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NCO47 – Patience, Living in Harmony

2004-02-15 Patience, Living in Harmony

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM #47

Topics: Patience
Maintaining equilibrium
Seeking “oneness of being”
Q& A – Differences of opinion over messages
Subtleties of influence
Moderating enthusiasm
Why were we asked about ET’s?
Motivating deeper thinking
Archive project
Building communities
Living in harmony is a learned process
Global community and consciousness
Sounding AH for peace

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

February 15, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. I thank you for your energies to bring yourselves here today. I appreciate your company, your attendance and your attention. You see my friends, how distracting events around you can [be] and have been, and you are beginning to see how even more distracting they will become in the future. You will have difficulties; some of you will have great difficulties maintaining a sense of equilibrium, clear insight, connected-ness to spirit and attention to your own spiritual practices for your growth. We urge you, above all else, to remember in all circumstances, under any great difficulties or the simplicity of life, there is always the “One,” the One who is within you, the One who is also the First Source and Center. Remember that you are directly connected to this One, and that through this One, this one connection, this one being, your sacred relationship with it is primary. When all else around you becomes frayed and frenetic, be at peace; go to that place of stillness, realign yourself, your center, and your activity with your center with stillness, and be at peace. Here within this place, you will come to know love, acceptance, appreciation, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness—that “Oneness of Being” that you long for in all your life. Blessings to you, through these days, weeks, months and years, as you work with these new developments on your planet.

I have visited with all of you during the past few weeks, and have discovered that there is much on your mind—your individual mind. You are striving to find your own “oneness” with your mortal brothers and sisters, and you do not yet have the morontial tools to assist you in making those deeper connections, achieving those deeper understandings of the motivations of them, and this is unsettling and confusing to some of you. We urge you to let these things go—not give up on them, surely not—but let them go without restraint, without ownership; let them flow into your life and out; be at peace.

We also perceive that you have many questions. In your lack of full understanding, many questions are understandable; even those, which are seemingly obvious, the answers may not seem as obvious, so let us begin today with settling your minds about this, for you will not be able to receive the lesson, with these on your mind. I will be most patient with you, as you ferret out these questions in your mind. I will answer them as always, the best I can; in those situations and questions where I cannot, I will say as much.

Student: Do you have any more to tell us about Monjoronson’s activities and arrival, and planning for us of things that we can continue to look for to do, to assist?

RAYSON: Well, dear friend, there have been recent postings on the universe broadcasts about that; here a bouts, for your edification, there have been few changes, none significant to report at this time. The passage of a few days or a few weeks, oftentimes does not bring forth major changes, though we know that the reports you have been reading the past weeks and months, have almost been startling to you. Though these were slow in developing, they came to your awareness only slowly, and “all of a sudden” to you in your perception.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: You are welcome.

Student: Rayson, the various teaching mission students have been going through a kind of process of discernment that at times, seems to be splitting the group apart, rather than making us “one.” A lot of it has to do with the messages we’ve been given, and sometimes there has been some confusion generated. Is there anything that can help us get through this period of turmoil with each other?

RAYSON: Certainly. First of all, these messages were not forthcoming to you to cause dissention or division among your people. Second, I advise all of you to be much like the “contemplative orders,” where you listen, observe, take in the wisdom, take in the information, and not draw judgments or opinions or estimations, but just as they have, they nod their heads, acknowledge, “Uh huh, I’ve heard that,” and let it be.

As in past communications of the Teaching Mission, there have been errors, such as this, where there has not been agreement among mortals, though through the passage of time, those messages have been validated that are substantive in material and content. If you were to listen to your own thinking, micro-second to micro-second, you would be in confusion as to your own opinion and judgments about yourself; yet over a long period of time, you were sure about yourself, you know who you are, where you are going, what you are to do and what you wish to do.

So too, we ask you to be patient with this process. What comes through one TR may be different than what comes through another. But through the passage of time, and the patient estimation of receiving of this information, you will find a consistent path, that is also consistent with the message of Michael and Nebadonia, and the workings of the universe. This is not necessarily a lesson—an intentional lesson for you in the Teaching Mission, it is simply part of the co-creative process of us working with you, and communicating with you and through you.

If we caution you that the subtleties of influence are powerful, think of the days when you are down in the “dumps,” depressed—though not clinically depressed or on medication, but just kind of “down”—what is your worldview of that time? Are you cynical? Are you pessimistic? Think of those days when you are joyful, ebullient, in that heady, euphoric state of living when all is well. What happens during those days when you look at the world—is it wonderful? Are you filled with joy? Do you love and relish the process of living? Surely, you do. And does this influence your thinking? Yes, quite obviously, it does. We ask you to be mindful of this powerful influence in your thinking, as you weigh and estimate, as you listen to and contemplate, the messages from the teachers through the mortals, the TR’s.

Your reactions often times reflect or transpose upon the content of the messages, and when you share this immediately with friends, you cast a shadow upon that message to others. Or, it may be, an extra brightness in the message that you send to others. Your attitude, how you feel, your body/mind chemistry fully affects what you say and how you say it to others; it is much like taking pictures with a sophisticated camera, where you can over-expose or under-expose the picture by changing the increments of a light meter. Think what happens when all of you are so greatly influenced by the joy that you feel of Monjoronson’s coming.

We do not want to be a wet blanket on your party, throw water on the fire in your souls, upon your beliefs and on your faith, yet we caution you to moderate the depths and the highs of your feelings about this, and particularly so, how you estimate position of other mortals, and their opinions about this. It is the process of living with differences that you are working with. It is easy to live with similarities, like-mindedness, identical opinions, but living with differences sets in motion, an old mind-set, competition, one-up-man-ship, comparisons with other individuals, superiority or inferiority.

We wish this movement to be successful, long term, to change the character of your world. Michael does not work with “flash-in-the-pan” solutions—here today and gone tomorrow—he is here, always here, always will be; his influence is ever present on your planet, ever near to you. Yes, we know that this model is a most difficult one to achieve during your lifetime; he, as we, only ask you to strive towards the accomplishment of that model in your life, knowing full-well, that few of you, if any, will fully achieve that; but in the striving, you will grow; you will mature—you will always be conscious of yourself, thinking, estimating, judging or accepting, contemplating, reflecting upon these situations.

To make my last point concerning this, consider what happened to your economy during the ‘90’s when it was so robust, when everyone was investing so mightily, so optimistic that they would double, triple, quadruple or even multiply their investments by a hundred or a thousand fold. That has passed, has it not? Millions of people have lost billions, upon billions—hundreds of billions of dollars—through that folly. So we caution you, about your enthusiasm. Pull hard, pull long, pull steady, but pull, and we pull with you. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you for your answer!

Student: There was a question this week posted by the 24 councilors that wanted our opinions about contact with beings from other worlds—I’m not talking about the celestial teachers, but mortals from other planets. Is that just testing the waters to see where everybody was with that scenario, or was there a deeper purpose?

RAYSON: Could you rephrase, please?

Student: There was a question that came through a transmission by Adam, asking for our input about the coming of alien beings from other planets, other mortals, and whether we would want this immediately, or whether we were fearful about it, or whatever. I was just wondering what was the main reason behind this? I can’t see that our opinions would make any difference as to whether they [the ET’s] were to come or not. I’m curious about the meaning behind this question; why we were asked this question?

RAYSON: Your question is many layered; I will do the best I can. First, who is afraid, depends on who is asked the question. If TM members are accepting of mortal extraterrestrials, then should ET’s then arrive and speak to them alone? Whereas the majority of population are even skeptical that they exist—while others are fearful that they may—and yet, even more are paranoid of the potential malevolence of their intent for contacting mortals on this planet? Discerning the question requires deeper thought about the audiences/audiences and how they feel. This is a specialized communication to a small percentage of your population. I do not bring you an answer to that question or questions.

The intent? Perhaps the intent is to motivate you to think more deeply about the question, about the potential contact, about your group, about your special place in your society. What is the intent? That must be asked of the author, as we have spoken before. We are in general, aware of most activities of the Teaching Mission/Correcting Time that occur on your planet, yet we do not represent those individual bodies or groups. I suggest that the group, through whom this came, to address their questions in return. It is not that this is not the right forum; it is probably one of the least productive were you to pursue it. Answers would be much more forthcoming from that source. Do you see this response as being unfriendly?

Student: No, not at all.

RAYSON: Thank you.

Student: Do you have any more to add about the archive project? We’ve made a great deal of progress in the last two weeks, but the process seems to be losing steam a little.

RAYSON: Archival projects are much like the Correcting Time—they require a steady application of effort and efficiency and effectiveness to get the job done. Patience is a primary ingredient for any archivist. Organization in the archives must be certainly a second. Losing steam is a natural fact of most mortals on your planet; enthusiasm comes and goes, with the excitement of the topic. We simply ask that individuals, who contribute, groups that contribute to the archives, strive in material ways to support it.

It is a progressive development, one that must remain contemporary with its technologies, yet making it accessible to those who perhaps may not be in-step with those temporary technologies. We admire your rapid response to this need. We salute those of you who have taken roles of leadership to guide its course. You honor the process by remaining patient, observing, discerning developments, knowing when to let poor opportunities pass, and to wait for new, more beneficial opportunities. This too, is an instance of a lesson lived; just because you put out a request for something to occur, and you receive an answer from your environment, from business, for whatever it may come that seems disagreeable or unworkable, does not mean that you have failed. The message is simply, “Wait! Be patient; continue to try.” This is a process of living out the process of being a material being with spiritual intentions in a material world. In your own personal archives of your mind, make sure you keep track of what works and what does not. Always pursue the practicality of the universe; do not pursue failures, or failed rabbit trails, but follow the parallels. [This is Daniel: That got awfully thready…] Are there other questions?

Student: Rayson, do you have any guidance to provide at this time about building community?

RAYSON: Certainly. Here too, the message is simple: Be patient! Seek those who are like-minded, who appreciate [the] wonderful nuances that community provides, security provides, integrity, the whole-ism that good working community provides. It is a wonderful augmentation to the growth of individuals and promotes the development of healthy family structures. Always within community, make accessible the resources of the larger community to individual and to their family. Do not make assumptions that individuals or families “know” how to live successfully in families or in communities. Living in harmony is a learned process, just as living in war is a learning process.

Visions of other planet’s successes that have traversed similar travail as your planet would reveal that community is continuous, meaning geographically, historically. It is social and many layered, as you are discovering community is many layered—you live in a social, geographic community, economic community, political community, [and] world community. You are finding that the bounds of some of these communities are global. Through community, you will learn that you truly are brothers and sisters, worldwide, under the Father-ship, parental Father-ship of your creator, Christ Michael. It is very simple: appreciating that on every social, economic, financial, political contact, it is hard to maintain. Community is acknowledging the commonality of all, and it is not one plan vs. another plan, or community competition with another community, it is simply that communities have definable boundaries/limits, past which they do not function well. Accept that community has limitations, but their limitations far surpass individualism, and the stark reality that you see around you of the survival of the fittest, for not everyone is fit.

Do not give up on this ideal; it is more than an idea, it is a desirable goal, something that must be an eventuality to come into existence, to pacify the nature of your planet. Do not be hesitant to preach this message, to share it at every opportunity when you discern that someone is willing to listen. We are not talking about Utopianism, for that is as wasteful as war. Communities thrive through the empowerment and the success of individuals, and therein lies the definition and measure of successful communities and families. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you!

Student: Rayson, I have a question. Yesterday there was an organized effort that hopefully organized a global effort to help heal the planet earth with toning and I was wondering if you’d care to comment on its effectiveness?

[Ed. Refers to an email campaign to “sound an AH for peace” at noon on Valentines Day.]

RAYSON: Certainly.

[This is Daniel. Sometimes when you are sitting here waiting for a response and they are all huddled back here, whispering together, like “Did you hear about that? How did it go? What do you think? Was anybody there? Were you invited?”] (Group laughing.)

RAYSON: To answer your question succinctly, yes, it made a difference. Broadly speaking, it is one of many thousands of influences over time that will bring about changes in attitude and frequencies and the “tone,” so to speak, of nations. All global efforts for positive outcomes, positive influence upon all people equally, without prejudice, for or against individuals, societies, nations are all beneficial. They are all typical of your future civilization. Global efforts are for the benefit of your planet, a value …(word indistinct)… that individuals can influence the larger society, the larger domain of your people. This is very empowering; when millions become billions in concert to influence your planet, you will see visible changes around and these practices signal readiness for a better world by individuals. The connected-ness globally, of individuals in an effort as this, is commendable; it is the development of a short-term community.

Now, if you were able to hold that like-mindedness as a common attitude, a common conscious attitude, that is held with other millions of people simultaneously, you could affect huge changes on your planet in short order; but that requires consciously holding that in mind. Later, evolution of your mind mechanism, will allow this to be felt by individuals globally; you will consciously know that you are connected and hold the same values concerning this topic or other topics with millions or billions of other individuals. That is a step of consciousness that awaits you. Until then, your individual efforts to consciously connect at a particular time, a particular day helps you a larger global community. Eventually, individuals will be connected by more powerful means to affect changes in their nations and community. Until then, events as this are encouraged. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, it does, and I’m curious as to what the “more powerful means” are that you referred to?

RAYSON: Let me give you an example: It will not be a direct example—let us say that you are part of a large corporation that is a holding company for many other corporations and businesses globally—those individuals within the corporation are connected to others, and they transfer up and down information about the status of their organization about sales, about costs, profit, about personnel changes, and so on—imagine a holding company, so to speak, of organized individuals who hold opinions, hold positions of influence, and were connected. With good intent, much good can be done. As you know, there are organizations as this that currently exist for profit or for selfish reasons, and they are effective as well, though toward for their own ends. Positive change in your world will come about when positive intentions are joined together. (Tape turned) [The means] already exist for this to occur; it only requires the willingness of individuals, their energy to make this occur.

Student: While we are on the subject of globalization, how are some of the other areas that are participating in the Correcting Time, but differently than what we have here in the United States with the Teaching Mission, how are those other groups doing in terms of their readiness for the coming of Monjoronson?

RAYSON: As we have said earlier, there are many people around your planet who are aware that there is a visitor who is coming. Simply the awareness of a visitor coming, who is not mortal, is a tremendous step in the process of preparation.

We are ready to conclude this gathering today, unless there are further questions or topics that you would like to discuss? We thank you again for your being here today. We wish you patience with each other, with other groups, in the process of change. It is unsettling—it is our hope that you are hopeful—of the outcomes being positive, and patient to see them come about. Good day.

(Group: Thank you, Rayson.)

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