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NCO83 – Monjoronson’s Presence; Emphasis On Individual Growth

Zarath052806_NOCO_Emphasis On Individual Growth

Northern Colorado TeaM, #83
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Zarath

Topics: Monjoronson is making his presence known
Most of the effort is currently directed to individuals
Raising the consciousness in stages
Each instance of love invokes harmony
Q & A: Teaching stillness to others
Getting past the Urantia Book as a cult
Was Judas accepted into the Mansion Worlds?

T/R: Jerry Evans

May 28, 2006

ZARATH: This is Zarath.

(Group welcomes him.)

ZARATH: I am the one who is happy to be here! You have traveled far in coming to meet with us. There are many happenings, which I can discuss with you today.

Monjoronson has recently been making his presence more widely known. It is with pleasure that I have been able to be included [with] the many, many teachers that are following his guidance in this mission. Our main thrust, because of the disturbances of a worldwide nature, is to work with the individuals and reassure them—though the news [from news media sources] is to the contrary—that things are proceeding in a positive direction to meet Michael’s objectives. Though many mortals are caught up in the strong negative backwash within the world, with unspeakable destructions of the atmosphere and the rain forest, Mother Earth is contributing her efforts to move the planet in a positive direction against these assaults. Through all of this, our desire is to reassure you to build your faith in the knowledge that the end results will be positive and supportive to Monjoronson’s mission.

His mission, following that of Michael himself, who brought the spiritual element to the forefront, Monjoronson’s mission is to raise the mental consciousness of the world population to the next level, and the next level, to prepare them and to lead them into Light and Life. We individual teachers are encouraged to bring each of you to that next higher level for the individual, to focus on the beauty and the possibilities that Light and Life can bring to this planet and to share that vision with those you meet, as Jesus did “as he passed by.” There are many, many avenues that each may follow; many in the area of societies surrounding them, in the business world, in the political scene, and just in one-on-one situations with their friends. Each effort that one might make is a positive step for all. Each instance of love passing from one to another in caring and consideration, invokes a harmony within the universe that is felt by all. The greater harmony that this world is on the brink of experiencing, first must pass through a severe testing time. Stay firm with your faith in the love and desire of Michael to bring this all about, and also for the mighty efforts of Monjoronson, soon to be evident.

This concludes my message for you today. If there are questions, I would be happy to address them, if I can.

Student: We hear many messages from the teachers about the practice of stillness, and I am wondering how we can best share that recommendation with our friends? We do this to a limited extent in our church, but yet, I think this is not something that is at all a common practice, even in our study groups at church, or our Urantia society study groups. I wonder if you have some fairly specific recommendations for us in this regard?

ZARATH: There are many approaches one may take, but in most cases, they need to be designed for the individual and done on an individual basis, for in its use, it is an individual effort to reach the Father through a person’s own quiet time. Does that help?

Student: A little. It just seems as if people are not developing a close, personal, intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. —The Urantia Book describes it so much more in practices, and maybe learning about God. Do you think that is the place to start?

ZARATH: Yes, but there are other avenues available to you, such as those intended Bible Studies that are being discussed within your church. As they discuss the Bible, there is always the opportunity to raise the spirituality content of the discussion, and in raising that, you raise the means by which it can be most effectively advanced. So in a group setting, these ideas can certainly be disseminated. Those then that are particularly attuned to what you say, will be following up with interest to you individually. Until they do that, any more is counter-productive.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student: I have a question: If the Urantia Book was more enthusiastically read by the human population, would that help up-step and make the world easier?

ZARATH: By all means. It has such a broad basis for cosmic citizenship that it provides the strongest incentive for following the Father’s Will. Many current religions are producing people who are loving and kind and desirous of service, and who are in fact doing the Father’s Will, consecrating themselves as best they can. The Urantia Book, as a handbook though, is the very best means available to us now to expand the individual’s concepts to a point where they are no longer individually in conflict with the many errors in their current religion. They can then recognize the errors and accept only the higher truths. Your point is very well taken.

Student: Do you have any suggestions as to how we can encourage people to take the Urantia Book more seriously? Because it seems to me, there are so many—especially among Christians—people who speak for the Christian community, especially on the radio, which is broadcast worldwide. Do you have any suggestions for how we could encourage them to take the Urantia Book more seriously for what it really is, and correct their over-simplified assertion that the book is given by aliens and it is really just a cult?

ZARATH: There will always be, unfortunately, a percentage of people who will reject the new ideas from one viewpoint or another. Our mission is to build on the positive, on the ones who are able to recognize the mission and pursue it. And the news in that regard is very hopeful, very meaningful. The Urantia Book publications in many languages are increasing at a rapid rate. It is particularly noticeable on the main web sites—the two main web sites that are discussed within your fellowship—the numbers of “hits,” as they say, are in the thousands per day, as people come to the web site to explore different sections of it, indicating that there is more than just a casual interest. It is upon this wave of growing interest that we are all rewarded and also encouraged. Be not discouraged by those individually that you might meet, for it takes time, it is of an evolutionary nature.

Are there any other questions?

Student: I think it really is hard to be patient and to accept another’s reluctance or indifference or complete unwillingness to look at something that they perceive as “different”—maybe too different—because it has always been the fact that new truth and new information, whether it is scientific or religious, is slow of acceptance, even if it is to share this wonderful information. It is often difficult to be more patient for me and I must learn to ask Christ Michael for his mind and help.

ZARATH: That is a very good point.

Student: This is a question that came up in a study group, not long ago: In the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and people were debating, you might say, about the fate of Judas, and I often wonder whether he also was forgiven and accepted into the Mansion Worlds to pursue further growth and understanding. Is there anything you can comment about Judas?

ZARATH: Judas’ earthly life is well depicted in the Urantia Book, accurately so, as the angels have recorded it. His misguided conduct has led him to additional difficulties in the Mansion Worlds, which are being resolved as Mansion Worlds one and two are designed specifically for that purpose. And he is among many who have serious problems to overcome in the next life, but by the end of the second Mansion World, most of these are resolved and they are on their way to a higher stage of development, free of the chains of the past. Is that sufficient?

Student: Thank you, yes.

ZARATH: If there are no further questions, I will close this session, leaving with you my love and peace and best wishes for your joyous holiday weekend. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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