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NCO51 – Spectrum of Consciousness

Group: Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group #51

Topics: The experience of the spectrum of consciousness
The consciousness of Jesus
Your “temple” is your conscious awareness
Direct relationship to God
The growth of consciousness
Pondering the “why’s”
Skills of consciousness
Exploring the dimensions of consciousness
Protection by limits
Self-imposed limitations
Rewriting DNA
Race memory is energetic, is shared globally

Teachers: Sondjah Melchizedek and Rayson (TR Daniel)

May 23, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson.

(Group greetings.)

RAYSON: It is a pleasure to be here once again. Our group is blessed by the presence of Sondjah, the Melchizedek from the mansion worlds, and he will continue the lesson that he began last time. When he is finished, I will be glad to address the group and answer any questions you may have.

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah.

(Group welcomes him.)

SONDJAH: It is a pleasure to be here with you. Since the last time I was here, I have learned more about your ways, your language, your culture and your world. It makes it easier to relate the following subject to you. You recall that I discussed with you the “Spectrum of Consciousness,” that it is non-empirical, it borders upon the eternal as you are able to contact your Thought Adjuster, and through your Thought Adjuster, the First Source and Center?

I tried to describe this spectrum of consciousness to you without being overly descriptive, to lead you into contemplation of this topic, to help your minds distill the lesson and raise your conjecture about what it was I was speaking to you about. We will fast-forward today to describe to you the experiences of the spectrum of consciousness as it was probably experienced and as we have reviewed the records of your Creator, Christ Michael, who was here as Jesus. You recall that Christ Michael for his seventh bestowal subjected himself to mortality. This is not unlike death for you, though in comparison it is much more horrific, we assume, than your experience with death. As you make your transition from mortality to your morontial life, you enter into consciousness with a repository from your mortal experience, and this will be revealed to you slowly as you are able to grasp the lessons and the classes and the schools that you engage.

These revelations for you, for your own life as a mortal will be triggered by your teaching/learning experiences, yes even as you discuss your lives in your private social settings with other students and teachers in what you would call “outside” the classroom environments. Yet, your Creator, Christ Michael came into consciousness exactly as you did, without self-awareness, without consciousness, with no history of thought before the time of [his] birth. He grew as you grew, in your infancy, your childhood, your older childhood/adolescence, and young adulthood and eventually into full adulthood. He developed consciousness as you do.

I pause because many of you forget the life-living developmental, evolutionary expansion of self-hood in your Creator, when you think of him compared to yourself. He was fortunate to have been raised in an era, in a culture without television, without radio, Play Stations, games, movie theaters, and such. He had time for stillness—stillness that was encouraged early on in his life, from the time of infancy through his early childhood. He attended the synagogue and later the temple. You too can go to your “synagogue” and eventually your “temple” because this is where you achieve and begin to grasp who you are, or even more immediately, that you are.

Your early French philosopher, Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am,” yet my friends, that is simply the tip of the iceberg, proportionately smaller than the awareness of who you are and who you are becoming. Jesus began to explore himself as you do, and without too many distractions; and if you, my friends, were you in a similar culture with your education and your budding awareness of yourself, you too could reach great heights of consciousness in your life as he did. Your “synagogue” is your stillness. Your “temple” is your conscious awareness that your consciousness is part of the eternal spectrum of consciousness of the First Source and Center. Few of you ever go to this “temple”—we urge you to, it is available to you.

Jesus began to become aware slowly of who he was. He first began with the awareness that he was the son of Joseph and Mary—he gained identity through others, just as you do. He learned in his synagogue classes that he had a relationship with another Father, Yahweh, God the Creator, and this caused him to ponder and think about this relationship. He was not challenged in his culture as you are. It was a “given” that each individual had a relationship with the Divine, albeit through sacrifice and atonement for the deficiencies of perfection, suffered by mortality in that era. Their relationship was apart from the Creator. Fortunately for you, Jesus, Christ Michael, removed that impediment from you so that you have a direct relationship with God, without need of sacrifices to atone for your sins.

Christ Michael’s consciousness with the divine grew. He began to become aware of who he truly was and why he was on this planet. You should ponder this too. His consciousness grew. His consciousness grew as a mortal as yours does, but eventually to encompass his consciousness as the Creator of Nebadon. His consciousness grew to encompass his bestowal, the purposes of that bestowal, and the work that he was to do while he was here.

My friends, one day I will meet you on the mansion worlds, and it is my dearest hope, after delivering this message to you today that you will ponder these questions long before you ever arrive in my classroom. To ponder these questions for yourself, and yes, you may not be able to answer them all, but we anticipate that you will ponder them, and we request of you and we urge you to examine your intention for doing so, for that is the most important motivating factor for the full expansion of your consciousness in the long era of your infinite existence. It is surely not too early to examine why you are here, what you are doing here, what you can do, and the importance of that, and how this will influence your infinite career of ascension.

It is good to thirst, is it not?

[TR needed a water break.]

SONDJAH: Thirst for that which is pure and clean and good, for it refreshes your soul, cleanses your mind, and energizes your being.

Pondering these questions, you must surely then ponder why the First Source and Center would bring mortality into existence in the universe, and why you would have an infinitely long journey of ascension to Paradise to be with the Creator, and there reside in the corps of finality waiting for the eventual completion of the Grand Universe. Why? Simply said, (chuckling)…well, I do not have an answer for that, but we wish you to ponder this, to anticipate this journey, to be eager to explore this adventure, to eagerly look forward to each new step, and yes, to expand and reach out with your consciousness to that which you have not engaged yet. How is this possible? I told you, described this to you in the last session, and it is simply this, that when you still yourself and are in your consciousness, you can extend that consciousness to almost any part of the existent universe—even to the borders of eternity. Your consciousness is not limited to this moment now. You recall that I told you that it is non-dimensional, non-empirical, non-temporal. Your consciousness is much like your fingertips going through a cataloguing system—what subject do you want to examine? What location? What era? It is possible to do this, but only through the development of your skills of consciousness.

“Skills of consciousness”: For you, these skills are most difficult to apply and to use well; it is inherent in your mortality. You are literally physical captives of this planet. Only through your mind and its training and its clarity can you explore the dimensions of consciousness. You know from prior discussions by numerous teachers that there are species who [are] inherently…I would not use the word “flawed”…but limited by the mind mechanism that you possess. This mind mechanism is greatly influenced by your DNA structures, by diseases, by mental aberrations, which you have received through your birth, received from your parents and the lineage of your kind. The true limitation in your mind inquiries into consciousness is the ability to ascertain whether what you hear, see and feel are really truly existent, or whether they are truly a part of your imagination, a wandering mind. Now this whole topic and subject is not unrelated to your spiritual development; it is not unrelated to the stillness; it is not unrelated to the clarity of your emotions; and surely it is not unrelated to your clarity in your social relationships and particularly your relationship with yourself.

You must have by now thought, “I am so different from Jesus in this capacity, that surely, I have none of this ability.” You do have some of these abilities, but there is almost no one to train you. The beginning begins with seeking the center, seeking clarity, clarity in your relationship to yourself, who you are, what you are, why you are, why you are here, and your relationship to others. In your world population of approximately six billion people, how many people approach—even to some degree—the capacity of Jesus for self-consciousness, for the extension of consciousness into their environment around them, which includes more than your four dimensions? We perceive that there are less than two thousand on your planet, who have this capacity—rare individuals! And what would this look like? If you were in Christ Michael’s mind, if you assumed capacity of his mind, what would that look like?

First of all, his perceptions and consciousness were multi-dimensional. During his era as a teacher, after his baptism (when fusion would have occurred,) his capacity for knowing, for extending his consciousness around him to know that which was around him, was immense. When you can perceive a mind that is capable of interaction with others, interaction with self, interaction with Thought Adjuster, angels, for communication with his celestial brethren, his staff, with his God, you begin to understand what a spectrum of consciousness is about. Walking down a path, he comes upon an individual who he knows has a closed mind, and he utters not revelation and insight to this man but passes by. The individual who was attending with Jesus queried him and asked, “Why did you not advise him, teach him?” and Jesus said—in so many words—that he had a closed mind.

What would it be like, my friends, for you to have an insight of the intentions of the individuals around you, whether that was immediately approximate to you, or at many miles across the earth? And what would it be like in the spectrum of consciousness to be aware of events that would occur days, weeks, months and years to come? This is all part of the spectrum of consciousness. This is not magic. This is not contrived. This is not outside the capacity for mindal development—even your mind.

For your protection, there are blocks, limits, circuits that are not connected in your mind that prevent you from these accesses—and why?—in order for you to develop your own consciousness, your awareness of yourself. Would you have any business knowing what others intend if you do not know your own intentions for your life? Would you be privy to what would occur in the future if you were not able to control your own decisions in this moment? You are protected from yourself. You are protected from others, and others are protected from you. Mastery of consciousness begins right here, with you, right now, in your mind. It begins by being mindful, of being in the presence of the Creator each moment. It begins by being aware that you are special, to know that you, too, are in the spectrum of consciousness of your Creator, each moment, and that Creator cares about you and urges you on only to the best of your development. If you had a developed mind as this, farther down the spectrum of consciousness, you would need to protect yourself from your own-minded exploration of your universe, to the distraction of your growth. This is called “focus,” applying your awareness to where you can make a difference.

Yes, there are some on your planet of varying degrees of awareness. Their consciousness is able to move further along the spectrum than others. Some are spiritually minded and know that their life is part of the intimate journey of ascension to perfection. Some are unaware of a spiritual nature of this ability. They are neither special nor selected. They are not oddities, but exceptions to the average development of mortals on your planet. How they use this ability, how they use these abilities is totally up to them. Some develop these abilities and some do not; some cultivate them so their awareness expands, and some do not. They are neither better than nor worse than anyone else. It is not a value judgment against them or for them —neither a qualitative advantage or not—they simply have skills that others do not. As with all skills, you can practice them and develop them. If you have an awareness of skills as these, you can develop them. TRing is such a skill. Many of you can do this, but many do not wish to try. Some of you have the capacity, the ability to be aware of things that will come to pass in minutes or hours ahead. This neither makes these people better or worse than anyone else.

There is a certainty to this spectrum and that is that when you strive to engage your consciousness with the eternal consciousness, you have begun the conscious participation in your journey towards the First Source and Center. When Jesus came here, was among you, and said, “All these things I do, you can do as well,” he truly meant that. The limitations you feel about yourself and your abilities are owned by you when you accept them and say that you have limitations. You have seen individuals who are devout of other religions from the East and from the West, who have practiced these mystical skills—you can too. And to what purpose? The purpose that we urge you to try is to encourage you to grow, to be engaged in your universe, to know that you are already part of that spectrum of consciousness.

I will retire from the topic now and give way to your friend and mine, Rayson, who will address any questions that you may have. Thank you for this time.

Student: Thank you!

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Has this caused you any consternation or questions that you would like to ask?

Student: If, as you described, some of the people who have a highly advanced consciousness, it seems that that sort of advancement would lead directly to an understanding of the religious aspects or the cosmic reality of the Father and the teachers.

RAYSON: You are correct. Isn’t it such an anomaly that even those with that capacity would yawn and say, “So what?” You have reflected too upon those individuals on worlds that are settled in light and life, who yawn and do not engage their “known” journey! It is not understandable to us why individuals, who know the larger realities of the universe, would consciously choose not to engage that. Do you have any idea? And my question is not rhetorical, and it is not insincere.

Students: That is one to ponder!

RAYSON: Certainly.

Another student: Maybe it has to do with time; you know time weighs heavy on the mortal in this world, sometimes we try to fill up the time with “doing” instead of “thinking or being”—I don’t know, it just crossed my mind.

RAYSON: You asked a question?

Student: Oh, I thought you asked a question—you said that you wanted our suggestions of why maybe a highly conscious person or even somebody that knows what’s going on does not spend more time in consciousness—in God consciousness.

RAYSON: Thank you, yes. The time element of a limited life is a concern for some, that they enjoy the limitations of mortality and can be irresponsible, knowing the outcome and laughing in the face of death—eternal death. Is that chutzpah or eternal foolishness? Who knows!

Student: Rayson, last time Sondjah talked about the DNA of our mindal development being corrupted and that our race memory recorded in our DNA is corrupted by the violence that we see around us. He mentioned that we need to validate statements of consciousness—I’m not quite sure if I understand what he meant by that. If our minds are corrupted and ineffectual, then how can we validate these statements?

RAYSON: You can validate them by your conscious development of your mind. It begins by knowing and reaffirming the truths that you now know about your relationship to the eternal. It begins by saying that “I AM one with the Eternal; I AM part of the Eternal; I AM on a journey of infinite duration to perfection. There is perfection potential within me that I can develop and grow through my conscious awareness.” And that is the point of those statements, that you can consciously overcome many of your mindal deficiencies through the conscious development of your mind, [by the use of your will].

This is re-writeable—DNA and race memory is re-writeable. You can do this for your own life; you have self-will that is sovereign—ultimately sovereign. Your limitations are temporary, now and in the duration of your infinite ascension. Accepting those limitations, you are then limited. When you do not accept them, then you can overcome them and rewrite your life’s journey and its development. Yes, there are limitations—ultimate limitations for your mindal development and the primary requisite is that you have a mind that has capacity for knowing itself. That begins by having a Thought Adjuster resident in your mind. Through your Thought Adjuster’s influence and energetic participation, you can rewrite your race memory for your life, and in doing so, through the transfer of your DNA, and through your energetic participation in this race now—even though you are past the years of procreation—you make a positive contribution to your race memory. Race memory is energetic, it is written in your DNA, but it is primarily energetic and it is shared around the globe with everyone. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it helps a lot! I hadn’t caught that our DNA could be rewritten. If we don’t deal with those changes while we are still mortals, do those DNA problems, the corrupted parts, go with us to the mansion world—is that part of the energetic body?

RAYSON: They only go with you as to the extent of your energetic memory; your DNA record does not transfer with you. The record “of your behaviors” and your limitations go forward. I know this must sound confusing, but it is much like scanning in documents into a document file and then taking that with you. The documents, which are your actual DNA, will remain here; any deficits in the record will be transferred with you. These will be challenges for you to overcome in your morontial experiences.

Student: That’s very interesting; thank you.

RAYSON: Your thoughtful question is appreciated.

Student: Your answer was so thorough I don’t have to ask the rest of my questions.

RAYSON: We are pleased that the energetic presence of the group has expanded. You have attracted many to your forum here, and this will continue. It is developmental, and as it develops you will see more faces, more minds, more presence here. We are pleased with the progress that each of you are making—each of you as individuals is making. You are being mindful of the decisions you make about what you think, in fact, and this leads to much progress in your life, in your soul growth and in how you live. It is a challenge for you to overcome limitations in your thinking; it is a challenge to expand your thinking in ways that are positive, that are exploratory, that are adventuresome. These challenge your ability to feel settled, to feel stable, to feel “one” with everyone else. Yet you are born unique, you are each an exception in your commonplace, ordinary union with others.

You make decisions about your life and your life to come; you make decisions about who you will become by making them today. You can augment this immensely by clearly declaring your intentions for your mind, for your life, for your soul growth, and for your journey. We wish you to do this thoughtfully, carefully. You do not have to wait until you make your transition to make these decisions effective in your life. Much growth is available to you now. Though you may feel you have great limitations in your mind, we advise you that you have immense potential yet unexplored. We wish you well in your thoughtfulness of Sondjah’s messages; we wish you well in this life. We look forward to our next meeting—soon. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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