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NCO56 – Steps Of Engagement, Active Consciousness

2004-10-03  Steps Of Engagement, Active Consciousness

[Rayson100304StepsOfEngagement_Active Consciousness]

Northern Colorado TeaM, #56
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)

Topics: Mission update
New lesson plan begins with a tune-up
What are the steps of engagement with another?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Active consciousness
Various ways to practice TRing
Developing new skills
Rewards of conscious living
Soul growth
Radiation of soul energy
Being confident & competent
Emulate Jesus: become “one” with his mantle
Dialog process to be used in new curriculum
Awareness of children
A question on the adjudication

October 3, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson.

(Group: Welcome Back!)

RAYSON: Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here with you. I was here with you earlier and heard one of you ask where I had been. I went on a tour—an updating tour. We started at Jerusem and went to Edentia and Salvington. It is what you might call a “war correspondent going home to the headquarters.”

(Laughter. Is this recreation?)

RAYSON:  Yes, a brief respite in the fray of Michael’s work, and the fray is actually not an unraveling, but a “raveling together.” We are in the fray, putting things together. It is good for me to reconnect with friends, old associates. You would be quite amazed my friends, how many in Nebadon are aware of the goings on in the previous quarantine area and on the World of the Cross. They ask, “How is it progressing?” “We hear the broadcasts, but what is your personal take on it, what is your personal impression of what is going on?” “How is this grand scheme for rehabilitating, making a new home of this old planet? How is it going?”

I was pleased to report to them that there has been much progress, and the progress is principally in the responsiveness of the minds of mortals who are tuned into these efforts. It seems that those who recognize, understand the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time are either “in the camp” or out of it. Those who are in this camp are receptive and open—eager to learn more about themselves and their place in this world and how they personally can contribute to Michael’s mission on this world, through the Correcting Time.

My friends and associates and those I related these incidents to, are quite amazed that agondonters can appreciate these connections, when in the main, they do not hear, do not see, do not perceive around them what is going on, which is so rare to those who have an Avonal Son, or who have gone through the normal operations of a developing, evolving world, who had a successful, complementary Adam and Eve, a Planetary Prince, and the arrival of an Avonal Son.

In your terms, it would be as though you were at a large conference where you would hear a speaker and you would remark to each other, “Well, how did they do that? That’s amazing! This faith is very real, isn’t it?” To those who experience the universe in its normalcy, with its guided, developed revelations, to see you accept what you cannot see, what you cannot hear, what you cannot feel, what is not given to you by a super-extraordinary mortal, an Avonal Son, to say the same, is remarkable for them. It is the same as you receiving, having a life among the super-mortal, descending sons. The awe is equal for you and for them.

What does this mean to you? This should mean, dear friends that you are being congratulated. Those on the morontial worlds are in great awe of your faith. Your world has seen others arrive and who have been disparaged and disputed and rejected, and now you accept. And you recognize and we recognize that it is through the extraordinary insightful, wise, sagacious guidance and insights of Christ Michael, Michael of Nebadon, who has been the grand architect of the Correcting Time in the realm of the quarantine, to the extent that you as individuals have this developed faith to believe and know, when there is no supportable evidence to know or to believe.

Hope, we can understand, but to believe, to trust, and know that Christ Michael’s work is existent without hearing, without seeing is a truly, truly incredible situation, position. You are much blessed, and you have blessed yourselves by having such trust and faith in Christ Michael, when you do not see and do not hear. So that is my news to you from those from far away in the other morontial schools.

I reviewed the transcripts, the broadcasts of Sondjah and Mantutia, and it pleases me that they stepped in and filled the gap for me, here. Mantutia was an impromptu guest at the last minute, and I am very pleased with his messages and his instruction to you. It is hard to teach “an old Melchizedek new tricks,” is it not? (Much laughter.) I am perhaps a little bit impertinent for saying those things.

(More laughter. We got the humor!)

Would this one who speaks be willing, we would like to meet with you every other week to continue a new lesson plan. This is acceptable and it will be engaged. So, with that, let us begin today’s topic. This is a “tune-up,” so to speak for not only this group, but [for] every group that has a TR. The following is not meant as a “hand-slapping,” but just kind of a “pat on the back,” and “look ahead and pay attention.”

Now, I am going to ask you a question and it is not a rhetorical question, and I would like some brief discussion between yourselves in these moments. When you engage another—a friend or a teacher outside a classroom or before a class is held —how do you do that? What is going on between yourself and the teacher? Is this question direct enough for you to engage? Someone? Please answer. Or would you like more specifics?

Student #2: More specifics.

Student #1: I think we generally have a question in mind or ask a question. We are seeking knowledge or wisdom from this other being.

RAYSON: And would you be sleeping at the time that you are doing this?

Student #1: No.

RAYSON: And would you be your consciousness, your attention in those moments?

Student #1: You would be open and prepared to listen to that person. You would focus on that person, probably ….

RAYSON: How would you focus on them? What would you use to focus on them?

Student #1: Usually you would look them in the face, in the eye…

RAYSON: Very good. Continue.

Student#1: If you are a good listener, you would try to not interrupt.

RAYSON: Continue. Anyone else?

Student #2: Concentrate.

Student #3: Are you specifically directing about contacting your teacher, or individual mortals, or both?

RAYSON: I am speaking in terms of another mortal at this time—between two mortals.

Student #2: Take notes?

RAYSON: And if you didn’t have a pad of paper, you would take notes in your mind?

Student #2: Yes.

RAYSON: And what would you be doing with the instructions or the comments of the teacher? What would you be doing with them in your mind?

Student #2: Trying to save and remember them, and trying to use them after you are done with the lesson.

RAYSON: Yes, and you would also, perhaps, probably be trying to integrate that into the base of knowledge that you have at that time, do you think? Anything else? So this would be an exchange between you and this other mortal, this mortal teacher, correct? There would be a dialogue?

Student #1: You might ask for further clarification.

RAYSON: Umm-hum. But you would be paying attention, is that correct? You would be striving to understand what the teacher is saying and integrating it into your base of experience and knowledge at the time? You would be asking questions for clarification. You may ask for examples, and illustrations. You might ask, “How does this apply to me and my life?” things of that sort. Is that correct?

Student#1: Yes.

RAYSON: And you would be looking that teacher in the eye and giving non-verbal cues of your understanding or not understanding? Is that right?

Student#1: Correct.

RAYSON: And we would ask the same in this forum. Now, in your pause, try to integrate that and understand and share with me how you understand that—with myself being the teacher, this time.

Student #2: Pay attention to what you are saying.

RAYSON: Do you understand what NLP is? Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Student #1: Slightly.

RAYSON: If you, as mortals, when you listen to instructions or directions or to an exposition, there is an association between the position of where you place your eyes and the parts of your brain/mind that you are accessing to integrate. So perhaps, when you would be listening to me, even though this one has his eyes closed to enhance and to make the TR process more capable and competent, you would have your eyes open as you listen to these instructions.

You may gaze up to the upper right corner of your vision screen, or to the lower left, or to center, or to one of those regions in your eye screen, and when you do that, you are listening to the teacher, but you are also storing away information, simultaneously accessing information in your knowledge base to integrate what you are now hearing with your old information, so that they become a whole, seamless part. Okay so far?

Student#4: What you are trying to explain? Is that similar to visualization?

RAYSON: No. You would visualize…visualization would be a secondary or tertiary aspect of this process. What I am getting at dear friends, is that when you are in a TR session with a celestial teacher, a Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Nebadonia—and this is a dialogue, a session of learning—we would ask you to use all your faculties to participate in this relationship, as student to teacher, teacher to student.

There are occasions—and this is differentiated from those occasions of meditation, of directed prayer, of consciousness projected to another area where there is a need—in meditation you would close your eyes and go within and relax, and you would scan your body for tension, and scan your emotional sphere for emotions that are running rampant or bothering you, and still them. You come to peace; you come to centered-ness, so that you may facilitate the conversation, the unspoken dialog that exists between your Thought Adjuster and you in the stillness. This is when closure of eyes is useful.

However, some of you, in the learning situation in a classroom do close your eyes, as part of your process of integrating information. It is a way of stilling the outside stimuli, so that you can more thoroughly and competently integrate what you are hearing, and then you may open your eyes again, listen and go through this process a number of times during the discourse. We would ask you to try this. I know, from personal experience with you, that some of you do relax in your chairs and do go into a low slumber. This is not a bad thing—I need to rephrase that word—this does not inhibit you from receiving the information, but we wish to have your consciousness, your conscious mind active during this time.

Recognize that as you listen—and your intent is to register this information—both of what you hear, and the information, which is not heard on the morontial level. You want this to register in all levels of your mind. When your attention is elsewhere, or to the side, or in “slumber-land,” you are not available. It is much like teachers in a classroom with children after lunch, and I have not slapped a ruler on the desk to wake you, but I think you get my point. Now, has my lesson or my delivery been too harsh or too subtle? Have you understood what I have said?

Group: Yeses from group. It seems very clear.

RAYSON: And I notice in you dear friends, a much more conscious level. Your energy level, your consciousness is much higher than it was five minutes ago. Thank you! (Laughter.) Lesson given; lesson received.

[This is Daniel: You’ve just got to love this Rayson! He is so patient, so thoughtful, so organized, so…one thing after another! ]

Student #5: Yes we do love him; we are very fortunate to have him as our teacher.

Student #1: I hope I am not interrupting the lesson, Rayson. Do you have a suggestion that we might use during our stillness practice…I find that I receive certain thoughts and I have a certain amount of dialogue and I have some concern about whether or not I can remember this well enough, long enough until I can go write it down, and some more good thoughts come along while I’m in the process of recording, but I’m sometimes concerned that some things slip away so quickly, and I tell myself maybe I should have a recording device at hand during this time, but that seems a bit awkward. Do you have any suggestions how those pearls of wisdom can be better retained?

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. There are several approaches, and your use of which depends upon your orientation and your best faculties that are active within your mind. Let us say that you have an exceptionally good visualization, a visualizing mind—what I would suggest is that you place your consciousness and that of the one who is speaking to you in a visualized classroom where there is you/yourself and your teacher. And you have gone to the front of the classroom, and you are speaking with the teacher, and you write down a question on a chalkboard and then the teacher answers it by speaking to you. You may wish to use that approach to record that in your mind.

You also may want to use this approach, this visualization, with automatic writing, as you call it, with your eyes closed. You would write out your question on your pad of paper, as though you were speaking to the teacher in that visualized classroom, and as the teacher gives you the answer, you continue your writing—your automatic writing—below that question, and that is the response of the teacher. You may do this with your eyes closed or open, but it would probably be more effective with your eyes closed, though you would surely probably go through much more paper. Does this help?

Student#1: Yes.

RAYSON: …Or you could use another approach—you could use a tape recorder and you could ask a question aloud of the teacher, or one whom you are talking to, and then as the teacher gives the answer to you, you would have the teacher speak through your voice, so that you record it on tape. In effect, you are TRing for yourself. And this is an excellent way of beginning the TR process, using a tape recorder. You also use the same process by using a computer keyboard, with your eyes closed and with the positioning keys marked so you could feel them with your eyes closed. We have used this with numerous mortals, with great success. It is a matter of the mortal becoming used to it, practicing it and becoming accustomed to this process. Thank you for your question.

Student#1: Thank you for your answer.

RAYSON: Now you may ask, dear friends, why does Rayson bring this to our table now, after ten or twelve years of the Teaching Mission being in effect? Have you thought about that today?

Student#5: Not everyone has been involved with the Teaching Mission that long. We have new people frequently.

RAYSON: But what I said earlier today, maybe something is new to you. The reason why this is brought to your attention, why your consciousness is needed at this forum, at the conscious level to engage the topic is because you will need your conscious mind active during the discourses that follow, because we will be approaching your budding, your emerging morontial soul, in developing with you, those skills within yourself that you desire to develop, augment, evolve, while you are still a mortal. Any questions?

Students: That’s exciting! Yes, I was thinking the same. I’m looking forward to it.

RAYSON: We will not go into this greatly today, but I will give you a preview.

[This is Daniel: I get to see layers of his lesson plan. I’m looking at about four layers right now.]

RAYSON: You know that mortals who do not believe in The Urantia Book, who do not read it, but who believe in an afterlife, and who have a wish to engage that after their transition from mortal living, you realize that and you know that their decisions in life, affect the development of their souls, as much as your own. This is also augmented by service. Yet we are dealing with you, and sharing this with you, as a means of spreading the word, but to let you know that conscious living has immense rewards in this lifetime and in the next, and those thereafter. We are talking about conscious living, consciously engaging your adventure as a mortal in the decisions that you make, and in the services that you provide.

You recall from The Urantia Book that souls grow through right, moral, ethical, spiritized decisions and through unselfish service. Therefore, the conscious being, the conscious mortal, who engages their life as an adventure of making right decisions and providing right service, grows immensely by the time they make their transition. A side benefit for the Correcting Time is that you become spirit enthused and spirit infused mortals, joyous about living and whose lives become examples to others.

Jesus and Paul shared this with you by saying that your brothers and sisters know you by the love that is in your heart, by the way that you live. In this era, you are being guided to live consciously, with your eyes open, aware, active participants with Michael and the Correcting Time. You are needed. Your growth of soul radiates an energy to others—call it confidence, call it assured-ness, call it “knowing” the outcomes before the decisions are made.

You have walked into a room, a business, and you shop about the store and you pass various customers and staff who work there. And there are some who carry an air of competence, assured-ness—without being arrogant or egocentric or dominating—and you are attracted to them, and you want to engage them. This is what we are speaking about. As you live your life, radiating the example of Jesus’ life in your own, making right decisions and being of right service.

In this example, you think about the life of Jesus. Here is the soon-to-be Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, leading mortals through subtle ways. He appeared to be “one of the fold,” “one of the sheep,” but he was a beneficent ram, guiding you, urging you on, leading you forward. Some mortals think of Jesus and the other Masters as being meek and passive, milquetoast philosophical leaders, but he was not. He was neither passive nor indecisive, nor unsure of himself. He was confident, competent, and knew what he was about. He was a leader among you. He dressed as you, spoke as you, ate as you—he looked the same as you, but he was a leader. He questioned authority, but he was proactive in his questioning. He sought to bring change through his loving ways, through his assertive rather than aggressive leadership. When you take on these skills of right living, you will begin to emulate his way of leading: Confidence, radiating love, a benign presence among others, neither a victim nor a predator, but of a benign, loving leader. We ask you to take on this mantle, this cloak—not only to wear it, but to become “one” with it.

Part of the dialogues for this process, this part of your curriculum, is to ask questions, to engage this process. This is, perhaps, more Socratic than you are used to, but it is part of the process of engaging your conscious mind to ingrain these bits of wisdom and guidance into your morontial level, your superconscious mind so that you live and make these decisions more automatically, more easily. Adventures into the wilderness are excursions of fright, if you know not the way, if you have not confidence, if you do not understand what your journey is about.

But your adventure into the wilderness, the focus of your life in the future is much more comfortable when you are operating at a higher level, and you begin to understand and to see and to feel, to intuit your environment, which is more than three-dimensional. You do not have to use hallucinogens to achieve this level of appreciation of your environment around you—and we do not suggest that you do.

So with that, we will begin our adventure in two weeks, and share with you more about your budding, your evolving, developing, growing morontial soul, and how to live with that, and how to feed it and enjoy it in your life. Thank your for your conscious presence through this monologue. Do you have any questions now?

[Ed. note: Daniel will be traveling this month. The next meeting will not be until Oct. 31.]

Student: When little children look at you, can they see this process happening?

RAYSON: Yes, for those young children who have not reached the age of moral decisions, the entry of their Thought Adjuster, and in those elderly individuals who are anticipating, looking forward to their passage into the morontial, do see. They see in ways that you do not recognize now. They see at a level of what you might call, intuition. Those who have left, those who have recently come to this world—you as you were when you were children—do see and remember far more than you do now. It is quite an adventure to go from seeing as children, to being ridiculed in what you see, and then becoming separate individuals to strive to regain the faculty of intuitive-sight that you lost. This is part of your conscious adventure, making decisions about your infinite adventure, whether you want to or not.

The Creator could have made you so that you would live in this awareness from birth and your infancy, but you would not have the developed the evolving faculties to make conscious decisions, to participate in the grand scheme, the grand adventure that is before you. And you are not being taught and groomed as unconscious drones. That is conscious living—creator-sons-becoming—and that requires expansion and development of all your faculties as a mortal, within your mortal mind and your evolving, developing morontial mind. It is our hope that you evolve into finaliters with superior, developed capacities, through your experiences of conscious living as Agondonters.

It is not that Christ Michael is an over-achiever for you, setting higher goals than other Creator Sons—no, certainly not—but he sees within the quarantine worlds of incredible capacity within mortals who decide to engage, to continue the adventure. He sees within them immense potential for the completion of the universe when it becomes settled in the days of Light and Life. This is your goal, for yourself, is it not, to assist Christ Michael with the settlement of this world in the days of Light and Life? So you see, there is a parallel between your desires, your goals, and the goals of Christ Michael. Know that he knows you are fully capable of this as Agondonters. You are not so much chosen, as you have chosen to participate, and that is the criterion for success. Good day.

Student: I had a question before he left, but I didn’t want to interrupt.

Daniel: Do you want to re-engage him?

Student: Yes, I do. This is, I suppose, a bit of a curiosity question but we’ve been informed that the adjudication has taken place and that Lucifer chose to no longer exist. I’m wondering if…what about Satan, Caligastia and Daligastia? I would tend to guess that they probably also have been adjudicated, but we haven’t, that I am aware of, have heard of that, or what their choice was. Can you speak to that?

RAYSON: Yes. Let me give you a parallel. This is part of your world’s history, it comes from the Japanese: An enlightened, honored, but rebellious general has led his troops astray, along with his other generals below him and the ranks on down to the foot soldiers. And he sees the error of his way, and he comes before the emperor. He does not recant. He does not admit his guilt, but simply commits hari-kari there before the emperor. And his generals, seeing this, do likewise, and those of lesser arrogance and lesser ego, recant, admit their culpability, express their remorse, their guilt, and ask for forgiveness; and they are forgiven. So too, in this situation, have those generals, lieutenants gone the way of their leader, and the leader of the rebellion has capitulated, without admitting guilt; they too, do the same and have done so.

Now, I use this gruesome example to create in you the sorrow that is felt in the heart, the consciousness of Michael, Gabriel, Immanuel, and all of his hierarchy…(tape turned)…they feel the same at the loss of these incredibly brilliant leaders, gone astray. If you can feel this, then you feel the sorrow that Michael has felt in the position that required these decisions to be made, these individuals to be brought into custody, brought to adjudication, brought to the awareness that they must have to remove themselves from the eternal, unending stream of the development of the universe. Do not forget this feeling that you have felt about these generals who committed hari-kari. Do not forget these feelings that you have felt, and in the mirror of that —the feeling of immense joy, ecstatic gratitude that you have for being led by such a magnanimous, merciful, and just being as your Creator Son, Christ Michael. This too, will empower your decision-making and the augmentation of your morontial soul. You see nothing is lost, even in the lessons of evil. Does this answer your question?

Student: Thank you very much. It reminds me of what it must be like when you have a brilliant son, with so much promise, only to see him go astray and destroy himself.

RAYSON: Yes, you have many examples here on this world. Are there other questions before we close?

Student: I have one. Both Sondjah and Mantutia focused on using our minds and our personal energies to help balance the planet’s energy. For someone like me, who does not sense or feel the energies that you talk about, can I still have an effect on the healing of the planet with just my desire to do so?

RAYSON: You most certainly do! Your intention for your life directs your energy to fulfill that intent. Your commitment to those peaceful ends is the measure of your intent to assist your world to be at peace, to assist the elements to be at peace. Oh, most certainly, although you do not see, you have a mind that is most capable. You are using your mind to good, with the intents that you use and your commitments to fulfill those intents. Mindal individuals, as yourself, can do great things without seeing, without hearing, without visualizing the energy that flows around them. You are contributing to the health and welfare and balance of your world that is measurable. Be at peace about your capabilities, dear sister.

Student: Thank you, Rayson. That does help.

RAYSON: You are welcome.

Student: I do have one other question, if you are willing? Concerning the experimental session that we had with you on speculation, what was the opinion on your side of the veil as to whether it was a success or a failure?

RAYSON: This measurement of “pass/fail” is inadequate to express the results that were forthcoming from that session. It would be less than a genuine measure to say that it was inadequate or that it failed, though the results could have achieved much more than they did. It is like trying to say whether a color of orange is a pass/fail orange, from the ruddy oranges to the brilliant yellow-oranges—it is a “good” orange. Thank you, and good day!

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