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NET77 – Nexus, Learning, Core Values, Music®

2019-11-18.  Nexus, Learning, Core Values, Music.


New Era Transition #77 –

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Three elements factor into the nexus event
Sharing these transcripts with a particular Urantia book study group
After effects of session engagement can linger. “Future”, “past”, and NOW. Eckhart Tolle

Session participation and permission for improving your mental processes – mortal and morontial mind attunement – increased maturity

Emotionality – human and morontial, and maturity
A decreased level of anxiety
Learning lessons from our dents – healing and becoming complete
Mortal experience as fodder for morontial growth
The intensity of mortal experience
Your mortal life as a bestowal
Machiventa’s questions for us
Seven core values – crystalizing thought or living essence of humanity
Creator Son as musician?
Use of social media today
More on Urantian musicians
The NET’s in book form

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis

Invocation: Sherille

November 18, 2019



Machiventa.  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It’s a pleasure to be with you once more my friends. I have a short statement to make in the opening, then we will be open for questions and answers. It is my hope that we will be able to keep the session short to assist Jim in analyzing the transcript for the topics that are discussed. Thank you.

Three elements factor into the nexus event

As you know, we have spoken about the development of much of our work to you and we’ve been revealing as much as we possibly can. We know that you are attentive to this, but we wanted to let you know that there is more to the situation of the development of an event, or situation, or developments of our program than simply when will it occur. The when question is only one of three factors. The three elements of a nexus involve the when, the timing of it, the development of the topic, and the overall situation and the circumstances of the nexus. Those three things are the necessary elements for us to fulfill the nexus, or the event that we have called it. So, when you ask for a speculation of when the event will occur that you would like us to tell you about, we want you to take into consideration these three factors, not just the timing of it. Thank you. I am open for questions if you have any.

Sharing these transcripts with a particular Urantia book study group

Liz.  Good morning Machiventa. Our Urantia Book study group is almost finished with reading the Life and Teachings of Jesus. Before we decide to go on to read part one or part two, would you suggest that we read and discuss these transcripts instead?

Machiventa.  Yes, if your group is open to them. We realize there are some Urantia Book readers who are adamantly opposed to channeling and disbelieve that anything good could come of this form of revelation. Can you comment on that?

Liz. I believe that everyone in my small group is amenable. I’m not sure. We would have to discuss it. I wouldn’t do anything without discussing it with them anyway. Some of them are newer readers. I just wondered if you had a particular idea about it, pro or con. If you are leaning toward us discussing your transcripts, then I will bring it to the group for a decision.

Machiventa.  I would advise first that you go through the Urantia Book and find all instances that deal with revelation. This One has a paper involving those topics which would be useful to you. For people who are reading the Urantia Book and do not know of these transcripts, it would advisable to discuss revelation in general, and what the Urantia Book says about revelation for each new generation and so on before you attempt to discuss these transcripts and the revelations that they provide. Do you have a response to that?

Liz. Of course, I’ve mentioned concepts that you bring up in our study group, and some of the people have privately questioned me and they are now receiving the transcripts as Roxie sends them out. So, Thanks to Jeff, who has put them together in a searchable file year by year, they now have those, and have been reading them and discussing them with one another on their own. But that is not everyone in the group.

Machiventa.  Then proceed as I have indicated. Thank you.

After effects of session engagement can linger. “Future”, “past”, and Now.

Liz. I shall, thank you. I have one other question Machiventa. It seems after we hang up from this call, it takes me a while to recover. My memory seems to be kind of foggy, and I can’t think very clearly. Is my brain just calcifying, or is that an after effect of encircuiting with you and the others on the call?

Machiventa.  Thank you for your question, and it’s a very good question and very timely. Yes, it is an effect of the session with me and with the celestials that surround you and this occasion. You are feeling the vibration of the circuitry that brings this through. It is an indicator that you are positively entwined, enmeshed with the process of the message and the process that brings it through. You are feeling exactly what most T/Rs feel after they have T/R’ed a session. Some feel it after five minutes of T/R’ing and others feel it after an hour, and some definitely feel it after two hours. It is something that is part of the attunement of you as a receiver receiving this message through the basis and capability of your mind mechanism. You are authentically receiving these that come through in the moment.

This One has learned recently through the work of his new paper involving consciousness and the quantum field, that the present is the only “time” where anything occurs in the universe, and that, in fact, there is no future or past as far as time is concerned. You feel time as now – as this moment. You live in this moment as the “future” makes an instantaneous transition to the “past.” This moment is something that is precious in the universe and those who are teaching how to remain in the moment are advisors to you. You know the person Eckhart Tolle who has done a wonderful job of bringing “the moment” into existence for many people. The wisdom of “the moment” is eternal, and you are feeling this “in the moment” as you experience the opening of the infinite universe and the morontial universe to you through this T/Ring process. It is a phenomenon that not many have connected with until your question arose. Thank you.

Session participation and permission for improving your mental processes – mortal and morontial mind attunement – increased maturity.

Liz. Thank you for that answer. I’m also wondering if there are other physical changes that are happening since I have been on the call with you the last few years.

Machiventa.  Most definitely. You have given permission to be with us, to share with us authentically and genuinely. There is a high degree of trust between us, and you have been embraced by these vibrations. Just as being a T/R increases your wisdom and your database, so too do you, as a listener, increase your database. What is not known about this as well, is that you, by giving permission, have your mental processes improved so that you can become much more fully adept to the message that is coming through. Meaning that you become very highly receptive to this message. This is something that is permanent and on-going through you and will continue on as long as you are in communication with us regardless of whether it is a T/R session, or whether it is you in meditation. This process helps you bridge the gap between your mortal mind and morontial mind in a way that makes them co-incident. Meaning that the closer the co-incidence of the message and you receiving it, the more mature you become. Thank you.

Emotionality – human and morontial, and maturity.

Liz. Thank you. Of course, that is an answer to my prayers. One of the side effects is that I am far more emotional these days, and I …… well, tears are inconvenient at times. That’s all. Thank you very much for your answers. I appreciate them.

Machiventa.  I will continue with the discussion regarding your emotionality. That is something that is a development of your maturing humanity within yourself. You have become more attuned to the humanity of others through these messages. It is a matter of maturing. It’s not that morontial beings are unemotional, but that emotion is a factor of morontial existence that is not well discussed in the Urantia Book. You will see that, as you mature and grow in your spirituality and your morontial being, that you will become less bodily attuned to your emotions. Meaning that you will have a morontial connection to others that is reasoned, it is valid, it is considered, and it is helpful to you and to others.

There is an evolution of your morontial being that moves away from human emotionality to morontial emotionality. Emotionality is not an adequate word to describe the process of what occurs in morontial beings as they move from one step to another in the morontial realm. You do not lose your compassion, your feeling, your empathy, and your caring for others. It is simply that the body response becomes less and less as you mature. Just as Jesus was highly responsive to his apostles and to those he spoke to, you too will have a similar response and evolution that you will go through even now as a mortal. Thank you.

Liz. Thank you for that very comprehensive answer. I appreciate it.

A decreased level of anxiety.

Jeff.   Machiventa, this is Jeff. A while back, you asked if we had noticed any change in the last 36 hours, and I looked deeply into myself and I came up with “No, I didn’t.” But I had an experience yesterday that I wanted to share with the group. I was driving home from the hardware store, and I was about a half a mile away from my place when the thought came into my head “You know, I feel a lot more calm.” I feel like my anxiety about many things has really gone down substantially. I read the transcript this morning of our last meeting, and the thought came into my head: “I feel almost like I had this wound and there’s been a band aid, and I’ve had this anxiety about ripping the band aid off, and I just did it. There was a sharp pain for just a moment and then I realized that whole thing had gone away. I want to report to you that I am feeling less anxiety now than I did a month ago or whenever this process started, and I want to say thank you for that.

Machiventa.  And I validate the work that you’ve done. Thank you.

Learning lessons from our dents – healing and becoming complete.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, I have a question along the same lines. It is about the repercussions of the acts that we do here on Urantia. What will need to be remediated on Jerusem and the Mansion worlds? So many things we do are not aligned with the seven core values or the universal laws, but we carry on living with that dent in our being that will eventually have to be remediated. There must be many things that we do that need to be remediated at a later time. And I’m wondering how to identify those, and what are the remediation events that will happen later on for us to heal ourselves?

Machiventa.  I’m going to quote one of your colloquial sayings by your younger generation. Too much information! Let’s get to the heart of what you are saying. First of all, the remediation process is one of healing. It is one of lessons. And so, we (we meaning the morontial realm) will be working with you and those incidents which need to be healed. You say it is a matter of remediation. We say it is a matter of healing and becoming complete.

Mortal experience as fodder for morontial growth.

Your life is a wonderful lesson book for you to learn by when you are in the morontial realm. Yes, there are many things that are extensive that need to be healed and be grown through. The incidents that will be given as a lesson for learning are those incidents where you have caused hurt to another, and which cause hurt to you. There is also the burden of guilt. Guilt for acts that are commentated and acts which were not fulfilled – acts of omission. It is important that the morontial individual who is growing, and maturing, and evolving, be able to understand what causes injury to them – incompleteness of your being – and the healing of those wounds. It is important to understand the morontial psyche so to speak. One that is incomplete. One that has many remnants of your mortal existence which also involves all the decisions and inappropriate actions that stem from those decisions.

What you will be training to do is to learn those lessons and to advance your awareness before those incidents occur. In other words, it is much as we have discussed earlier in times past and sessions past about your self observation. You as a morontial being will be given firsthand opportunity to examine your own thinking – to make better decisions when you do become aware of what you were thinking, and (to correct) the thinking that would lead to inappropriate decisions and actions. All of those things are the field for growth and development within your being while you are in the morontial realm. You will graduate to the spiritual realm once you have learned to practice these skills in your morontial life. You will not translate to the spiritual realm until you have fully learned those lessons and have practiced them and proved yourself fully capable of understanding yourself as a morontial being and to maintain your morontial code of ethics to put it in those terms which are human.

Wrongdoing only occurs in the morontial realm when your ego is still out of balance. As you know, the beings Lucifer and Satan were created beings, yet there was an imperfection and flaw in them. They had not learned the lessons that you mortals are learning now. They were incomplete, and they were arrogant enough not to believe that they needed any correction. This is the height of stupidity and spiritual suicide. Your work as a morontial being is to prepare for those situations where you will be put in god-like situations of work, and duty, and responsibilities, yet have the humility of one who feels guilt and who kneels before the altar in your churches on Urantia. Such humility is necessary for you to become One in similar capacity as Christ Michael. You could become an ascending son and then a Creator Son, given your practice, your development, and your perfection that will take you to the threshold of Paradise and the embrace with the Creator. Thank you.

Stéphane.  Thank you for the answer. Why is it that it is in this compressed lifetime we can accelerate so much of what we’ll have to go through on the Mansion worlds?

Machiventa.  Please clarify accelerate.

The intensity of mortal experience.

Stéphane.  It seems that in this short lifetime here we can make decisions and grow much more rapidly than we would grow on the Mansion world.

Machiventa.  Yes, you’re correct. The process will slow down greatly, principally because you are working on honing your skills to become perfect as your father in heaven. This is not a fast and furious process. One of the reasons why it is so accelerated here in the mortal realm, is so that you can amass a huge library of experience upon which you can relate to personally as you evolve morontially. This is the only time in which you will have the opportunity to gain experiential data, background information for decisions you will make later. Now (to take a huge leap), hopefully, with this insight you can understand the reasons why there are eras of bestowals for those who will become significant contributors to divinity.

The process of bestowals is a process of gaining experiential information and raw experience in order to test the lessons you have learned and to practice what you have learned. It is a matter of being in control of who you are. It is wonderful to see, and we feel, the wonderful transition of, for example, a Creator Son who has become incarnate through their last bestowal as they awaken to their potential Divinity that they have within them. This too must be nurtured and grown, to speak as a living evolution of themselves as a mortal, yet with the consciousness of a Creator Son who is in his last bestowal. Do you understand?

Stéphane.  I think I do. I think I caught on to one sentence which I would translate to say: “It is maybe not more important, but we are gathering more experiences even though we are not getting everything right.

Machiventa.  Correct.

Your mortal life as a bestowal.

Stéphane. And it is at this point this is what we are supposed to be doing – gathering experiences and not necessarily getting it right. But on the Mansion world we will not be able to progress until we get it right. Is that correct?

Machiventa.  Exactly so. If you can take another leap of consciousness, you may wish to see your mortal experience as one of bestowal; where you, as a mortal, have become aware of who you are as a spiritual being, and you treat your experience here as a bestowal and a process, and you can consciously become more attuned and more perfect even while being a mortal. This is a most remarkable metamorphosis of any mortal who can do this, and feel this, and acknowledge it, and treat it with that respect. Thank you.

Stéphane.  Incredible insight. Thank you.

Jim.  Machiventa, this is Jim Travis, I have a question. It concerns the process of communication between mortals and celestials. I’ve always struggled when I attempted to T/R etc. with what’s coming from the celestials, and what’s coming from my own imagination, or my own unconscious mind. And I noticed as I typed up these transcripts from last week, that you refer to “This One” that you talk through. I always thought that meant Daniel, and I was giving it small case letters, but when I got the transcript from Roxie she capitalizes “This One” which is a convention usually reserved for deity, and I’m wondering if the celestials often or sometimes speak through the Thought Adjuster (which would be appropriate to be capitalized), or is it person to person around the Thought Adjuster? Or is it sometimes one and something the other depending on the person?

Machiventa.  That simple process of capitalization as used in these transcripts is simply a signal to the reader that the message is now regarding the transmitter, the T/R, the channel. It does not relate to any form of Divinity on their part. Do you have further questions?

Jim. Sometimes when I try and communicate with a celestial it will feel like I’m talking to a different person, and sometimes it’s the same voice I hear kind of hear when I try and talk to my Thought Adjuster. And I’m thinking well, maybe my Thought Adjuster is speaking for them. I know the celestials can’t always be around to answer all my questions anytime I come up with one, but my Thought Adjuster is, and maybe He’s kind of speaking for other people. I say “He”; the Thought Adjuster is speaking for other personalities to me. In a reflectivity sort of way.

Machiventa.  The Thought Adjuster has and is the authority of the First Source and Center – the living fragment of the Creator within you and has no need to speak for others. It speaks in its own right as the essence of the Divine Creator. What you are hearing is your mind voice. It is a matter of trust that you are transmitting what is accurate. We advise you to leave it at that while you are T/Ring, but later as you examine a transcript that you have T/Rd, or what another person has recorded for you, that you will be able to discern you, as a personality and as an ego, from the authentic speaker. Does this make sense to you?

Jim. Yes, thank you.

Machiventa.  Thank you.

Machiventa’s questions for us.

Rick.   This is not quite a question, but when I go to a professional – a doctor or a professional of any kind, generally the first step is when I sit down in front of them and they ask me a series of questions. And it has crossed my mind recently that perhaps you, Machiventa, have some questions you would like to ask us.

Machiventa.  Well, thank you for your offer. It’s very kind of you to say as much. However, we do know what you need to know, and we wait for you to be open to accept the answers we provide. It is not a hide and seek sort of relationship that we have, but one that we seek for you to ask questions because that is the signal that you are open to receive answers. We could ask you questions day and night for weeks, and months, and years on end. The simple aspect of it is that you are growing and that as you grow you ask questions just as children do. And so, you reveal yourself and your level of maturity through your questions. It is something that we look forward to. And as a note to this group and to individuals you surely have grown.

Just as Liz asked the question about what is the impact of these lessons on her mind mechanism – it is one of growth. And so, as you grow in your mind mechanism and in your spirituality, you also grow in the capability to ask more spiritually centered questions. Rather than “When will I get my next job,” you ask: “What will it be like to be a morontial being on the first day.” The first era of your “birth” there. And so, you begin asking more and more questions. If you look backwards over the time you have been with us, you will see that the group and the individuals have been matured immensely. Just as the one who had the revelation that they are now at peace and at ease in their life in a way they have experienced before, this is surely good evidence of personal growth within themselves, which gives great preparation for growth spiritually. Thank you.

Rick.   Well, thank you for your answer, Machiventa. In your eloquent response to my question you brought up a question that I’d like to know the answer to which is: What is it like the first day we wake up on the Morontial world.

Machiventa.  I will tease you a bit. I would ask you to ask your own guardian and your celestial teachers that very same question. You may be surprised at the answer you receive, whether you T/R or not. Thank you.

Rick.  OK.

Roxie. If there are no other questions, I have received three in emails from readers and I haven’t had a chance to transfer them to Jim yet.

Seven core values – crystalizing thought or living essence of humanity.

The first one said: “I would like to express my gratitude to Machiventa for the clarity and directness of his teachings on this forum, and for his seemingly infinite patience through this process. It has been revealed to us that the seven core values are innate to our beings – having been placed there by our creator Christ Michael. Their manifestation through us is a matter of individual awareness in action. The fact of life, The desire to improve the quality of life, and the impulse to grow into our potential are continually operating in all of us in varying degrees subject to personal interpretation, but must eventually be brought into balance through the real practice of equality in all facets of our lives.

This very practice would evoke and awaken from within each individual the value emotions of empathy, compassion, and love of humanity which, to my understanding, would constitute a genuine effort to live by the golden rule, and to follow the master’s teachings to love one another as he as demonstrated. My question is this: Are we in danger of overthinking and over intellectualizing the promotion of the seven core values in an attempt to create a more elevated system of crystalized thought, when in truth these values are organic and the very essence of our humanity and our spiritual potential.”

Machiventa.  The answer to your question, basically, is no. No, this is not an over-aggrandizement of the importance of these values. It is important that individuals realize they do have the values. We have been speaking about these values repeatedly to our audience, yet there are billions of people around the world who have no idea these values exist in them. First of all, for each individual who hears about these values, they are the means to improve your character, your truthfulness, your honesty, and to fill your soul with those experiences and decisions and actions that benefit you in the morontial realm. This is the practical morontial aspect of these values which we hope you would take to heart and use frequently and daily in your lives. They are wonderful topics to discuss with children regarding ethics and morality, and that has to do with decision making as well. Those seven values are the validators of humane decision making and the contribution one can make to the lives of others. Thank you.

Roxie.  The next one is: “I humbly submit the following questions for Machiventa. Given that great spiritual pressure is already being exerted on Urantia, which yet remains steeped in confusion and conflict, how much more spiritual pressure with examples can be exerted on her (Urantia), without the physical, visible intervention of the celestial team?

Machiventa.  And you wonder how much pressure can be applied to individuals. Anything, right up to extent of subordinating human decision making. Thank you.

Creator Son as musician?.

Roxie. I think I’m going to leave his second question for last because it’s not quite as applicable. The next one is: “Machiventa, when Jesus lived on earth, we know he chose to be a carpenter as a trade and as a way to make a living. What about a Creator Son that chose to be a musician? It reminds me of the quote in the Urantia Book: ‘But be not discouraged. Someday a real musician may appear on Urantia and whole peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. One such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation, even an entire civilized world.’ This is an inspiring quote for musicians on the planet. Are there any instances of a Creator Son on another planet who chose to be a musician, and if so, what was that like?”

Machiventa.  I’ll answer your question this way: Yes, this has occurred. Thank you for your question.

Use of social media today.

Roxie. OK, that last one that I skipped: “Would the celestial team consider social media engagement. For example: Transmitters on Twitter or Facebook who engage current global socioeconomic and political issues.”

Machiventa.  There is no desire for us to approach or use this means of communication. There is so much fraud involved in social media already that to subject an honest, and authentic, and genuine process as this to the cynicism of millions of people would not do our work, and our job, and our mission any good. It would not be beneficial to the work that we do to take on this responsibility. There are too many chances and opportunities for error and for misalignment, and for mischievous individuals to abuse this on their own and to create an even larger fraud than exists already. Thank you.

Roxie. Thank you, Machiventa. I have no more questions from readers.

More on Urantian musicians.

Craig.  I have one I’ll bring up from the second to the last question. I think we’ve already had some great musicians who whole people have followed like The Beatles and basically, quite a few now. Would that be considered to be the case from on high that we have some great musicians, and have had?

Machiventa.  You have had wonderful and great musicians; however, none have changed the course of humanity, none have impacted the soul capacity of individuals to appreciate the world they live on. It is a matter (speaking of such music and musicians), you’re speaking of one who changes the history of humanity in a way that it will never recover from or go back to its old ways. You are speaking and alluding to such music as to be divine in nature that speaks to the very soul of individuals and resonates with their being at the deepest humanitarian levels. No, this has not occurred yet on Urantia. Thank you.

Craig. Wow, that’s something to look forward to then.

Machiventa.  Most certainly, you would enjoy it.

The NET’s in book form.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, I look at the 77 transcripts for this particular series and keep thinking of categorizing the messages into a chapter book sort of thing. Would that be something you would help us do – to come up with sort of an outline of the lessons we’ve received for the last year or two.

Stéphane.  I’m sure.

Machiventa.  Most certainly, you would need the advice of the chief archivist and records keepers in the morontial realm. Thank you. It is a matter for someone with such an interest to engage a Melchizedek to make this happen for them. It is through the Melchizedeks that you can receive such wisdom, and that they become your muse to work through this problem and to develop what you seek to accomplish. The archivist of the records which you call the Akashic Records, is a nearly eternal being who is of such character and demeanor, integrity that the archives are always understandable by the people who resource them. Thank you.

Machiventa.  Hearing no further questions we will release you from the session. We thank you for being in attendance and we look forward to the new transcript that will be developed through our friend and compatriot Jim, for his volunteering to do this work for which we are ever grateful. This will be a maturing process – one of skill development, one of learning from bootstraps and from the advisement of our long term, dedicated transcriptionist Roxanne. We thank you today and every day for being here with us. We know for some of you who have followed this for many years that it seems like we’re saying the same thing over and over again. In some ways we are. In some ways it is all new. We too are waiting for the right circumstances and development of what you call the event. We know now it is the right time, but those two factors have not come into fruition yet. Thank you and good day.

Group.  Thank you.




1. As readers may note, Roxanne has had a series of unfortunate health issues that have taken her away from her duties as our beloved transcriptionist.

Forward from today, please send your questions to Jim Travis, NOCO Transcriptionist.

2. Minutes before Roxie broke her ankle, she was revising her NOCO distribution list. Because of that misfortune, we do not have a complete distribution list.
😊 as a violation of logic, if you have not receive the latest transcripts, please contact Jim Travis. // Hopefully, Roxie and her son, who is a tech-whiz, can send it as an Excel doc to myself, Jim Travis, or to Sherille Raphael.



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