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NCO75 – Steeper Path; Embrace the Challenge


Northern Colorado TeaM, #75
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Zarath (TR, Jerry Evans)
Will (TR, JoiLin Johnson)
Ambrose (TR, JoiLin Johnson)

Topics: Your path made steeper
Embrace the challenge

November 6, 2005

[Ed. Note: This was a very poor quality tape recording. The female voices were too soft and too far away from the microphone to be picked up consistently. Therefore, there are many blanks, some missing just a word or two, and sometimes whole sentences were inaudible.]

ZARATH: This is Zarath. Welcome!

(Group: Welcome to you!)

ZARATH: I am glad to be here with this joyful group. It has been a nice day and a nice mountain air to speak for it. You truly live in a beautiful part of the country.

[This is Jerry: I do not seem to have good contact today.]

JoiLin: Will is here.

WILL: The love of the Father surrounds us; the power of the Father upholds us; the beneficence of the Father sustains us in all things; wherever we go, he is. Greetings! It is I, Will, the teacher who loves you each dearly.

(Group welcomes her.)

WILL: Thank you. It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to interact with you, and I delight in the occasion.

Life on your world is filled sometimes to the brim with challenges, and yet always, always, always can you look beyond the challenges to the beauty that surrounds you. Zarath mentioned to you the beauty of this particular area, and with that, I concur. I will however, be traveling and helping to start a new group, where this one relocates. And so, we support movement of each of you, as you traverse the hills, the valleys, the flat lands of life.

Each of you will recognize in the days to come, the months and the years to come, how supported you were during these times of challenge. You will also come to recognize you are on the road, using the eyes of hindsight, for you are each now embarking on a path that has been somewhat “elevated,” if you will for lack of a better term. Bring to mind if you can, a treadmill, one that has a mechanism that allows you to change the incline. Are you familiar with what I refer to?

(Yeses from the group.)

WILL: Your paths have been made more steeply; you will be walking on a slightly up hill journey, and the purpose of having your paths made slightly more difficult is for the most part, the Father’s to understand. And yet, having been told before hand, you will perhaps, embrace this new path, recognizing as you do, that it will involve challenges. Praying for seeds has much to do with it.

Do not misunderstand, I do not necessarily mean to say that your lives will be made more difficult. I do not mean to plant seeds of worry or fear. Suffice it to say, that you will be in positions to make decisions that will have far ranging impacts or effects on those with interactive [Adjusters]. When you go into the stillness, as I hope you are doing as daily practice, allow your Father to fill your hearts, your minds with the strength of his love. Allow him to bring peace and love and a joyful heart and [the strength] to work for him in the days, weeks and years to come. May you allow this to be so. The fact that you are involved in this Teaching Mission, and as part of the Correcting Time, gives us the understanding that you are among those who are knowing and interactive ambassadors of Michael. And so it is to you, to be given, to expand the frontier, the one you have already found. Reach out for us, knowing when you have need for a friend, we are here for you and love to be called upon. With that I wish you good day, and rest easy. You are held closely, embraced by your great Parents, Michael and Nebadonia.

Student: We are engaged in an activity of outreach at our church. It is a challenge to know how much of the higher teachings this revelation gives us, [can be shared, and] how much to share and in what way. Is there any guidance you could give us, from any of the teachers?

WILL: Each of you has your own unique manner of interacting with your fellows. Some of you are not outspoken nor self-revealing and work from an emotional frame of mind [quietly]. There will be times when those of you who are more self-inventive, and more familiar with engaging in self-talk, where you allow words to come through. There will be times when you will feel as if you have reached out [less confidently]. If you find yourselves in a position of sharing the truths that have been revealed to you, reach out for interaction with us to teach you. If you have time for thought, think [of] how you would share these truths, and reserve those thoughts for those seeking these truths and are ready to accept what you say, since it will then be couched in terminology that may be more meaningful and the seeds will be planted.

However, always remember that while the actions are yours and ours, the consequences of those thoughts and actions are Father’s, so do not be overly concerned; allow yourselves to be [calm], having expressed yourselves through [faith], you will discover how much more adept at this you are, than perhaps you knew yourselves to be. I realize that this is a rather long-winded answer, but I hope it helps.

Are there any more questions?

Student: I have a question to ask in the area of building community, where my work is taking me right now. Do you have any suggestions to make?

WILL: It may help if you form a particular question that is not quite so general.

Student: Well I’m making a career shift into emergency preparedness work and fuel management planning. We are attempting to get some marketable information off the ground. It looks to me like the information is good; the question is how it will be received, particularly in the State of Colorado and Kansas?

WILL: I am sorry to say I have no expertise in this matter.

Student: I wonder if there is another teacher available who can speak through you in this area of community development?

AMBROSE: This is Ambrose.

(Group welcome.)

AMBROSE: Thank you. Community development is very much a part of the Correcting Time. There are those who are working on all levels to help this movement, if you will, and yet there are also many who work [through] road blocks. I cannot say how your work will be received, although I can say that there are many working with you, to help this to become a very positive path. That is all I can say at this time.

Student: Thank you.

AMBROSE: You are quite welcome.

Student: I’d like to ask you a question: Can you tell us about the third eye?

AMBROSE: You ask if I can tell about it; I would ask you to share your interest in this.

Student: It feels to me like mine has just been activated.

AMBROSE: That is possible. There are levels of development on all of us, and by that I mean on emotional levels, intellectual levels, dimensional levels, and psychic levels. All of these levels have the possibility potential of being influenced, up-stepped, due to the spiritual pressure that has been increased. Not only spiritual pressure, but spiritual receptivity that has been increased due to the opening of the circuits and the connections that have been made and are being made with oncoming efforts of this Correcting Time. So many of you will experience at different times, an elevation of certain aspects of the field. The “third eye” is, or may be part of that experience, most especially if you are working with the chakra system, you will have the potential of that being enhanced. That’s the long answer—the short answer is, I think your experience is correct.

Student: Thank you.

AMBROSE: You are quite welcome.

Student: It does feel like expanding in the direction of eventually sensing everything as being normal.

AMBROSE: Yes, that is a very good part of it. There will be other aspects that may or may not happen to . . . . (Several sentences lost—inaudible.)

If there are no further questions, I will close this session, thanking each of you for your attention and for allowing me to once again, interact.

Student: May I ask another question? I don’t know which teacher will care to respond, but this is a curiosity-type question about the stone circles in the Golan Heights ground, just outside of Israel.

[Rest of discourse was inaudible, but paraphrased, the question concerned whether the concentric circles represented the Trinity and came from the teachings of Machiventa, or whether they were just a coincidence.]

AMBROSE: I understand that humans in general, often are curious about certain things, but I would ask you to reflect on, given an answer, how that would impact on your spiritual path, and in what ways?

Student: It would be interesting to know if some of the teachings of Melchizedek might [have remained]. I think sometimes it is helpful for us to know . . . .

AMBROSE: Yes, I will tell you that you have used your imagination to disclose the truth. (Rest of answer was inaudible.)

Yes, indeed. Michael’s [symbol] has been received and used many, many, many times over, as you know, in numerous cultures and time periods. (Inaudible.) Thank you for your perceptive question. And now I leave you each the knowledge [that you are loved] and I encourage you each to spend some precious time each day in stillness with the Father. I will end this session by giving you my love, support and encouragement. (Inaudible.) Shalom.

(Group: Thank you.)

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