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NEC65 – Individual and World Development

New Era Conversations #65
– Individual and World Development
– Mar. 21, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

The beginning of the 6 core values
Technological development outpaced moral and spiritual development
Link between cultural and spiritual development
Church influence on moral stability and spiritual progression
Dalamatia Teachings
The future of Secondary races
The new morality using the 6 core values
Dissemination of the values of social sustainability
Caring for our world

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student


March 21, 2016

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I welcome you to a new day. It seems almost as though there is a new turning in your world, does it not? This is the Easter season, Palm Sunday has just passed, a traditional Jewish and Christian holiday, and a New Era begins. We are open to your questions if you have any.

The beginning of the 6 core values

MMc: I don’t understand having not heard of the 6 core values and sustainable societies prior to the last few years. Can you explain this for me, please?

MACHIVENTA: The original 3 core values were published in 2008, and the 3 value-emotions were published early in 2014. Continue your questions.

MMc: Has there been any talk of these 3 or 6 core values earlier by our great thinkers of the past?

MACHIVENTA: No, these were only recently revealed to your world through the experimental team that was conducted by This One, and it came through the Melchizedek, Sondjah, as they were experimenting in the development of that team environment. Previously, there has been no mention of these values existent on your world—they were guessed at by scientists. Dr. Maslow created the “Hierarchy of Needs Theory,” that when one set of needs are fulfilled, then another set of needs comes into being. He only alluded to the presence of something else that was the original cause for the reinterpretation of needs. The theory of human motivation is very old, but there has been no accuracy as to what were the original causes for motivating humans to do, to act, behave, and decide as they do.

MMc: So these values have been given to us as in a situation of evolutionary revelation?

MACHIVENTA: That is correct. There has been no scientific, social research that has been conducted to support this values-based theory of motivation. The proof of their validity is that they are self-evident, once their existence has been revealed.

Technological development outpaced moral and spiritual development

MMc: I don’t understand how we have been able to develop such a highly technological culture in the face of our lack of moral and spiritual development. Can you explain this for me, please?

MACHIVENTA: It is a wonder, is it not? It is amazing even to us that your societies, your civilization has lasted as long as it has, being based on technological material evolution that has created tremendous weapons of destruction, along with the death of many millions of individuals in the last century, caused by those inventions. The fortitude of the human spirit is evidence, its survival is evidence, of these values being innate to humans, that humans strive to improve their quality of their life, and that has been interpreted at least in the last two centuries by material means, and to grow into the innate potential of each individual. This has been accepted as a necessary step to improve your quality of life, though it has not been pointed out as a core value of human progress. And the core value of equality has also been a major influence to material progress. There has not been sufficient educational and social science research to support the existence of these values as being of eminent presence of the human spirit and human motivation.

Now, these values can be used to provide the validating criteria for improving educational programs and to assist families to raise children who are happy and satisfied, content with life, and who want to grow into their potential peacefully. Yes, that sounds like a tautological and ontological conundrum, but the values prove themselves to be existent in human behavior; they become self-evident when one begins to experience and test them against the history of human progress. Your world is in crisis, as you know, and now is the time for your societies, your species to begin applying these values to the development of constructive, positive programs—social education programs—that assist your individuals and families to raise children to become happy, content, and satisfied leaders—politically, economically and socially—so that your world can change its culture from one of violence to one of peace, and cooperation.

Link between cultural and spiritual development

MMc: Thank you. Are society’s cultural development and spiritual development in some ways linked?

MACHIVENTA: Yes they are, definitely linked. What has confused that observation is the materialism of your culture, and also the religiously strict authority of churches, whether they are Christian, Orthodox, or other religions.

Church influence on moral stability and spiritual progression

MMc: I’m not sure that I understand how religion is going to become a forceful influence for moral stability and spiritual progression during the present troubles. Would you explain this for me, please?

MACHIVENTA: I will strive to do so, but briefly. Churches have an authoritarian, doctrinaire base for their existence. Though theologians, such as the Jesuits, have experimented, have discussed, and have written extensively about the Church and the doctrines, and so on, the Church will not change until the influence of a socially sustainable culture begins to push against the self-validation of traditional Church doctrines. There will be much discussion within the Church about the understanding of the core values of social sustainability, that they are innate to the human species, and that these were created as a “gift from God” in their language, to help men and women and societies grow into their full relationship with God. That last phrase will be quite a leap for them, but it will be necessary for the churches to assist individuals to then have a personal relationship with the God Presence within them, which is the “fountainhead” for all innate human potential.

MMc: Do you feel that the churches will actually be able to use the 6 core values in educating their flocks in a better relationship with God?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, simply because it is presented in a highly secular manner, and that there is no conflict with church doctrine, or with the theological principles that God is the Creator of all-good.

Dalamatia Teachings

Student: Good morning, Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: Good morning.

Student: When I was reading the section on Dalamatia Teachings—I hope you will bear with me as I keep going back to the Dalamatia Teachings—and I could relate with what is happening today in the section on modern civilization, and the ten groups that were set up in the time of the Dalamatia Teachings. It’s very similar, and is this worth regrouping and starting again? Does this sound right to you?

MACHIVENTA: It is not a starting again, but it is a beginning that is applicable to this Era.

Student: So, with the Dalamatia Teachings, they introduced new concepts slowly, and that is exactly what I gather we are to do with the 6 core values?

MACHIVENTA: That is correct.

Student: Another question that I have is the whole concept of the 6 core values, which we are told are innate in all humans that began with the Dalamatia Teachings?

MACHIVENTA: It began specifically as an investment in the Homo sapiens species.

Student: I have another question: (UB 92:7.6), it talks about the quality of religion is indicated by “level values—loyalties.” Would you please explain that sentence?

MACHIVENTA: I will defer. When I gave the assignment of those papers in the Urantia Book, it was an indication to you to use those papers as a example of materials that you could research further to ask questions. It is not necessary to mine these pages so thoroughly, but that you use these papers as an example to move forward into the book where you want to discover questions and situations to develop an inquiry that deal with the human social psyche and spiritual and religious relationship with each other, and to your society. Later papers are more esoteric and are not applicable necessarily, to our discussion. What we wish you to do is to expand your thinking past those papers of the assignment and to look forward to new text that you could ask questions.

Student: Thank you, Sir; I appreciate that explanation; that helps me a lot. I have no more questions at this time. Thank you very much.

The future of Secondary races

Roxie: Machiventa, this is a letter I received from one of the Urantia Book readers, who is a member of the Indigo race. I’m going to read his postscript first so you will understand why I’m reading the whole thing.

[Postscript: “If you choose not to submit my thoughts and question, please at least read it to Machiventa for his amusement and my thoughts to be on                record in the universe.”]

“Since ALL things are possible in our Father God’s Universe and the fact that there is nothing or no-thing new in God’s Paradise Kingdom or creative            process…

“Is it possible for Mortals hailing from planets to aspire to become a new, or unknown to us as of yet, type of Trinitized ‘prior-human-experience’ Creator Son or Creative Daughter?

“This would be a FULL Circle Experience allowing animal man to become a Creator Son, himself creating animal man. A Full Circle Experience!

“This could be a “Secondary” type of Trinitized Creator Son with Christ Michael being of the “Primary” type of Creator Son.

“This would be a new type of Creator Son, a Trinitized ‘prior-human-experience’ Creator Son of the Paradise Trinity, a Trinitized Creator Son with pre-mortal Experience.

“Since there is no-thing new in God’s creative abilities, I can imagine this kind of Trinitized ‘prior-human-experience’ Creator Son already exists somewhere in the Grand Universe.

“If so, wow! That would be so cool and gives me hope. If not, well, that would mean NOT ALL is possible or desirable in God’s Kingdom.

“Of course, I ask this question as I aspire to grow up and be just like my Father-Brother Christ Michael of Nebadon, just like a son wanting to be like his father.

“I would call my Local Universe ‘Indigolon,’ with my first Constellation listed as ‘Greenatiadek,’ and my first System registered as ‘Orangatia.’

”I named these in honor of and recognition of the Secondary Races of the Grand Universe having myself descended ‘predominantly’ from the Indigo race of Urantia.”

(Signed by) STuTe.

MACHIVENTA: Hooray for your wonderful question! It is well thought out and your speculations are accurate in that they match a number of our own speculations about what will occur in the Seventh Stage of Completion of the Grand Universe, and the seventh development for the Finaliters. Your question is something that we have pondered and many have thought about for many millions and billions of years, and your thoughts about this anticipate your own graduation, and your own participation in the Corps of Finality, and as you wait with many billions and trillions of others for the Completion of the Seventh Stage of the Grand Universe. What you suggest is very possible in our own speculations, and we believe that it will take all of the Corps of Finality and many more to support the development of the Seventh Stage in the outer space regions, which are now becoming organized. Thank you again, for your wonderful question. Good day.

Roxie: Oh, he will love that answer! Since then, I have also received three more emails from him. He expresses deep and profound pain and mental anguish over the way the Urantia Book describes the “endowments” of the Secondary Indigo race, as “least progressive,” “degenerates,” “backwards,” “misfits,” “inferior” and “less than.” He is extremely puzzled that that occurs on other inhabited worlds as well. Do you have any solace you can give him?

MACHIVENTA: What you describe is a process that creates much agitation between races that leads to social progress and civilizational sustainability. There must be a means for the dominant races to improve their own capacity for growth and self-development. This is incongruent to you who live on Urantia, as your races have not been guided through that process over the millennia. What you see on your own world, therefore, does not make much sense to you, as it causes tremendous angst and destruction among people. Those who are of mixed races, which includes every person on this planet, does not have a true identity of who they are, their purpose and their intention for their race. This is most unfortunate. This answer could go on at greater length, but I will leave it at that for the time being.

Roxie: I’m sure he would appreciate an even longer explanation, because this subject is giving him great angst.

MACHIVENTA: In view of the author of the question and concerns, his role is not to strive to heal your racial differences or difficulties within your lifetime on Urantia. Use your social situation, your personal emotional, physical, mental, and cultural situation as an environment for your own growth. Do not be overly concerned about what others think, but what your Thought Adjuster thinks of you with your life. You have a responsibility as a will creature to care for this life in conjunction with your Thought Adjuster and Guardian.

You are here to grow; you are not here to find fault with yourself, or find fault with your outer situation and contest against it, but rather—and neither are asking you to conform—but rather to rise above this as your teacher, Jesus, would advise you to become whole and complete within the context of your own life without necessary referent to your society, or how your society treats you. You know who you truly are, that you are a gifted son of God, living in a most difficult society, at a most difficult time on your world. We hope that these words encourage you to resolve your conflicted attitudes about the social milieu around you, but to strive to become whole and complete within your life, which is the greatest effort and greatest satisfaction that your soul can receive from the cooperative efforts of yourself, your Thought Adjuster, and your Guardian.

Roxie: Thank you very much, Machiventa. Someone else sent me a question that is quite long, so I am going to paraphrase it. She is concerned about the CO2 and pH levels in the ocean and whether or not this will cause us to lose our marine flora and fauna. Do you have any comments to make on the quality of our oceans right now, and what could happen to them?

MACHIVENTA: I choose not to directly answer that question, as the lifetime of the author of the question will not see the completion, or the scenario of the oceans healing, or of its demise. We advise you to look to the history of your planet where there have been many occasions where the flora and fauna of your oceans were almost completely decimated, down to less than 2% of its original population, but revived over the many millions of years to become more whole and complete. Fretting and worrying and wringing your hands over the situation of your world of the future is of no use or consequence to your own life, but rather seek to do what you can to assist your world now, with the efforts that your life can provide to its improved condition.

Roxie: In her last question, she would like to know if there would be an intervention taken on the part of the universe to prevent this from happening to our oceans.

MACHIVENTA: That intervention is already existent and in place.

Roxie: That’s all the questions I have for today, also.

The new morality using the 6 core values

MACHIVENTA: I reiterate that your world is now in much transition, and that the possibilities are rampant on your world for much good, as well as for much destruction and difficulty. It depends on the attitudes of individuals, or thoughtfulness and reflection of individuals and organizations to change how the future develops for your world. This sense of hopelessness that you have as an individual, or as an organization, will not serve you well, but you must empower yourself to do the best in which you can. Use of a new morality using the 6 core values of your species, which are innate to you, would go far to make your society an organic extension of the best decision-making of humans.

There must be an eventual union between the nature of your organizations and the nature of your species that you as individuals live by and honor the values that were given to you as individuals, and as a species, and that it is well your organizations and your societies to begin to live by those values as well. When this occurs, then you will find that your institutions, your organizations, and your societies will begin to move towards being self-sustaining. It is obvious to you, as it is to us, that the nature of your world is unsustainable, and that the balancing of this equation is now taking place.

Dissemination of the values of social sustainability

What is missing are many new elements that will occur over the years, and which will begin to develop more rapidly. It is important that the work and dissemination of the values of social sustainability, and its message of morality begin to become more widespread and disseminated in your world. We, on our part, are doing much to make this possible, as many organizations are now examining social sustainability as an inanimate part of the larger topic of sustainability and material sustainability. We continue, with the Most Highs, to be of great influence to organizations, whether they are one or two individuals working in a community, or the United States, or even larger organizations to assist the understanding of the interconnectedness of your species and your societies with your world and with each other.

Caring for our world

Until you understand your relationship to each other, and your connection through your genetic makeup, you will not understand the necessity of caring for your world, for when you care for your world, you have the potential of surviving as material beings on a material planet. When you begin to understand these values that assist you to become integrated, social beings, you will begin to understand the necessity of using these values to become whole and complete as social beings, individually and as societies. Only this, then, will prepare you for becoming spiritually complete individuals, even to the lower levels of a morontial being on your world. You have much to think about and much to do in your life; your helplessness does not help your world. Thank you and good day.

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