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NCO49 – Earth Warming, Famine, Fear, Death

2004-03-28  Earth Warming, Famine, Fear, Death

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM, #49

Topics: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Not the end of times
Middle East war will continue
Biologic destabilization
Cycle of earth warming
Famine in many places of the world
Simultaneous development
A matter of development, not time
Natural order of developments
Upliftment of awareness
Seek the stillness for guidance
Do not move into fear
Q & A – Fear
Death is natural
Accidents of time
Complementary currencies

Teachers: Andronason (TR, Daniel)

March 28, 2004

[Jerry led with a prayer, guided stillness and linking with the merkaba.]

ANDRONASON: Good afternoon, this is Andronason.

(Group: Welcome!)

ANDRONASON: Your good teacher, Rayson, is away on business. You may recall that I am a Melchizedek assigned to the staff of Monjoronson. My lesson today to you will be brief, no great announcements, no great lessons. This message today is the message of “keeping on,” persevering, allowing for variation, but staying the course.

You recall the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” do you not?

[Ed. War, pestilence, famine, and social unrest or revolution.]

ANDRONASON: This is going to sound rather alarming to some of you, and I wish it not to be. What I am going to say is the obvious, and that is that those four horsemen rode together, did they not?

Student: Yes.

ANDRONASON: As it was given in the Book of Revelation. My statement to you about this is that there will be a concurrence of these four developments that will occur on your planet. This neither augments, nor announces the days of rapture and the end of times.

This announcement is not a concept of the end of times, it is simply for your awareness that when these are occurring, they can occur for a long time. Seen another way, these developments will become eventually, irreversible. War, though much diminished, continues; the hostilities in the Middle East continue and will continue for a long time. Disease and pestilence, you are seeing some of the evidences of this in your world. The biological destabilization of your world continues and you are seeing evidence in this through diseases to your animals that also affect humans. In your nations are being visited with diseases that were for centuries, millennia, typical in many other temperate areas of the world. Your world is changing. It is going through one of the natural cycles of warmth, [and] eventually will enter into an era of cooling.

There is not necessarily a synchronicity to these four events, but there will be a concurrence—a natural concurrence—and this will not be ordered, or ordained, or brought into commission by anyone, other than a natural development for the natural outworking of a series of events, developments that are typical on all worlds. For you theologians who question whether God started this, you know that God did through the act of creation, not as an active act of retribution, simply through the actions of the Life Carriers who were delegated a task of inseminating your world with the development of creatures. Yes, and famine too, will be upon many places of your world.

My purpose in being here today, is not to cause alarm, but to cause you to think. You are conscious beings, living on a real world. Though you are an individual on this large sphere—which is large to you—you can think and examine your world and the development of these forces, which will join in concurrence at a time in the future, when their simultaneous development will be very devastating to your world. Your futurists, your demographers, epidemiologists, geographers, have enough knowledge and wisdom to project these developments into the future.

This is not new doom and gloom to you at all. You have had your share of that from Revelation and Nostradamus and your current people who look to the end of times. Predictions are nothing new. Yet, thoughtful scientific examination of the evidence that is at hand now, can and will lead you to conclusions of the developments that will manifest when their concurrence will be at maximum force together. It is not a matter of time, as we have said before, but a matter of development.

Our Creator, Christ Michael as Jesus, told you that when you see a flower in the tree bloom, you know there will be fruit. And when birds gather, build nests, fledglings will fly. There is a natural order to all developments, even to concurrences of these four forces. You who have lived in the Twentieth Century, have seen many prophesies where there is a selected group who go to the mountains and hide out, take all of their foodstuffs and children and wait for the end of times. This is very normal, very natural thinking. Part of that lesson is true—people choose whether they will be survivors or not—people choose to be with those who will be here in the aftermath. We have told you too that through the preparations of Monjoronson’s arrival, there will be a general upliftment of your mental awarenesses. Those who hear, hear; those who see, will see.

And no, I am not advising you to gather your families and your children and all your worldly possessions and go to the wilderness, for the wilderness is within you — the place is stillness. We do invite you to go within to be still, to meditate, to listen, and to be guided.

If I were to give you one more suggestion, it would be simply, “think upon these things.” Secondly, do not be alarmed. And every day — just as you have throughout your life, being consciously spiritual, growing towards Michael, and Paradise—prepare, just as you have every day before. If you recall messages from us in the last ten years, what we are saying today is not very much different—just a refresher for you. The last thing you want to do in reading these transcripts is to move into fear.

Student: I have a question about fear.

ANDRONASON: Certainly.

Student: There was a recent transcript that gave quite a nice description of overcoming fear by relying more on spirit consciousness, detailing how fear is a natural and has been a positive response for us in the past, but under most of our present circumstances, fear is more of a barrier. Could you describe that a little more for us, how we can individually, or as a community, work to overcome fear?

ANDRONASON: Certainly. The best way to mediate fear is to accept that you are fearful; discuss this among friends; discuss the rational side of it, the irrational side of it, all the other sides of fear. Accepting that you are fear-based organisms is the first step in dealing with it. Accepting that you personally feel fear makes it personal. Inviting Christ Michael, your Thought Adjuster, guardian angel to be with you “in this moment” as you feel fear, you will realize that the forces of light and of love outweigh and outshine the darkness of fear that wells up within you. We are not talking about the fear that transfixed you, that immobilizes you, for that is a neurotic fear, similar to the fear of being frozen in place in the roadway that you are crossing, when you thought you were safe and turned to the side and see that you are within fractions of a second of being wounded or killed by an automobile, that you had not thought was there.

We are talking about the fear that rolls through you from time-to-time, day-to-day; it washes into your life and washes out. We wish you to recognize this as evidence of where you can grow in your own faith, in your own belief, your own trust, and your own knowing that there is nothing that can ultimately, eternally hurt you, and that if you were in the wrong place, wrong time—or contract some horrible disease and die within a few days—does not mean that you were not “chosen.” For you choose. Once you choose, your Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and your guardian angel help you cross the rest of the way.

Think of the statement by your black, political hero, Martin Luther King, Jr. He said, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.” And you can say that about your fear, full of assurance and knowledge in your own mind, that there is nothing that can separate you from your Creator and your journey. These petty fears of life and death will pass. Until then, live your life fully. Fear- based living holds you back from accomplishing all that you can in the days of your life. Living in fear, you become withdrawn from the reality of life and living, making decisions, for in your fear, the decisions have been made. Those in fear may project those events outward from them, causing them to fear; fear of failure to decide is theirs. I wish and urge you that those fear decisions should not be yours. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: I didn’t quite get the point about the being exposed to some devastating disease.

ANDRONASON: It is simply the anticipation of some way of dying prematurely, before your natural death, and many on your planet even cringe at the prospect of natural death, though it is inevitable, though it is timely, though it is expected.

Student: I have had a question: there have been people I have been close to, [that] believe that there are no accidents, or that we bring something like that on ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously. That doesn’t seem to ring true to me. I think there are accidents that are purely accidents, and I think people can have conditions come upon them for which they have not made a personal decision or a personal choice. Can you clarify that kind of thinking?

ANDRONASON: Certainly. There truly are accidents of time. This is confusing to you with your limited awareness, and limited ability to understand your world and the larger parameters of its operation, on its many planes of existence, that accidents are possible, yet they truly are. What you don’t see, and which you think are more accidents than not, is the coincidence of the fulfillment of your life plan. Your life has a program, much like a computer program, that is non-linear, but is expressed in time and other dimensions that you do not perceive, such that there is an organization of energies that bring you into events and developments and relationships, wherein you can grow. Some of these seem like accidents. And to us, accidents are not simply incidents where cars go “bump,” [or] people accidentally fall out windows and die. Accidents are all unanticipated events, particularly those that are personal.

Were you to be aware of the development of your life program, and that of others, you would not be surprised at the “accidents” or coincidences that develop that bring you together with these new resources. Even some personal injuries are part of your plan. The universe is not “out to get you,” but to give you opportunities for growth. Were you able to see the larger parameters of existence, there would be fewer “accidents” than you really see around you; but there are, truly, accidents in time. What some call karma is the acting out or development of your program of life and the intersection of your life with those of others, times and places that makes it appear as though it is karma. It is simply that you live in a friendly universe, and these events work for your good—that is no accident. Does that help?

Student: I think so.

ANDRONASON: Perhaps it was too long winded.

Student: Andronason, I have recently been made aware with research and study by economists and financial types, which is advocating complementary currencies in the world to parallel our current currencies, pointing out the huge impact of the type of currency that we are currently working with, and how by in each individual small community and institution of their own complementary currency, can be so helpful in allowing them to work on more human requirements, caring requirements, such as caring for the sick and many such things—cleaned up dirty communities, such as many face in South American towns. And extending that, these men have worked hard on this and extended it to combining it with an international type system, and it is so hopeful! I wondered what you might have to say about that and its prospects of being accepted by the world community?

ANDRONASON: What you are seeing is a world in transition. Many of your long-term old and established institutions, even those of finances are changing radically. The concept, which you speak of, lends itself to the homogeneity of communities, where communities can work and see profit from their own efforts, yet be part of a larger economy. It seems rather ironic, doesn’t it, that these local economies may be developing and at the same time, a “one global economy” is also well underway. Looking at it from another perspective, it may seem odd, that there still exists sovereign financial institutions, based on national boundaries. You are seeing the development of antiquarian institutions.

“Modern” times would indicate to you that your world is in rapid transition, as many changes will be made to your institutions. The degree of change that will occur in and among and between nations on your planet, the degree of change will be as striking and significant as those which occurred within the last one hundred years. This one was made aware that a friend’s grandmother had recently passed away at age 109. She went through the immense eras of separate, isolated nations, several global wars, changes in economies, incredible change of technologies, and change in status of individuals. Do you appreciate that degree of change in the last 100-120 years, sir?

Student: Oh, yes.

ANDRONASON: Then you have an approximation of the changes that will be occurring in your world in the next 120 years. You—if you would place yourself into the future and look back—in that future time, looking back to the present, now, you would see in your mind’s eye that the many changes to currencies, national boundaries, the Internet, global trade and commerce, and particularly global finance, have had a powerful unifying affect, though you see it being very detrimental to small entrepreneurs in this nation and emerging nations. Yet this will move forward — societies and social civilizations of your planet will change immensely. The place where people begin is in community, families, where there is integrity—social, moral, ethical, economic, ecological integrity.

There are minimums and maximum populations that are necessary for, or that limit, the functioning of effective communities. These developments also have the irony of reaching into the future and developing, yet seeing the parallel of their existence in primitive, tribal clan life, situations in third world countries. When you look at the thousand years as preparation to the earliest days of light and life, even you will wonder how a thousand years would be long enough time to prepare for that. When you consider the immense national and religious, social and cultural animosities that exist between some groups in the world, you know that it will take centuries, even with Monjoronson being present, for these to be subdued and calmed, and longer yet, before they become friends and supportive of one another.

The era of light and life truly is an age of common acknowledgment and of healing and acceptance of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all mankind. The financial, monetary issues you speak of are simply symbolic of the changes that are going on in your world. The reason why it is so prominent and paramount now is that money is a measurable modicum of cooperation that is successful. Not too strangely, money causes individuals tremendous difficulty in their lives, that is a powerful force, observable, measurable objective force for unification of your world. You who live now see some of the greatest disparities between countries in the use of raw resources and standards of living. Even the most callous individuals can see that this disparity is injurious to both ends of the spectrum—those who are too rich and those who are too poor. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you.

Student: This question is not based on fear, but based on my interest in geology. Is one of the problems that you see coming up, is it associated with the supervolcano that is forming under Yellowstone Lake?

ANDRONASON: To answer your question, it is not in our spectrum of consideration at this time.

Student: Thank you.

ANDRONASON: Let us close today, and I wish you well. You are on a magnificent adventure. We hope you appreciate it as an adventure, rather than a safari filled with problems and horror stories. Yes, it is difficult, and yes, you may not appreciate the soul growth that you are achieving now, but with conscious living, conscious decisions, and co-creative participation with your spiritual brothers and sisters, you will see this through and see it through very well. Know that you are guided—believe and know that you are guided. Listen, practice the stillness. Know that you are loved. Good day!

(Group: Thank you.)

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