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NCO84 – Personal & Planetary Upliftment

Monjoronson061106_NOCO_Personal & Planetary Upliftment

Northern Colorado TeaM, #84
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Preparation for the mission proceeds
My work with you for personal and planetary upliftment
Joint cooperative authority
Process of training staff
Walking together in step
Mortals must join energetically and actively
Monjoronson will be “locked-in” and less flexible
Wait patiently but productively
Q & A: Man to land ratio
Reduction of population
Overcoming obstacles in sharing
Pre-personal Thought Adjusters

TR: Daniel Raphael

June 11, 2006

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, friends. This is Monjoronson.

(Group welcomes him warmly.)

MONJORONSON: It is good to be here with you, my friends. If you were a bit more sensitive, you would almost feel the air from my presence as I pass by each of you. That is how palpable my presence is, that I feel, and that you are almost ready to feel. I have made my way around the world to thousands of groups, and millions of individuals. I am preparing a list—a bit like Santa Clause, “who is naughty and nice”—no, not really! But I am preparing a list of those who are with intention and consciousness and prepared to assist in my missions, and they are many.

Today I wish to speak to you about my work with you. My presence and my mission is for you individually; my presence and mission is to help uplift and upgrade your planet, so that future generations more easily come into alignment with the way of the universe, of love—universal harmony—more easily, more naturally and earlier in the course of their life, so that eventually parents who have children, bring their children into the world ready with the values and beliefs that are in alignment with a loving life, on your planet.

As you have been told, since the very inception of the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, this will be a co-creative effort to heal your planet—“our planet.” Each of you has, that I have seen in you, little understanding of this in your thinking. This will not be a relationship of organizational authority, but one of joint, cooperative authority. We are in the phases now of preparing our staff to work on a regular basis, intimately and personally with you, as you participate, in the capacity that you are able to with this organization. Some of you will work directly with us in your world. Some of you will be well aware of us and cooperative, and align your energies in work, thoughts, and emotions with those of this mission.

We have heard a phrase that describes some mortals who are resistant to change, as being “hardheaded.” Well, it is oftentimes not that a person is resistant, but simply not capable, not trained, not sensitive to the nuances of a cooperative relationship. Now, extend that or overlay that onto my staff. It is going to require, and we are now in the process of training our staff, particularly those who will be working with you personally, on a one-to-one basis, how to actually do that. It is not that my staff is hardheaded, but this is a remarkable journey of cooperative, co-creative effort.

You have heard many higher-minded / high-minded phrases about co-creative union and cooperative efforts of us working together. The realities are that we know that as willing as you are, it will be much like herding cats—that we love you, we care for you, we wish the best for you, we are compassionate to your needs, and we are sensitive to your autonomy. Yet, we must bring you along, coax you to join with us arm in arm as we walk together in “step”—not out of step, but in step together. This will require remarkable adjustments, for my staff and for you.

My staff thoroughly understands the eccentricities of mortals on Urantia, and your penchant for autonomy and resistance to good. And you are used to going your own way. Some of you simply give up and say, “Show me.” This is insufficient, too, my friends. You must join us energetically, actively—not passively—but assertively, willing to reach out, extend yourself and learn how to cooperate, how to be led without feeling like you are leaderless, that you have no participation in where you are going. It is essential that you thoroughly invest in this co-creative, cooperative effort to complement the Magisterial Mission and the healing of your planet, in the begetting of whole individuals early in their lives.

You have many business examples of diverse groups coming together in a cooperative effort to accomplish a common good, or a common outcome to produce a common service, a functional product and it requires many people working on this, from diverse cultures, different languages, different systems of measurement and come out with a product or service that works. Now multiply the difficulty of that by manyfold—many of you have not yet felt the presence of those who are not material.

You will be startled, some of you will be in awe, [and] some of you will be in denial that this is actually occurring. As I approach materiality, more and more of this Magisterial Mission becomes “locked in” to the temporal pace of your planet. We are not ready to lock in place this mission yet, for there is so much work to do. I will loose my flexibility when that occurs. In many ways I will be a captive of this planet, though I will have the same capacity to lay down my body and travel elsewhere, as I am needed, or as is required, there upon returning to my body, taking it up, and traversing as a captive on the planet again.

So many of you are waiting. So many of you are prepared. So many of you will be gone before I appear. Those of you who are prepared and waiting, you are much like those so many years ago, who waited for the “return,” who waited for the healing of your planet, healing and completion, patiently waiting for years, decades—perhaps centuries. I do not and will not reveal to you when the mission will become corporeal in full, and operational at a level that you can participate in. It would be foolhardy to do so. You are agondonters. I envision that one day, a decade or two after the mission is in its corporeal form, that someone will write a novel or a true story of the last agondonters as a chronicle to those who waited. Those of you who believe, have faith, trust and know that I will be here in material form, that Christ Michael will then follow me in the time after that in the distant future.

Your faith is a trusting faith. Your faith is a faith with a smile on your face, knowing that it is happening—not “will happen”—but “is” happening. You have a gleeful appreciation that it is in process that it is now in the form of becoming manifest. You are wonderful caretakers of this mission; you are wonderful supporters of what must be done and what will occur. I know that many of you are anxiously waiting, as though you had invited company over to your home for dinner, and you had an appointed time of seven o’clock for them to appear, and here it is eight-thirty and they still have not arrived, though they call occasionally saying, “Oh, we are just a bit down the road.”

We know that these assurances we provide to you feel much the same way—“Well, when are you going to arrive?” “When is dinner?” But we say to you, “Keep the stove hot, please, we are coming.” You will hear this message over and over again; it will be repeated many, many times in the future to help you become aware that you are not alone. In the meantime, this provides a wonderful opportunity for training, for personal upliftment, for practice in meditation, in silence and stillness to be with your Thought Adjuster in preparation for this wonderful mission in which I am participating.

I am open for questions, if you have any at this time.

Student: I have a question. It says in the Urantia Book that the man to land ratio is key to the well being of the human race. Is our population in line with the man to land ratio? They predict that there will be nine billion people by 2050. Are you able to speak on that, or how do we keep our population within limits?

MONJORONSON: This is not a function that is governable by individuals, or even by societies or nations, except that individuals may responsibly raise a reasonable number of children, so that they are cared for, educated and prepared for their future. The population of your world is grossly out of balance. It will be at that time, which you state, approximately three times larger than it should be. There is truly an equation for the number of people that can successfully, productively, rationally, spiritually, occupy land in relationship to the square mileage or land mass.

Your other question obviously must be, “How will this be aligned?” We will not institute any global program of eugenics. This situation of over-population of your planet will be self-rectifying. It is unavoidable; it is now in preparation, we are aware that there are forces in your world, which will change the population level dramatically in a very brief period of time. We work with all individuals; we work with all souls. We wish that the production of healthy, whole, heavy souls occur on every planet, and that every soul that leaves this planet be weighty with wisdom, experience, understanding, insight, and personal reverence. You make them by moral and ethical decisions; you make heavy souls with the addition of service—not required, obligatory service, but joyful service, generous service, gleeful service, service that is done from the heart.

Look about you in your world. How many people serve easily, generously, passionately? How many people are making good moral, ethical decisions, given that they are presented to them every day? Many souls leave your planet light as a feather, with very little survival capacity. Yet, many of you leave this planet as heavy souls, having made many weighty, consistent, good, ethical, and moral decisions and have provided wonderful service to your fellow brothers and sisters.

The opportunity for decision-making is before everyone. The opportunity for service is before everyone. The awakening of the Thought Adjuster, the awakening of the individual and the connection with the Thought Adjuster, the Father fragment, is essential to the growth of the soul. You here are heavy souls; you are weighty with good decisions and wonderful service. You will survive, if you wish to. This, too, is a decision; this too is part of an intention for living. These are decisions that you must make, consciously—not flippantly or errantly, but consciously with good intention. What I am saying in answer to your question is that we appreciate the number of souls that are on your planet, yet we know clearly that many will leave here deciding not to continue the journey. Many will leave here having no idea of what their life was about, and many will be leaving here who have great value.

This scythe that will cut across the populations of your world, is no respecter of status, power, authority, monies, or spiritual development—it will strike evenly to everyone. And it will reduce the population of your planet: it is unavoidable; it is inevitable; it will occur. And when you do cross, whether before or after this occurs, we are there, we are so close to you. We will help you make this transition more easily. Thank you for your question.

Student: Monjoronson, can you assist us in understanding the new being called WAVE? What types of characteristics did he receive from the four mortals, and what will be his function or purpose?

MONJORONSON: I wish not to speak of that at this time.

More questions, thoughts, comments?

Student: Do you have a suggestion, Monjoronson, how we might best share any information or our opinions about the Teaching Mission? It seems like it’s problematic enough with those who have background with the Urantia text, but for people with Christian or Biblical background, it seems if we were to state very much about this, it might well be discounted or thought of as something “off the wall.”

MONJORONSON: This is true. It is very much like a wedding—no one will come unless you invite them. Therefore, my suggestion is that you have a simple invitation that you provide to people who perhaps show curiosity about your beliefs, or who seem open to its discussion; a brief, uncomplicated but simple message about the Teaching Mission, about my mission. Your concern about what they think is not relevant. Simply discern whether they may be open to listening. You know that you will be rejected—many invitations to higher guidance, to spiritual insight and development are dismissed openly, sometimes with scorn and disgust, yet if you do not provide a simple invitation out of fear of being scorned, then no one will come.

Your mission, if you ask, to give it a name, I would not say it is your duty, but your avocation is to invite and find similar-hearted, similar-believing individuals, and invite them to attend. There is need for new Teaching Mission groups to develop, to once again begin the initial teachings that are essential to a God-centered life, how to live peacefully, kindly, compassionately, successfully in a complex society. We wish new Teaching Mission groups to begin, which is my desire and the desires of Christ Michael, Machiventa, and all our staff. We are pleased that you continue in Boulder to provide these lessons to newcomers. Does that help?

Student: Thank you. Yes it does.

Student: Try as hard as I might, I cannot picture in my mind or my heart that my personal Thought Adjuster is a pre-personal being, without the personality of at least the Father. All the transmissions that I have read from other person’s TA’s coming through with much love and tender emotions . . . how can the TA’s show that without being personal? Thomas recently spoke on this issue as a “particle of Divine energy—omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent,” but I am still struggling with the lack of a personality when he is so loving.

MONJORONSON: It is a blessing to address you, concerning this. The Thought Adjuster cannot be what it is not. It is from the source of love; it is from the source of harmony. Expressions of compassion, caring, love, harmony, order, forgiveness, and all the other wonderful virtues of a developed spirit are eminent, are present, are always there with the Thought Adjuster. It is, in itself a pre-personal being having a capacity that is far greater in its complexity, in its developed stature of spiritual enlightenment, than you can conceive. Think of it from the perspective of the Thought Adjuster, not that it would actually ask this question, “How could such a lowly being as you have a personality, and I have not? How generous it is that the Creator, from which I come, and from which it [personality] comes, fills you with personality and I have not? This is the wonderful, motivating energies for our union, for our oneness, for our travels together in the infinite eras of time and eternity, as we grow to grasp what I have you want; what you have I desire, knowing that in the eventuality of our travels together in our experiences as we go through these many life plateaus and changes, we will become closer and more one.”

The fusion of the Thought Adjuster with the mortal does not end this quest, does not end this development, but it continues to mature and grow. “How is this possible? It is a mystery. I will leave it at that. This is a magnificent, magnificent, wonderful, mystery of the universe, and you only will understand it more thoroughly and completely, almost in the totality, in the embrace with the Creator, when we are embraced together,” speaking as the Thought Adjuster that you have within you.

“Then you can appreciate fully why the Creator has sent out to the ends of time and eternity in the finite universe, these fragments, seeding the whole universe with fragments of itself, to come into being in wholeness, through these fragile, mortal fragments of life as yourself. It is a journey of exploration, of completion, of fullness. Then the ecstasy of knowing personality, from which the source has provided to you, becomes one with me, the Thought Adjuster. What a glorious, simultaneous, implosion, explosion of energy, as this develops! It is not an easy concept or process to follow or understand, but one which will become appreciable to you in its great magnificence in the ends of time”. Thank you.

Student: Thank you! Everything you have shared with us today has been very helpful.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome. I, Monjoronson, am privileged to be here with you, to take on this grand and awesome and challenging task of helping you heal your personal life, and your world, together. I wish you well, my friends, and I am as present with you as the Spirit of Christ. The companionship that he provides to you when you call upon him is immediate and personal. Do not forget that! And my assistance is to work with you and Christ Spirit in healing this world. You are an essential part of that. You are important. You are needed, and your steadfast faith, appreciation, acceptance, trust and knowing that this will be so, even if you do not see it in your lifetime, is needed to support these efforts. And do not be afraid to share this message with others, for there is great fear upon your planet, and in fear there is resistance and separation and isolation. Be prepared to embrace those who show some meager amount of willingness to join. I bless you; Christ Michael blesses you; Nebadonia fills you with her presence, and the peace of our Creator, may it preside always in your life. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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