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NEC64 – Cultural Change; Leadership; Unifying Religionists

New Era Conversations #64
– Cultural Change; Leadership; Unifying Religionists
– Mar. 11, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince

Purpose of the Planetary Management team
Individual participation in organizations
False sentiment toward degenerate stocks
Teachings of Dalamatia
Social association as survival insurance
Cultural change is outpacing biologic evolution
Do inter-racial marriages effect cultural civilization?
Unifying religionists
Leadership and vision
Leadership and facilitation
The quality of organized religions
Surviving disasters by creating new societies
Coping with violence after the disasters
Visual presentation of 6 core values
Whether to reveal celestial sources or not
Machiventa’s closing words

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student


March 11, 2016

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek with several others who are present with me.

(Group greetings to all.)

Purpose of the Planetary Management team

MACHIVENTA: As you are seeing around your planet in the various nations, there is much discord, difficulty with the weather and climatic circumstances are creating havoc
in your cities and your populations. Again, these were not presented to you as overt acts of the Creator, but as the result of creation that brings about these changes of weather and tectonics and so on. The discord that is among humanity in the nations and political parties and various factions are all human made. There is no one of our regime of the planetary management that has supported such actions or initiated them.

We are here to assist you in the act of Planetary Management on an individual basis, serving peace and social stability for individuals, families, communities and nations. Whole societies are changing; social change is endemic around the world, even in the most remote regions, cultural and ethnic regions around the world—even within the Amazon Basin and the Himalayas—there are groups of individuals who are undergoing non-traditional change, bringing about great thought and turmoil in their lives. It is most important as you engage change that you do so consciously, with the thought of social evolution being foremost in your mind.

Of course, without a standard to measure social growth and progress, and give direction to your efforts to bring about positive social change, you live in chaos; your live in uncertainty, not knowing how or what will be the outcome of developments that you generate, whether as a corporation, a non-profit organization, or as a government. Without the use of the 6 core values of social sustainability as a basis for a social morality of decision-making, there is no uniformity among the nations, and never will be. Because of the innate nature of these values for all human beings, they are applicable to all human societies, all human governments, and all organizations. Therefore, they provide the basis for uniformity of social action, planning, and policies for all organizations.

Individual participation in organizations

It is important that you realize that you—as individuals—participate in these organizations. Organizations can then become the extension of your values, literally your writing arm, your mind, your ability, and your finances. You who know of these values can influence your organizations to change the course of your families, your communities, your societies and your governments. These values bring about positive change, rather than adverse change. Yes, there will be social change and change is difficult to accept. Nonetheless, this is positive change that brings about social evolution for all humanity, whether they are democratic nations or others.

MMc: I’d like to ask a question about what has just been said. Machiventa, you say that organizations become an extension of self. Should we be very careful of which organizations we become associated with? Should we only become involved in those organizations that represent our values?

MACHIVENTA: As your social organizations now exist, there are no organizations that espouse these six values. It is important that you, as individuals, join any or all organizations where you can be an effective element to make contributions and to motivate the organization to accept and use these values that will bring about social stability. Even if you belong to the Ku Klux Klan and use these values, your organization would change to become benign and accept differences and end its prejudicial bigotry.

MMc: I hoped that that’s where you were going with this.

False sentiment toward degenerate stocks

From our reading, you asked us to read Paper 99:3.5, reads: “The church, because of overmuch false sentiment, has long ministered to the under-privileged and the unfortunate, and this has all been well, but this same sentiment has led to the unwise perpetuation of racially degenerate stocks which have tremendously retarded the progress of civilization.” I don’t completely understand this; would you please explain it in more detail for me?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, certainly. The church has been undiscerning in its mission. It has been undiscerning about teaching individuals to make decisions that contribute to the species and their societies in a positive way. The church has seen its mission as to assist those who are under-privileged in all regards, socially, politically, and financially. What this has done is to perpetuate those individuals to maintain their status quo, but to become more religious in their beliefs. It is important that the religious organizations become discerning, to assist individuals to discern to make right decisions that contribute to their society, to their own lives, to their family, and to help them make social decisions that contribute to themselves and to others. The church has fostered and promoted its missions toward the under-privileged because these are the individuals who are so needy. They come to the church for religious, spiritual, and material support to salve their difficulties. The church has failed in its mission as a social change agent; it is deeply in need of social policies and programs that contribute to the advancement of social change for individuals who are under-privileged. There is much more that could be said to this, but I think my response is sufficient to answer your question.

MMc: When you say, “the church,” you are talking about not just the Catholic Church, but organized religion in general. Am I correct?


MMc: In several places in the Urantia Book mention that we on Urantia have not culled our degenerative stocks. Who are these racially degenerative stocks that we are talking about here?

MACHIVENTA: You have enough intelligence yourself to discern the answer to that.

MMc: Are we dealing with a particular race that needs to be culled, or are we talking about individuals within the races that need to be culled?

MACHIVENTA: Individuals within all races.

MMc: Thank you very much. So, the comment in the Urantia Book is not racially induced?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, this has just been answered.

MMc: Okay, ladies, I’ll turn it over to you this time.

Student: Good morning, Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, Dear.

Student: First of all, before my questions, I would like to say that I read over many of the sections you have given us to read, I write down questions, I go back, I cross them off, and I keep on doing this. And the one thing I would like to thank you for is the fact that it has really made me think and read more, and to pay attention to what I’m reading, and I thank you for that.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you! That is a wonderful development in your life.

Teachings of Dalamatia

Student: It certainly is. Now, my first question is: when we were supposed to read the section on the Dalamatia Teachings, the true concept of the First Source and Center, as it was first brought in by Prince Caligastia’s staff, does it still apply today?

MACHIVENTA: As you know, Prince Caligastia eventually became a rebel and disavowed that there was a central authority to the universe, and that the true creativity lay within the individual, and that there was no further extension of the Creator past the Local Universe. Your question brings to bear the ambiguity of the two situations of Caligastia in the minds of the readers and listeners; this must be clarified as hopefully I have done in my answer.

Social association as survival insurance

Student: The Urantia Book also says, that social association in the form of survival insurance in present day living is a trial and error insurance plan. That is the way that I look at it, and I would like you to discuss this, please. If the 6 core values are used and implemented, wouldn’t this then be a guaranteed survival insurance plan?

MACHIVENTA: Only partially so. It is important that these values be used as criteria for decision-making in all regards to an organization, whether it is the family unit, or government, or corporation. Yet, there must be an overall intention established within these organizations for their sustainability. And in order to become socially sustainable, they must become learning organizations. In this regard, a learning organization would develop as problems are generated in the existence of a government, or corporation, or foundation, or family, where they would come to recognize the problem and then seek answers to that problem, and then discover and discern the causes for the problem, and then to heal those errors. This is a type-2 learning organization, which we have discussed in months and years past. Without the prospect of learning from experience, even decision-making using the 6 core values would be a slow process, but when you combine the 6 core values with the intention to become a learning organization to eliminate repeated failures and tragedies of the past, then you have social progress that becomes very rapid. Then social evolution progresses rapidly as well.

Cultural change is outpacing biologic evolution

Student: Would you please discuss about: Is cultural civilization keeping up with biologic evolution today?

[This is Daniel: That’s an interesting question!]

MACHIVENTA: Cultural evolution, cultural change is far outpacing biologic evolution. What is coming to bear that you are seeing is that as families become more and more civilized and stable, they contribute highly, positively to the early development of their children. The early development of children has always developed their innate potential earlier, whereas in times past, even decades recently, parents and schools, and so on, waited until the child was older to be of positive influence to the development of the child. Now you are seeing that children who are age 3 are fully capable of engaging a computer program and learning from that program, even though their language skills are undeveloped.

This creates social change of a new order that you may perceive as a biologic change. However, what you are truly seeing is that your culture is engaging the innate intellectual and spiritual potential of children at a far earlier age. It just appears that they are becoming superior at an earlier rate. This could be just as true of children who were raised in the 1700’s as today. If those children were given the same opportunities and given the same exposure to learning experiences as children are today they would appear to be just as bright. So, cultural change is becoming more rapid, with parents finally taking advantage of the innate potential of the child at a far earlier age. I sense that this perhaps may not answer your question. You are welcome to develop more questions if you wish.

Student: Machiventa, how do we bring it up on a more even keel/balance, that of cultural civilization and biologic evolution? How do you bring biological evolution up to balance with the cultural civilization?

MACHIVENTA: Mortals have little choice in the biological evolution of their species, except when they choose more superior mates than they have in the past. By individuals marrying degenerate stocks, intellectually, culturally and biologically deficient individuals who beget more children of the same genetic deficits, then you end up with larger stocks that are unable to progress socially or culturally. It is important that individuals be taught at an early age about the choices they make for a mate, and whom they mate with to create a tremendous positive effect upon their community, their society and their nations, and the world. Please continue.

Do inter-racial marriages effect cultural civilization?

Student: Yes, you’re right, because I was going to ask the question about marriage and how that would help in the balance, and I was thinking of racial intermarriages and how that would help balance out cultural civilization. Is this right?

MACHIVENTA: Inter-racial marriages do not effect your cultural civilization.

Student: Can I ask why not… please?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, certainly. It is simply because all individuals of your species are motivated by the same 6 values as anyone else. Whether they are of the yellow race, the black race, white race or other race, there is no difference in that way. We continue to tell you that when you take children who are immediately out of the womb and expose them to safe environments they begin to trust and they begin to develop their innate qualities of empathy, compassion and love of humanity. If newborns and early infants are exposed to situations when they are not safe, where they are not fed, held, and cared for, then you will generate individuals who have little access to empathy, compassion and love of humanity. The potential of any individual in any race is tremendous.

You, as a civilization, have yet to explore the tremendous innate potential of individuals, regardless of their race. The racial issue component within your civilization today is of little concern to us as compared to the necessity of bringing peace and social stability into your world. There are far more important things to concern yourself about than racial differences and the effect of race upon your culture. Racial differences are not equivalent to ethnic, cultural, or social differences. They only have been associated because the racial color differences are so evident. Nonetheless, when children are exposed at an early age to the values of another race, they take on those values and begin to express the potential that is within them. Does this answer your question?

Unifying religionists

Student: Yes, Sir; I think it does; yes it does. I’ll have to think about it more, though. Thank you. I have another question, and it is: What goals do we need to be identifying to unify religionists?

MACHIVENTA: Perhaps the most unifying goal that you could work on as religionists in the multitude of religions around Urantia is the nature of God.

Student: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another question is: Would you please talk about what economic adjustments, combined with religion are needed to avoid cultural disaster?

MACHIVENTA: Your question anticipates the social stability of your nations and of generalized peace. This is a question that is surely answerable, but it would be of no consequence to you now—you as an individual, or you as a society or nation.

Leadership and vision

Student: When we talked about the Dalamatia teachings, and in that section it mentions Van, who was a great leader at that time of unrest, of what happened. When I read that section on Van and Amadon, it moved me incredibly. This is all about leadership. Would you please talk a little bit about that, because in the coming times, we are going to need leadership?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. The inherent characteristic of true and great leadership is vision. It also takes on and appreciates the capacity and capability of the followers, those individuals who will act out, or enact, the missions and objectives given and shared by the leader. The leader has a vision for the future, a way of organizing present activities so that they contribute to the future accomplishment of that vision. Today, your leaders, at almost all levels within your world, have a very short-term vision of their world and their goals and what they see as achievable. A true leader does engage a vision with missions that exceed the capacity of the individuals to achieve. But as a group of individuals, led by a person who has perseverance, patience, tolerance, and persuasive skills, much can be accomplished by individuals and groups. The leader is one who is able to see the commonalities of all humans in the group that contributes to the future. Thank you for your question.

Student: Machiventa, with true leadership, a person must have been born with these genetic abilities. I mean, you can teach them and grow to be a good leader, but I would think that you’d have to have it innately within you when you are born. Am I right?

MACHIVENTA: No. Your insight is only partially complete. The capacity for leadership lies in many individuals who have never become overt leaders. What is necessary in a leader is that they see something that needs to be done, and they initiate the action to do that. As we have said before, there is in almost every community at least 1% of the population who are innate leaders; they see that something needs to be done and initiate action to answer the problem or to fulfill the situation. Yet, leadership is far more than initiating action. Underlying that is a confidence within the individual that regardless of the external circumstances, they can affect all those circumstances in the outside milieu, whether it is social, political or financial.

They proceed in any case. They make estimations and discern the situation to assist others to see their point of view. Thus begins leadership when more than one individual joins that person who initiates the action. Yes, to some degree it is innate; it is genetic in the fact that past individuals of that individual’s family, that could reach back 25 generations or more, was in a capacity of leadership, which contributed to the genetic heredity of the individual who does take action. I hope this answers your question.

Leadership and facilitation

Student: Yes it does, and now it leads me onto another one. When you say that a person realizes that they believe in something and they would like to apply the 6 core values, I firmly believe in it and I am of a mind to promote it. My problem is, I am not a leader, I never have been and when I want to promote something I’m scared that I am going to push people away from what I want to promote, and so I don’t know how to go about it, really, without convincing them that this is the way to go, without having them turned off with what I’m saying. Do you know what I mean?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I do. I experienced that myself as the Sage of Salem with the Hebrews. There are some who accepted it, and some who did not. However, if you look at what you are doing, you are acting as a leader, even in the face of your own limitations that you estimate within yourself; you are proceeding in any case. You are reaching out to individuals who you know have similar values and similar insights about their society as you do. You have already begun the facet of leadership; you have confidence in your ideas, in the material that you are working with—the 6 core values—and you are beginning to share that with other individuals. As they begin to examine these materials and read the books about social sustainability, they too, will come forward and agree with you. At that point, rather than being a leader, you will become a facilitator, and that is truly what you are. As a teacher, you are a facilitator; you facilitate the education and expansion of individuals to affect their societies in a positive way. We congratulate you for this, and your humility is praiseworthy. Thank you.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. I wish there was a school of learning on how to be a facilitator and a leader in the 6 core values. I know you go by what you believe in, but it just helps to have some… but thank you. That’s all the questions I have today.

MACHIVENTA: I would provide a comment to you, is that you, as a facilitator can begin to teach others how to facilitate the 6 core values in schools, families and so on. The need for leadership is one thing, but effective participants and facilitators is another. Your insight into the needs of your society for others who can facilitate positive social change and social evolution is commendable. There is something within you, which I am sure you could identify, that has urged you in this direction.

Student: Machiventa, one thing then, as facilitators, there are two people I know who are great facilitators, and I say, “Thank you, God that they are here,” because they will do a great job with facilitating the ideals of the 6 core values.

MACHIVENTA: Wonderful!

The quality of organized religions

Roxie: I have three more questions from our Russian translator.
1) “Let me return to the question of interaction of developed society and organized religion. I really wonder how it would look. In my opinion, the spirituality of religions means its quality. The more religion is spiritual, the higher its quality. This quality is a human need. The question is: How does the organized religion operate in a highly developed society?”

MACHIVENTA: Organized religion in a highly advanced society operates as it is able to contribute first to the unfoldment of the potential of the individual, and uses the principles of advanced religious principles that are in agreement with the innate nature of humans, who are aspiring to become more God-like. There is recognition in organized religions that they are not the answer, but that they are the facilitators of the connection between individuals and God. In essence, the organized religions become a foreground for personal spiritual experience of the individual with God. Organized religions in advanced societies strive to get out of the way of that connection, rather than interfering or becoming a surrogate Godhead in an organization for the individual as it exists today. Do you see the difference? [Rhetorical question.]

Surviving disasters by creating new societies

2) “I am interested in studying the initial phase of arrangement of the society life after the devastating disasters for those who survive. Obviously, there must be some plan of action to restart creating a new society. Machiventa, what are your main thoughts you could offer us to plan the initial steps for creating a new society at this stage?”

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your question. We have been providing you with these plans for creating a new society. It is important that individuals today, at this time, recognize that there is a course in the events of the world, which is going to bring about the collapse of economies and societies and governments, and that the old formats, the old formulas, the old designs, the old paradigms of societies, politics, governments and economies has not worked, but has consistently failed. It is important that those individuals who want to plan for reconstruction think in those terms, that they plan to reconstruct according to the designs that are socially sustainable that they come up with beforehand, or as they wish to reconstruct their societies.

It is most important first that individuals who want to rebuild after the cataclysms have the attitude and the perspective that there is going to be a need to do that; and secondly, that they have the attitude and perspective that the old designs did not work; and third, that they do not want to resurrect and rebuild those designs; but fourth, want to use the values of social sustainability as the criteria for whatever designs the society, social institutions and organizations want to construct.

We do not give you formulas for rebuilding your societies, but we do give you the values and criteria that will guide your societies, organizations, governments and economies to become stable and eventually, socially sustainable, which leads to the Days of Light and Life. Your question is very timely and very insightful, and I praise you for asking the question.

Coping with violence after the disasters

3) “A new community that will be created after the disasters may face violence from individuals, the parasites of society, or even those gathered in groups. How do we avoid such violence?”

MACHIVENTA: You avoid such violence and such antagonism by stating how differently your new designs are that contribute to peace. It is obvious that if you are developing designs for peace and social stability and economic stability, that there will be individuals who are primitive in their thinking and want to take what you have. It is necessary to have defensive forces to protect what you have established. Yes, the military will be needed, and yes, your police forces will be necessary as well, to ensure that social stability continues.

What you have not anticipated is how to eliminate social, political, and economic predators within your society, and those who are outside. It is important that your societies design rewards for individuals, families and communities that are progressive in nature and adhere to positive social change and social evolution. At the same time, your governments must invoke their authority to remove individuals who are moral, social, political, and economic predators. You have not done that in your contemporary societies, and thus you are continuing to accept individuals who continue to predate innocent people in your populations in very devastating ways. This is unproductive and it is highly detrimental to social progress, let alone social evolution and social stability. You must have the moral fortitude to make decisions and have a process that is fair and equitable that does remove social predators permanently.

Visual presentation of 6 core values

Roxie: This next question comes from our French translator. He says, “This year, I intend to prepare many slides to present the 6 core values of social sustainability based on the NEC materials here in France. It could be multi-level with slides at the end, but I need to start first with a few slides to ignite ideas in the minds of some leaders… and within families and small communities around me. According to Machiventa, as soon as I am ready, the celestials will help me to have opportunities to show the slides to various audiences, so this is not really an issue.

Whether to reveal celestial sources or not

“My problem is during these presentations, I am sure people will ask where this material comes from. Do I say we have Celestial Brothers that have provided us with this material to help us co-create our future? Any suggestions would be nice, because I know that some people may be reluctant if the Celestial source is mentioned. So what should I answer?”

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your question. First, there are at least two levels upon which to answer this question. First is that publicly you want to encourage as many people to accept the 6 core values and social stability, social sustainability, political sustainability and economic sustainability as possible. You want to grow your audience as much as possible, and to diminish the possibilities of people dismissing it as being from a “Kook.”

You, as an individual are “inspired,” and if you look at the origin etiology of the word “inspiration,” you are “in-spirited,” thus this material has come from individuals who are “inspired” by the possibilities of better societies, better governments, and better economies. Privately, you may want to have the choice of discussing this as a design of Planetary Management from the spiritual managers of this planet. Planetary Management is a concept that needs far more acceptance and general use than at present. It is cognitively dissonant to many people, as they have never expanded their framework to include the planet as being able to affect the planetary environment on a managerial basis.

The question about this is one that you could point to documents. This One developed a manuscript from the early sessions with Monjoronson on Planetary Management, which was compiled in approximately 2008. You are welcome to a copy of that if you do not have it already. You want to increase the numbers of those who are interested in this topic, and decrease the influences of the force field that works against their acceptance. There are many individuals who would be turned off from your proposals if you publicly said that you had received this from spiritual entities who were concerned about the welfare of the world.

However, there is a small group of individuals who are interested in esoteric materials that would readily accept this, but their percentages are approximately 1-3% of your overall population. What you wish to do is to garner the acceptance of over 60% of your population. What you are really speaking about is a marketing problem, is it not? You must come to the conclusion of how to approach this as a marketing problem to gain the most influence with the least detrimental effect, while still honoring your spiritual sources.

Our concern for you in honoring spiritual sources is personal; you do not dishonor us if you do not mention our participation in this publicly; this is not a concern of ours at all. As your Planetary Manager, my perspectives are on centuries and millennia of progress, rather than acceptance or non-acceptance by a small group of individuals. You honor your work, your relationship with your Thought Adjuster and Christ Michael, and to the Planetary Management of Urantia by presenting this to as many people as possible, with the least amount of detrimental effect to your work and our work. Do not be concerned about your honoring us at all; your simply presenting this to people without ever mentioning us does honor this work and does honor the Correcting Time by Christ Michael.

Roxie: Thank you very much, Machiventa; I’m sure they will appreciate those answers. That’s all the questions I have for today. Machiventa, do you have closing words for us?

Machiventa’s closing words

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Your patience and your participation in these NEC sessions are significant to our work. You honor Christ Michael’s Correcting Time by your patience and your diligence and your perseverance to adhere to his plans to upgrade your world to one that is a beacon of light in Nebadon. This is an eventuality that will surely take place; there is no doubt about that on our part. The Correcting Time applies to all planets that were in the quarantine. You can anticipate that there will be many changes on those planets, which you will never become aware of until you are in the morontial realm and observing of these broadcasts. You will see in your own world, in many of your lifetimes within the next 20 or 30 years, much social, political, and economic change.

It is necessary that this change occur. Along with those changes will be chaos and tumultuous situations, simply because individuals do not practice the 6 core values in their decision-making. The selfishness of individuals who control organizations and the selfishness of those organizations will cause continuing problems for many decades. Eventually, it will become evident to the wise leaders of the future that the old ways simply do not work, that they are counter-productive and lead to further failures, social instability, political instability, and economic failures.

The way of the future must become sustainable, leading to peace and onward to a global organization of trust among nations and people. Your work and our work is immense. It is large. It is challenging and it is difficult. You are the facilitators, the “hands and fingers” of Christ Michael in the work of your world today, and we shake hands with you, hold your hand in our hands and bless you with the presence of God and Christ Michael and Nebadonia upon you and anoint you with that light and universe energy; and, we give thanks for your presence here and among so many who disbelieve in the existence of God itself. Thank you and good day.

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