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NCO43 – Stillness and Our Senses

2003-11-30  Stillness and Our Senses


Northern Colorado TeaM, #43
Loveland, Colorado

Topics: Exercises In learning to transmit/receive
Entering and exiting stillness rapidly
Total mind/body experience
Asking Jesus a question

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

November 30, 2003

[Ed. note: There was something wrong with the brand new tape that I used. The static noise on the tape was much louder than any of the voices, and at times, completely drowned out the words—especially from the students, as their voices are notably softer than Daniel’s. Please excuse the many missing spots of dialog.]

Daniel: In this time of stillness, we will work specifically on the stillness. Please connect to the Merkaba. Feel the flow of energy streaming from universe center, and earth center, through the Merkaba and through each of us. If you can, sense and appreciate the presence of the many celestials, angels and other beings here with us. I’d like you to know that each of you has at least one, if not more, celestial beings, angelic beings with you, behind you, ready to assist you during these exercises today.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson.

(Good afternoon and welcome once again.)

RAYSON: Thank you. It is good to be here, my friends. Today’s exercises will be conducted through the conscious mind of the TR and with myself, after these introductory messages are complete. Today we will be practicing a process to assist you to enter into stillness rapidly, and begin to listen, hear, and see within yourself, in your mind mechanism and of another plane of awareness, those things which you perhaps may not be aware of yet.

In today’s exercise we will be using much of the historical experiences of the T/R that enabled him to learn to TR. We have tried other methods with you, so we will try this one as well. Recognize that each of you is wired differently than your neighbor, so that your inner experiences can be—probably will be—much different than your neighbors’. Today, your experiences will be shared and we will be entering into stillness numerous times today, exiting into awareness more fully and asking you to share what you have seen and heard. It is sometimes usual for individuals also to experience the other sensory awarenesses along with sight and hearing. You may hear, see, taste, feel or smell something that occurs within your perception that others could not. We wish all of you, each of you, to report after each session. This is not competition, it is not a comparison, it is simply reporting what you see, what you feel, what you hear, what you sense—even the lack thereof. This is the reporting process of inner phenomenon; this will get you acquainted with perceiving on the “inner,” a level that always is occurring with each individual, though some of you may not be aware of it. It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. This is purely, at this point, experiential.

After our sessions, we will have a closing session much like this one, where I will address you; your questions can be addressed at that time. If during our session you have questions pertaining to these exercises, please raise them. We will answer them as best we can. Now let us begin by having you open your eyes, to become aware of your friends and neighbors around you, and then we will return once again to the stillness. Please do this now. Are your eyes open? Close your eyes once more and enter back into stillness. When you are in the stillness, there are no thoughts, no decisions, nothing to think about; simply let your auditory, sensory experience process flow through without intervention. (Pause.) Now you can open your eyes once again.

Daniel: Let’s begin on my left,

Student #1, were you able to go to stillness?

Daniel: Yes.

Student#1: Through what portion of that time were you in stillness? A half, a quarter?

Daniel: Pretty much the whole time.

[And so on around the circle, with every one reporting from a quarter to nearly full time.]

Student#1: Okay, close your eyes once more and go to stillness.

Daniel: Now, I wish you to smell something from deep in your memory.  When you have achieved this, open your eyes.

For those of you with your eyes still closed, I will suggest some smells that you may be more receptive to, and when you have achieved this, open your eyes. In this state, you must not struggle to make this happen. If you are having difficulties, I will offer some examples. Do you think that you would be receptive to that, those of you who have not opened your eyes? (Yes.) Baby powder, …ammonia, …a rose, …a lemon, …baked beans, …chocolate. Do you smell something? Open your eyes. If not then I will awaken you. (Pause.) Will the one remaining person, please open your eyes.

[Daniel laughing.] You try so hard!

Student#6: Yes, I know, I’m very “trying!”


#1: I smelled gardenias.
#2: I tried oranges but it was too hard, so I let it just come, and it was chocolate.
#3: Same thing—chocolate.
#4: An apricot iris.
#5: This cherry drink.
#6: I tried to get the smell of a carnation, but I couldn’t get that. Then I tried each one of those suggestions you gave and none of those worked either, but earlier this morning, I did get the smell of ammonia, or permanent wave solution, when I was at the computer. I don’t know why, but I did. It was just one of those phantom smells that I get, that don’t make sense and seem to come from nowhere.

#6: I tried to get the smell of a carnation, a kind of a cinnamon-type smell.

RAYSON: : Did you see a picture of carnations?

Student#6: …….… I “think” I saw a white one.

Daniel: Anything else? Does anyone want to add anything else to that process that happened to you?)

[Some comments, but they were inaudible.]
#4: When you were going through that list, it just went Bing, Bing, Bing! That was kind of neat!

Daniel: Okay, let’s return to center. Be still, relaxed, void your mind of thoughts of this moment, right now, and be in stillness. (Pause.) This time, let us visualize, or sense some unique touch, something that you feel, or something you have felt that is unique. When you have actually recalled the “total feel” of this sensation, open your eyes. (Pause.) For those of you who have not opened your eyes, I will give you several things that you may have experienced: Your very first touch of a fur coat, …or rabbit fur, …or when your cat licks your hand, … the feel of your finger through soft chocolate frosting, …or butter, …mud that you used to play with, to squeeze between your fingers when you were a child, …sand beneath your feet at the beach. If you have felt any of these, or something else, then open your eyes.

#1: The first thing I felt were two fingers, the energy between them, coming closer together without touching.
#2: I felt defrosting ice with warm water. I was defrosting a cooler yesterday that had frozen solid—I had forgotten it—I was hosing it with hot water, coming out of the hot water tank; the smoothness of the ice and the coldness, and the hot water coming out of the hose.
#3: Angel hair, from the silken fringe from a shawl.
#4: [Inaudible; Paraphrased, it was the touch of hugging his wife while she was wearing a new soft, suede coat.]
#5: [Inaudible.] I did much better with the last one, sand.
#6: I started off trying to feel the soft cheek of a baby, but I couldn’t get that, so I switched. One of the cars we had had velvet upholstery, and I used to stroke the velvet all the time while traveling in that car. I did much better on this exercise. When you named things on the list, I could feel all of them. (Oh, good! If you think a cat’s tongue is scratchy, try a cow’s tongue!)
#5: Or like a calf sucking your finger!

Daniel: Do you see what the process is that we’re doing? We’re going inside, stilling our mind, and we perceive sensation that we have had, and we are coming back out and reporting what was occurring. Part of this process is to soften or ameliorate your fears of reporting. That’s basically what TR’ing is, is reporting. Often times we have a hesitancy or a social consciousness of ourselves in a group that tell us that what we are reporting is less than what we “should” be doing, or there’s guilt about it, or not feeling adequate about it—something like that. Really, that’s not even a part of the equation—I mean, that’s part of your equation as individuals—but part of the process of TRing is reporting, simply, straight forwardly, and the emotions are set aside. So what we are doing here is slowly, bit-by-bit, of setting aside your emotions, your value judgments about what you are reporting, as you set aside your ego. Okay. So let’s go back to center, close your eyes, become still—it is also a wonderful exercise to go to stillness in as short a time as possible. Each time you do this, you remind yourself that you are hooked up to the Merkaba and universe energy is going through you.

In this following exercise, we will work on something that you have tasted. Imagine something that you have tasted; recall this as if you are tasting it at this moment. When you have achieved this, open your eyes. (Pause.) If you haven’t opened your eyes by now, then I will suggest things that you may have tasted: Your favorite chocolate, …lemon meringue pie, …the paste that you used to eat in grade school, …pasta sauce, …an old #2 pencil that you used to chew on.  If you haven’t tasted one of those yet, please open your eyes anyway. Did you find that this was a little harder to do? For some people, it is harder to recall a taste than it is to recall a smell or a touch. What did you taste?

#1: A hot fudge sundae, with whip cream and a cherry on top! And I had two or three bites of it too.
#2: Turkey, cornbread and stuffing, smothered in giblet gravy.
#3: Anchovies. And melted down butter?
#4: (Inaudible).
#5: Watermelon.
#6: I tried several of my favorite things, like guacamole and several others, but I couldn’t get any of them. When you went through the list, there were probably three there that I could get a little bit.

Daniel: Did you connect with them and actually taste? Did you have an experience of actually tasting them? (#6: Not real strongly.) How is the processing going for you? Are you able to go into stillness right away? (That part is a little better.) If you have any trouble, then what you do is close your eyes—and I always visualize a candle in the dark, it’s yellow glow—and just focus on that. You don’t think about it, you just “see” it. You don’t analyze it, judge it, weigh it—it’s just there.

Student #5: But in stillness, are you not supposed to have visualizations?

Daniel: You can have visualizations, but you don’t “process” them. You don’t judge them, you don’t appraise them, you don’t think about them, you don’t recall something that was related to them—it just goes through. That will continue to happen when you are TRing. You will continue to have processes—it’s kind of amazing—you’ll be able to hold a conversation with your guide and TR at the same time—TRing is so much faster! You go through so much more conversation with your celestial teacher than you can by talking to someone across the table. It’s really kind of amazing.

Okay. And so you are able to go there rapidly, and so on?

Student #5: In trying to keep all thoughts out, then that’s difficult.

Daniel: Then what you do is focus your mind on something—a recollection, a candle or whatever. For years I’d close my eyes and see the outline of Jesus’ face, all in grays and blacks. For people who have meditated for years and gone to the stillness, basically they don’t bypass it, but everything goes by very quickly, like leaves being blown out of the doorway by a wind, or something like that—it just happens rather quickly and they go right to stillness, because it’s a habit for them. But if you have gas in your stomach, you’d better go take care of it because it will bother you! Okay, ready for another one?

Close your eyes and settle your body. Release all stiffness, soreness, tension. (Pause.) For this exercise, we will be visualizing something—actually seeing it rather than visualizing it. Something that you have seen, something so impregnated in your mind that its clarity is as vivid in your mind as the day you first saw it. (Pause.) Be it a picture, or a natural scene—anything that has to do with your eyes or vision. When this vision is clear, then open your eyes. (Pause.) If you haven’t gotten a visual image of a first experience, I will provide some examples: The first time you came to the location where you eventually built your house, …your first memorable birthday party, … seeing the christening or the baptizing of an infant, …a wedding, …first new car. (Pause.) Please open your eyes.

______, I hope you don’t mind me always starting with you—you are so comfortable with it.
#1: I saw a beautiful fountain that I had seen once before, down in Guatemala, the nicest one I have seen for quite awhile, in the sunlight, shining through some trees, so it was kind of shady, but beautiful and clear.
#2: The first thing that popped into my mind was this apple, a perfect apple and I rotated it around in my mind to look at it, and then I said, wait a minute—that’s not what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be looking at the “first thing”, something like the first time I saw a sunrise, out my bedroom window, the oak trees in the winter time with that as a background.
#3: Huge cloud formations, towering, with the pink/purple glow of a sunset.
#4: The view from a bike trail, the panorama of …? I was so taken by it, I rode off the trail and went over the edge. About five feet below, I landed in the bushes upside down with my bike on top of me. The bike was light, so I wasn’t hurt a bit. I got up and got back on the trail. I lost my camera, so I came back and was finally able to find it. What bothered me was I couldn’t remember the name of the exact mountain range—it was just a beautiful panorama. (You were immersed in it, weren’t you?)
#5: It scared the ‘begeebers” out of me to see him go off the cliff!

(Daniel: So what was the scene you saw, him going over the cliff?)

#5:  No, I saw a particularly beautiful tree that we have in our neighborhood. It’s perfectly symmetrical; so lovely! Even without leaves, it’s still pretty. That is the first thing that popped into my mind.
#6: I tried to keep it simple because I was having trouble with this. I tried to visualize the full moon, and I was having trouble keeping that image going, so then I remembered a time with my husband when we went to a concert at Red Rocks. Chuck Mangione and his group were playing the music from the movie, “2001,” just as this harvest moon, bright orange, rose up from the horizon, with just one little thin cloud moving across the center of it. (Now that’s a memory vision!) I can think of a lot of memories, but trying to visualize them is difficult. I can think of a lot of things that I have enjoyed looking at, but I have trouble bringing them back into the now. And seeing anything in color is difficult, except for that harvest moon.

Daniel: That’s what we are trying to achieve, is “see it right now,” as the first time you experienced it. Okay, let’s shut the recorders off and take a little break.
Daniel: Let’s close our eyes and become comfortable and still; take a deep breath through your mouth and your nose, which you have already done, and go to the stillness. (Pause.) In this exercise, you will be recalling, actually hearing now—right now—something someone told you one time, something positive, something you heard that impacted your life. (Pause.) And when you have this in mind, when you have actually heard in this moment of “now,” please open your eyes. (Pause.)

#1: I heard the voice of George, a friend of mine from Michigan when I started there as a City Manager, he was on the city council, and he said, “How did you find your friends from the last city you were in?” I said, “Fine.” And he said, “That’s how you’ll find them here!” (That’s good! Good advice.)
#2: I heard the voice of a lady named …inaudible… who gave me some advice after a seminar. We were exploring “who we are,” (inaudible).)
#3: I heard the voice of my grandmother. [Parts were inaudible, and therefore paraphrased.] We were sitting on the porch swing and watching a sunset of brilliant reds and purples, and she said, “When I pass over, I will make a dress for you of that color, and will have it waiting for you when you get there.” I’ve never forgotten that!
#4: I was five years old, and it was during the Depression. We lived with a Great Aunt, and we lived up in the attic. I was running up and down the stairs—that was great fun—and I was stomping and creating so much motion that a light fixture fell off of the ceiling. My Aunt was furious, and Dad was just coming in the door. She said, “You’ve got to do something with this boy!” I was a few steps up the stairs, when he started after me. He caught me real quick and said softly, “Start screaming.” [Much laughter from the group.] He came up behind me roaring, and when we got to the top of the stairs, he picked me up and started bouncing me on the bed, and whispered, “Holler!” So I was yelling, “Oh, no don’t Dad! I won’t do it any more. Help!” When we finally came down, my Aunt was mollified.
#5: What I heard was a friend that I had helped bring her out of her depression, and I had said to her that she was” beautiful and she was precious.” I don’t know if that was exactly what happened, but anyway, apparently there was something in our interaction that was quite meaningful to her and I was totally oblivious of it at the time. It was 20 years later that she told me this. (Daniel: And what did you recall—what were the words?) “That you are very beautiful and very precious.” (So you recall telling her that?) Well, that’s what came to me. (Okay. Good.)
#6: It was when I was very small, about three, and I lived with my grandparents in Iowa, while my dad was in the Navy. They used to have these horrible thunderstorms, where the clouds just settled down between the houses and the lightening was flashing intensely, and the thunder was so loud, it would break windows. I used to get very frightened—probably because my mother was frightened as well—but anyway, my grandfather would sit me on his knee and bounce me up and down and tell me stories about Thor, the Thunder God, and how he rolled potatoes across the bridge to make the thunder, and all this kind of stuff. I couldn’t remember his exact words, but I remember him telling me all these Danish fairy tales.

Daniel: All right! I think we’re doing great. Let’s get prepared for the next one. Close your eyes, be still, take a breath, release your tension, and be in stillness. (Pause.) In this next exercise, we want you to recall what some people call a “total mind/body experience,” similar to the last two descriptions we had. This is where you experience the—it’s like snuggling in the lap of a grandparent, as they told you stories and you felt very secure—some experience that you felt at another time in your life, that is almost over whelming to your senses, and you had an over whelming feeling within yourself. (Pause.) Within this scene, we wish you to report back the many feelings that occurred in your body, your emotions and your mind if possible. When you have this, please open your eyes. (Pause.) A suggestion for those of you who have not opened your eyes, it might be the total mind/body experience—perhaps a positive one, but don’t necessarily condition it that way—when you were told that you were going to be a new mother or father, … or you received your orders to go over seas, … when you heard of your oldest child, or another child, being involved in an accident and was unconscious, …or when you received the first news that you passed the bar exam, or certification of some sort—the kind of experiences that seemed to overrun both body and mind. (Pause.) If you haven’t recalled something of this sort, please open your eyes anyway.

During this reporting back, we will be doing much of what #4, 5, and 6 were doing, much like a very good screen writer would be portraying, or would write, or a novelist to just get you there “in that moment.”

#1: Yeah, I got three scenes, right away, that had to do with skiing.

[Described in detail. These have been omitted form the text for the sake of brevity of the transcript.]

#2: My experience was with my grandparents. [Described]

#3: Mine was the last evening of my father, who died in the hospital. [Described in detail

#4: [Very faint and highly emotional. This is partially paraphrased.] I was having a past-life experience. I was a young man in my 20’s; I was in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. I was in a room, about four feet below ground level, with a dirt floor, adobe construction with poles on the ceiling, a thatched roof, and a set of stairs going up to ground level. I was expecting someone. Jesus came through the door, embraced me…(inaudible)… I shook, and dropped to the floor and kissed his feet.) [The rest is totally inaudible and very emotional.]

Daniel: Your experience of that is as real as it was at that moment? (Yes.) Thank you. Next?

#5: Well what I was feeling was fairly simple and yet it seemed profound. My dog, Tauzer had died, and I was off by myself in the orchard behind the house [description continues].

#6: When my youngest son was a new infant, born a little prematurely, he was really small and fragile. [Description continues.]

Daniel: Let’s go ahead and relax and become centered; return to stillness. (Pause.) If you have extra energy in your body that won’t become calmed, then see it draining into the floor, into the earth. As this happens, you are in-filled with clear, crystalline energy from Paradise. You are fresh; you are at peace; you are still.

In this next exercise, I want you to assume the person of John Mark or Jesus’ sister, Ruth. And if you are John Mark, then you are walking with Jesus, and Jesus is answering your questions; Jesus is speaking to you, and you are there with him. If you have taken the person of Ruth, the same thing will occur. You are walking along a path; if you are John Mark, you are half way up the mountain, carrying the basket; if you are Ruth, you are going to the well to gather water. You ask Jesus a question, one that pertains to you. And he stops and you face him, and you look into his eyes and he gives you an answer, or several answers to your question. Now listen to what he is saying. (Pause.) If he speaks to you, his answer may be just three or four words, or it may be many. These words are for you. (Pause.) And when he is through speaking to you, please open your eyes.

If you have assumed the person of John Mark, then Jesus closes by saying, “Let me carry the basket a ways.” And if you are Ruth, Jesus takes the full pitcher, the full water container and you both walk back towards home. (Pause.) Let’s take a couple more minutes to complete this and then…(Pause)… Please open your eyes.

#1: I was visualizing myself as John Mark. I asked Jesus what I could do to help God do his work through me? He said, “Listen to your guides, do those things…?…. (How did it feel?) It felt good; I didn’t want to come back! I wanted to stay where I was; I was enjoying the walk. (Did you feel his presence?) Yes, I did.

#2: I took on the personality of Ruth and as I was walking towards the well, I asked Jesus why he had to leave. We looked into each other’s eyes—I’ll never forget that gaze, and he said, “Wouldst thou ask the people to come to the mountain when my Father has required of me, the mountain, to go to the people? You have enjoyed my personage, now it is time to let others enjoy that same experience.” That was all. (How did it feel?) Heh! Like talking to Michael would feel! Pretty overwhelming in the voice and the presence—just what he can communicate with a glance! Just looking into his eyes was awesome, just feeling it in the heart, just feeling his faith! Yeah, I can see why she would be upset about that, somehow. (Thank you.)

#3: I walked as Ruth. I asked him how to overcome so much skepticism, and mistrust and to know, how to lead …?…. He told me I gave authority to the right source, and that I just need to continue going the way I was going, because he walked with me. Very authoritative! And very reassuring! (Did it feel like “present tense?”) Oh yeah! Present tense, that moment, forever!

#4: I walked as young John Mark. I asked him, “Master, when I am a little older, can I be a Disciple? He said, “John Mark, you are so much more than that! You are …(the rest was unintelligible).” (It didn’t feel like you were watching a television screen, did it?) No,…?…. (Good.)

#5: Well, I was Ruth, walking along with Jesus, and I asked him, “How can I know the Father like you do? And he said to me, “When it is your intention and your desire to know the Father, you will. Just keep having conversations with him; spend time with him, especially in the morning and the evening, and it is good to do it at noon, too. Anytime you are faced with a decision or if you come to a crossroads and you are wondering whether to go to the right or the left or straight ahead, just ask. You may not get an answer—what seems like an answer—right away, or you may get it through some other person or some experience, or you may realize you got the answer as you reflect on it, sometime later on. Or you may not get the answer until sometime later because it may not be something you are ready for.” And I was thanking him profoundly for being such a good father and brother, and that I would feel bad when he went away, and he said, “You will always be with me.” (Good!) That was very peaceful and loving, a wonderful experience!

#6: It was very strange! I started off trying to be Ruth, and I could not come up with a single question, but it just felt perfectly comfortable walking side-by-side, with neither one of us saying anything. I just could tell that I was unable to come up with a question, so I tried to be John Mark for a while, and the same thing happened! I could not come up with a question, but it just felt right to be walking beside him, silently. That was enough, just to do that. (Sometimes silence is the best communicator.) (Another student: Just experiencing his presence!)

#2: Oh by the way, I heard the sound of meadowlarks while we were walking. I forgot to mention that.

Daniel: I haven’t often instructed you to do that, but oftentimes, when you are in these scenes, there is a lot going on around you, besides the interaction between the characters. If you kind of listen to the dialog, and take in what’s happening around the characters, you get the whole scene! When you start that, then you begin visualizing and you’ll see the scene—it’s like two pictures, one is an overlay of the characters, and it’s like you have an omni view, an omni presence in that presence, and it’s really rich! I don’t know how it works, but it does.

Student #5: Did Rayson encourage you to do this last visualization or was this an exercise that you thought of?

Daniel: No, we’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, and I’ve written down the things that work and whatnot. And then we had a little discussion this morning about it. But the last 2 or 3 have been pretty spontaneous, and hadn’t been given to me before hand. Are you comfortable with this? How’s it feel?

Students: Yeah. It’s welcome! Wonderful.

Daniel: Okay, let’s try another one. Relax. I already know you are in stillness. (Pause.) Once again, in this exercise, you will be in the presence of Jesus. You are actually able to feel and be in his presence. It’s like we heard, you are walking along in silence with him. You can feel your robe, as well as your sandals, feel the heat of the day, the dust, animal smells, and the warmth of the sun on your face. Feel the grandeur of walking side-by-side with Jesus. (Pause.) You look up at Jesus and sense that he wants to tell you something, and so you ask, “What do you want to tell me, Master?” And when you hear Jesus speak, I wish you to repeat his words, aloud now. Who ever comes first, just start and then the next person can continue. You might hear it word-by-word, piece-by-piece, or it might be a whole sentence. Whatever it is, repeat what he is saying to you. (Pause.) Would anyone like to start?

Student #5: “I want you to know how loved and valued you are!”

Daniel: Can I talk to Jesus through you? (No reply.)

Student #4: “I want you to know me, my son. Stay the course; do not be discouraged. The race is long …?…. (Rest inaudible, but quite lengthy.) Share this love, this…?…. “ (Daniel: Thank you. Anyone else?)

Student #1: You may wonder what is going on with this world today, how it’s all become clouded. There is guidance being provided; things will come out in the right direction. All the fractures, trauma, but also loving care of Michael, …(Rest inaudible and also lengthy.)….caring for one another. This has become……there are times when one must walk through the valley of the shadow of death……..understand…..for your brothers and sisters, move forward…. (Daniel: Thank you.).

Student #2: (Completely inaudible except for isolated words here and there.)
……………?…………….take my hope and do my will. The Correcting Time is upon us. ……………move forward…………………..

Daniel: Thank you.

Daniel: Someone else? (Pause.) If you don’t feel comfortable in repeating his words to you, then go ahead and have a conversation with him as you did in the last session. And then when we open our eyes, we would like to hear what you experienced. (Pause.) Take a few more moments, please. Open your eyes.

Student #5: J, (#2), I was getting pretty much the same message you did, about being not afraid to share your experience, or light. (Student #2: Someone’s going to have to repeat back what I said because I’m not sure I understand what happened.) What has been given to us, not to be concerned, to be courageous about sharing what comes to us, and when we feel like sharing, it doesn’t matter if someone seems to reject this, or to be scorned or critical—that doesn’t matter. At some future time perhaps, that seed may take hold, and not to be inhibited, and he even mentioned my daughter’s name.

Student #2: It’s such a strange process! I didn’t understand what was being said; I really didn’t know what he meant, which is why I told myself,” just let it go, because if you start talking,” I just had this gut feeling, because I’ve had this happen before, somehow, that if I start looking at it, and make sense out of it, I start examining it and then it goes away. So I say, okay, who cares, just let it go out there.

Student#5: I could hardly hear you, but it sounded somewhat poetic, somehow.

Daniel: It is a strange process. #3, did you have an experience?

Student #3: Uh huh! Very emotional! I don’t want to talk about it. I was about 8 years old, walking beside him. (Slight pause.) Go to someone else for a while!

Student #6: I got no words at all. I really felt that I stayed in the stillness, but nothing came.

Daniel: Now often times, people who don’t report also experience many phenomena that they didn’t perceive or didn’t recognize as being important. And so, it could be that you saw a blue cloud; it could be that you saw a red disk; or it could be that you saw lines of dots, traveling across, or it could be any kind of unusual phenomena, because you are really entering into the transpersonal zone of consciousness, where you are asking to hear from another level, which we cannot feel, see, hear, sense or touch, smell—and I’ve been part of groups where—well, you heard from _______, she would see colors and she would see lines, and see the change of energy. Some people perceive differently than others

Student #6: At first, we were walking along, and then that just faded out and it didn’t seem like anything was going on, no senses at all.

Daniel: Oftentimes, what can act as a good catalyst, or a promoter of new psycho/spiritual input, is to ask Jesus questions. It could be, “Well, how are your sandals fitting today, Jesus?”

[Big laugh from the group.]

“Don’t those pebbles just cause you all sorts of grief?” It could be anything; it could be, “Well, Jesus, what’s your favorite color?” Just anything! And you begin the dialog yourself—that’s what I am trying to teach you today, is how to begin the dialog and what it feels like; what it feels like to be there, and we haven’t done that yet…you were directed to ask questions, but you can do this anytime, and go there, and get that wisdom. And if you have a problem that you’ve been chewin’ on, when Jesus said, “Take it to me,” he really means that. You sit down in the stillness and ask Jesus to be with you. Take a walk with him, down the path, and ask your question, whatever it is.

I don’t know of any judgments he would have that he wouldn’t answer you about. “Shall I get the red car or the green car?” He will truly have an answer—of course he would probably say, “It’s your choice.” But to hear him say that…that’s how I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of wisdom about what they say and the wisdom that comes through is through this dialog, and you can talk about anything! He is “user friendly!” He truly is and part of what we are trying to teach you today, is to recall the feeling—just like a smell, a touch, a taste—because if you can recall a feeling of being in the presence of Jesus, Jesus is IN your presence!

It’s not that you have to have that feeling, but we get more rapidly into sync with his vibration, his energy, and receptive to his presence, when we are able to be at all those levels, simultaneously. It’s kind of like getting into your car and someone else has been driving it—you’ve got to change the mirror, change the seat, change the outside mirror, the steering wheel tilt, and they always leave it in reverse, and you never do.

So what you want to do is create this environment for yourself to do this. When I dialog at home, oftentimes, to keep track, I ask the questions out loud, and then I hear the answers and I paraphrase it back. Then I get an affirmative or a negative, or an interpretation of what I’ve said; I get some correction that way. And then, most TR’s, start off by hearing his voice—most people can hear Jesus—honest to goodness, they can! They can hear Jesus speak to them, and what you do then is kind of like, you record, and then talk, record, talk, and pretty soon, over time the process just gets truncated, and pretty soon, Jesus is just coming through your mouth. I don’t know how more clearly to describe it than that. It’s a matter of practice. In today’s practice, I was really glad to see that you were all able to go in and out of stillness, really rapidly. I thought that was good. I don’t think our longest stillness was longer than five minutes, was it? It couldn’t have been. Maybe the first one was longer, but the rest were really quite short.

Student #5: Just curious—I was trying to visualize that candle or that light, and I couldn’t get it. What I got was a very soft, velvety blackness that was very comfortable.

Daniel: That’s good!

Student#5: A very soft black—so often black is associated with something negative, but this was very soft and pleasant. Comfortable!

Student #2: I had an experience like that too, with gray, but it’s different. In my mind’s eye, it’s like I’m sitting outside of myself, looking at that color and thinking nothing. It just comes so easy!

(Group all agrees; it was much easier today!)

Student#2: Could it really be this easy when you think of nothing?

Daniel: I think what you’ll find, and I really suggest that you do this, is if you are working around a personal problem, it could be fear, ego, self-esteem, your consciousness—being aware of yourself, or not being aware of yourself—take that to Jesus. It’s just amazing what Jesus will have to say to you about yourself. And if you want—I think we should do it right now—it would be a good thing to go into another session, and then after that, we’ll ask Rayson to speak to us.

(Group asked for a stretch-break.)
* * * * * * * * * *

Daniel: Okay. Reconnect to the Merkaba, please, and into stillness.

RAYSON: Well, my dear friends, as you can see from this experience you have had this afternoon, that this is not much removed from your current state of consciousness. It is progressive, there is an evolution, there is unexplored territory, and once you explore this territory, it is known. As you explore more, it becomes friendly; you realize that Christ Michael has prepared this area of contact for you to be peaceful, to be loving, accepting, and safe. We do wish and hope that you will experience this at home, and in your stillness, surround yourself with the presence of Christ Michael. Do this with purposeful intention, and then ask your Heavenly Father, Creator/ Brother a question, some advice that he might have for you for your life, at this time, in whatever situation you need advice. And my friends, I do the same.

Beginning this wonderful presence, practicing the presence—your presence—in the presence of Jesus, Christ Michael, practicing the presence of him, being with you, is all the same. And as with any skill, this is something that you would want to practice daily, several times a week, twice daily, perhaps. And you will come to appreciate and recognize the validity of this process, that you can do it, and that you are special to Christ Michael. You are special to his entire domain, and you are truly loved. And all of the answers that you have ever wished for, desired, to guide your life where you are so uncertain, those answers are available to you. And your choice is to act on that advice, or not, to incorporate a new way of living into your life. Some of you will go on to become TR’s, and as you know, each of you now does TR, by yourself. And just as there is no stigma with who you are, there is no stigma for what you do in the presence of Jesus. His presence is real; his acceptance of you is real; his advice to you is real. And the criterion of measuring that is very simple—Christ Michael will never give you bad advice!

There will be times when you will wonder whether it is truly you or Christ Michael, and as you look through the messages, you examine the messages that you have received, you will soon be able to tell the difference. Sometimes it will change within the message; do not let this make you fearful, but prepare more carefully for your dialog process with Christ Michael. That is why we ask you to connect to the Merkaba, to drain your negative energies, to come at peace—emotionally, physically, mentally—so that when you come to this quiet place and dialog with Christ Michael, with Jesus, you will know that he is there, rather than yourself.

The practice of the stillness is a wonderful practice, and as you know now, you can enter it very rapidly, and exit, re-enter, exit, and re-enter many times during the day. All it takes is time, a few moments, an intention, which takes a few moments, and then being in the stillness. We know that you have questions all during the day about your life, about your situation, about your relationships, about who you are, what you are, your worth—and all through the day, you can go to these moments and receive answers. We bless you this day, as you have experienced this new frontier of consciousness, it is a privilege for us to assist you to this goal, to this place, for it marks a new plateau of your growth, and your receptivity and your education. This is the frontier of more conscious light, in the loving presence of your Master.

I think for today, let us defer any questions, and remain in the stillness, past the end of this transmission. Open your eyes when you are ready to. Now, we wish you to feel this benediction: Visualize Jesus with his arms out-stretched, and the energy from his hands, entering your heart, your mind; you feel his presence and know that you are loved; know that nothing in his universe is withheld from you. Good day.

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