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NEC66 – Strategic Global Plan; Parental Instinct in DNA

New Era Conversations #66
– Strategic Global Plan; Parental Instinct in DNA
– Apr. 4, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

Preparation for what is to come
Strategic global plan
Social sustainability is for future generations
Normal worlds vs Experimental Decimal worlds
Values expressed by the Urantia Book
Using leisure time creatively
Parental instinct in DNA
Skills specialization
Life-plan and its revelation
Relation of 6 core values to Golden Rule
Natal world is a school for learning and experience
Machiventa’s history with Urantia
Separate authorities of Triumvirate members
The brain/mind interaction
Are 6 Core values used in politics?
The 3 core values embedded in our DNA
The economy in advanced societies
Copyrights and trademarks in advanced communities

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, and a Student

April 4, 2016

Preparation for what is to come

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure to be with you here once again. I come to realize again and again the significance of this Era and these conversations. When I was the Sage of Salem so long ago, in your terms, it was a different environment, a different story, a different preparation for what was to eventually come. And now, we are having these New Era Conversations once again to prepare you for what is to come. It is a wonder and a pleasure for me to be here to present these materials to you, with the possibility that these messages will eventually reach not just hundreds, but thousands and millions, and eventually billions. There will be a time in the future between now and then in which there will be so many developments that will occur.

Many of you may not have realized that we are a producer of new ideas, and that the world is preparing itself to be “hungry” for what we are teaching. You may recall from the teachings of Jesus as the Scribe of Damascus, and as his sojourns through Rome and the world that was known at the time, with his friends Ganid and Gonod, which are described in the Urantia Book, that Christ Michael as Jesus was learning a great deal about the world in which his message would be seeded. His message was eagerly accepted by those individuals who were in his presence.

Yet later on, his message was rejected by so many it was intended for, and that it was not accepted until it rested upon the ears of those people who were so oppressed — those in such difficult times that a message of hope was eagerly received as the thought of an afterlife with God — simply for the admission of willing to do God’s Will, and saying as much and believing as much. This was and is all that is necessary for one to survive through this lifetime and exit it into a new lifetime in the morontial realm.

Our message here in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission is much the same, that there is not a hunger among those people to whom it has been directed toward, but that its message will be readily received and implemented once there is a hunger for that hope. You may wonder that—and know that—there are millions, literally billions of people who are hungry for such hope, but the seedbed for receiving this message has not been prepared. The preparation is now in the Western Civilization of your planet, and that the Eastern Civilization will one day hear this message and eagerly accept it, and rapidly disperse it throughout their countries and nations.

You are well aware of that in this American culture that our words fall upon deaf ears, and that it is not a seed that is planted easily or grown or nurtured. You have also seen that there has been marginal acceptance with many thousands of people, yet this seed has sprouted and withered and died. The times are coming when words of hope will be eagerly received, when new solutions for social, political, and economic problems will be eagerly accepted and embraced. The times of the cataclysms have begun, as you know, and these times will become even worse by many magnitudes of difference from now to then.

Though many people will be lost, the people who remain will be able to organize their new societies according to what we have been teaching, and we are not preaching; we are simply teaching to those who have open ears and open minds to receive this. When the times of ease transit to times of great difficulty and trauma in one’s personal life, their minds then become eager to receive what is being said, and what has been said, and those concepts for organizing their societies. Then their politics, their governments and their economies and financial affairs will be open and receptive to the ideas of social sustainability.

Now, you must be aware that if you are an entrepreneur, if you are producing goods and there is no one to receive it, then you have no feedback, no learning process to know whether your product, your service is acceptable or not. On the other hand, if there is such a readily receptive audience who will buy anything you sell, once again, there is no learning process. They will buy anything you have, and you have no way of knowing whether your product is good or not. What we are doing now is to make it available to the future to prepare the methods by which your societies, your civilizations and your communities can organize themselves for the future. You will know that your words are being received in the future when the people are hungry; you will have something that has been tried, trued, and tested and proven in the marketplace of learning experiences, and they will be readily received and applied by people who will be hungry to do so. The situation is a perfect storm for joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in exploration with old societies, who are experiencing new ways of organizing themselves.

Strategic global plan

This is, as you might say, a very strategic global plan for your world. It is the realm of Planetary Management that we have been espousing. For you to be Planetary Managers in your own right, in your own community, in your own personal life, you must have a perspective of this strategic global plan, and be able to apply it in your local level. Such a program as we have been promoting is exactly that; it is a method by which the future can heal itself, personally and internationally, while at the same time, being relevant to you in your personal life and family developments, and something for which you can promote to your friends. We have been working with you to avail yourself of these thoughts.

Many of you have read these words in the past and have set by and let them idly wait. We have no difference with that; we have no complaint whatsoever about that for you know where the source is, and what it says, and to apply it in the future. So be at ease about this, my friends; know that we are guiding you into the future, a future in which you have no methods or means by which to bring into existence on any plane. Some of you are now trying this in your local communities and we applaud you! Our midwayers, teachers, and celestial agents are learning a great deal from your experience. Remember that the one thing we are short of in the universe is experience.

Though we have different aspects of this that has been tried on different planets—even this planet, Urantia—the perfect process must be developed here with you, for you and for your succeeding generations. We are learning very much, a great deal each day and each week, month and year [that] passes. We are now in a much better position than we were last year, to assist those new generations to come into existence in peace and harmony and prosperity—but not greed, not avarice, and not opposition or warfare or urban gorilla tactics; those will be methods of the past, which will surely make themselves visible in ways in the future. That is another story; that is another development, in which you as our partners in the new civilization of your planet can do much good for everyone at the time, and for future generations.

Social sustainability is for future generations

You must remember that social sustainability is for future generations; it requires you in this generation to have a change of mind, a change of heart, a change of beliefs of what works and what does not work. The old methods that brought about the prosperity and organization of your societies, your governments, and your economies will wash away in the tides of immense cataclysmic change. You know that these are coming, because they are unavoidable and cannot be held off by mortals in any regard.

We hope that my message and my words today have given you an overview of where we are and what is going on, what is taking place. It is simply a matter of time before we have more and more experience with you in developing these plans. Once they are more complete and whole and integrated, then we will continue to wait for developments on your planet to bring about the necessity of the implementation of these plans.

I am open for questions related to these statements, or to questions that are not related.

Normal worlds vs Experimental Decimal worlds

Roxie: On normal worlds, does the Planetary Prince and his staff present these same rules for building a sustainable future, or is this something new to Urantia?

MACHIVENTA: This is something new to Urantia. Let me answer the first half of your question, please, and that is on normal planets, which constitute 90% of all planets, meaning that 10% of all planets are decimal planets where they are in some degree experimental, and these statements, these pronouncements are not made. The evolution of social, political and economic evolution of their worlds proceed apace, according to a given plan that has been enacted over time, bringing about the environments for personal growth and experience and development of personal choices, whether they wish to proceed with the morontial life in the afterlife, or not. On decimal planets, this is much different, and even on those 10% many of which have not gone into rebellion, there are similarly very few pronouncements made when the social, political and economic evolution of the planet is proceeding well. However, on Urantia and several other planets in the quarantine, the situation has not been the same.

Your planet has been in rebellion; your planet had a Planetary Prince who chose to be in rebellion against the plans of Christ Michael, which would bring about normalcy of an experimental, developmental planet as your own. Further, the default of Adam and Eve caused a great retardation of the biologic upliftment of your species, which was to have made a great difference on your planet. There has been minimally sufficient genetic material of the advanced races of humanity to make these changes. We could not complete the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission and the social, political, and economic upliftment of your planet without that very small seedbed of genetic upliftment.

Roxie: Thank you very much. Does anyone else have questions at this time?

Values expressed by the Urantia Book

Student: Yes, please. Good morning, Machiventa. I’ve been going through the Urantia Book and in different sections I have picked up how—not the 6 core values—but these values run through all of the book in different sections. Am I right?

MACHIVENTA: You are correct.

Student: So, one section particularly in the Life of Jesus, there is a section there when he spends the day with John Mark, and he talks to him about his parenting and his upbringing. I really related the values to that, which we are talking about today. These values have been around forever, as I understand—so why aren’t we using them? What happened to make them disappear, to a certain point?

MACHIVENTA: First of all, I would advise you not to throw around the word “forever” loosely in our conversations. When you talk about “forever,” it is in reference for us to the infinite universe, compared to the finite universe. Secondly, values, whether they are the 6 core values, values generally are the heart and core of the Urantia Book; without values, there is no direction, there is no relevance, there is no way to discern the path of light or the path of darkness. Values are the core to all wisdom, knowledge, and experience. As for the apparent absence of these 6 core values being expressed in your world at the current time, they are very much present.

However, what you have failed to discern is the interpretation of those values. The 6 core values are always present in your world, and particularly the primary 3 of the pursuit of the Quality of Life, Growth and Equality. The secondary values appear when the person is in touch with themselves as one of humanity and one of God’s universe. You are observing the overwhelming absence of the positive interpretations of the 3 primary core values in your world as you see it. However, they are still present and still being interpreted.

You in your life, and those who are reading these transcripts and listening to them in the future, interpret those values in different ways. You interpret the world in terms of improving quality of life and you see that as a process of equality for others, and thus you promote the growth of other people to improve the quality of their life. Whereas others in your society see the improvement of the quality of life as intimately personal, and that it is for them, with disregard to others and the care for others. They are striving to grow into their potential as they define it; that may be solely in financial terms, and exhibited by their materialism, and that their sense of equality is in that they want to be more equal than others, and that there is a preference and predilection for their own improvement without regard to others. Perhaps they are not social, political, or economic predators, but they have no regard for others for their improvement and do not seek other’s improvement, therefore they are not exhibiting the secondary core values of empathy, compassion, and love of humanity.

Does this help your question?

Student: Yes, Sir, it certainly does and I do understand that it is prevalent throughout our world. It just seems to me it gets sort of buried for a long time, and I’m sorry about using the word “forever;” I didn’t realize that, but now I do.

Using leisure time creatively

My second question has to do with the same thing as values: With the large amount of leisure time that mankind has today, we are not using it in a creative way, and this would bring these values more and more into the consciousness of humans. Will it help to make the leisure time more creative, instead of just wasting their time?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, very much so. In your society there is a great deal of leisure time, and is mostly being squandered by the masses of humanity in economically developed nations. Their lives are being squandered; they do not appreciate that their mind has an infinite capacity to grow and to learn. This is amazing, perhaps, to you and to others that this mind that you have been given by spirit is on the lowest rung of intelligent life in Nebadon. Mortal intelligence level is on that lowest rung, yet you have been given the mind that has an infinite capacity to grow. It is simply that its processing power is slower and less capably evolved than more evolved minds. Nonetheless, within the span of your lifetime you have an infinite capacity to grow into your potential. This is a realization that is not common knowledge to most people on your planet and they have not grasped that potential in their own will to form who they will become with the capacity of their intelligence and their small, meager amount of wisdom that they may have gathered.

And yes, necessity is the mother of invention; necessity is the prod, the goad to growth, to development, to invention and to creativity within the mind of humanity. So, you can see in a way for some, the majority, that prosperity is the means of being slothful and lazy and uncreative, whereas those people who have pursued to do the Will of God, they see this as an immense opportunity to create themselves in new ways, no matter what age they are, and they may be musicians in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, still devising and inventing new music, writing new scores of melodies, and so on, inventing new scales and musical processes. The same can be said for poetry and mathematics, and for any of the other arts, and that of philosophy as well.

So, your question is poignant, very poignant for this generation, and it is upon those individuals who are creative and inventive that your world will be saved and prepared for the future. You can give great thanks for those individuals who push themselves to new levels of performance, even though those individuals may not appear as “type A” personalities as you have labeled them in the past. Thank you for your question.

Parental instinct in DNA

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. My next question has to do with parental instinct. From what I understand, which isn’t all that much, but anyway, this is not a strong point in men and women. I’ve always thought that it was an innate instinct, but it isn’t. My question is: Using the 6 core values and teaching the parent how to bring up their children, will that make it more of a natural instinct in us as humans?

MACHIVENTA: Let me skirt around your question with an answer that is not direct, but it will give you more insight into what is occurring that caused your question to arise, and that is that the parental instinct truly is an instinct; it is inherent to your genetic code; it is part of who you are and who your children are, your grandparents were, and your great-grandchildren in the future. Yet, that has been suppressed and ignored by what children and adults have learned about their society. It is in many times suppressed by those parents who are more involved in their cell phones than they are with nurturing their children in the car seat. It is something that has been given little attention to those who have other interpretations than the needs of their children on their mind. That is why materialism is such a devious disadvantage, for in many ways it is a cultural disadvantage to those who are distracted by materialism.

It has been in the past that parents have ignored their parental instincts due to philosophical reasons. You can also see this in some of your religions where they do not care for the illness of their child because of religious philosophical doctrines, and their children then succumb and die. This is most unfortunate. So you see, when individuals, people, parents are distracted through their intellectual interpretations of their life outside themselves by their own personal needs, that they do not attend to their natural parental instincts of caring and nurturing their children. This is most unfortunate because when the nurturance of the infant, the child and the young adults, by their parents and grandparents is absent, then they learn erroneous ways of being raised, and how to raise their own children. For truly, the nurturing of the genetic inheritance that you have received to nurture your children is the way that prospers future generations, prosperity meaning in terms of happiness, personal joy and happiness in living.

One of the reasons why children in less materialistic societies and cultures can play in the dirt with sticks and stones and giggle and laugh and have a good time with so little, is because they are being nurtured in the home by loving mothers and fathers, grandparents and extended family. They know that they have a life that is worth living, and that they have meaning and value, simply by existing—not by what they can produce in a career that is dictated by their parents or their grandparents. So, the nurturance, the nurturing means that is inherent in your DNA for caring for children is the best route to take for your personal life, for your children, and for your society and for next generations into the future. It is the nurturance and nurturing of their children that they learn that they as politicians and executives, and those who are chiefs of even resources departments can write policies that are nurturing to others. When you have been raised in a family in duress due to some philosophical dictate of the parents, then you will have children who will live lives in duress.

Student: Wow! Thank you, Sir. I relate with this in the fact that in my situation, I put it down to a cultural thing, and I might be wrong, but I didn’t have this nurturing instinct when I had my children, my first one, anyway, and I didn’t realize that it was in your DNA.

MACHIVENTA: May I make a comment on your statement? Then you must look to your parents and your grandparents, how they were nurtured, how they were raised. Perhaps they were raised very strictly and that nurturance was seen as being soft on the next generation, and that they were striving to make the next generation tough and durable in the face of great difficulties, and so you are the product of those learning episodes. It takes approximately a minimum of two generations to create a new generation with a new culture to reinvent the culture that is helpful, but it only takes one generation to destroy it.

Student: Yes, you are very right and thank you—it was just upbringing, in a sense. Thank you so much for that information.

Skills specialization

One question I would like to ask you, if you would talk about it is: today in our societies, people are really specializing in different skills. You see it in medicine, you see it in education—you see it everywhere—everybody is an expert in his or her own skill. Would you please talk about this and whether it is a good thing or not?

MACHIVENTA: There is an upside to that, but a much larger downside to that. The narrow specialization of skills in some profession often creates narrow minded individuals who do not have a larger perspective of society, that the narrowness of their specialization makes them “special,” and that they regard themselves, sometimes, with a narcissistic, arrogant demeanor, a sense of entitlement, whereas the generalist has a perspective of being one among many, and has a more equitable appreciation of themselves, and appreciation of others. What is missing from this whole process is an educational process that teaches what you might call a liberal arts experience in life, beginning from infancy through their time of separation from the family, and that specialization can come after that. When there is the orientation early in life to become a gymnast, or become an accountant, or an attorney, engineer or something of that sort, then everything seems to fall away from that as unimportant.

Yet, you must be an “omnivore” of culture, so to speak; you must have a good balance in life of all that exists to live peacefully in your life. If you are striving to be a Planetary Manager in your own personal life, then you would want to be a generalist; you would want to have a very eclectic perspective of the world around you and hunger for that. However, the upside of specialization is that you do become expert; certainly when you are having your eyes operated on, you want to have someone who is focused on that specialty and has the ultimate capability to fulfill the objectives of those operations, rather than a person who would rather be on the golf links, thinking about how to swing his/her club more accurately to get a lower score. The specialization does hone minds for those specific things, and we would hope that there would be specialization within the generalization of living as a whole person.

Student: Yes, yes, I thank you. But, with using the 6 core values when they are introduced, there wouldn’t be much specialization there, because people would be more rounded in their upbringing, in their education?

MACHIVENTA: Not necessarily. As a child is raised, and as they experience the general perspectives of the world, there are personal predispositions, personal preferences, personal interests that come into them in life, and that they are more—not necessarily predisposed—but their focus, their interests is on something that interests them. You are delving into an intellectual topic now, which is very interesting to us, and very much a part of your life-plan that you came with that was brought with you by your genetics, and by your life-plan before you were created. I would set this aside for another separate conversation, if you wish, but know that you and everyone else, came here with a life-plan that you could accept, or not. Yes, you do have a pre-destined plan of your life, if you wish to accept, but know fully that this is not foreordained without your authority to accept or dispose of as you wish.

Student: I’d better stop now. Thank you, Sir, that’s wonderful!

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome.

Life-plan and its revelation

MMc: I have a question about the life-plan. Do we become aware of our life-plan at some point in time? Does it become overt?

MACHIVENTA: Your life-plan would not become an overt thought in your consciousness unless and until you have been in meditation, and have opened your mind to the influence of your Thought Adjuster, to celestial teachers, angels… and midwayers, of course. Your plan for your life is inherent in your being; it is a part of your sub-set, sub-program of your personality. Personality is that unique aspect of yourself, and an aspect of who you are, and the part of your personality for this lifetime is to express a plan using that personality to assist you to grow through your life experience. It is necessary to be in reverie, to be in reflection about your life, to be in that stillness that leads to contemplation and a mind that is open to be influenced by spiritual beings of the light, to open your mind to the possibility of a life-plan.

Those individuals who have a more concrete life-plan may interpret this as a destiny to fulfill, a personality of a larger plan, one who is a building block in the works of your society and civilization, and that is an integral part of the plan for your world that we work through in the terms of Planetary Management. For most mortals of your planet, all people who come into the world with a functional mind have a life-plan, and of those, very few have a destiny, and many of those who do have a destiny are not aware of that, and complete that, or do not complete that as they are open to be led.

Does this make any sense to you, Sir?

MMc: I’m thinking that relatively few of us are so willing to become, to go into stillness early in our lives so that we might understand what the plans might be for our life. Is that correct?

MACHIVENTA: Is that your question?

MMc: My question is, or it appears to me that relatively few people are aware of going into stillness and contacting their Adjuster, so that they might have their life-plan presented to them. Is that correct?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. That is why the generational development of prayer and meditation is so important. There is one factor that you have omitted from your question, and that is the willingness of an individual to “will” to do God’s Will, not simply just openly accept that they can do God’s Will if it is presented to them, but to actively, and in faith, “will” to do God’s Will, and in faith knowing that the expression of God’s Will, will lead them in a direction to fulfill their life. This is the actuating button, so to speak, that puts things in gear for their life, and their life’s mission to be unfolded for them, and then have the willingness to risk, to explore what is presented to them in life. This is living your life-plan; it is an experiential process of faith and “willing” to do God’s Will.

MMc: So, it’s a two-fold situation?

MACHIVENTA: Multiple-fold, manifold method of doing God’s Will, yes.

Relation of 6 core values to Golden Rule

MMc: Thinking about the 6 core values, I see the 6 core values are related to the Golden Rule, are they not?

MACHIVENTA: In all actuality, the Golden Rule is a derivation of the empathy and compassion aspect of the secondary set of values.

MMc: I see. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Urantia Book takes it a little further: It says that society works best when every individual loves every other individual as they love themselves. Here we can see how you might love one another by extending these 3 core values of the life of quality, the ability to grow into one’s full potential, and have quality of opportunity, and the 3 core emotions of empathy, compassion, and love, shared by each of us, and all the rest of us. Am I on the right track here?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, that is correct.

Natal world is a school for learning and experience

MMc: The Urantia Book says as civilization becomes more complex it becomes more important for each individual to seek first the realities of heaven. I believe what this means is that we should seek to view our world, our society and ourselves from God’s perspective. Does this sound right?

MACHIVENTA: Your world was created for you as a school for your learning, for your participation with God Within to experience life as you experience life. When you “will” to do this in accord with these 6 core values and the higher values of life, then you are expressing your life in means that brings positive reward to your life, and to God the Supreme, and helps fulfill the experience quotient of God.

MMc: Looking from the Father’s perspective, I believe He would like to see all of us have a full life here. To graduate from Urantia having a quality life, having been given equality of opportunity and having reached one’s full potential and to do so in a family and society that shows empathy, compassion and love. What a head start that would give an ascending pilgrim. Would you like to comment?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and therefore the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission: These are all a means to infuse consciousness of these qualities that are necessary to sustain societies into an indefinite future. And in doing so, assists individual lives to come into fulfillment to become more complete before their graduation into becoming a morontial being. You have really hit upon the core reasons for the assistance of the Correcting Time to this wayward planet. Your question discloses the answers for the improvement of soul-quality of those who graduate from this planet. The heavier that souls are, the more likely they are to choose an ascending career once they do become morontial.

A society that has conscious social programs for citizens to improve the quality of their life to grow into their potential, and do so equally as others would do, surely does compliment the spiritual aspects of a planet that is maturing, and to do that through the sense of empathy for others and the expression of compassion to reach out in decisions, and to implement those decisions to assist others, truly expresses the love of humanity that is necessary for this planet to come into the Days of Light and Life.

These are not frivolous values; this is not a frivolous program, and social sustainability is for the individual society and it is for his completion of his Local Universe. An improved quality of souls that graduate and accept the ascendant journey is a qualifier of great completion for a Creator Son. This could be more fulfilled through all planets that are not decimal planets, but having a plan for their evolution. On the other hand, the decimal planets provide a means by which God the Supreme and the Creator can gather experience that would not be otherwise garnered through worlds that are living in completion and perfection.

So, you see the challenges that I have, Christ Michael has, and the Most Highs have for working with planets that are in the quarantine. There is a great hazard to people and Planetary Managers and System Managers choosing to do otherwise, but on the other hand, this allows a greater expression of self-will in all beings who can make contributions to God the Creator and your Creator, Christ Michael, and to the Creator of the Grand Universe.

MMc: Thank you. This is an excellent opportunity to ask you some personal questions that came up and I wonder if I might do that… if you were willing to answer some personal questions for me?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, of course, with the permission of the members here.

(Group assents.)

MMc: You have been involved with Urantia for quite some time, have you not? How did you become involved with Urantia and when did that begin?

Machiventa’s history with Urantia

MACHIVENTA: (Chuckling.) I became involved indirectly when I was created by Christ Michael. I became more directly involved as I was part of a study group, so many tens-of-thousands of years ago, to forecast what would be the developmental eventualities of this planet, after the rebellion had begun. Though all Melchizedeks are created equally upon their creation, over time as the question evolved just a few minutes ago, that each individual on your planet has a life-plan, and there seems to be a willingness to express that. Through the life and living experience of myself, working with and for Christ Michael and Nebadonia, over the eons of time, that there were certain skills that I had developed which would make me useful for selection on this planet. That selection process was advised before Christ Michael and his staff made that decision. And thus, I had “chosen” to accept that task by the choices I had made long before, and it has been a very deep privilege to incarnate on this planet as the Sage of Salem, to teach those early spiritually enthused individuals as Abraham and others.

My choice has been one of the ascendant journey, as it is for others, and should that involve my assignment as a Planetary Manager after my incarnation as the Sage of Salem, then I am happy to embrace that, and you can rest assured that I will perform my duties as the Planetary Manager of Urantia, diligently and faithfully until this planet is well advanced into the Days of Light and Life, and there is no threat or hazard of its turning back to another path. From there, my assignments will be to “who knows what,” and it is, of course, that curiosity that I have, which is innate to humans, that leads me to hope and to know with some certainty that my course in my life into the eons of the future will be forthcoming and fulfilled by doing God’s Will.

MMc: Would you like to expand on what was it like for you to personalize here on earth?

MACHIVENTA: It is very much the same process, as you will experience when you pass from consciousness into the morontial realm and you wake up in the resurrection halls. However, my process was quite the reverse; I went from a morontial being into a material being, with a body and with the physical attributes that you have, having a body. And so it was quite a startling occasion, even though I had been prepared for that by much education and simulation training that I had received over the centuries before hand.

MMc: Thank you. Are you aware of any plans for you to become materialized on Urantia again?

MACHIVENTA: Not at this time.

Separate authorities of Triumvirate members

MMc: Does each member of the Triumvirate have separate areas of authority?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, of course.

MMc: So, you are the Planetary Manager, and your area of authority is basically the planet and civilization on the planet?


MMc: And Monjoronson would basically be the Magisterial Mission?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, as we have explained in the past.

MMc: And I am not familiar with what Michael’s would be. Can you help me here?

MACHIVENTA: Does comment need to be made? He is the Creator of Nebadon. He and Nebadonia created this Local Universe, and he is the Executive, the unlimited Sovereign Creator, Executive and Manager (put it in your terms) of all Creation in Nebadon, and his part in the Triumvirate is the oversight of what is happening through the Correcting Time and the future course of this world. He has delegated immense authority to others to fulfill this, and this is how others learn to become Creators in their own right, and to know the responsibilities of what it is to be a Creator Son, and a Sovereign of a Local Universe.

MMc: Hellenized Christianity survived the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages, and is still alive today. Have you ever conjectured what would have happened in Rome and the world if it had been the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, which had been accepted in the place of Greek Christianity?

MACHIVENTA: There is no profit in us conjecturing about these topics.

MMc: I don’t understand why when modern religionists wish to defend their belief in God, against an atheist; they choose the Old Testament God of the Bible, and not the Father as described by Jesus Christ. Can you explain this for me, please?

MACHIVENTA: Perhaps they have not had a personal experience knowing God.

The brain/mind interaction

MMc: I do not yet understand the way the brain/mind works. All mind is of non-material origin, ours being a gift of Nebadonia, but lesions of the brain result in changes in the way the mind works. Typically lesions of the brain result in diminished function. Will you help explain this for me, please?

MACHIVENTA: Mind is dependent upon the health of the organism in which it occupies. Simply as much as your home computer has software that you cannot see, it is dependent upon the functioning of the hardware in which it rests.

MMc: Okay, thank you very much.

Are 6 Core values used in politics?

Might we hear quality of life, potential for growth, and equality of opportunity to come from the mouths of one or more politicians during this election cycle?

MACHIVENTA: It is unlikely.

MMc: That’s all the questions I have right now. I thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome.

The 3 core values embedded in our DNA

Roxie: I have a few questions that were sent in by our readers. This set of questions comes from the Russian Forum. The first one is: “The question relates to better understanding of the properties of the 3 core values that are embedded into our DNA. As we know, human DNA is inherited from our animal ancestors. Machiventa, could you tell us how the 3 core values of social sustainability are manifested in the behavior of the animal world, and what can we learn from it?”

MACHIVENTA: The flexibility of the animal mind does exhibit traits of striving to improve its quality of life. This oftentimes is simply, when you look out in a pasture and there is a heavy storm coming, the horses will protect themselves in the lea side of a tree or shed, and if none are available, then they will be tail-first to the wind and they will group together. As you are aware, different species have different qualities and capacities to grow into potential. You see this with the species of dogs/canines, that some are quite simple minded and behave in a like fashion/manner.

There are some that are very intelligent, but through lack of training when they are puppies and as they grow up, they are dull and ineffectual. Yet, when you see canines/breeds that have been prepared for their life, have been wanted, and they have been given training, repetition and care that they express tremendous capability to fulfill everything that their master requires. There are even a couple breeds that are very inventive on their own, that they use the capacity of their brain/mind to figure out complex problems quickly.

Some primates are able to do this and some primates are not. All animals have not been invested with the creative mind to use (tape malfunction)… coming of these values to invent, and to expand on, and to develop. Even humans, who are not aware of these 3 values in their consciousness will explore them as they are able, but by having these 6 core values discovered, and are now entering into the consciousness of your species, your societies, communities and organizations can now consciously and intentionally devote much time and energy on fulfilling them for more effective completion of their existence and their mission. This takes the context of your question to a far extreme, but you must be aware of the parameters that your question allowed.

The economy in advanced societies

Roxie: They said, “We would like to continue the study of a highly developed society, which had long been established in the Era of Light and Life. We were wondering, “What is the economy of an advanced society, how it works and what is the basis of its sustainability?” Therefore, the following questions: The first one is, “What are the basic principles of the economy of developed society?”

MACHIVENTA: The economy of a highly developed society is that which provides what is needed for each individual to grow into his or her potential. It is where society knows what is best to grow that expression of their potential, rather than the individual using the economy to develop what they choose. Your economy that you have now is the “tail wagging the dog,” but in highly developed societies the economy is there to assist the unfoldment of the potential of the individuals. These advanced societies completely understand that by improving and expressing the potential, inventive and creative potential that lies innately within each individual, that the society, the whole of society and their planetary civilization will be improved.

Roxie: Their next question is: “Is there a more advanced way of accounting for labor, and estimation of goods than money?”

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there are numerous ways, but they are so cognitively dissonant, expressing them would be almost impossible to understand. You see, you live within the context of your existent society and economy, and you are so familiar with money and its relationship to time, that accounting for commerce and industry is so far distant from what you are used to, that it would not be productive to explain it to you. I am not trying to duck your question or to avoid an answer, but we want to have our time be profitable for your use. I will say, however, that when you begin to focus on the quality of life that when you think of this in its fullest expression of the human being, in the 7 spheres of human potential development, that then you will begin to see the potential for different accounting systems in your economy.

Roxie: “What accounting method for labor would be wiser inside the individual local community like a commune, which is going to live as one family?”

MACHIVENTA: This question would be meaningless, would provide a meaningless answer without taking into account the improvement of the quality of life. Your societies will evolve in their accounting of labor when it is realized that all human behavior is measurable to increase the quality of life of others. Even acts of compassion are computable. Acts of empathy are an insight to that computational process. Your love of humanity allows that accounting process to proceed without expectation of personal return, simply because you will be taken care of through the full expression of empathy and compassion from others. Your quality of life then is improved; your innate potential begins to be developed and you are treated as an equal of others.

Roxie: Their next question is: “Which method would be most wise for commercial relations between the local communes: money, barter, mutual services or something else? Machiventa, what thoughts could you share about this?”

MACHIVENTA: I will defer answering the question.

Copyrights and trademarks in advanced communities

Roxie: Their last question is: Is there a practice of copyright in a highly developed society, in science, art and other fields of human creativity? What is your opinion about it?”

MACHIVENTA: There is no necessity of copyrights because copyrights and trademarks are a part and parcel of a barter exchange monetary system of income development. It is a means of protecting the income from others that others may wish to use to increase their income. In an advanced society it is a privilege to provide creative products to others and the degree of receptivity of your products and services is acknowledged by the number of people who would upload your service or an image of your product, or seek a product.

Roxie: Thank you very much! I think that that is all the questions I have for now.
Does anyone else have an additional question before we close?

Student: I don’t have an additional question, but I have a comment. Machiventa, when you said it is a “privilege” for people to do things without copyrights, I think that would be the most beautiful thing to ever happen!

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your attendance today. Thank you for the depth and breadth of your questions. We appreciate your participation now, during these minutes, and during the hours and days, weeks and years ahead. You are in partnership with us, and it is because of you that your world will become healed, and eventually will enter into the Days of Light and Life. And those who do not participate, then you offer your empathy and compassion, and your love of humanity for them in their stead, as diligently, responsibly, and capably as you can, and we ask no more of this from you. Thank you and good day.

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