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NCO55 – Balancing Earth Energy

2004-09-26  Balancing Earth Energy


Northern Colorado TeaM, #55
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek (TR, Daniel)

Topics: Plea for daily stillness
Maintain a sense of peace, balance & harmony
Earth’s energy is out of balance
Practice daily energy balancing for the planet
Temper attitudes of fear & pain
Continuance of weather related trauma
Organizing worldwide prayers for peace
Peace is an attitude—be peaceful warriors
Avoid overexposure to emotionally laden events
Participate in events that you can affect positively
UFO interest in Urantia
Expect more change

September 26, 2004

MANTUTIA: Peace be to you today and always. This is Mantutia Melchizedek, a Regional Supervising Melchizedek.

(Group welcome.)

MANTUTIA: You, my friends are most blessed to live in this highland area of mountains, of blue skies and fleeting clouds. Welcome bit of earthly paradise, as you say. You live in something like an eagle’s aerie, high above the fray, high above the turmoil below in the lowlands that now face your planet.

I will take my cue from Sondjah’s message yesterday and declare to you, encourage you, urge you to find and make a place of peace for yourself each day—at least several times a week, if possible. Find a place of peace and stillness, where you can go, whether it is physical, or environmental, or within yourself, but it is most important for you to remain at peace, to carry an air, an aura, an energy of peace about you and in you, and that it radiates from you to all around you. You have studied The Urantia Book and these Teaching Mission teachings, and readings on energy of other metaphysically related activities, know that you live in an energetic world, and that your thoughts form themselves around you where you live and even in distant places. I am not saying that the frightened here of those who live in your southern peninsula create an attractive factor for the hurricanes that come to their state [but] surely there is a connection.

It is important for you who live out of harms way to maintain and radiate a sense, a feeling, an aura of balance, harmony and peace. When the clouds and the waters were stilled, while Jesus was in the boat, you could say that he caused it, but the causes were many. The confidence of those around him were buoyed, raised, when they saw their Master was awake and simultaneously the clouds became still and the waters were calm. That is a New Testament metaphor for your own energetic participation in your world. Since the renewal of the circuits of this planet, the energy that courses through your bodies, through your minds, and is directed by your minds, is very powerful. We are not saying that you could part the Red Sea with group prayer, certainly group prayer, peace, consciousness of peace, of harmony and balance, where you feel a oneness with the elements of your environment, of the climate, the oceans, the atmosphere—does have a very powerful effect.

To borrow further from Sondjah’s message address, your planet’s energy is out of balance and it is in the process of mending that balance, and this balancing may go on for decades. We have talked to you many times about the difficulties of your world, many of you first became acquainted with them in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s—called earth changes—and there was much dramatization of these changes. Some forecast the contraction of time, so that the elements, continents rise and fall in weeks and months. This is simply a preview of your potential future on this planet, long, long after you are deceased and gone, yet you will live through much of the early balancing of these energy systems.

My message to you today, is that those of you who live in the highlands, where you live in peace, where you can have normal weather—even old fashioned weather as you experienced 40, 50, 60 years ago, which was much more energetic than the era of weather that you have had in the last 20 years or so. You have a wonderful position to broadcast peace and harmony and union with your atmosphere of the environment, the elements of your climate. This is not an academic exercise, this is truly an experiential, energetic exercise, that you may want to experience, practice daily for the rest of your lives, for you will not always live and remain in peaceful environments, and your children may move to areas, which are in jeopardy. So we encourage you to enter the practice of daily stillness, feel your energy meld with the energies of your planet, your climate. Feel the immense inertia of energy of your planet, Earth, Gaia, Urantia. You are powerful; you are small creatures on a large world, but your energy is many times larger than that which you conceive, and in union, harmony with the energy of your planet, you can be a small transformer of peaceful balancing the energies that are now out of balance.

These are topics, which we have spoken of to you many times, and we continue to talk to you about them, and we wish to temper your attitudes of fear and pain, as you feel others in other places around the world, go through these traumatic situations. We are not encouraging you to get used to it, or to be indifferent to it, but to let the negative energy pass through you, through your minds, not rest in your body, let it not become reflective in your spiritual energy, as you then reflect out to your environment and your world, the energy multiplied through yourself from fear, for this will not help your world and it certainly will not help those whose lives are in jeopardy.

I did not select this region, the Mountain Cordillera of the western United States that proceeds down through the Andes. I did not select this for my appointment, I offered myself to the Council to be a regional Melchizedek—or not—and I was so selected. I am privileged to be one Regional Managing—there is not a sufficient word to designate my activities, other than Facilitator—for the new era of your planet. And though this area has great tectonic forces within it, and much volcanism that is latent, all in all, those are long term, catastrophic forces which come occasionally, centuries and millennia, whereas other regions in the Pacific Basin, Atlantic Basin, Caribbean Basin, and other basins around the world, these areas will continue to see much weather related trauma. And as you see the icecaps, Antarctica and Greenland, melt at an ever-increasing rate, there will be continued jeopardy for all of these areas.

We urge you to remain invested in peace—not smug in your comfort and your safety—but enlivened by it, so that you may become a co-creative partner with us and your angelic and energetic brethren on this planet to bring about, stabilize peace of the weather systems. It is not that these weather systems are “out of whack,” or that there is a retribution or retributive factor from Mother Gaia at all, it is simply energy that must come into balance, as is always the case on all evolutionary planets that are as young as this. Were you on an architectural planet, conditions would be stable for days, for millions of years, relatively the same always, for they are architecturally designed and built to care for all your needs.

Your task, your challenge is to interpret your participation on this planet in experiential and spiritual terms, in growth, surely a challenge for you at peace, and more of a challenge for those in harms way. I will address any questions you may have at this time.

Student: We just experienced an International Peace Celebration this past week. I believe it was somehow congruent with what you were speaking to today?

MANTUTIA: Certainly.

Student: Could you elaborate on that?

MANTUTIA: Could you elaborate on your question, please?

Student: Well, it seemed to me that a number of years ago when we had the first worldwide petition for prayer…(inaudible)… you know what I mean—and after that, apartheid ended in South Africa and the Berlin Wall fell within a relative few years—in pretty short time—communism, the Soviet Union dissipated, so it seems to me that this is an example of how this union of minds on the world for prayer, for peace …(inaudible)…for practical effects, so may we anticipate more of this happening?

MANTUTIA: Yes. It is essential, as we have taught you that those who organize these peace events, have a very clear intention for the purpose of those activities, and that this intention be taken on and energized by each participant. Worldwide peace, marches and the abiding by vigils for peace, raises the consciousness of peace and when they are projected to a definite agenda, that is small enough for individuals to encompass, great things can occur as you have seen. There is surely, without doubt in our minds, in our awarenesses, a connection between prayer vigils, peace vigils, peace marches and the outcome of peace. Not for political reasons or partisan reasons, or for the protection of positions, but for the augmentation, for the enhancement and the encouragement of peace within the individuals in a traumatic world.

These wonderful things, which you have recited, can occur again in new venues, with new agendas. We surely do encourage you to do this, and to do it in unity and harmony with others around the world, and on a regular basis. It need not be daily; it need not be weekly, or even monthly, but several times regularly per year. Peace is an attitude; peace is an action. A peaceful future requires peaceful individuals taking peaceful action. It is incongruent to wage war for peaceful purposes. This is a human injury to the intellect and to the spirit of others, to believe that. It is important—I cannot tell you the degree of importance—that peaceful attitudes be energized on your planet at this time, and maybe in isolated places, it is our wish and our hope and our activity to generate it globally. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you!

Student: Are there ways of solving the problems in Iraq with strictly peaceful means?

MANTUTIA: Well yes, certainly. When everyone lays down their arms, picks up their plows, goes back to their shops—there will be peace. Your question is so generalized as to not permit me to address it with specifics. It requires a change of attitude. Peace will come when individuals realize that war is futile, when the cost is higher for war and positioning, than it is for peace and the productivity of peace. It requires those in power to feel and understand what it is like to be powerless, and then to change [to] policies that are peaceful. We will not bring about peace for you. You must do that. There must be peaceful warriors willing to risk personally, their credibility, their social standing, and even their material wealth for peace. Peace is more of an attitude than it is a formula. The lessons of Christ Michael as Jesus, and the other great Masters who have visited this planet [and] shared their lives, have all said what it takes to find peace, and that is when it begins on the inside of individuals. I feel that this answer is insufficient for your request, though I have no way of knowing how to further answer it.

Student: My question started out to be a question asked privately by one of the transcript readers outside of our group. You have already answered much of her question, so I will leave it at that.

MANTUTIA: Thank you.

MANTUTIA: Are there other questions?

Student: Any comments you have specifically on becoming more skillful, at allowing the energies that you speak about, move through my body and not get stuck or stalled, locked-up?

MANTUTIA: Certainly. First of all, do not foolishly overexpose yourself to harsh emotionally laden events, such as you witness on television and in the news, and through various media. It is necessary to be aware, to be a responsible participant in your world, but overexposure of these dulls you or over-excites you. Specifically, you can recognize in yourself, those emotional feelings that you have when you read or see traumatic scenes in the news. This is evidence that it is affecting you as an energetic being. We are not asking you to become indifferent. Surely that would not be a responsible position; it would not serve you well, or your world. However—and there is a good “however” to this—is to remain in Master consciousness, knowing that these things are occurring and that you see them, appreciate them, give them value, but they do not cause an emotional response in you.

This is not a lack of caring; this is not a lack of empathy or sympathy for those people and those events, simply knowing that these individuals are on their course, and that you are on yours. It is not seeing these events from a higher aloof position, but to see these events from a more emotionally removed position. Yet, we urge you to become emotionally involved in those events around you, which you can affect. If you see someone kicking a dog that is on a leash, it should cause some great pain and injury within you, sympathy for the animal, and [cause you] to approach the master and speak with him. It is necessary for you to recognize these situations, and even those harsh, negative emotional responses that you have within yourself, so that you are able to react appropriately, for those people, those individuals. Often some of you become incapacitated by these emotions; you are bereft, grieved, and you are silent and it affects your prayer and your own peacefulness.

To give you a visual illustration—let us say that you are watching television and you are seeing individuals huddled in a house and the walls are blown away from around them by the storm and they are in extreme grief, afraid for their lives—and you feel this coming at you, see it moving through you, and to be caught in a catcher’s mitt by the Master consciousness that resides with you, and they drop the ball to the ground, which is your emotions, and it is still. Yes, we are saying that you will feel these, but then do something with those emotions, those energies that reside in you. Do not let them quake in you, slosh from wall to wall of your consciousness, affect your bearing in life and the world, and your peace of mind, but to release them to a higher authority, to a higher resource within you.

This is instructive, yet it is a practice; a practice that you can enter into almost every moment of your life. It is remaining in peace, in a caring position of peace when chaos is all around you. This my friends, is what is necessary for you to peacefully assist your world, to assist your own lives, your own loved ones, as some of these traumas of your planet affect you personally. This is far different than saying, “Oh, this is magical thinking. These are just storms and they are not anything to hurt me,” and your house is blown away. We are not encouraging you to go to this “la-la land” of magical thinking, for that is detrimental and it leads you into places where you will be unproductive as an individual, and you still will not have peace. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you for your answer.

Student: There was just a little question to the editor in the Loveland newspaper recently, a gentleman had seen a UFO and he wanted to know if anyone else had seen it, and I was just wondering what they were doing up there?

MANTUTIA: What they have always been doing.

Student: Observing?


Student: Are there more recently, or about the same [number]?

MANTUTIA: It is about the same, to generalize these answers for you, but there are more observers from the ground, looking up. So it would appear to be more activity. You must realize your planet is a most unusual planet, and it is much sought after by those who would like to acquire it. But there are peaceful injunctions against such activities. You have resources on this planet, which are gargantuan, compared to the resources of many planets. It is a most unusual jewel in the heavens of Michael’s Nebadon.

It is surely an experiential laboratory for all of us to be here, and for you to live here, and we urge you to be conscious of where you live and the life you are living, to garner the greater wisdom and experiences that you are living. You will have a repertoire of experiences, which will be much admired in your afterlife, ones which will enhance, enrich, your own spiritual journey as you look back on so many things that occurred in your life, things which you have now forgotten, which will be recorded and which you can review in detail with your guide and your mentor and your tutor—and in classes and individually. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you. That was interesting!

MANTUTIA: Once in a while a supervisor gives their subordinates time off; your dear teacher, Rayson, has been away and will return for your next meeting. We wish you well; know that you are not abandoned in the times of difficulty; know that these harms and dangers which occur on your planet are not directed to you personally by your Creator; they are not intended for any injury to anyone—they are simply part of the systems of energy that exist on your world. You live in a world of change; you may expect more change to come. Good day.

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