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NCO46.1 – Special Announcement to all Groups


Group: Northern Colorado TeaM #46.1

Topic: Simultaneous message to all groups

Teacher: Un-named being from Ascendington (TR, Daniel Raphael)

January 29, 2004

Un-named:  Good evening, this is a voice from Ascendington. I am here to share with you the news that soon the Magisterial Son will walk upon your planet. Do not anticipate that he will come with pomp and circumstance, but appear as a stranger among you, unannounced. Some of you will recognize him immediately; others of you will not. To those of you who recognize this presence, greet him, welcome him and embrace him. In our terms, he will be among you almost immediately; in your terms, you may expect he will be among you before many months pass—not years, but months.

This transmission is provided in concert with those other transmissions that are now being received. When you patch these together, you will have a much more descriptive, informative message. This is our means of providing a spontaneous global-wide communication that is not selective to any one group. Be at peace; be well. Good evening.

(Thank you from the group.)

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