to the spiritual growth of the person who asked the question. Your personal growth into and becoming morontial beings, through your lessons learned here and in the ends of your life here, and the beginning of your morontial career are the most important aspects that you can ever engage. Why you do not see the architectural spheres is really, in our perspective, totally irrelevant to your spiritual growth. We/I can appreciate the question and the yearning of the question asker, who wishes to be there, to be on a world that has been architecturally designed. This is a natural question to ask, based on the curiosity of the individual and your species to be curious about such phenomena.

Why answers are withheld from us

The answers that we withhold from you are to assist you to keep your eyes focused on the image and the perspective and point of arrival of yourself on Paradise with the Creator. This is the end goal, and for those of you who are mystics, those of you who are devoted to your meditation, you are single-mindedly focused on what assists you to grow in that direction and to fulfill that as much as you can. There are many things, many questions asked by people who want to be distracted from the realities of the world around them, who do not want to engage in the effort of growth and of finding meaning through the purpose of your life.

They want to be distracted because they do not know how to make this distant object of curiosity relevant to them now. This is very similar to the questions about social sustainability, that keeping the three core values in mind and using them, you will automatically arrive at what you envision in the future as you have designed it, using those values. We are not quite sure either what that will look like, but we know it will be friendly, it will be fair, it will be positive and it will be compassionate and tolerant.

Roxie: Thank you, Charles. That’s all the questions I have for now.

CHARLES:  We want to thank you for your attention today, for being here, for asking those questions. We apologize that we cannot more clearly define our answers to many of your questions to your satisfaction, but we are held to the standards that we are here, and that is to help your world grow, and to help each individual to grow. This limits us, but on the other hand, gives us positions and perspectives, which are limitless to consider as well.


During this summer season in the northern hemisphere, you are receiving much light, and you enjoy this summer, this season of warmth in those areas which were cold during the winter. The flow of light appears to change from the period of the year to the other period of the year, from summer to winter, but the reality is that in the larger perspective, the sun always shines evenly and consistently upon the universe, and upon your world in the same degree all the time.

Sometimes it is atilt of where you are that allows you or forces you to take a perspective, which is out of the realm of the reality of the larger perspective, and so we ask you always to try to see your life and the progress of your life in the situation of your life and the conditions of your life and those of your children and family as having permanence. In that permanence and that continuity, you will begin to see as Christ Michael sees you and sees your world, and as God the Creator and First Source and Center sees the whole universe. Of course, this is a wonderful thing to aspire to, is it not? We wish you good day and good week, and look forward to our next meeting.

Group gives thanks to Charles and Daniel.

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