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NEC25 – Co-Creativity; 3 Core Values in our DNA

2014-07-03 New Era Conversations #25
– Co-creativity; 3 core values in our DNA

PR – Partial transcript
– Jul. 3, 2014

Teacher: Charles, Executive Assistant to the Triumvirate

What is co-creativity?
How do humans acquire developed co-creative abilities?
How to present co-creativity to someone who is not religious
Sustaining our species with the three core values
Carrying the three core values in our DNA
Explain why the three core values are self-evident

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray

July 3, 2014

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia and all the others who gather with us this morning. We welcome you to another session of the New Era Conversations. We look forward to these sessions and spending time together with you and for the sake of our selves, our audience, our world, we thank you. Amen.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles.

(Group returns greeting.)

CHARLES: And we thank you for being here as well. This is a dual co-responsibility engagement that we have and so our thanks and appreciation goes to you, as much as you share yours with us. Let us begin with your questions for today.

What is co-creativity and co-responsibility?

MMc: I have some questions from our audience. An audience member writes: “Co-creativity is a concept in reality that has expanded both developmentally and experientially.” Many of our audience understand it in this way, yet there are many who have never heard of co-creativity. I am hoping you will help me, help others, to understand co-creativity. What is co-creativity? What is this process that operates in mortal will creatures like us?

CHARLES: Thank you for your question. At the most basic level, and at the most inspired level, co-creativity occurs jointly when the gametes of the male and female join together and create a new being. This is truly the original act of humans of co-creativity. And likewise, when you say “co-creativity,” you are also saying “co-responsibility” for the raising of this common child of two people—it is the responsibility of both of them—it is not separate, as some cultures seem to think. Between the mortal and the spiritual realm, co-creativity as an activity that begins fundamentally when you see that your life is not apart or separate from the life plan that God has given you—each of you.

When you “will” to co-create with God, you are asking to do God’s Will; you are asking for God to reveal opportunities in which you and God and the spiritual realm can work together to empower your life to complete your life plan during your mortal stay here. You realize that this mortal life is a preparatory time for the afterlife; it is a fast jump-start to morontial attainment and morontial lessons. It gives you a fundamental basis for applying and understanding the lessons you will receive and be given to complete in the morontial realm.

Co-creativity is first as simple as co-creating a new being through the joining of your sexes; it is secondly, doing God’s Will, and concerning the Correcting Time, it is willing to do Christ Michael’s Will/God’s Will in this world to assist your world to evolve. It is your wish to assist Christ Michael in elevating your world to the days of light and life. That means simply by living an inspired spiritual life as yourself—one person—or it could be in association with others. It could be through the possibility of “paying it forward,” and having those opportunities come to you where you could “pay it forward,” where you would become a moral teacher of others of how to live.

Co-creativity is the joining of forces, principally between the spiritual realm and the mortal realm. You are living that out in your life when you will to do God’s Will. Yes, there are some who do not believe in God, who are also assisting this world to evolve, and that is greatly appreciated, but when you understand the context of your life as a process of learning lessons, the co-creative engagement of your life with us is a rapid start to the fulfillment of your soul, that record of activity of your life for learning how to live with a social conscience ethically, morally, and to be of service without expectation of return or self-aggrandizement.

You learn that your growth is not only a possibility, but a probability and high likelihood when you willfully work in union with your Thought Adjuster and with your Guardian, to fulfill your life’s plan. Co-creativity is the grand adventure of conscious engagement with the spiritual realm, rather than living that out as an accessory to some religion. The conscious co-creative relationship is perhaps the highest an evolved relationship you can engage in during your lifetime.

How do humans acquire developed co-creative abilities?

MMc: The audience member gave me two follow-up questions and I’m looking at them and trying to decide if they have been answered. How do humans acquire and develop co-creative abilities?

CHARLES: This ability begins with curiosity; it begins early in life. As the individual may be a member of some religion, a child in a family that is religious, or simply has heard about God outside of a non-religious family or social context, and is curious and comes to accept that there is a higher power involved in their life, and that this higher power is positive, rather than negative and punitive. This is essential to an evolving, positive, co-creative relationship; it is a realization that yes, there is a higher power that brought this universe into existence. Yes, this higher power is personal, and yes, it would be highly beneficial to the individual to take advantage of the relationship to make life, not necessarily easier, but to help improve their quality of life, whether that is materially, socially, or otherwise.

It also means that this relationship is one in which an individual can learn to grow within the context of their own ideas for development, whether it is a career and relationships, or in some social dimension within the context of their society. It begins with the realization that there is more to life than just themselves, and how they can apply that. It also begins to develop through the reflective understanding that the continuity of the universe is positive. As much as there has been preaching and discussion of the wrath of God, and all the negativity of this Hebraic, Mosaic God, that in the end, it is highly positive, otherwise it would have collapsed eons ago, or never have come into being. Oftentimes, this realization within the individual is unspoken, it is preconscious—an individual has not come to that conclusion, but something is aware at some sub-level that urges them to believe that it is highly positive and there is something to be gained by that relationship.

How to present co-creativity to someone who is not religious

MMc: And what are the options for presenting co-creativity to audiences who may or may not have a religious background, and have no idea of what co-creativity is?

CHARLES: The idea of co-creativity is a highly evolved concept, not simply an intellectual concept, but also an operational concept in the lives of individuals. For one who has not been raised in a religious family, or in some religious social context, there must be a beginning that there is more to life than themselves. Co-creativity inherently invokes a relationship between two beings—whether it is a man and woman, or an individual and the spiritual realm. Thus, it is sometimes quite a leap for individuals who have not been raised with this conceptual development to think in terms of the unseen, as being real in their life, let alone having a relationship with it that could be positive. For those secular skeptics, this is just so much hocus-pocus and magical thinking, which is close to some mental illness; it is something that is unbelievable and is unreal. There must begin in the individual who wished to share this knowledge with another person that they have already begun the process by addressing the Thought Adjuster of the other person, by asking their own Thought Adjuster to assist them in presenting this material to the individual, with that individual’s Thought Adjuster operational to the listener. Is this understandable so far?

MMc: Yes.

CHARLES: So the appeal is on numerous levels. When there is no impact through your verbal exchange, then it is best to proceed with the Thought Adjuster approach, but it is always best, of course, to start with the Thought Adjuster approach first, as well as using the relationship between Guardian Angels, to assist the Thought Adjusters and each individual to come to that awakening awareness. And it may be that this will not be immediate, but this awakening would not occur spontaneously and there in the moment, but it may be there lying dormant, or seeming to be dormant, for years before the person comes to the position where they awaken to the thought that, “Yes, perhaps there truly is more to this world than what I see outside myself.”

MMc: It sounds very much like the concepts begin in the relationship, the co-relationship between individuals—persons—and then it can grow developmentally to the realization that there are not just “persons” involved, but there are also spiritual persons involved. So, it’s a developmental-type situation where it might begin with the realization that there are persons outside one’s self that you need to interact with, create with, but also there are other personalities in the universe besides yourself.

CHARLES: Yes, you might even consider the difficulty of explaining this co-creative relationship—operational relationship with us—to those who are highly religious. Many devout people believe in angels; they believe in God; they believe in Jesus and his ascension into heaven and his relationship to the Father. They may even know about other spiritual beings, such as Melchizedeks, which were mentioned in the Old Testament, but to ask some of these devout people to develop an operational exchange, a discourse with spiritual beings as living in their own realm, next to them, it may seem ludicrous and impossible, and magical thinking again. It is the compartmentalizing of people’s minds that holds you back from encompassing the grandeur of the universe that is present already on your world. Your language has put you in language “boxes” where the conceptual options are seemingly unavailable to your mind; it is only that your language and your culture do not have a way of expressing these concepts in ways that are acceptable to your mind and to your culture, and to your referent group.

MMc: What you are saying is very much known to me; I can understand it completely.

CHARLES: You see that in your own groups here, as those who are so devout with God and read The Urantia Book, and are so un-accepting of the relationship existent of a real relationship between the individual and their Guardian Angel or Thought Adjuster. It seems like magical thinking, unreal, and even a form of mental illness to those who believe this is not possible. We find that very remarkable and painfully ironic.

MMc: That’s “painfully ironic,” right?

CHARLES: Correct.

Sustaining our species with the three core values

[An audience member asks if Monjoronson and Charles are claiming that the three core values have sustained our species for the last 40,000 to 500,000 years. On what basis do they or you make this claim?]

CHARLES: Your question is very valid, as is the evidence for the three core values. The three core values are represented by your words in English by the urging to seek a better quality of life, and the necessity of growing to do so, and to do so equally as others are able to experience their potential. You, too, realize that these are just simply words and that they simply objectify what your species has done for so many millennia. They are the summation of observations of your species that we have shared with others in words. To answer your question to the point, these values are self-evident, that you realize that once you have life, then there must be something else motivating that life to move ahead, to progress, to develop, to evolve.

It is irrelevant to talk about these values when there is no life; and when there is no life there is no capacity to evolve. So once life exists, then what is there to do with that life? The self-evident observation that there is something within the DNA, the heredity of your species that seeks to improve its life, whether that is in its housing, or whether it is in relationships, or whether it is in the circumstances of their foods or their artistic talents. It is self-evident that to have life is to grow. Growth really is the pivotal value that empowers and enables the quality of life to develop. It is the identifying marker of Homo sapiens.

These three values are distinct from all other species. Your species has these three qualities and the mental and physical abilities and acuity to develop them. The third value is equality. There is no ambiguity with this word at all; you seek to improve and develop and to grow as anyone else would grow, and to develop your innate potential with the same capacity or exceeding the capacity of any other person. These three values urge your species to develop, to evolve, to grow. That is why you are now on the cusp of conscious evolution. Your species has grown and evolved tremendously without the conscious awareness that these three core values are pivotal to what you have done, and what you do with your life. Your species and you, individually, have grown and evolved to develop these three qualities by a process of trial and error. Some of you are even smart enough to learn vicariously, how to improve your life through the mistakes of others.

But now, knowing these three values are the “prima facie evidence” of your species of who you are, and who you are to become, you can consciously engage them to evolve to higher levels within your social, your political and financial/economic levels. You must now consciously invoke and embed these three core values into the organizations in which you live and work, because your organizations are what support your societies. Your species will survive; your species will sustain, but it is now time to invoke those values into your organizations, operationally and in its decision-making processes, to make these same self-evident truths as valid for your organizations and society as they are for you individually, and for your species.

Can you imagine living without an improving quality of life? Can you imagine living in a cave? Can you imagine living in a shelter of trees? Why has your species gone past that? Do you see that there are deer and other animals that seek the shelter of caves and of boughs of trees during harsh weather, and they have done this for millions of years, but not your species; you have gone on to improve the quality of life so that you now have running water in your homes; you now have water systems that removes the waste materials from your homes; and you have heating and shelter from wind and rain, and so on. You like this better quality of life, and you like to grow—this is self-evident. We hope this further discussion helps you confirm that these three values are core to who you are, and who your species will become. As we have said, these are pivotal to your conscious social evolution on the social level, political level and the financial/economic levels

Carrying the three core values in our DNA

MMc: Thank you. The statement that these three values are carried in our DNA are self-evident—those statements do not explain why they… they make the argument moot, except that when you say, “Well, we no longer live in caves; we no longer live in the trees,” and yet there are other animals that have lived as long as we have, who do, who never sees that there is a life of better quality by moving out of the cave and out of the forest. Humans, by building a house, and carrying on a better form of life, of improving their selves, and to do this, we must allow others to improve themselves as well.

CHARLES: How did this come about? Is that your question?

Explain why the three core values are self-evident

MMc: No, it isn’t a question; it is just an observation. To say that it is self-evident does not say anything. To say that it is part of our DNA was not saying anything unless you understand that we have actually done this. We have actually improved our planet and ourselves.

CHARLES: I will take you one step deeper. Why is it that your species has this and no other species? It is simply because your species was prepared as a vehicle for God to experience Itself in your life and living. Your species was prepared to be individually occupied by a Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Father Creator. Your species was prepared so that God could learn more about Itself as you live your life. The thing that God does not have is experience. Experience is time-bound; experience is bound by four dimensions, and so God can only experience the “becoming” of life and living through you, an organism that has the capacity to experience and develop its God-like qualities of becoming.

These were invested in your DNA because you are of God. These three values are invested in you because these are the motivating factors to become God-like, and that you “will” to become God-like by being more effective in your decisions—more sustainable in your decisions, which is God-like. Yes, you were prepared; you are the chosen people. Of course, Homo sapiens are the chosen people all over your world; it is just not one ethnic group, not one “race” of people, but everyone. You are chosen because God loves you, and God wants to know you. And God wants to know Itself through knowing you through your life and living. God wants you to become sustainable.

God wants you to evolve consciously in your life. Conscious God-like living is the most empowering, most soul filling thing that you can do with your life. To aspire consciously to make decisions to become God-like and to do God’s Will is truly to fulfill your self as a Homo sapien in God’s image. What you have proposed, what you have said is so true, but it leads only to a much deeper understanding of who you are and why you are, and who you are to become, and now you can evolve so much more rapidly as an individual and as a society. We hope this helps.

Roxie: When you say your interest is in making us “all one people,” I wonder if the competition of such sports such as the World Cup of Soccer, football and other sports cause divisiveness in Michael’s plan of making us see ourselves as “all one people?”

CHARLES: We appreciate your question; it is remarkable that you asked that, in that soccer is a much more “knitting sport,” even as competitive as it is, because it is a world sport. It is recognized throughout the world, whereas the American baseball and football are more of national sports than international sports. Soccer is having a tremendously positive influence on the recognition of the oneness of all people, the interest in one idea. It may seem to be a coincidence that soccer has come to be appreciated by American people, but it is the recognition that you have much in common with other people, and that it is not as brutalizing as your game of football is, which is so highly competitive, and so elemental and brutal. It is a primal sport very similarly as boxing and wrestling, but only more evolved with the regalia and uniforms and pageantry that are involved. You might think the competition of soccer would be divisive, but really on the other hand, the American people are beginning to see that the boundaries that they have around their nation are porous and that the ideas and ideals that are transnational helps tremendously in recognizing the commonality of all people.

The oneness of all the human family is something that will eventually become recognized by everyone. It is unfortunate that such divisiveness as race, gender, ethnicity, religions and nationalities have come to such an extreme as causing separation. Now, through this new process of the Correcting Time, it is the awakening consciousness of “we are one, we are one family and we are all in this together, and we need to support each other to survive,” is what will assist your world to knit itself into its new future.

MMc: Yes it does. I have some other questions, but I think we should probably end it on this note.

CHARLES: I thank you for your consideration for This One, as the time does fly and the energy does go, and so we thank you for this day, this opportunity. We hope you as individuals, and as societies, are thankful too, for what has been given to you as opportunity to become “more.” Through the Correcting Time it is Christ Michael’s hope to improve your societies that they might become sustainable, that the potential within each person can be developed to its greatest extent. It truly is inspiring to do the will of God through his Creator Son in this Correcting Time on your world. It is not only his hope, but his plan to empower this within each individual so that your societies become as great as you individually can become great and can become God-like. And when your societies become more God-like, then you will realize that you are entering into the days of light and life. Thank you and good day.

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