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NCO73 – Negative & Positive Energy; Storms; Spirits


Northern Colorado TeaM, #73
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Zarath & Monjoronson [Addendum]

Topics: Messages from Most Highs, Monjoronson & Christ Michael
Q & A: Web of communication building worldwide
Dealing with negative and positive energy
Desire for group expansion
Using the pendulum as a tool
Negative spirits
Rift in TM over Magisterial Son Mission
Monjoronson’s activity in the spiritual domain
Avonal Son’s name
Severity of storms
Overall consciousness on the planet
Message of love and encouragement

TR’s: Jerry Evans for Zarath, Mary Jo Garascia for Monjoronson

October 9, 2005

[Prayer, linking to the Merkaba, and stillness preceded the session.]

ZARATH: Good afternoon, this is Zarath.

(Group greets him.)

ZARATH: It is such a pleasure to be here with you, you dedicated ones. I have been concerned for sometime that we might not be able to meet, and I am so glad that you could arrange this time together. I have messages from others to bring to you; I hope I translate them well for you.

The Most Highs are concerned with the affairs of the world, and are increasing the world’s tensions, and the pressure on the world to bring about resolution of the many difficulties being experienced. These troubling times can be anticipated to increase, until the “snap-back,” so to speak, and rejection of the negative impulses occurs. The discomforts will be experienced by many more and test your faith and test your resources and your resilience. Take courage and have heart, for you are needed even more to provide stability and hope to those around you.

The world is an evolutionary world, as you well know, and will undergo changes, which are not directed at you personally, but are simply a process in the world’s energies being adjusted, as it suffers from some of the contaminations caused by your activities upon the planet. Your hopes and dreams for a bright future will lend strength to the process. As more peoples of the civilization begin to realize the possibilities inherent for the world by rejecting warfare and power struggles, and start to think more about the human elements, the more you will recognize the changes that take place within your lifetimes as being truly remarkable and positive.

On a lighter note, it is with joy that I can tell you that Monjoronson is continuing in his efforts and in the planning and preparation for his coming. Many of us are so privileged to be involved, and to participate in this joyous future developing. Many of you are being contacted and enlisted for greater service. Your desires to help are recognized and will be noted and used at the appropriate time.

Christ Michael has indicated [that] the increasing spiritual pressure will continue, as I previously discussed, and has reinforced it with his love and desire for our increasing efforts to be with you in these kinds of sessions, as frequently as you request. For this will strengthen the love and the faith and the positive desires, as this is transmitted and passed along.

I hope I have been a credible translator for their messages, and ask now if you have any questions?

Student: Zarath, are you allowed to tell us what kinds of preparations are being made by Monjoronson and staff thus far?

ZARATH: To a limited degree, yes. Areas of concentration of souls with bright lights are being identified and noted across the planet. These areas are being encouraged to expand their communities. They will become a web across the planet, a source of communication, a transmittal of love and guidance. Beyond that, I am not able to communicate at this time.

Student: Can you tell us what types of infrastructure Monjoronson and his staff will need when they are here?

ZARATH: I am not at liberty to discuss [that issue.]

Student: Okay. Thank you.

Student: I just read something interesting recently in a book—I think it is titled something like “Guidelines on a Path to Compassion,” and this author was surprised when some Buddhist leader said that, in meditation, it was good to draw in the pain and suffering of negativity of the world, and pour out positive energy, and this seemed a little paradoxical when you think of drawing in the positive and maybe letting go of the negative, but this spiritual leader’s viewpoint was that we could take in some of the negative energies and in turn, put out positive energy, I am sure, with Father’s help. Could you expand on that?

ZARATH: Some would say that negative energy does not, in itself, exist; there is only a lack of the positive. There is no real darkness, except for the lack of light. If the other were true, the negative would be unsustainable in its power; but as a false power, there is no power in reality to it, in the universe. There is only the lack of the light, the lack of the beauty and the light allows one to see and create. Does that help?

Student: Yes, that’s helpful—I think he was thinking in terms of relationship with other people, to—I guess be willing to share another’s wounded-ness or suffering, and at the same time, be able to transmit the Father’s loving energy to that person or persons—let it flow, so to speak.

ZARATH: In a sense, one objectively can recognize and empathize as Jesus did, and fill the void with love and respect. That certainly can apply.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student: Zarath, do you have any plan or direction that you would like to see for our group?

ZARATH: My hope—our hope—would be that this group could expand, as you meet new people, people who might be interested in participating. It is always helpful and enjoyable to experience new points of view and the joy that new personalities bring to the group. This is up to each of you, to determine how and when that can be done. That is our hope for each of these groups that they can expand in more ways than just through the transmissions, that they could expand in the individuals directly participating. Are there any further questions?

Student: I guess that one thing that comes to mind is I know someone who is now finding value in contacting her angels, by use of a pendulum, and seems to get meaningful answers from this, and is working on the assumption that the angels give guidance, and perhaps a midwayer is responsible for the movement of the pendulum. I am encouraged by this person’s experience, because it seems to be opening them to the possibility of communication by spirit beings. Can you elaborate on this at all?

ZARATH: A desire to communicate with spiritual beings, such as Father and myself, are most enhanced by the meditation and prayer approach. The process of which you speak, is not one that I would take a negative view on, but at the very least, should only be conducted when the protection of Mother Spirit and Christ Michael are invoked, thus, negative influences can be avoided.

Student: When you say that we need to invoke Michael and Nebadonia in activities of this nature, are you implying that there are still some negative spirits on this planet that we need to be concerned about?

ZARATH: No, there are mental connects between humans that can influence or cause humans to influence each other. The negative spirits have long since been controlled by Christ Michael, and can no longer have influence on any but those who actively request them. More than that I cannot say at this point.

Student: There seems to be a rift developing within the Teaching Mission, between those who believe and support Monjoronson, and those who feel that this is just a figment of our imaginations, and that it is not real. Do you have any comments about how we can heal this rift other than just by accepting them where they are and loving them?

ZARATH: You have just named the approach. Those who desire not to believe will have to await more credible evidence for them. Our own and your own beliefs will carry us on the path that we are traveling, and it is a beautiful path.

Student: I agree!

Student: There was a statement that came out on the TM circuit, apparently, during the session at the IC05 conference, that sounded as if Monjoronson was here corporally, or was about to be incarnated, and some others have responded to this saying this sounded less reliable. It seems that most of the messages that we are receiving, is that there really has to be a considerable amount of preparation and circumstances achieved, before it is timely for Monjoronson to appear corporally, even though many of us feel that he is here with us in spirit. Do you have any comments to make to us about that?

ZARATH: As you have just described, that is consistent with my experience, and the teachers that I have associated with. He is quite active in the spiritual domain. And as you have noted earlier in sessions from Rayson and Monjoronson himself, there are many preparations of this world that need to take place before materializations—of communities and of Monjoronson himself—will be accomplished. Does that help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: One on the teachers who used to communicate to the group in Tennessee, I haven’t heard from him in some months and I miss that! What is happening with Ham? I would like to hear from him again. His messages have always been very rich and enlightening.

ZARATH: I will pass that along to Ham.

Student: Thank you. Tell him we miss him!

ZARATH: I certainly will.

Student: . . . as well as other teachers that we have come to love—Gerahdt, Sondjah and Bob.

Is the Magisterial Son’s name, “Monjoronson,” his name on your side of the veil also, or did some human name him? There seems to be a lot of discussion about whether that name is valid. Do you have anything at all that you can share about that?

ZARATH: “Monjoronson” is a creation for your language, to identify him uniquely. His name would be unpronounceable [to you], as he is known on the other side.

Student: So it isn’t even a close approximation to his real name?

Another Student: Some of us take different names in different situations too.

ZARATH: I will take one more question, if there is one?

Student: I’d like to ask about some of the things that are happening here on earth with the storms that seem to be building up, and the earthquakes. Is this a pattern that is becoming more severe, or just appears that way? And is there anything we can do about it?

ZARATH: As mentioned earlier, this is an evolutionary planet, with a core of great energy. The energy effects of the core are cyclical in nature, and this is what is being experienced at this point in time on your planet. The intensity, however, has been exacerbated by your neglect of environmental concerns, and the population currently existing, creating even more problems for the atmospherics and the oceans. So, this will not run its course in just a few years, but will present even more and more problems to be faced by the current inhabitants.

There will then come a decrease [in intensity], consistent with the increase in morally corrected and spiritually corrected human approaches, within the various countries and cultures. It is in preparation for this that we advise you to look with faith to the future, accepting the difficulties that come and providing growth for you at the same time in your opportunities to help those around you, as well as yourself. One should be prudent, but without fear, for all of these are opportunities for advancing Christ Michael and Monjoronson’s efforts, to bring you through to the start of Light and Life. Be of good cheer.

Student: It seems like some of the lessons from Christ Michael and Nebadonia that they have encouraged people to, in their meditation and prayer and feeling their Father’s love, to have the desire and attempt to put out, as it were from our minds, positive love and healing for our planet, for our earth. Am I reading that correctly, that that can be helpful as this planet goes through its evolutionary processes, in a small way?

ZARATH: Indeed. That consciousness is part of the overall consciousness of the planet, and as more people ascribe to the higher level of consciousness, that brings it into existence. It can have a regenerative effect—all of the cultures that subscribe to these higher levels and participate in it, one by one, the effect will be magnified and have great results. That is all.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Now, if we may, I would like to close this session, and pass to you my love, the love of Christ Michael, Nebadonia and our Father from whence it all comes. Be at peace.

(Group gives thanks.)

* * * * * * * * * *

[Agatha: The following transcript was sent by a member of the group who was not present at the group meeting, but received the following message at the same time our group was in session.]

Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Mary Jo Garascia

October 9, 2005

MONJORONSON: It is I, Monjoronson. Yes – you look at this name and you wonder what my actual name is, as you have learned that “Monjoronson” is but a human interpretation of my actual name. This need not concern you, dear one. I am available to you and yours no matter what you may call me. When I hear your request, I will answer.

I am visiting you today, as you are alone, unlike any other time in recent memory. Your fellows are meeting as well and I am doing a dual “hello” this rainy afternoon. The rain falls upon your earth that has become very dry of late, and it is a great boon to all the living things dependent on this life-giving, life-renewing water from the skies.

You, likewise, need a good drink as well. Your spiritual grounds can become dry and sere—uncomfortably so—and it is then that you turn to your Source for refreshment – and you are never disappointed, are you, dear one? I should say not! Our Father IS our Source and the fount of our satisfaction. Be mindful of your requirement to make time for these communions, for in your world of fast change and needy souls, of energy drains and environmental challenges to the body, one’s inner self needs a hiatus, a place of recharge, so that all will be well.

My plans continue and begin to widen. Many will be fellowshipped in the beginning and all will be fellowshipped ultimately. Our mission is no less than the regeneration of Urantia. Justice, goodness, mercy and eternal love—these are forthcoming in great measure to your planet. The signs are clear, as you know. Almost daily there are signs, and so, stay aware and prayerful. Spend time EACH DAY in worshipful reception and fear not.

I love you exceedingly and I ask that you pass this message along to your absent fellows on the lists. My love and peace I leave with you. Good day.

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