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NEC67 – Creative Assignment; Bureaucracy

New Era Conversations #67
– Creative Assignment; Bureaucracy
– Apr. 10, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

Co-creativity and cooperation
Celestials asking for our intentions and creativity
Becoming a cosmic partner
More on life plan
Special abilities
Sub-sets and sub-programs of personality
Wisdom base in genetic structure
Competition and cooperation
What more can we do to aid our celestial friends?
The Maharishi Effect
Dyad Presidency—domestic and foreign
Generational development of prayer and meditation
The seven spheres of human potential development
Providing for each individual’s needs
Social, political and economic evolution on normal worlds
Clarification on assignment at beginning of this session
Machiventa’s closing words

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, and a Student


April 10, 2016

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Thank you for your presence here today. We know that it is very trying on your patience to be so near and so intimate to the development of the Correcting Time, yet you have no play list, or schedule, or agenda in front of you of the topics that need to be developed, and neither do you have a time chart, a schedule for when these will occur. Most people who have been with us over the years have had to develop patience, forbearance, and a high degree of tolerance for lack of visible action. We continue to assure you that our work continues unabated and without hesitation. There have only been a very few times where we have had to stop our action to regroup and reformulate the development, based on some things that have happened in your world.

Co-creativity and cooperation

This co-creative project is most challenging to you, and it is something that we have had to get used to as well. It is not that co-creativity and co-participation has not been tried on other worlds, but it definitely is tedious on Urantia. The seemingly indifference by the population here on your planet makes our work challenging, and to find those few people who embrace our approach, and who can converse with us is even fewer. Yet, what we do see are many thousands and millions of people with open hearts, and willingness to participate when the developments appear to them to be genuine and forthcoming in effect, to provide effective results.

Celestials asking for our intentions and creativity

Concerning that, I would propose something to each of you, that if you knew that on August 1st, you would receive a lump sum amount of money, how would you use it? Truly, this is a genuine question. How would you use it? Would you spend it on buying a new car, or would you pay off your old car? Would you pay off your mortgage? Would you pay for your children’s education and tuition? Would you pay the regular bills with it until it ran out? If you knew that this money was connected to the Correcting Time, then how would you use it? What would your intentions be for that? It may seem like a rhetorical question, but we truly present this to you as an honest and authentic question.

The reasons why we pose this to you now is to see where your intentions lie. It may be for some of you, and we know this will be true, though it may sound rather cynical, that we know that some of you will know that this funding comes from spirit and that it is for the Correcting Time, yet you will nonetheless use it to pay bills, and so on, to get the creditor off your back, so to speak. That is your choice, and there of course would not be any liability held against you for doing so—that is your choice.

We present this question to you with all authenticity as a means of hopefully gathering thousands of intentions and plans. And when we say “intentions,” we suggest to you that you write these down, and if you write down a one sentence intention for receiving a lump sum, then you would want to develop that, eventually, into how you would use it operationally. Maybe the intention is very broad, and so then we would ask you to write up the specifics. If you wanted to help develop a program for a local community children’s empowerment group, using the 6 core values, whom would you hire? How would you develop this program? What would it look like? What would the results be that you would expect? And so what you are really doing is developing a grant proposal, a request for proposals (RFP), and that is an engineering term that is also used by others as well. What would it look like? How much time would the program require you to manage? Would you work on it full time? Would you hire someone else to work on it with you?

You may say, “It depends on how much money it is,” but that is truly not the question we are asking. We have no set amount in mind for what you might do. What we want to do is connect to your heart energies where they lie, and how you would express them in your life for others? Who would you choose to participate? Who would your clientele be? Who would be your service audience, and so on? You may think that this would be so much idle time spent, working on these projects, but it could be that this very thing will happen. How would you use that?

For instance, we do know that there are several people around the world who have actually developed organizational plans, and what those projects would look like. In your project, what are your anticipated outcomes and results? How might they coordinate with existing community action programs? Would you spend your money on being a political activist, a social activist, or an economic activist? Would you engage some political party, or would this be some new interest group that you would develop? These are all legitimate questions that you are requested to consider.

When you receive this transcript, begin thinking of what has stirred your heart for so many years? Exactly how would you approach this problem? This is the co-creative layer that we are laying down with you. If your world is to be healed, and it can only be healed co-creatively, which we have said many dozens of times in the past, what part of it would you initiate? We work behind the scenes to provide that, which is necessary to coordinate all of these developments. Some of you know how Providence works; you know that Thought Adjusters must have some kind of a circuit of communication to coordinate all the activities that end up resulting in coincidence, happenstance, and serendipity. How and why do those occur, and what are the reasons for them coming into existence? You, who are believers, know that nothing happens anymore without a reason behind it. People who come into your life are individuals who can be of service to Christ Michael and Nebadonia and your world.

You with true and sincere intents know that this is so, and as you look back upon your life, you realize that there are individuals who have come into your life to help you tremendously. It may be in a conversation with a car salesman in your town where you have bought a car and that there was some special reason, some special relationship that developed out of this. It may have been that they have children who need some practical assistance to guide them, but there are no services provided by your government, or any churches, or any other non-profit organizations that serve those needs. And you were there to help.

Please do write up your plans, your intentions and begin to develop them. If you say you want to provide a plan to eliminate poverty, what would that look like? How would you do that? If you say you want to eliminate hunger, then what does that look like? How would you do that? It is not so much what money can buy, but how you would organize those things. And you know, as well as we know, that your Guardians, your Celestial Teachers and Midwayers and Melchizedeks will be gathering all of this information from thousands of you to help bring about good for the future. If you want to work at a pragmatic level for the implementation of real plans, then begin to be a part of that through your thinking and your writing and your planning and your development. Thank you.

Roxie: Machiventa, are you asking for each of the four of us, and all of our readers to actually write out these proposals?

MACHIVENTA: I am asking every reader who reads these transcripts, which would, of course, include you. We are looking for hundreds and thousands of plans that people work on to develop and implement if the circumstances were right.

Do you wish to continue with the session today?

MMc: The question that comes to my mind, what would be the most productive way to use this money, you want each individual to come up with the most productive way to use this money? For me, looking at that question, there are unproductive ways to use the money, so those would be immediately rejected. On the other hand, I don’t know what is the most productive way to use the money. I’m going to have to think about that. I haven’t laid out any plans for a way that I might further this, if I received a grant, as it were.

MACHIVENTA: You are already off on the wrong foot. You are already thinking about the money. This is not what we presented to you. We presented you with a request to develop some designs for what you would do “if” you did receive money. And as far as the productiveness of the program, we did not request that either. We simply asked you to write down what programs you have been thinking about over the years, and to write down your intentions for the fulfillment of that program, if and when this money was available. We make this very clear; it is not about the money. The money is an initiative aspect to prompt you to think about this. We need your participation in the programs that you will participate in. We do not want to initiate programs on our own that nobody will fulfill with us. We need ones that come from your heart, not from your head; programs that are initiated from your empathy and your compassion, and your love of humanity, and then qualified by the 3 primary core values. We hope this helps in your thinking.

Becoming a cosmic partner

Student: Machiventa, good morning. When you talked about this, to me, I think this is wonderful because of the fact that I’ve just been thinking on what happens. I try to project a little bit ahead of myself, but I try to work in the timeframe of here and now, and with the 6 core values and social sustainability. That’s what I’m doing, but what you’ve done is now allowing me, in a sense, to think ahead as to thoughts I’ve had, but I’ve kept to myself because I thought I was getting ahead of myself. I think this is a wonderful opportunity, I really do! Another thing I’d like to ask you, by doing this, is this sort of connecting us in co-creation, is this connecting us in a cosmic level?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, most certainly. It is our intention to heal the difficulties on your planet so that you and your planet become a cosmic partner with the rest of the inhabited planets in the universe.

Student: Okay, because I could never really understand it and what is meant by “cosmic level”, and I’ve always related things on this level, more or less. So, as we do things like this, we will be helping to co-create cosmic partners? Is this right?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. We appreciate your perspective of “thinking ahead.” This is very useful for us to assist your individual and your group plans to advance your communities, families and societies. Thank you.

More on life plan

Student: Now, I would like to ask you, please, in the last session when you talked about a “life plan,” could you expand on it a bit more, because I always thought, personally myself, that my life plan, when I thought about it, was to be of service, and more so now in the Correcting Time, so I actually never thought about having a life plan. Could you talk about that a bit more, please?

MACHIVENTA: I would be glad to. Each of you, who come into this world with your life and a capable mind, has a life plan. It is part and parcel what your Guardian Angel has in hand, and your Thought Adjuster has in hand, and that it includes the primary work of becoming moral and ethical, to have certain lessons to learn. Actually there are only a very few lessons to learn how to live a moral life, without injuring others, and how to be ethical in your dealings with others, whether it is in business, family or community, or otherwise. When you have learned these sufficiently well, you will be given work to be of service. Of course, you can be of service while you are learning these lessons as well; this is the simple side of your life plan. You eventually come to a greater fulfillment of the objective of increasing your soul value so that you survive this life and pass on to the morontial life successfully, and with enough personal integrity to enjoy and appreciate the challenges that it will present to you.

Special abilities

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. So, if a child is born with a special ability of music, art, or a gift of healing—or some special skills—is that part of their life plan?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, it can be; that is just an accessory of their life, a special skill. The infant savants that come into life who have these tremendous skills will also have tremendous challenges on a much different level than a child who is not a savant in some skill level, or some skill area. It is difficult for them in their own way with tremendous challenges in their life that may be provided for them by their parents, by professionals, and by their eventual employment. Nonetheless, the moral, ethical and social challenges that they will have will be at their own level that will challenge them. Does this make sense to you?

Student: Yes, it does. So their life is geared toward just that skill, really, wouldn’t it be, nothing else?

MACHIVENTA: I think you misinterpreted what I said. It would be an accouterment to their life. Let me explain in further detail. That child may have the challenge of learning how to be humble, rather than having a sense of entitlement, or a privilege; they may have to overcome the materialism that would accrue for/with having a large income every year as a professional. It may involve learning how to become centered and still within to maintain their humility and their peace of mind, so that they can continue their creativity to write music and play music, for example. Those challenges are for ones who you might call “an old soul.” Sometimes it is the fundamental skills that are missing from those individuals who are highly developed and evolved in their skill level.

Sub-sets and sub-programs of personality

Student: Thank you—yes, I understand it better! Also in our last session, you mentioned “sub-set” and “sub-program” of your personality. Would you please explain what “sub-set” and “sub-program” of your personality means?

[[This is Daniel: That part of my short-term memory is gone; there is a big vacant spot there, so there is nothing there for him to use. It is a bit of an ironic situation, isn’t it? I mean he comes through me and uses my data base to explain something, and then you ask about a past session, and there is no way of answering it now, which is so odd to me.]

Student: Okay. So, my next question also is to do with a subject Machiventa said we could discuss another time when he was talking about how some people have personal pre-dispositions, personal preferences, and personal interests. He says that is part of a person’s life plan and their genetics. I was wondering if Machiventa would talk about that some more

Daniel: Just a suggestion, when you pull things out of past sessions, they are usually gone out of my short-term memory, just totally absent, but when you have some key words, or some associative phrases, then that would be useful.

Student: Thank you. I didn’t know that.

Daniel: Let me see what he says about that.]]

MACHIVENTA: Your reference to sub-sets and sub-sections of a personality also deal with the skills of an infant savant. For example, these are the ways by which individuals begin to work on deeper and deeper levels of their self-mastery, a development of their personality. Their personality exists there, around which they can develop a greater personality identity for when they interpret these other skills and deficits and need to grow into who they can possibly become. This is a part of the information from Thought Adjusters that is tenuous to us; there is that subtle communication between Thought Adjusters for the coincidence, happenstance and serendipity, which I mentioned just a few minutes ago, to help individuals come together to solve problems. The levels of personal growth within an individual is far more complex and the training program is far more integrated than you may possibly ever understand until quite late in your morontial growth in experience and learning.

We do not strive to explain this thoroughly because it is beyond your comprehension. I am not trying to duck your question, but the complexity of personal growth involves many, many categories and sub-categories of needs within yourself. You will know this is so as you have moments of insights about past experiences that occurred when you were a teenager, for example, that until now do not make any sense, or you did not know how to integrate that experience. But through reflection, quiet moments in contemplation with your Thought Adjuster, and your Guardian, they can assist you to interpret those experiences in ways that assist you to grow in aspects of yourself that you had never anticipated.

Your work as a mortal with a life plan is to engage this sincerely, thoughtfully, and intentionally; and consciously, with request to God or Thought Adjuster, or some spiritual being of light to assist you, to understand your life that you may integrate that into a conscious awareness. This is how you grow. It is not so much necessary that you understand all the facets about yourself that needs to grow, but to engage life sincerely and authentically from your heart, and from your interest in self-mastery in this lifetime.

Wisdom base in genetic structure

Student: Thank you, Sir! That is a lot to comprehend. My next question is: Knowing what the genetics are in a person, before they are born or created, is that how a life plan can be formulated?

MACHIVENTA: No, your genetics provides the mechanism by which your body operates and your mind operates, and the knowledge base that former generations of your species have contributed to your wisdom base in your genetic structure. I will leave the answer at that for your question.

Competition and cooperation

Student: I have another question: There are two words, “cooperation” and “competition.” By using the 6 core values, would competition become cooperation?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you can use both of those in a benign way. When competition becomes vicious and adversarial, then you will not find benefit from competition. Cooperation and competition work closely together in this example: imagine that you are a runner at a track meet, and you have agreed with all other members on your team, and other teams that you will compete against to see who runs the fastest. That is a cooperative way of engaging competition. The detrimental side of competition is that there is a sense of arrogance, more-worthiness, and self-entitlement by the winners. You are seeing in your major professional sports that some of the winners are morally deficit and ethically impaired, such that they are abusive to their families and are very harmful to those around them.

Their only benefit to the team is that they have the physical prowess and the interest, assertiveness, and aggressiveness to make contributions to the outcome and results of the team. This is a most unfortunate development in your culture, which now pervades a great deal of the world. You have seen from a soccer federation called “FIFA” how they have used that for their own financial and powerful benefit, using such a highly competitive game that is of interest to billions of people around the world for the wrong reasons. These are outcomes that are highly detrimental to new and next generations of children who see this as an ideal, whereas it is truly a disadvantage to their soul growth and their personal development.

What more can we do to aid our celestial friends?

Student: Thank you, Sir, and I do have one more question. What can we do to make your work much easier?

MACHIVENTA: (Chuckling.) And I refer you to the opening statements I made today. You can make plans and think ahead to how you can work with us to contribute to the best outcomes of your world, your planet and your civilization, both as an individual and for families and communities. When you do this with intention and consciously work on these plans, then we are attuned to what you are doing and we know that you have an interest in assisting us. Thank you for your question.

Student: Yes, Sir, and I understood that from your opening statement. I was just wondering if there was anything else, that’s all. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Did I answer your question, then?

Student: Yes, Sir, you did. That’s all the questions I have.

The Maharishi Effect

Roxie: I have some questions, but not on the current subject. This one is from a reader who asks: There is something that we call the Maharishi Effect, meditation and prayer in groups that have reportedly reduced crime and drug use in various cities. I was specifically thinking of the violence going on in Chicago right now. Can this global meditation technique really work to change things for the better? And if so, what process is happening here and what suggestions can you give us to make better use of the technique to have a positive change on our world?

MACHIVENTA: I may, with your liberty, simplify the question. The Maharishi Effect is truly legitimate; it is authentic; it is real. It does have a positive influence upon geographic areas and the populations that live in those areas. It has a subtle effect on the choice-making of individuals without interfering with their choices. It is something that has a positive effect, very similarly as the medical doctor, Larry Dossey, M.D., and others have validated the effects of prayer. It is the same where groups of people pray for some particular area and there is an effect. However, it is muted eventually by the intentions of individuals who go against the benefit of the prayers and the Maharishi effect.

When this occurs, then there is a similar pattern of individuals who see that violence begins again, and so they do not take the subtle effect of the Maharishi Effect into continued use. In a group of individuals who are marginally involved in violence this effect can make permanent effects on them, providing they make decisions in better alignment with that effect. It is not a permanent panacea for social difficulties, simply because individuals can make decisions that go against it, or can be in support of it. It is our hope and our work to support those efforts that have a positive and constructive influence to others. It is hoped that eventually others will join together when they see this effect, whether they are aware of it or not, and want to continue to be non-violent and constructive.

Dyad Presidency—domestic and foreign

Roxie: I have a question about our democracy here in the United States. It seems to me that our current situation of electing just one person to be president over both domestic and foreign interests is becoming too monumental for one person as President to manage each of them well. I would like to see us elect two persons, one to handle domestic issues and another to deal with our foreign relations with all other nations. Your comments on this idea, please.

MACHIVENTA: Let me explain the answer this way, by expanding your ideas of a dyad presidency: Eventually, as your planet and civilization moves towards peace and social stability, your social institutions as government and democracies and families and justice and churches will evolve. What you are proposing is a division of labor, which is a positive influence. Yet, if you expand this further, when you want more minds to be involved, you would eventually see that the public would become more participatory in governance.

Just as we ask you to become creatively involved in this work, you are proposing via it, that there be a co-creativity between governance by the few, over the many, so that many are involved in their own governance in some way or another. We do not propose or support a direct democracy, as that is an answer for chaos and social destruction. What we do suggest is a modified process of your representative form of government that includes participation of citizens on a more regular basis than once every two, four, or six years on election day, as is the case in your American form of democracy.

There is far more intelligence in your public than there is in the 535 members of your American Democratic Representative government. There is a preponderance of tremendously useful thinking and contributions that can be made by many people. I know that I have gone far astray from your idea of a dyad presidency, but I want you to see the possibilities of greater representation for yourself. This is hard for many of you to think about, or to encompass in your thinking, but if you take the influence of thousands and millions of citizens and qualify those answers and those preferences and opinions, with the 6 core values, then you will have truly a strain of rationality that would be highly helpful and useful to any democratic form of government, whether it is a mature democracy or a developing democracy. We do sense that these requirements, or this thinking would be most difficult for an emerging democracy, but they would learn quickly from the other democracies. Thank you for your question, and an opportunity to stand on my soapbox and speak about something that is very dear to all of us in this realm.

Roxie: Thank you very much for your opinions and insight, Machiventa.


My next set of questions is from our Russian friend. He writes, “I have just one topic for questioning: It is about bureaucracy and organization of society. Modern society is infected with bureaucracy, and much of this is happening in Russia, and even in Switzerland for the last 15 years. There are questions about it to study the topic all around.

1) Machiventa, how do you define the concept of bureaucracy from your point of view?

MACHIVENTA: This is a question that has no answer from us, as there is no bureaucracy in our realm, even though the complexity of universe management and governance makes your bureaucracy look very simple mechanically. What is missing in bureaucracy is an intention for the existence of your governments, existence of your nations, and the lack of a vision of where your nations want to go, and how to coordinate that through your bureaucracies, so to speak. When there is no intention or purpose for the existence of a nation and its societies, then it will continue to flounder without a direction or purpose to lead it and guide it and pull it into the future. Bureaucracy is truly a waste of resources when the responsibilities of government should be more equitably shared individually, with each citizen. This is a future development that must take place in all democracies in order for them to enhance their sustainability.

2) Could you give a qualitative assessment of modern civilization in terms of a functioning bureaucracy and public management?

MACHIVENTA: I choose not to answer this question.

3) What forms of management of different spheres of public life can be seen as promising in the organization of a new society, the times after the cataclysms and later?

MACHIVENTA: We will engage this question collaterally, in that we have given you the principles of social sustainability and the morality that develops from its values. These values will assist your government to assess the effectiveness of its bureaucracy, agencies, and for its future development.

4) Could you talk about the key ideas of the optimal distribution of powers in the organization of society starting from a local small community and higher?

MACHIVENTA: The optimal balance of power and distribution of power and its concomitant responsibilities are at the individual and family level. This has not been explored in your societies, or your democracies. It is important that there eventually become and develop a symbiosis of responsibilities, obligations and benefits between society, its government, and the individual and family. Without these factors being known to all participants in this equation of symbiosis and government, then you will have difficulties as you are seeing. Democracy, as it has been explored thus far, since the American and French and other democracies have developed, are still quite immature.

They are “minded,” they are constructs of men’s minds as how they figured and decided and determined how that democratic government should operate. However, as I said, these are artificial democracies, rather than “organic” democracies. What your democracies must move towards are becoming organic democracies, meaning that decision-making and policy development, use the 6 core values that are organic to your species to make those decisions. Those values are organic to your species, and therefore, those values must be integrated into your social institutions in order for them (those institutions) to work cooperatively and in alignment and complementally with individuals and families.

5) Could you give us an example of how a highly developed society is administratively organized without bureaucracy? (I just don’t know whether all highly developed societies are organized administratively the same, or are there differences?)

MACHIVENTA: It would be useful to know what your intention is for asking this question. You are placing yourself well into future centuries to look at what operates, as well as to place yourself on other planets. The intention of your question would be useful to us to know how to answer it. You live in the present. You have a lifetime with years ahead of you, which will come to a close. Our concern is how you can make a contribution to your present society, and for the next generation.

6) Currently all nations are divided by borders, which creates a military confrontation with differences in social security, languages, and culture. What ideas could be proposed to the people, to gradually erase these boundaries?

MACHIVENTA: There is one significant problem that overrides all nations on your planet, and that is sovereignty. The borders are simply artificial placements on your geography of where one nation ends and where another begins. Your world, Urantia, never has had any boundaries set upon it, except as interpreted by mortal men, as mountains and rivers and oceans, and so on. To overcome this immense separation, it is necessary that there be conscious and intentional efforts to reduce the lines of sovereignty in areas to become less competitive and more accessible for compromise and union with other nations. The International Trade Agreements are a step in this direction.

There is also necessary, the next one is to have an International Agreement on finance and economics. Your nations are as greedy as individuals seeking to aggrandize themselves and become more powerful than others, whereas it is usually more helpful to assist neighbors to become powerful so that you exist together without harmful competition. Wars are inevitable and more and more destructive as your industries increase in effectiveness, and as they “improve” the capability of weaponry. Sovereignty goes hand in hand with war-like natures and advancement of war technologies. This truly is an era that could bring about the end of all nations.

We have said repeatedly for these years, that the coming together, integration is the way of spirit. Integration and oneness is the way to harmony, stability, and peace, whereas division, isolation, and sovereignty increase the possibility of war. And as nations become larger, the capacity to totally decimate and dominate other nations and to obliterate them becomes more and more likely. You are seeing in these years now, the threat of nuclear weapons being used by terrorists groups. This has a bad side and has a positive side to it, just as it requires great strength to overcome your own vile natures, many of you have done it quite successfully, though you have violated your morality. You saw how destructive it was and you have corrected yourselves. So too, when your world has a mass destruction of its humanity, will you come to your knees and agree with each other that you must have no boundaries. Your sovereignty must be that of cultural identity, rather than nationality.

7) Bureaucracy or system of government, first of all is connected with people. There are people spiritually evolved, and there are some only materially minded. Could you share some thoughts on the selection procedures (elections,) that could be the objective perspective to choose worthy people?

MACHIVENTA: First, thank you for your question; I will answer it this way: The selection process that exists now, is very, very destructive and is leading your nations into internal and unnecessary disagreements. The future of politics, in a much more peaceful and stable society, candidates will be chosen by their proven capability to improve the quality of life and an openness to enable others to grow into their potential, equally as those who are from the wealthiest of families. This will greatly assist your nations to become more peaceful and stable. Those candidacies, those conditions will be qualified by the 3 secondary core values of empathy, compassion, and love of humanity. What we are saying is this: that you may have a candidate who is highly effective to improve the equality of everyone, but at the violence and the usurpation of other people’s rights to have a living, and may do this through tyranny and other hostile acts. This individual therefore would not make a good candidate for your nation, or for their governorship, or other position. Do you understand this? Is this clear to you?

Roxie: It is to me; I can’t speak for the Russian group, but I certainly think it will give us all pause to think about. That’s all the questions I have for now. I thank you sincerely from the Russian group; I am certain they will be glad to hear your answers. Thank you, Machiventa.

Generational development of prayer and meditation

MMc: What do you mean by the “generational development of prayer and meditation?”

MACHIVENTA: And your reference is from where?

MMc: You mentioned it in the last session that we got together.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, the “generational development of prayer and meditation” is very much related to the Maharishi Effect, that when individuals come together and learn how to pray in synchronicity as one mind, they will become truly more and more effective. This One taught that through the Mystic Circles and the use of the Merkabah, as being in tune with the energy of the group, with a projected intention towards a definite outcome. This is new to most people and foreign to most at that. There have been worldwide requests for group prayer and meditation around the clock, for a particular purpose. Those who have studied this and measured the effects of this have proven this to be effective. A generational effect is not from generation to generation of mortals, but a generational development in the effectiveness of prayer. Just as you have seen your technologies go through generational development and effectiveness, so too, prayer and meditation is also a technique of spiritual, energetic alignment that can be improved by individuals and by groups.

First of all, it begins by realizing that you are a thinking individual, and that you are a minded individual, that through your intelligence you can become more self-observing, that you can—through your will-mind—have a dominating and correcting effect upon your conscious mind, which is often errant and brings into your consciousness, thoughts of violence and revenge, spite, envy, and so on, plus selfishness, and other negative emotional personality attributes.

The generational effectiveness of prayer in groups begins by you, as individuals, coming into mastership of your mind so that your conscious mind becomes sub-servient in serving your will-mind, that you and your will-mind come into alignment with your Thought Adjuster, so that you, therefore, enter into a super-conscious, lower level, morontial attunement in your mind with your Thought Adjuster. When individuals as this come together in a group, whether it is 3 or more, you can be highly effective.

The effectiveness of prayer and meditation involves the loss of ego, the loss of self-centeredness, the loss of self-need, that there is no return benefit to your ego, to your social self-image, or to your self-aggrandizement in any way, but that you pray truly as a channel of the Divine Energy that flows to you from the First Source and Center of the Universe, through Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and directly through your Thought Adjuster. When you do this, then you become truly effective.

Remember, when you clear yourself, you must also clear your intentions. What is your intention for that other person? You may have in mind something that is inappropriate for their growth. This must be thought through very well, too. When your intentions for that other individual are in alignment as God’s intention for that individual, then your prayers will be most effective.

MMc: Thank you. Do you suggest that young people be introduced early to this prayer and meditation?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and I hesitate in saying “yes” in that they need to learn the elements of their self-conscious will-self in their conscious mind, and be able to align that with their prayer and meditations. When this is taught to them, they will become more effective earlier in their life than later. It is unfortunate that the separation of the personal self-aggrandizement from their prayer often only occurs later in life, and sometimes only in the individual’s 70’s and 80’s. It would be much more effective if this were taught to children who are 6 or 7; this would assist them immensely in their life ahead.

The seven spheres of human potential development

MMc: During our last session, you mentioned something that I am not familiar with: The seven spheres of human potential development. Would you tell us a little more about this, please?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, what is the totality of all areas that are identifiable within the individual? Remember that these are words, these are labels given to specific areas, whereas in reality, you are an existent “holism” altogether as one being. Yet those areas involve the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual—the seven spheres of human potential development in the individual. When these are attended to equally in your educational systems, then you will have unlocked the potential of a profound civilization.

MMc: This has to do with the balance within the individual, am I correct?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, as you see in your society, the physical is the highly dominated influential aspect in your culture, to have sportsmen who are highly paid professionals, who have physical abilities, which are phenomenal in your terms, yet are so ungrounded, and often immoral, and unethical so that they truly are incapable in almost every other area, other than their physical sport. Now, this is a unfortunate statement about your society.

Providing for each individual’s needs

MMc: Yes, I agree. You said, “The economy of a highly developed society is that which provides what is needed for each individual to grow into his/her potential.” Would you provide an example for us, please?

MACHIVENTA: There really are no examples on your world, as far as nations or large societies are concerned. It is impossible for your governments, and for communities and societies to provide that to every individual, simply because the resources of your planet are insufficient to give everyone an equal amount. Would you be satisfied with only having one soda pop per year? Would you be satisfied in having only one ounce of protein every 3 days or 5 days? Would you be satisfied with living in a one-room house? If you were to spread the resources of your existent world and society and nations around to each individual equally, you would have to reduce your standard of living and lifestyles immensely to be equal with those who have nothing. This points to the fact that your material sustainability is completely underpowered to accomplish the goals that many of your material sustainable groups have set out to do. These groups espouse the eradication of poverty, and they might spend $50 million dollars on the eradication of poverty, but they also do not spend $50 million dollars on the eradication of over-population, or teaching youngsters and individuals and those who are sexually capable of reproduction, to understand how to manage their own population. You see the ridiculous irony of this situation? You want it all, and you want to have it all for everyone equally, and this is totally impossible. Your world is in for a tremendous and devastating surprise in coming decades.

Social, political and economic evolution on normal worlds

MMc: Thank you. My last question is: We’ve asked several questions about other planets. On normal worlds, the social, political and economic evolution proceeds apace according to a given plan that provides them with a stable and sustainable society. Am I correct in assuming that the plans of their society are based upon the values similar to those you have given us?

MACHIVENTA: That is exactly so.

MMc: Thank you very much; I have no further questions today.

Clarification on assignment at beginning of this session

Student: May I ask one more question? Machiventa, the question is regarding the question you asked us at the beginning of this session, and that is: “What would you do if you won a lot of money?” Now, my question is: If this is a question presented to a group of people, is the question just asked and left like that, or would you suggest maybe giving some ideas for an answer?

MACHIVENTA: For an answer, do you mean as far as a project is concerned?

Student: If I presented this question to a group of people, would I say, “What would you do if you won a lot of money,” and asked them to write down their ideas, or do I also say, “What would you do if you won a lot of money, would you build a hospital, would you build a school,” and give them suggestions? Is it better to leave it alone, or not?

MACHIVENTA: First of all, I hope I did not use the word “win,” as I do not want that in the text; this would be misleading. There could be many other ways in which a group or an individual could receive funding for a project. Again, it is not about the money! It is about “what are your intentions?” What we find is that most people think in too small of terms. We have had a tremendous difficulty with This One here to expand his thinking to a global level, past the local. The fulfillment of plans is dependent upon how big a person can think. What is the expansion largess of an individual or group? Yes, a hospital may be useful, but to what ends? How does it answer the equation of the 6 core values?

This is a very deep and important question. You could build a 1,000-bed hospital on Haida Gwaii, but would it be useful? What might be a grand edifice of generosity, but the intentions of it may be totally in error. When you think of building a clinic or a hospital, think first about how you can improve the quality of life of every individual in your locale. How does it assist individuals to grow into their potential, and to do so equally as others? It is very important that small communities begin to think in terms of next generations. Would this be useful to a third generation in 50-75 years? The intention of asking the question for these plans is for you to think in larger terms.

Most individuals think in very tightly, selfish, and personal terms, even though they may have a very open heart. It is most unfortunate to see individuals in your culture who come into large amounts of money then begin to explore the physical definitions of prosperity, to build a grand house of 10,000-20,000 square feet, and to have a fleet of automobiles and many servants; to what purpose? Once a person dies, then what? The intention of our asking this question—which is a good question to ask, is, “What are our intentions?” Our intentions are for our co-creative partners on Urantia to think in larger terms of how their intentions can make constructive contributions to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th generations.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa.

Machiventa’s closing words

MACHIVENTA: In closing, I would like to thank you personally for your questions, whether they came from the NEC team, or whether they came from other individuals who read these transcripts. Your thoughtfulness and the time you have taken to develop these questions are vital to our work. This tells us you are existent co-creative partners with us, and that you have joined with us in the union of working together to help heal your planet through this generation and into future generations. You realize that we can only work with you now, this current generation, that through your persistence and influence perhaps we may have a more receptive audience and broader audience in the next generations.

You can trust that we will be here long, long, long after you have been on the mansion worlds, and you have progressed far along your ascendant route. We will still remain here working with the generations that exist to assist next generations to come into the era of social stability and peace. And hopefully, over time and social evolution, it will develop into the Era of Light and Life and social sustainability. It is very tedious; it is a very long and enduring process in such a world as Urantia.

With the broad culture of materialism that exists on your world it is most difficult to make even small steps of progress in this generation. Yet, through your co-creative, conscious assistance of working with us, we can do that. That is why we have asked you to begin thinking about plans that can be implemented to some present and future purpose for improving the quality of life and the potential for involving the infinite potential of each individual to grow into, and to do so equally as those who are blessed with much. We have much to offer you; we ask you to offer up the much that you have to offer as well. Thank you and good day.

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