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NCO50 – Morontial Education

2004-04-18  Morontial Education

Group: Northern Colorado TeaM #50

Topics: Morontial Education
A spectrum of consciousness
Investment with morontial knowledge
Willingness to receive growth
Ingesting huge volumes of information
Receiving mindal upgrades
Continuum of frequency of universe energy
Awareness of new abilities
Dedicating your intentions
Grasping larger dimensions
Corrupted messages and DNA
Seeking Validation
Genetic predispositions
Feeling changes within
Morontial awarenesses
Q & A – Enhancement of abilities
New or continuing endowments

Teachers: Rayson and Sondjah Melchizedek (TR, Daniel)

April 18, 2004

[Beginning prayer and meditation were not recorded.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson.

(Group greetings.)

RAYSON: It is good to be here once more with you, my friends. Today we have a guest speaker from the mansion worlds, a teacher, a Melchizedek. His name is Sondjah.

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. I am one of the Melchizedek teachers on the mansion worlds. I will generalize that, rather than specifying the individual planet. Today we will take up a subject, which has had you contemplating for many years. It may arouse more questions than it provides answers, but it is a beginning for us. And you are most welcome to ask questions after your thoughtful contemplation of this topic, of the subject today. That is, give this some thought over the next few weeks and if you have questions that develop from that, then please ask them and I will return and answer your questions.

You have been taught by our good teacher, Rayson and others, that the universe flow of energy is what you would call love, which is synonymous with universe energy. It is more easily understood by mortals that love is the vibration of the universe, that the flow of all works together and is complementary, harmonious and in synchronicity—in synchronous motion—with compatible energies that support this larger flow of energy from the universe center and is expressed in your individual lives as you grow.

I will be dealing with this topic in terms of universe energy, as it pervades the absonite to the material levels and is throughout Paradise, Havona, though Paradise operates under its own eternal energy system. Thus we will be speaking about the energy of the seven superuniverses, and your long journey through them until your final transition to the shores of Paradise. You have also heard the phrase, “a spectrum of consciousness,” have you not?

(Yeses from group.)

SONDJAH: And this truly is a spectrum of consciousness and it will broaden in your consciousness as you grow “into the shoes of the universe,” so to speak. And you are welcome to interject a question if you do not understand some concept in my discourse, here, so that it is clear to you. We wish you to be “in sync” with us as I present this material.

I have been authorized to reveal to you as well, that you who hear this message, and those who read this message and will invoke the procedure, will be invested with this information, this knowledge at a deeper level of understanding in your consciousness, that is it is much like a direct—though “direct” is too hard of a word, too empirical in nature—a direct link between your mind at the lower morontial levels and the educational material that will be invested there. Do you understand so far?

(Several yeses.)

SONDJAH: In other words, you are not responsible for memorizing the text and having it in mind.

You are in many ways today, as you read this text, in a parallel process of infusion of growth by your willingness to receive it—simply by your willingness to receive it. You can say, “I will to receive this into my consciousness so that I grow,” and you will. Whereas, if you are hesitant, if you are cynical, if you are doubting this message, then it will not be invested. So the growth that you experience is very similar to how it will be experienced on the mansion worlds, the morontial schools, in your afterlife. You will to receive it; you will to be a part of the universe; you will to be in harmony with the capacity that you are able to do so at the present time. And so it is.

We know that many of you have wondered how you will be able to memorize and learn new languages so quickly; how you will be able to ingest the huge volume of information that exists in the universe in your many, many careers, in your many lifetimes, as you develop and evolve, and this is how it is done. And so, through the 571 life experiences that you will have, you will experience an upgrade of mindal capacity at each level, so that you have huge reserves within yourself, potential reserves for new information, and of course as you know, that when and as you think about all these data, you will need more capacity within your memory, and it will be there for you.

[This is Daniel. He’s not too used to us!]

SONDJAH: Are you with me so far?

Student: Yes.


Then you have, if you see this clearly, then you see that there is a continuum of frequency of universe energy. As [of] now you are able only to see a very, very limited amount of three-dimensional electromagnetic waves within the light spectrum, which you call “light.” Yet your electromagnetic spectrum is very finite in nature compared to the various levels of your future existence and your explorations. You, for instance, cannot see with absonite eyes, can you? Of course not. You cannot see with spiritual eyes, can you? No, certainly not. And most of you cannot see the huge spectrum that will be available to you once in the afterlife, as a morontia being.

This is a description of the measurable data, evidence, through what you would call “vision,” “seeing,” throughout the universe. Now, this is just so much “hardware,” so to speak, “furniture” in the room of your future universe existence. You will be able to see this furniture, so to speak, with new eyes as you evolve, as you come into awareness of your new abilities. In each of these many levels of your life experiences, you will have the skills of anyone at that level, yet they will not be developed unless you practice them and develop them just as you would to be a broad-jumper. Certainly, right now, some of you would have difficulty jumping a span of six feet, yet with practice and diligence, good diet and losing weight (Much laughter!) you could extend that to perhaps twice that range or three [times]. You have athletes who can jump a span—a running broad jump—of approximately thirty feet. Is this not correct?

Student: I guess so; we’ll take your word for it.

SONDJAH: This is a phenomenal distance, compared to your original six feet, yet it is possible with practice.

You, at each new level of your lives will be a “teenager,” so to speak, with tremendous flexibility of body, but without the intelligence or experience to guide it and develop it. It is important, therefore, that you have an intention for each of these life times, and that you begin dedicating your intentions today, for these intentions will survive your transition. Your transition is only a transitory respite of consciousness. Now, the point I am getting at is “consciousness.” The frequencies of universe energy throughout the various levels of existence, is empirical to us. Yet, it is paralleled by this spectrum of consciousness. Let me give you a moment to let this sink in.

You, as conscious beings, expand your appreciation and observation of the empirical universe by the development of your consciousness. You, today, are surely not worms on a muddy planet; you are immense creators in potential. Your consciousness is infinite; it is, when fusion occurs, eternal, and can be eternally pervasive or observant, meaning that through consciousness, you can overcome the limitations of finite existence. How are you doing?

Student: I’m excited; very well.

SONDJAH: The depth of this message will not really sink in and be appreciated until you review this several times in the next few months, and we do suggest that you do so, for in doing so and invoking this link to the morontial worlds, through the vibration inherent in this message—sounds awfully esoteric, does it not? And strange? Nonetheless, through your belief and acceptance and intention to ingest this, it will occur. Thus, as you review this and you reflect on it, and sit and contemplate upon the message, and will your consciousness to grasp…

[This is Daniel: He almost used the word “grok”, but using that word is way past this subject, past what we can do with this, so… “grasp” is the word.]

SONDJAH: You can grasp a broader dimension of observation of the empirical universe. Thus, each of you can, in your consciousness, become a highly adept Sherlock Holmes with many magnifying glasses, observing here and there, past the confines of your finite existence.

I repeat, through the development of your consciousness to grasp larger dimensions…

[It’s not a good word. This is Daniel. It’s like imensions/parameters/boundaries.]

…through the development and expansion of your consciousness, to accept that you can observe larger regions of the measurable universe, you can exceed the confines of your finite existence. What does this mean? This means that some of the observations and some of the trivial visions and some of the mind pictures and auditory text or conversations, auditory relationships that you have heard within your mind, truly exist. Most of you, however, sweep aside this “debris,” debris of mindal activity, believing that it is so much garbage in your thinking, that it is trivial, that it is meaningless, that it is nonsensical, unrelated to your three-dimensional living.

Yet, we propose in this message that there are many meaningful messages that you are receiving, and that many of them, yes, are mixed with your own ideation, so you end up with a corrupted message. When you believe and accept a continuum of consciousness overlays a continuum of universe energy stream, and you begin to tap into that in a consistent, ongoing fashion, it is what you call, when it is legitimate, a “stream of consciousness” —you have tapped into a stream of awareness that surpasses your finite existence. The great difficulty with your species is that your DNA for your mindal development has been vastly corrupted, ineffectual and further that your race memory recorded in your DNA is also corrupted by the violence inherent and indigenous to your planet. That is why it is so necessary for you, at this time, on this planet, in this life to validate statements of consciousness such as this.

It is important and essential for the effectiveness and the duration and co-creative contribution that mortals can provide, that they seek validation of their messages. For too long, individuals have spoken with authority of God—or whomever they thought they were hearing—admixing their egos with the messages, thus undermining, diluting the effectiveness of their lifetimes and their life’s mission. Contemporarily, hundreds and thousands of individuals are revealing, through the Teaching Mission and other organizations and bodies of individuals without organizations, messages that are mutually supportive of one another.

The reliance upon messianic messengers in the past has undergone revision. There has been a rethinking of this once high priority for individual avatars, gifted individuals, [and] individual people who stood out in their societies, those who had access to the spectrum of consciousness. So you, my friends, if you give this the import that you should, see yourselves as all having the potential of being a TR. And further, with continued development and skill and dedication and commitment, your capabilities would be expanded.

This approach is individual, not class-wide—as you would do in a classroom. Individuals who wish to become TRs, self-select themselves, and your Celestial Teachers and Melchizedeks will attend to those who are compatible, earnest, sincere, and co-creative with Christ Michael’s Correcting time. It is not a matter of whether you are worthy; it is not a matter of God loving one more than the other; it is simply your being chosen for Christ Michael’s great “hockey team.” Those who are not chosen surely must not see themselves as unworthy or undeserving; do not title yourself as incapable, for that would be grossly unfair. It is simply that some of you do not have within you the genetic predispositions, prerequisites, necessary to support these developments. You are not cripples; you are not disabled; you are at the most severe, limited.

Those who have these abilities are not leaders. Do not mistake this as a separation of followers and leaders. Certainly not! That is the wrong connotation; it is the wrong interpretation. You recall that the marathon had its origins in ancient Greece. Now who would you send to carry the message to the next city to return with more troops? Which of your people would you choose?

Student: The fastest runner.

SONDJAH: Most definitely. The fastest, most capable runner, who at the end of that long distance would still have enough breath, have enough presence to convey the message. So these who are being developed are not leaders, but runners; they are carrying the message—they are not the message—they are carrying the message onward.

You have within your archives, within your many transcripts and messages, evidence that individuals are feeling changes within themselves. They are curious about this, as you are. Some are denying this; some are accepting it; and some are over-embellishing it. Yet there are changes that are occurring within individuals. These people are not elite. I want to repeat to you that you must not draw any distinctions between yourselves and them, only that they are faster runners. This process of growth within individuals, so that they have perceptions of a larger spectrum of universe energy, will continue.

You have been getting messages that there has [been] an upliftment of the capacity of the minds of many of you to the bottom levels of morontial awarenesses, the morontial consciousness levels. This will continue. You, in future years, will know why this has been so necessary, and how it will provide such an immensely important resource for your planet. Know now that this is occurring; your speculations about why most certainly will home in on many true factors for the necessity of these developments, yet we will not reply to any inquiries concerning that. We ask that you be good soldiers, good messengers, good followers to accept this at this time, and when the time is necessary to reveal it, you will know and you will go forward effectively. No, we are not keeping a secret; we are not secret keepers. Christ Michael is transparent in all regards; he loves you, and in love, there is no obstruction and no secrets. Yet the right, orderly development of your planet requires that some things not be revealed at this time.

Student: I have a question.

SONDJAH: One moment, please. We are almost done with the text of this lesson, and then I will entertain your questions. We will soon bring this lesson to a close and leave it with you to think about. We wish you to develop, evolve, your thinking around these concepts. Your questions and our answers in weeks to come will be far more productive. You will find that you will have some “Ah-Ha’s” along the way, and these are necessary for your growth. Now, your question, please.

Student: Will any of this increased knowledge or ability, insight be directed into our unconscious?

SONDJAH: We do not separate this according to conscious, subconscious, or superconscious mind, but rather as a process of functioning within your mind. This will affect all levels of consciousness. It is an enhancement of abilities, which is activated by intent and will, will that is compatible and complementary to Christ Michael’s will for this work, and your abilities for development.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Are these new endowments forthcoming or ongoing from previous times?

SONDJAH: Explain further please.

Student: In other words are these new endowments or are these a continuation of the endowments that we have already been receiving?

SONDJAH: All of you who have willed to participate in these programs have been given these equally. Some of you have responded and some have not. It is much like inseminating a Petri dish—sometimes there is a “take” and sometimes there is not. This was begun quite some time ago for many of you. It was a general broadcast to all who were seen as “lights in the world.” It becomes, certainly, an imminent or pregnant issue that must be revealed, as you come in to awareness that, “Something is happening here, I wonder what it is?” Thus to avoid confusion, and either castigating or demonizing or deifying any of your brethren with these abilities, it is better to give you clear direction, definition and revelation about what has occurred already. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you very much.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah Melchizedek of the mansion world teaching schools; this is the end of the lesson today, I wish you well and I will return as necessary. Good day.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. So my friends, we have parted the curtain, and you have seen behind the curtain today. Those who have seen, see; those who have heard, hear. When you think about these things, think how you might participate in this message, in this work, how you might expand yourself to grasp the larger parameters of God’s love that work in your life, manifest through Michael in so many wonderful ways. It pleases me to be here today with you; I am greatly appreciative to Sondjah and his staff, who have assisted in this message. Blessings to you this day. We look forward to listening in on your conversations!

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