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NCO48 – Retreat Centers, Friendly ET Concept

2014-03-14 Retreat Centers, Friendly ET Concept

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM, #48

Topics: Retreat Centers
Enhancing TR performance
Practice planning for local/regional retreats
Training for putting on retreats
Taking on this challenge
Q & A: Dissolving fears of ET’s on our world
Mortal systems of adjudications
How to start local retreat centers
Trinity Embrace
Captain Armando’s title
Promoting the friendly ET concept

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

March 14, 2004

Prayer (Jerry): Dear heavenly Father, thank you for our gathering and for our joy at being together. Help our minds and hearts attune to what you have to tell us and what you have to teach us through your teachers. Thank you for all our blessings, in Jesus’ name, in Michael’s name, Amen.

[Ed. Pauses eliminated for the sake of brevity.]

Now let us get settled and prepare ourselves for our session today. Please relax and still the body. Now take several deep breaths, letting all tension dissolve and be replaced with healing energy from Mother Spirit all around us. Visualize a whirlpool above your head, collecting her energy and directing it through your crown chakra to every bit of your body. Let us now connect our golden cord to the merkaba anchor; see and feel the pillar of universe energy from Paradise, universe center. Now connect the heart line; sense the love encircling us. Now the mind line, sense our oneness and harmony, feel the joy and the peace. Visualize our celestial and angelic friends, standing behind each of us, and also connected to the merkaba. Now is the time for individuals to use the merkaba to send conditioned energy, such as healing or right order, peace, harmony or highest good to those in need. We will take a few minutes to do this. Now we can do this as a group as well. Let us focus together on Mother Earth for a few moments. Visualize the healing of her forests, farms, oceans and atmosphere. Let us now move deeper into stillness; we ask the mind to be gently quiet but alert, as we draw closer to the Father and seek to listen to his teachers. We ask our consciousness to meld with him as we await our teacher.

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson.

(Group: Good afternoon, and welcome.)

RAYSON: It is good to be here once again, as it was good to visit with those at Celestial Nights in Florida. It is good to see that this group and the larger group has become a bit more settled about the news of Monjoronson’s approaching arrival. This is hardly what you would call a “common sense situation,” is it? There are practical, spiritual, energetic aspects about it that need to be brought into your awareness and applied to your lives as you interact and discuss these and other topics.

We continue to tell you and try to show you what your world is moving into, and how important it is that you become, if you are not already, a stabilizing, solid, unwavering platform of belief as a group, and of course as individuals you must believe and exhibit those qualities as well. A populous world as yours, that is in the early stages of immense planetary change, will eventually move into a situation where everything will seem to be in doubt, yet ironically, this same situation lets those of faith know that some things are always stable and sure.

I want to tell you now about a bit of trivia, about the tactics that teachers use sometimes to persuade better performances from the TR’s, which tells you that few TR’s if any, are always stable and sure about themselves in situations where much is expected. You know now that Monjoronson spoke through this one at Celestial Nights, but we want to tell you and let you know that we are not above making a ruse to have that happen. These diversions are necessary sometimes to help prevent a TR from “choking up” when they are on the spot.

Prior to the transmission by Monjoronson, this TR had been prepared by myself to share an issue at that time. He was quite certain that I, his long-term celestial associate, would speak through him to the group about this topic. He was comfortable with this, at ease, and aware of the topic that we would cover. I felt, too, that he was comfortable in doing this work. Then, in the quiet of the moment and the quiet of his mind when he was ready to transmit my message, our Magisterial Son came through in my stead. And so the transmission from Monjoronson came through as we had hoped it would, comfortably, easily, graciously.

The lesson for those of you who are learning to TR is that you do not need to feel you need to be in control of what occurs during the TR session. Just put yourself at ease. We hope you would not see our actions as this as being “handlers” but as friends who strive to help you bring out the best in you at all times and all moments, so that Michael’s work is completed as it should be. Now having said that, we can now share the message, which was prepared for that time. And we reveal this because you are prepared for it, because it is timely—even though it might seem a very obvious topic and subject to discuss—and that is the aspect of retreat centers around the country and around the world.

You realize one project we have worked on with you is the archival project, where there may be resources available to receive thousands upon thousands of inquiries per day. Now, that is an intellectual pursuit from curiosity, from a need to know basis. Their inquiry will develop from there for those who actually want to experience something that you, Teaching Mission individuals, have experienced for years. They will want to experience what you have experienced at Teaching Mission and Celestial Night retreats with the teachers, with Melchizedeks, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and all the others.

Fortunately, there are individuals within the Teaching Mission who are retreat managers and coordinators. They are the concierges for Magisterial Son missions — those who will be able to arrange those places throughout the nation where Monjoronson may visit—or not—but a place where hundreds upon hundreds of people can go to gather and experience what you experience here today, and what those who were at Celestial Nights experienced, and those who have been at the teaching mission retreats, have experienced as well. They will be guided to experience what you experience too, in your moments of deep meditation — the joy, immense gratitude, and thanks giving for having been in worship with your Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center.

So we urge you to begin to practice this process of devising regional and state retreat centers. You know about national retreats that are held yearly, and soon you can experience semi-annual retreats and eventually there will be numerous retreats held at various places throughout the nation throughout the year. And this, of course, is not limited solely to this United States, but will be available to all other nations as well, as they waken and come into The Age of the Magisterial Son. We suggest as well, for those who coordinate and arrange retreats that they also provide a training to others of the teaching mission who will need to know how to do this — a retreat for retreat coordinators.

You recall Jesus taught the twelve Apostles, and they went out and spread the word about the new age after Christ. And you also recall that there were many, many scores of Disciples also who came to listen to Jesus, and those who were supporters, but who were not Apostles. In many ways, dear friends, you are disciples and you will be in service to Christ Michael during the Magisterial Era. This will not necessarily be a time of proselyting, but a time of spreading the already existent word, serving the awakened spiritual needs of the sleeping brothers and sisters of faith, who have left their religion and who have left their churches. Even you, who have not been with this movement very long, will be in great service, for you are years ahead of many who have been “sleeping.”

And yes, there will be those who will come to you in shock—literally physical, emotional shock—as they need to reframe their beliefs to match the existent new era of the Magisterial Son. The awareness that Divinity is among them and is approachable, and in fact is very friendly, loving, compassionate, caring, tender, and eager to help the individual grow, eager to empower their new faith, eager to assist them to move from “hope” to “knowing” that God exists inside themselves —this will be very powerful and overpowering for many. Some of you may ask, “Well, how can I do this? How can I possibly do this—I am only learning this myself, I have only been with this such a short time?” And you will come to know a new level of awakening within yourself that has been latent as well. For you will begin the process of being a teacher, when only a short while ago you were a student. What you learn, you teach, and fortunately for us and for you, this is a co-creative process where you can call upon our assistance to aid you in serving those many people who will come to you.

Monjoronson has told you that those who believe, will see and know him; and those who do not, won’t. And this too, this recognition will exist in you. As you step out your door to fetch your mail, and your neighbor sees you, one who has been wavering in their belief, will look upon you and do what you call a jaw-dropping exercise, recognizing that there is something within you that they now “see.” And they will not necessarily know what this is, but they will engage you in conversation, asking you, “Have you heard the news?” You will reply, “Oh yes, isn’t it wonderful!” and so the conversation will go.

We wish you to be most humble during these times, as any sense of privilege, any sense of access to privileged information on your part, will set you apart and that is an anathema to persons whose faith is growing. The universe is inclusive; it is not exclusionary, as we have said before. It is acceptance; it is much like an embrace—you can only do that with open arms. When you set yourself apart, when you feel that you are part of an elite group of “knowing,” of faith, then you have really excluded yourself. We urge you to be thoughtfully aware of your own consciousness. Your words reveal your thoughts and your attitude.

We are ready for questions.

Student: Rayson, you just brought up a subject I would like to discuss with you. Last night when I was working on the archive project, I was working on the frequently asked questions section (FAQ’s,) and knowing that so many people around the world want to know about whether there are mortals on other worlds or not—I was working on that particular question—and my approach was to write it in such a way that it would reduce fear. But something you just said a couple of minutes ago about not sounding like you have privileged information that would set us apart—can you give me some guidance as to do we avoid those kinds of subjects, or is that a good platform to expose people to the truth in a non-threatening way?

RAYSON: It is the latter. Let me suggest that you use references to The Urantia Book, which speaks of other inhabited worlds in the universe. There are several examples and there are many mentions of inhabited worlds throughout the book. It serves two purposes this way. One, it answers their question and guides them to a larger reference, a larger perspective of the universe. We suggest that these be provided by page references to the book, and also to actual links to The Urantia Book, which is accessible through the Internet—which may take them out of your web site, but as we say, we are inclusive and sources of the truth are always included in that, as we are. Second, it demonstrates the rule of inclusion, again, rather than exclusion, where mortals of earth are just one planet of trillions that are inhabited, and in the care of the Creator.

Student: I have a question about the magisterial times. The question is, as a follower of community building that is going on locally, what’s going on on the earth, I wonder if Monjoronson is here in the spirit already assisting the adjudication of so many different issues that are going on throughout the world—that the prisoners will be adjudicated, some for crime, some for acts of terrorism. I wondered, before he arrives, so that we will see him and leave us “knowing” he’s at work on the adjudication process right now, here on earth?

RAYSON: Is your question concerning the Dispensation adjudication, or the mortal judicial system of adjudication?

Student: Predominately, the mortal system of adjudication.

RAYSON: Those are not of our affairs, as it is neither of the Magisterial Son’s affair to intervene in those laws and those courts. The perspective of Monjoronson is that of the Most Highs, to work together creatively with aware mortals to bring new enlightened laws into existence that make mortal adjudication, judicial affairs more just, more merciful. We could go on at length about the morass of judicial issues, in this and other nations, but we will not. Recognize that the Most Highs are engaged in all the major affairs of mankind, and the Magisterial Son’s plate is very full in consideration of all those issues. He will not bring solutions to systemic problems, but will aid the upliftment of individuals so they see how to formulate and write better laws. The Correcting Time is just that—it is a means of correcting and preparing your world for a new unified era, one with one language, one culture, one people, one religion.

Student: I have a question on how to start the retreat centers.

RAYSON: Proceed with your question please.

Student: On how to start the retreat centers, a local retreat center.

RAYSON: I still do not discern a question.

Student: You were talking about the retreat centers, how to go about starting a local retreat center?

RAYSON: How would you do that?

Student: How to go about starting it in this area?

RAYSON: My answer will be that of building bridges for you, to assist you to build bridges with those who know how to do this already. We suggest that you inquire with those who attended the Celestial Nights, where there is a couple there who are in retirement, but who are very active at doing this very thing. You may wish to confer with the organizers of that retreat and they will assist you. I apologize for being so circumspect with this answer, but you will find that the associations you build will aid you more greatly than the answers I could give you directly. Do you have a further question concerning that?

Student: No, thanks.

Student: Kaye and Bill Cooper have been very active along those lines. Might they not be a source to assist us in this project?

RAYSON: One couple of several, yes.

Student: Rayson, this was a question that was sent to me from a reader outside of our group: “I have had some impressions about a new procedure being utilized on this planet as a result of the unusual circumstances here. I perceive that the celestials are using some sort of ‘Trinity Embrace’ to facilitate certain partnership tasks. Normally, ‘Trinity Embrace’ only occurs among beings significantly more advanced than we mortals, thus, this ‘Trinity Embrace’ will be facilitated by a Melchizedek, who literally, spiritually embraces both parties, forming a mindal/spiritual/emotional connection between the spirit partners similar to the one shared by our Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve. If you recollect, the two of them could communicate telepathically, and functioned as a pair.

I believe I have been told this process will be used in circumstances where unanimity of purpose and voice in the leadership component is essential for the spiritual task to succeed. I am always wary of impressions which fall outside of the information presented in the Urantia Book, and I have limited means of validating this on a material plane, so I would be much interested in what the Teachers have to say about the use of some variety of ‘Trinity Embrace’ during the Correcting Time on this planet.”

RAYSON: Thank you for your question. I am under limitation of what I reveal, concerning this question. First of all, it is affirmative, yes, that a form of trinitization/Trinity Embrace can occur during this era, whereas on other planes of existence, morontial, spiritual and higher levels, there is a symmetry, a complimentary existence of two beings, that is known to themselves as well as to those who will participate in the trinitization of their being. For mortals during this era the requirements are much more explicit, meaning there must be a declaration of intent, either verbally or silently, a willingness to permit/allows, empowers, and enables this “oneness” to occur, for doing so drops the curtains of individualization to an extent that you are unaware.

Yet, it is not total, as it [your total individuality] will never be [totally revealed] to another outside yourself except through the process of reflectivity and those who are intimately aware of all that you do, all that you say, and all that you think. You must be willing—literally “to will” this to occur. For a mortal, this is not an involuntary, spontaneous, occurrence, because it has the potential of violating too deeply your individualities. Yes, a senior Melchizedek is required to do this, and occurs only with the approval of Christ Michael or Immanuel. Now, has this occurred? Yes. It is very limited in numbers. Yes, it will be used more frequently in the future on a need basis, and also when the complementation of two individuals is so admirable, as to see this as a fulfillment or a next development of their state of being. This is not something that you can wish for, or hope for, or even pray for — for its occurrence, for it to become existent, must, so to speak, already be existent outside the temporal dimension.

We feel this is sufficient to answer your question.

Student: I am sure that it is much appreciated. Thank you.

Student: The TML group has been astir since the Saturday session of the Celestial Nights transcript was posted. Several of us have been wondering about Captain Armando—I am not asking for validation of his words, but we are intrigued by his title of the “First Strategic High Command.” Can you tell us how does that fit into the Correcting Time?

RAYSON: The issue of titles and names are of not much concern to us, but they are explicitly clear so that you understand who this individual is and his position. Yes, this sounds like what you would call “comic book stuff,” but there is a reality to this which supersedes any aspect of humor. The parameters of the Correcting Time include over thirty planets, over huge areas of dimensional space. You can answer this question yourself. Given that Christ Michael has initiated the Correcting Time, and particularly on this planet, co-creatively, do you think he would leave others aside to solve all the problems, leaving soul growth and learning situation potential, but never to be fulfilled?

Student: No.

RAYSON: Then you have answered your question.

Student: Thank you.

Student: There was a question raised earlier about mortals on other planets and we read a book about talking with extraterrestrials by Annette Larkin. It seems as if the messages that she has been receiving have been spiritually oriented. Do you think it’s wise for us to share this book or these ideas with others that we think might find it of interest?

RAYSON: Certainly. The universe is friendly.

Student: There is a great emphasis in this book on that and it is as if they are trying to overcome all the negative images that we currently have in our culture.

RAYSON: Your questions concerning friendly ET’s are appropriate. Fear will be an incredible, powerful factor after Monjoronson’s appearance and public presence. Many will still hold to the vengeful God idea, that Monjoronson is an emissary of God to be here, that he will bring down fire and wrath upon the world, upon sinners. Well, who would be left on your world then? (Laughter from the group.) Surely, no one. It is appropriate to broaden human awareness to include a friendly universe, and friendly visitors. When Monjoronson arrives, there will be a need for a broader reality-based awareness of the universe that actually exists, a universe that is friendly, that has one family all-inclusive, except where individuals exclude themselves. This truly will be a time of decisions for individuals.

Student: Is there a possibility that we could have the arrival of Monjoronson and the extraterrestrials at about the same time, so that there is a dual conflict for the populace?

RAYSON: We will leave that to your speculation.

Student: I’ve been impressed recently with how difficult it is for we humans to accept diversity among our fellow mortals, and I think that if it is this difficult to accept relatively minor differences in our fellow mortals, the challenges that await us with beings, mortals who really are different from us in say, bodily form.

RAYSON: It would be quite a lesson to see them arrive, to put all of you on one side of the line and all of them on the other. When you look around, they would all be on the same side.

Student: Diverse as we might be.

RAYSON: Correct. You will find far more similarities [among you] immediately than you had ever before.

Let us bring today’s session to a close. In this benediction, we give it to you, not so much as handing it over to you, but investing it in your hearts as we touch your hearts and your minds and your lives. We few are so privileged to be emissaries, creative cohorts with Michael, working with you. We yearn to give you more but are restrained by the immense wisdom, the mature guidance of Michael who was once a mortal human on this planet. We share with you then, our immense love for you. We share with you that courage that some of us had mustered to come here to work with you. We touch your hearts and minds with our impress of loving individuality, loving completion in family, compassionate sharing in community, and the embrace from our Heavenly Father who created us. We so much appreciate your love and your admiration; we do not seek your adoration or your devotion to us, but to Michael and Nebadonia. We share with you our own yearning for oneness with our Thought Adjuster, of intimate friendship that surpasses all other bonds, except one. Go forward today and each day, shining with Michael’s love and the radiance of Nebadonia. Good day.

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