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NCO42 – End of the Agondonter Status, Teaching

2003-11-02  End of the Agondonter Status, Teaching


Northern Colorado TeaM, #42
Loveland, Colorado

Topics: Remaining steadfast
Ego brings lessons
Christ Michael, the fisherman
Encountering Errors
Fallibility of teachers
Remain in contact with Michael
Lesson in discernment
Errors of character vs. errors of content
Being led astray
Reactions to errors
Techniques of teaching
The teacher’s perspective
Calling faith into question
Staying tethered through difficulties
Q & A: What was the error?
The end of agondonter status
Levels of status
Forming relationships with Midwayers and others
Zero-point energy
Being of service to the Magisterial Son
Our “mantra”
Becoming ministers of living faith
Being community anchors
Safety of Magisterial Son
Preparation of a “place” for Magisterial Son
Completion of circuits
No disappointments
Preparation for Mansonia
The “scary part”–responsibility

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

November 2, 2003

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson.

(Good afternoon!)

RAYSON: We have taken you through the range of thoughts, preparations for the arrival of the Magisterial Son, from the high elation of being in the presence of a Divine Minister of God on this planet, to being provoked by your own feelings of unworthiness, and to thoughts of grandeur of being with one who is from Paradise. And through all of this, we wish you to always stay steadfast in the knowledge of the work of Christ Michael on your planet. There will be times when you doubt yourself as being worthy of learning so much, being in the presence of one who is so majestic, then you go to the thought of Christ Michael and his generosity and know that you are worthy and deserving of this experience.

And at times, some of you will become arrogant, self-important, for having been in the presence of the Magisterial Son, and in those times when humility is needed, you will go to Christ Michael and ask for his guidance and understanding. Through all of these experiences, all of these thoughts, these feelings, stay in touch, stay in contact, stay in consciousness with Christ Michael. You will have doubts; you will have feelings of inadequacy, feelings of grandeur and arrogance, self-assuredness. Your ego will take you to lessons that you need to learn. When you do stay in contact with Christ Michael, you can be assured that he will “call you home.” You are much like a beautiful fish on a line caught by a fisherman; Christ Michael is that fisherman, and he will reel you home, as long as you don’t let go of his attachment to you.

We wish to address some of your concerns today about a faux pas of our younger associate. Some of you have rushed forward saying, “Hey Teacher, Teacher, Teacher. There was a mistake made!” And yes, there has been. We wish to turn this into a beautiful lesson for you. Now in your thoughtfulness, in your times of intellectual assuredness, you begin to tremble and think that if a teacher is fallible, then what? Then what? Again, look to Christ Michael; know that the way is paved for you, and that your assurance of coming through all of your humanity will be successful in that consciousness and that contact.

This is a lesson in discernment. Was this an error of character or an error of content? I would prefer to end the lesson here and let you ponder this for the next two weeks or so. I know that your minds will take you to places where you wonder whether the “Evil One” is here among you. And he is not; those issues are resolved. The error was of content, not character. How many times have you studied for your driver’s test, knowing that you knew all the answers, and when you actually got into the car with your test driver, you made an error?

You knew the material by heart; you passed the written test with 100%, but you got in the car, signaled left and turned right—or some similar error. These things happen! And dear friends, when you are on the morontial worlds in the schools, we hope that your performances are flawless, errorless, and we know that you will—not make mistakes—but be unable to answer the questions thoroughly; but no one will chastise you, denigrate you, or shame you, but will advise you to pick up where you left off, and try again.

We hope that this has not caused you to call into question the Teaching Mission, or Christ Michael’s work, or the Correcting Time. Do you have doubts? Do you wonder if there were substantial errors involved? Are you being guided rightly? Are these teachers really who they say they are, what they are, and know what they say? Be discerning, dear students; be careful. That is why we offer you this lesson with a tether, a fishing line of Christ Michael. You may feel assured in your knowledge of The Urantia Book, but are you as assured of your own thinking processes, that you would not be guided astray by the sophistries of one who would? Remember, there were Midwayers who had been on this planet for—how many years? —and angels, who were created, children of the Infinite Mother—and these made errors in judgment, errors of character, through the persuasions of those who were capable. Be discerning; use this as a lesson. How would Christ Michael perform? How would Christ Michael react? And how does he react to this situation? You know the answer already—lovingly, through acceptance, embracing you and all the teachers—for this was not a flaw of character, but of content.

Let us go a bit deeper; take another plateau of understanding. And this is where the lesson begins more heartily: We have taught you sincerely, earnestly, forth-rightly, leading you always forward with the same truths, but there are other techniques of teaching. There is a technique called the “Teacher in Error.” Students of ancient religions and the martial arts know this well. The teacher presents—intentionally presents—the students with an error. How will they react to this? Will they take advantage of it for their own purposes? Will they come to the front and say, “Teacher is wrong; follow me!”? Do they come forward, boasting that they have found the teacher in error?

The question students need to ask is, “Why did the teacher do this? The teacher knows this was in error.” And in the old religions and in the arts, it was to reveal the character, the learning level of the understanding of the students. And they reveal themselves, oftentimes, as students in opposition, whereas the higher level is to take a sympathetic approach, and see it from the teacher’s perspective. This is a new level of consciousness that the teacher wishes the students to arise to. In this case, it was not an intentional error; it was simply, an honest mistake.

Yet we have the tremendous benefit of a wonderful lesson, a lesson in discernment, a lesson in the achievement of mastery. So we use this today, to help you raise your consciousness to the level of the Master. Why would the teacher do this when the teacher knows it is in error? The sympathetic student would say, “Teacher, did you know you made an error?” “If you knew that, why did you do that?” And the teacher will say, “ Either I made an honest mistake or I wanted to teach you a higher level of lesson.”

We as teachers, observe students among themselves, how they speak to one another about these issues. Are you competitive? Are you adversarial? Are you seeking new levels of understanding in relationship to others? We know it is most difficult for you because you are not able to come to prompt understanding by being together physically to discuss this immediately and spontaneously. Yet the advantage that you have now is that you sit at home, are distant from the events that happen, and have measured time to think about these developments and formulate an answer.

Let us take this to yet another plateau, one that will call your faith into question, your tolerance into question. When this important question was asked, was it the teacher who “choked,” or was it the TR who got too closely involved? At this point, after we have covered the earlier levels of this lesson, that really is not important—TR’s do become involved. Each lesson is usually rated on a scale of competency, much like your Olympic events, such as skating. Was it all 9’s? Was there a 10? Was it all 9’s in one area and a 6 in another? This co-creative process that Christ Michael has brought to your world, does bring out the humanity in yourself and the fallibility of celestial teachers. It brings out the best in you and the best in us, and lets us examine the harsher sides, the more difficult sides, when there are difficulties and errors. For us as well as for you, we see that tether of Christ Michael pulling us forward, through these times, into the future as your world becomes more and more filled with light. The immediate moments may be difficult, but we trust the process, knowing always that we are being led right by Christ Michael, and that his partner surrounds us, fills us, allows us to be one in Christ consciousness, Infinite Spirit in mind.

We are open for questions now.

Student: What is this event that has caused consternation?

RAYSON: During a recent session, our younger associate, Bob, teacher of Denver and Golden, responded to a question about the divinity of the Magisterial Son, and he paused and said that the Magisterial Son was not Divine, to which numerous individuals raised the quotations of The Urantia Book, indicating that this answer was wrong. Does that answer your question, sir?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: For those of us who are Agondonters, if we are still alive when the Magisterial Son comes, will we not be Agondonters any longer, or does that continue?

RAYSON: Your achievement of Agondonter status has already been established. You believe without seeing; you know without touching; you understand without hearing; you have accepted this new truth, a light of God, Christ Michael, and you rely upon faith. When the Magisterial Son arrives, you will be Agondonters no longer, for you will have awakened to the new level of awareness and appreciation, knowing that your faith has been fulfilled.

Student: Another question that is lightly related to that, Jar-El talked about “levels of Agondonter status,” and he said that only a few leave Urantia with “full status.” What do these different levels entail and how are they achieved?

RAYSON:  [This is Daniel. I got a big blank on that one.]

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Could you—I do not mean to challenge you—but could you explain the relevance to your status now?

Student: I guess I was just curious as to why only a few would have full status from Urantia, when so many millions of beings on this planet do believe in God without proof.

RAYSON: Is the issue the “status,” the achievement of something that you wish for?

Student: Yes, if there is a possibility of working toward higher levels, greater mastery, then I would be interested.

RAYSON: We provide you with the same answer that we provide students in the morontial schools: Accept your challenges at the level you are, and you will come into the new levels soon enough. Put your attention and your energy into your current studies. We urge you to focus the energies of your being and your mind and your will, upon your life now. Do not be concerned about status; your status now is Agondonters, living on a material world of a very backward nature. Do not deflect your energies towards imagined or supposed or hoped for levels of achievement.

You have sufficient work to do now, without daydreaming about the future. When you seek the accomplishment of today’s work and fulfill it well, you can be assured that you will grow to new levels, day by day. Your sincerity in applying yourself to today’s work is of the utmost importance. Your minds, much of the time, seem to us to be in chaos. You can change this by developing your will and your awareness of yourself in your thinking, moment-to-moment. Use what you have well; direct it and focus it to accomplishments that you know you can achieve, those within today’s work.

Student: You are right about the daydreaming and the mind in chaos!

RAYSON: We do not like to use such harsh terms, but truly, the minds of mortal humans are fragmented to a large degree. Those who achieve integrity of character have done so with the intention of focusing and directing their thoughts in conservative ways, in ways that can fulfill itself in their days and their lifetime.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Rayson, I’ve been receiving upgrades each night, and perceived that a Midwayer is facilitating this, and I would like to grow to understand, or grow to have a better, deeper relationship with this individual, and it has been most difficult. Can you provide me with any advice to help me with this?

RAYSON: Certainly. First of all, do not try so hard. It is much like trying to speak to your child when he was younger; you just converse when you are working or playing, or being in their presence, talk and share—give pauses, waiting for answers—and surprisingly, sometimes you can hear well. Accept the fact first, that the teacher or Midwayer is with you; accept that he or she hears you; accept that your utterances, your thoughts are being received, and that there is a response, a reply, an input back to you.

Relax; do not be so serious about this! It is like being a parent, when you relax, it is easier, more natural, more comfortable, and not “out of the book,” just a comfortable relationship. Know that when you have this being in mind, they hear you; you don’t have to ring them up, send them a letter, knock on their door; you just come to consciousness and say, “I want to talk to you about something.” You can address this individual as Midwayer, teacher, angel, Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Nebadonia—and they will respond. You are not left out of the loop of the universe, except that you cannot hear the responses often. And do not stop trying!

Student: Thank you.

Student: Rayson, I have other questions that were sent to me from someone outside of this group, dealing with the zero-point energy issue.

RAYSON: Certainly.

Student: The first question: Was the ability Mr. Tesla had to visualize and work out the details of his experiments in his mind, one of the additional morontial senses that we can develop at this time?

RAYSON: In general terms, yes. Mr. Tesla had the humanly incredible ability to think in advanced ways, to see energetic processes, which were not known to exist, and to be able to convey them into material form. He was the engineering epitome of a human/morontial individual; he was able to access these levels of mechanical understanding. He was in many ways, a savant, in a limited area; he was gifted.

Those mortals who knew him, however, knew he was deficient in other areas. Yes, these levels are accessible through not just maturation, but the development and evolution of the morontial mind like nascent buds in your mind, waiting to be developed. We urge you in your efforts to develop these nascent morontial buds, that you do so along the spectrum of development and evolution, rather than in limited areas. Your Master, Christ Michael, is the ultimate example; yet, even in your material state, it is not too idealistic to pursue those levels of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Student: The next question is: Concerning the Pierce/Arrow automobile demonstration Tesla performed sometime in 1931 or 1932 in Buffalo, New York, it is said he retrofitted the car with an electric motor and provided power with a simple vacuum tube device drawing energy from the vacuum. Can you describe this simple device in detail?

RAYSON: No. Not at this time.

Student: What was the significance of the 6-foot antenna Tesla used on the Pierce/Arrow to power his energy device?

RAYSON: A good question to ask, is it not? We wish not to, as we have said before, to “give” this away. It is there, the answers are here; you can achieve them. We are not a short cut for you. We have said already that you are heading in the right directions; you are not pursuing a dead end; you are merely striving to retrace the path of one who has already accomplished this way, these things.

Student: This is his last question: What frequency is the zero-point fluctuation of the quantum energy field used in this device of Tesla’s?

RAYSON: We are pleased you are able to ask this question. We have no answer for you at this time.

Student: Thank you.

Student: I think there was a reference about us being of service during the time of transition with the anticipated arrival of the Magisterial Son. I’m wondering if you can enlighten us any more about that?

RAYSON: Certainly. As with any new event or disturbance in a society, whether there is an earthquake, forest fire, the arrival of a diplomat, Son or significant individual, there will be the full spectrum of reactions from individuals and groups of individuals. Some will say that this individual is a fake; others will say, “Where is his chariot of fire?” Others will say, “Heal me! Make me rich! Take me to heaven now!” Others will say, “This is going to be terrible for business!” and others yet will say, “Wow, what an opportunity for a new T-shirt!”

(Group laughing.)

Student: Or, that he’s an imposter.

RAYSON: Yes, and many, many, many more reactions.

And your mantra will be, “He is a brother of Jesus.” Just as the title, “The Son of God” was misconstrued when Jesus was here, for there is more than just one Son, and many levels of sonship. As you know, you are “ascending sons” of God. But truly, you can say that this individual, the Magisterial Son, was sent by God, of Christ Michael, and is his emissary, his Divine Emissary in the flesh to help this world enter into a new era of enlightenment. And the earnest ones will ask you many questions; those who are distraught, dismayed, you will not be able to reach until they come to a place of peace.

In many ways, he will be like the women at the tomb, and although you will not be able to say, “He is risen. Our Lord, Jesus Christ is risen, and he is here,” you can say that he has sent his emissary, the Magisterial Son, to continue his revelation in the flesh. He will be here for generations, and generations, and generations to come. His steadfast beacon of light and truth is for all who would listen, and who would apply those lessons to their lives.

He will say these things, that there is work to be done, lives to live, decisions to be made. You will still have to wake up in the morning and cook breakfast, prepare for school, go to work, but you will do so with a new understanding of your place and position in the universe, in this world, in your society, your family, your community. You will become ministers of the living faith; you will be anchors in your community; you will have much work to do. Your positions on school boards will take on new significance; home schooling will become updated and evolved; you will be hungry to help others learn the lessons of community building, family building, and relationship maintenance. You will have a new attitude to share about giving and being of service. The question you will then ask is, “I know what the service is; am I big enough for this?” And we reply, “Teach where you can teach,” and you will be needed. Does this answer your question?

Student: Thank you, yes.

Student: When the Magisterial Son comes in physical form, it seems that he is vulnerable to the errors of this world. Can he be protected; can we understand better how he can be protected?

RAYSON: You can answer this question yourself by relating to the life of Jesus. Jesus knew the thoughts of his persecutors, though they were many miles away. He was aware of those around him, and their intentions. The Magisterial Son will surely indeed take a great descending step from his position now, to become a material being. The capacities of his mind will far surpass any human on this planet. Yet it, and his physical being, will be so much closer to you than you realize; he will be most surely aware of the potential tragedies that those mortals who live in their own darkness would like to bring to him, that he can help them forget. Do you understand?

Student: I think so. Yes, thank you.

RAYSON: You are welcome.

Student: Did you say that he “can” or “cannot” help them forget?

RAYSON: He “can.” Have you ever prepared to go to the grocery store, gotten in your car, driven to the store, and walked down the aisle saying, “Now why did I come here?”

(Group laughing, knowingly.)

RAYSON: It is pretty easy, is it not? In many ways, the fallabilities of the mind mechanism of mortals work to the benefit and defense of the Magisterial Sons.

Student: As Van worked to prepare the garden before Adam and Eve came, will we need to prepare a place for the Magisterial Son to live and to work, or is that something his staff will take care of?

RAYSON: In a world as abundantly developed materially as yours is, that is not a concern. What is a concern is to find the right location where the individuals are philosophically and spiritually developed to accept his presence and work with that to support him.

Student: It sounds like such a wonderful event, and if it does not occur during our lifetime, is there some way—assuming that we will be on the mansion worlds—that we can have some information or some way of knowing what’s happening back on Urantia?

RAYSON: Most certainly!

Student: Good!!

Student: Are the circuits to Urantia nearing completion, or is there still a long way to go?

RAYSON: They are nearing completion. One moment…. We anticipate that they will be complete in this century.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: In many ways, the announcement and your anticipation of the arrival of the Magisterial Son, has provided a new form of thought and entertainment for you. It is much like celestial teachers sitting around conjecturing about the future. Eventually, you must get up, bid your friends adieu, and go back to work.

Student: Happily, of course!

RAYSON: With curiosity! We have prepared you as best we can for the events that follow. We know that you will not be in disappointment like the disciples in the first centuries of believers of the early church after Christ died, anticipating his “prompt” return. We know that you will not be disappointed, but that you will eagerly look forward to the arrival, either that of the Magisterial Son, or your own arrival, your welcoming home, when you arrive in the resurrection halls. Your preparation for the Magisterial Son is excellent homework to prepare you for your eventual arrival “home.”

And for those who will be here when he arrives, it will be much like taking an extended hiatus from your college studies. Eventually, you must respond, return to your studies, and continue on. There are no short cuts; there will simply be the living assurance that your living God in the form of your Magisterial Son, is with you. There will be no more second-guessing, for you will have faith “now.” We look forward to that day as well, for you, for your benefit, for your growth. The Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time will continue, though we know that your interests will be more in earnest, that you will apply your efforts more diligently, day-to-day and moment-to-moment.

Student: That’s kind of the scary part. I mean that to us, for us to whom so much has been given, such gifts as The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission, we know that to whom so much is given, much will be required and sometimes it’s kind of scary, wondering if and how we can live up to this responsibility.

RAYSON: Simply by your dedicated service, wherever that may be, and whomever you may serve.

We wish you well in the days and weeks to come. Blessings to you; know that Christ Michael is on one shoulder of you and Nebadonia on the other, embracing you, holding you dear. You are much loved, greatly cared for. You are very fortunate to have had the human living experience of Christ Michael, who understands your lives, who is part of you. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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