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NCO41 – Presence of Monjoronson, Zero-Point, Caligastia’s Fate

2003-10-19  Presence of Monjoronson, Zero-Point, Caligastia’s Fate


Group: Northern Colorado TeaM, #41

Topics: Preparations for the Magisterial Son
Completion of circuits
Preparation of mortals
Why Urantia?
Increases in morontial potential
Q & A: The “presence” of Monjoronson
Caligastia’s fate
Enhanced senses
Example of community development
Zero-point energy
Reclamation project
Disruptions and religious chaos
Meeting Monjoronson
Being totally responsible/accountable
Emulating respect for individuals

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

October 19, 2003

RAYSON: Testing, testing, testing. Is anybody hearing me? This is Rayson. Is this mechanism working?

Daniel: It’s working!

RAYSON: I know that I am rarely one for levity, but today, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation earlier about your recording device, and it seemed such an apropos parallel for our own communication with you through the TR’s. And the TR is quite the opposite of a recorder, really an active transmitter. So the symbols “T” and “R” are appropriate for this activity. Levity aside for the moment let us continue, while still appreciating the humor of life.

It is refreshing to be back here once again. During the interim, we have been monitoring your Internet, your activities, and we record that you are actively involved and thinking about the arrival of the Magisterial Son. This is good. And we also invite you to read the latter part of Bob’s lesson from yesterday that was recorded by the Denver/Golden group. It too relates to the facets of the arrival of the Magisterial Son.

[Re: Denver TeaM, 10/18/03 (031018)]

RAYSON: Today, let us begin to look at a new parameter of this event, and as a caveat, do not take this topic as evidence of the imminent arrival of the Magisterial Son. We, at this level of the Teaching Mission, are as ignorant about his arrival date as you are. Our perspective and our attitude is that such knowledge is not a necessity to know. Such knowledge could confuse our work, and [might] lead us to focus our attention inappropriately or in an untimely way. This is one of those “quantum physics” sort of environments, where thinking about the topic changes the event that happens. In some degree, this is actually what we desire to have happen by a greater dissemination of the information and awareness that Monjoronson will be arriving “sometime.” What we do hope for is the awareness by all within the UB and Teaching Mission and related activities, of these activities and the potential that this event will incur. Our assessment is that this knowledge will aid the transition within these groups, and they will act as a stabilizing influence in the larger societies throughout the world.

Concurrent in the preparation for the arrival of the Magisterial Son, the circuits connecting Urantia to Nebadon’s Administration and to the universe within Nebadon at large, is proceeding and must be more complete. Thus, those of you who are attuned to the morontial aspects of your growth will feel an even greater upstepping of your mortal/morontial energies. These will be latent and potential in nature and only activated through your intentions and will to grow, and the acceptance of growth that follows. Preceding this upstepment, which will occur increment by increment, it is necessary that you become more and more attuned to the morontial life, one that is ethical, moral in nature, one that is in tune with the intentions and work of your Thought Adjuster. If you were to continue a life of unethical and immoral behavior, your upstepment would not occur. Do not mistake this upstepment for an increase in psychic abilities—they are not the same—but in fact are far larger in reach and extent.

Only on a world such as Urantia, being a decimal planet and final destination and debarkation of Michael, who arrived here on his last bestowal and who departed soon to be the Sovereign of Nebadon—only on a planet such as this could the upstepment and augmentation of morontial energies to such degree as you will feel, or may feel, is it possible for this to occur. Again, these energies, these circuits are for the planet and they are outreaching to each individual, even to those individuals who are not attuned to these energies. Everyone is the recipient of these energies, but only through their acknowledgment of God and their intentions for a better life, of making better decisions, and of better service to their mortal brothers and sisters will these energies be activated within them, and then this will be gradual and incremental.

More directly for you who are here today and who read this, this means that there is no “free lunch,” meaning that you must demonstrate yourself [to be ready]. It is not a matter of being deserving, but of being worthy, of showing your worth that is commensurate to these energies. You demonstrate this through your ethical, moral and service behaviors. We suggest, as all teachers do, that you use and request the assistance of your Thought Adjuster, Guardian Angel, Christ Michael and Nebadonia to assist you in achieving these increments and for you to become a wise manager and recipient of these energies. Thus, each of you has a potential to increase your morontial abilities tremendously, before you depart this planet.

We are now open for questions.

Student: It appears that Monjoronson has spoken to some other groups, as well as to our own. Is this not indicative of his being here now, or is this just an advance introduction?

RAYSON: It is part of the advance party’s preparations for his actual arrival. It is much as you speak on a telephone; historically, uneducated, primitive people thought that the individual was right there inside the telephone, but that is not the case. And so in this case, as he speaks to groups around the world, to those associated with The Urantia Book and Teaching Mission and thousands of other groups, which are unknown to you, he is on the “morontial telephone,” so to speak—he is not “here” yet.

Student: Thank you.

Student: We were discussing with some friends about the adjudication of Lucifer, and we were wondering whether Satan and Calagastia were adjudicated and now cease to exist, and the individual who asked us the question thought that perhaps Caligastia was still on the planet, even if dis-empowered. Could you respond to that please?

RAYSON: Certainly. The trio of Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia are no more. Those decisions were made not long ago, in our time. Your New Testament records that the “Prince fell from heaven,” and this was his internment, his fall from grace, and his internment on the planetary jail world; the adjudications have taken place.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Monjoronson talked of the enhancements of our senses above the five that we already have. He said that some mortals have the genetically innate capability to receive up to nine, or even eleven senses. He mentioned “remote viewing” as one of the enhancements of sight, but what do the other ones, the six through eleven—what types of senses can we look forward to there?

RAYSON: Answering this question is much like describing the color of orange to a person who has always been blind—it is nonsensical in many ways. It would be like science fiction in description. There are psychic parallels and morontial parallels for the five senses you have. You are also aware of the “sixth sense,” the intuition, the knowing, the awareness; this is very real. Other senses would be the simple one, the seventh—it doesn’t necessarily have a number to it, is the knowing, seeing, understanding—and this is more than intuition—of another as they come into your consciousness. There is privacy in thoughts in the universe from one being to another, though through the activities of Christ Michael, and through the activities of reflectivity, even your thoughts are known. Many beings above the level of morontial and spiritual are aware of your thoughts—and they are not in judgment of them. In like manner, you will become aware of another; it is much like reading the registration history of an automobile that has been sold and bought and repaired many times in its history. So too, when you come into the presence of another, you will know them, you will know who they are, their lineage, their growth, their difficulties and their accomplishments. And these will simply be like reading a resumé—they are cryptic headings, yet to be described in detail and much feeling, by the individual in conversation. Does that help for a bit?

Student: Yes, it does. It helps quite a bit, actually. Thank you.

Student: Rayson, I had an experience occur to me in community development, where in the role as “Interim Head” of the organization, I found that there was one person in the organization, the Human Resource Director, who is the ears and eyes of the Mayor. And pretty soon I could see that there was a split in the leadership at the organization, myself being the Administrator, and this Human Resource Director playing her role against me, through the Mayor. I called a meeting of the three of us, that helped resolve the situation, at least temporarily, but later in a meeting with all my department heads, she blasted me—to which I did not respond—and then the following business day, [I] met with my department heads and I asked them what they thought of the meeting.

I was about to proceed with a group meeting, but I was “guided,” I felt, that I should do this one-on-one, as you suggested we build community one-on-one, with each of my department heads, asking what they felt about the situation. And as it turned out, they wanted a meeting with the mayor, [where] they expressed their feelings of how this Human Resource Director had really betrayed the organization over the years, and “straightened” the Mayor out as to what was going on. As a result of that, there was a complete change in the energy: The Mayor was highly supportive of me, the woman resigned some of her supervisory responsibilities, which were not working very well for the organization, and things got on an even keel. I feel that this was a demonstration of what you described earlier, as building community one-on-one. Would you care to comment on this?

RAYSON: With delight! You are effectively experiencing community building; you are a community builder, and you are building community one person at a time. You are demonstrating a model for your subordinates, your department heads, to follow with their supervisors and their employees. The influence of community is very powerful; we are pleased to see the results of the application of the principles you have heard. You are the credit for this, not us. The lessons have been there all along. We would encourage you and reinforce you to share the ideas of community building with your department heads and the managers and supervisors. You could do this in a group, as information and for implementation; you could assist them to do this within the context of their own areas of expertise and responsibilities. Do not be shy about the worthiness of these ideas—these are not ideals—these are ideas for implementation, which hopefully will lead to an ideal situation, [an] environment for growth of individuals.

This is an empowering situation for empowering to you, the mayor, and your department heads. This is a wonderful example and we desire that it not be forgotten, and that it be used, again and again. You will find that this is a very simple process; one individual to another is excellent. Always remember that this will only work with individuals who are ethical, moral, and who are not cynical or bitter and do not hesitate to empower others appropriately. Those who are self-seeking, arrogant, egotistical, and who seek power will find this will not work well. And if they do, they will soon be uncovered as to their intentions. Make clear in your instructions that their “intentions” must be very clear. Intentions lead to goals; intentions are interior while goals are exterior in nature. Does this help, and does this give you any further guidance?

Student: Yes, it’s a big help. Thank you!

RAYSON: You are welcome.

Each of you is seeing and some of you are actually participating in new areas of integration, application and participation by us. You are co-creative individuals; you do not necessarily have to intentionally seek out co-creative environments or activities, but these will come to you; they will come to your mind. Be attentive and attuned to your inner guidance, to listen as our dear brother here did, and to discern what should be done and what could be done.

Student: Rayson, I have a question. My studies of zero-point energy research have led me to suspect that the so-called “sea of energy” that the researchers are tapping into is actually of the Unqualified Absolute. Am I on the right track?

RAYSON: Yes, as far as you have discerned.

Student: Thank you.

Student: When Monjoronson was talking with us, he said, “Never before has a world been reconstructed through co-creative participation of the mortals who lived there.” Is this being done only on Urantia, or is this for all the planets that were isolated from the Lucifer Rebellion?

[Daniel: He says he has a “qualified” answer!]

RAYSON: This aspect is particularly being applied to Urantia because it is a decimal planet, but primarily because it is the “world of the cross” and because Michael said he would return here, which he surely will, and which he has never said before. Other planets in the quarantine have the option to do this. For some, it would almost be a step backwards, as they are well into the rehabilitation stages. Only the most damaged planets are being considered for this work, for it truly is “work,” for mortals must strive to willingly, intentionally, participate with unseen beings. This is a high-risk activity. The down side is that many mortals not only “may” but “will” choose not to continue. Many mortals may and will choose not to participate. Many mortals will neither choose nor participate, but stand on the fence with the potential that they will be lost, not making a positive or constructive decision once they are on the mansion worlds.

This is a reclamation project; metaphorically, a “hurricane” has devastated this planet. Floodwaters have inundated the low lands; destruction of life, moral life, is everywhere. Only a few survivors will pass through successfully. That is a metaphor for our observations of your planet. Literally, there will be horrendous losses of souls, who will not pass on successfully into the mansion world life. The metaphoric description in the New Testament of those individuals who are “out in the fields” where some will pass on and be gone—same thing for those in the kitchens and houses and in the market place—many people will “disappear,” so to speak. Very few will successfully live and make decisions that will support an afterlife and its continuance. Many will even be in unbelief after they pass on and awaken in the resurrection halls. This is not an experiment on this planet; this is not a trial run; this is a last stand, a tremendously heroic example to other Creator Sons in the Grand Universe, who may experience rebellions in their own local universes. This process, this Correcting Time is being watched, observed, and appreciated all over Orvonton and in the Halls of Reflectivity in Paradise/Havona.

For those at such a distance, your time is like a videotape in fast-forward motion, without skipping any scenes. We see this in much slower detail; we are fascinated! We know that others throughout the universe are fascinated as well. So where it is not worthy—in accounting terms of souls—it is not applied. Thus many of the worlds in quarantine are not experiencing the co-creative process for correction. This sounds rather grim, does it not? Yet, the upside of this is the development and growth of Agondonters, such as yourself, with remarkable—truly outstanding—abilities, experiences, [and] capacity to express these in your afterlife, when you are finaliters and Agondonters in Havona, and even long before.

You of Urantia, who are successful, will be held in great esteem, and given great regard by your peers. And though you are all equal in your rights and privileges in the universe, you know as well as we that your skills will be recognized when others come into your presence. You will be immensely satisfied with your history, from your travels from this mortal world to your status as finaliter Agondonters. I will never have that distinction, so I am in great admiration of your status now, and your courage to move forward to become finaliter Agondonters from Urantia.

[Ed. note: This was said with much emotion.]

That is why—one of the reasons why—Christ Michael has made such an immense effort to help you achieve that status. Not just you, who are participants of the Teaching Mission or readers of The Urantia Book, but everyone who comes from this planet has the same possibility of achieving that end. That is why, when you go about your work on your world, it is not necessary that a person really have a religion, but a sincere regard, respect, and love for the Creator, knowing that their existence would not be without a Creator, and that they aspire to embrace their Creator in that sometime future era in eternity. Other questions?

Student: Wow! Thank you Rayson, that was wonderful and very encouraging. I really appreciate it!

Perhaps some of that is related to this idea—Mother Nebadonia has been preparing us to be stable anchors in the midst of “disruption,” and refers to “the times of disruption.” I know some of this will be due to changes in general, but is she referring to anything specifically that you didn’t just address?

RAYSON: Yes, there will be religious chaos.

Student: There will be, or is? (Group laughing.)

RAYSON: This era pales now in comparison to what will occur [when the Magisterial Son arrives], but there is hope because there is the thread of what you would call “Divine participation” evident that cannot and will not be able to be refuted without absolute denial of the apparent. And there will be those who deny the existence, the apparent and the appearance of a Magisterial Son, one who comes from what they call “heaven,” some place other than this planet. For those, as I have said and others have said too, for those who believe, their old beliefs will be thrown into chaos, and they will lurch through their belief structures painfully grasping at old beliefs like a climber grasping at rocks and limbs as he falls down a slope. And the way through this is to simply let go of the rocks, the material church, its material beliefs, and reach out to Christ Michael [have faith] and almost walk on water, as Peter had hoped to do in his dream. Only faith and belief will assist those unbelievers, even though they will have a Material Son to look to, to know that their new beliefs are firm. The utterances, the assurances that he will give, will be the same as Christ Michael gave when he was Jesus, “Look not to me but look to my Creator. I am simply the voice. I am in your wilderness, and I will show you the way out.” Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes. It’s almost kind of exciting in a way. I hope I’m still around to see all that happen.

Student: Was that a Material Son, or a Magesterial Son that you were referring to?

RAYSON: A Magisterial Son made material.

Student: Thank you.

Student: It sounds pretty scary too!

RAYSON: Yes, it will be scary.

Student: When I was just a boy, I used to fantasize about what it would be like to have Jesus in the flesh to help guide me, to be my friend, just really to stand in his presence and soak up his glory. (Rest of statement inaudible.)

RAYSON: Were you to actually meet Monjoronson, you truly would feel like a little boy again. You will know what and who you are, as well as you will know what and who he is. It will be palpable. And the sincerity of that contact will be undeniable. You have little awareness of what it is like to meet such a powerful individual, and to know—truly know, to feel, and to be filled with assurance, and more than the assurance, the true knowing that this individual beside you, in front of you, has no guile, no self-interest, no agenda for your life, no desire to take anything from you, no desire to place you anywhere that would put you in harm’s way. But you would have the feeling, the awareness, shot through your whole being and consciousness that this individual has only the best intention in mind for you, and that you are safe, you are secure, your vulnerability is protected, and that you can make any decision you wish and it will not be usurped by this individual. That is the scary part: that you are totally responsible, totally accountable for your life.

Student: Sounds like a profound respect.

RAYSON: Yes. Each of us strives to emulate that ultimate respect for you, each individual, as does Michael and the Magisterial Son, his staff, Nebadonia and her staff. The only way through this “scared” aspect is to “risk” surrendering to your Creator, to your Thought Adjuster, seeking guidance from Michael, from Nebadonia, from all their staff in Nebadon – yet, never abdicating your self-hood, but co-creatively designing your life and its growth with your partners. You will not escape this world or your morontial existence, without the responsibility of making decisions for your life, for its goals. You must risk setting goals on the material world, with assurance that your co-creative partners will assist you to fulfill all of those with the highest intentions and ends. The way is the afterlife, and forward to finaliter agondonter status, is assured one decision at a time. Only you can make those decisions, but know that there is a Universal assistance to help you.

This has been a rather weighty discussion today, has it not?

Students: It’s been great! It’s wonderful!

RAYSON: You are envied by millions, trillions of citizens, on millions of worlds, by the challenge of making decisions. You live on the edge of the envelope of the spiritually existent necessity to make decisions. Blessings to you. We wish you well all through your life, on this world, on the next, and on the many thousands you will visit. Good Day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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