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NCO85 – Population & Earth Changes

Monjoronson070906_NOCO_Population & Earth Changes

Northern Colorado TeaM, #85
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Q & A of last session (6/11/06):
The New Era has begun
Population decimation is inevitable
Reorganizations necessary at all levels
Existential loneliness
Scope of reduction to expect
Global, national, personal perspectives
Standard of living will increase for those remaining
Goodness will overpower evil
Laws of survival
Review past lessons on mercy, compassion, forgiveness & justice
Create new communities
Immense opportunity for individuals
Appearance of other masters & avatars
A general awakening
Monjoronson’s roles
One major influence with compounding factors
Radioactivity, pandemics & earth changes
A vacuum of power & leadership
Breakdown of governments
Influence of positive individuals needed
Rapid evolution toward Light & Life
Preparation and resolve

T/R: Daniel Raphael

July 9, 2006

[[Lesson preceded by centering and construction of the merkaba. There were numerous celestial beings present, some standing behind each one of us, with their hands on our shoulders. A ball of brilliant white light descended into the middle of the group. The merkaba whirred into action like a big dynamo and we connected the heart line, mind line, and became “one with each other, in mind and heart.” The group then used the merkaba for good, by bending its energy beam to wherever it was needed—for healing, abundance, prosperity, correct action, fulfillment, etc. We were surrounded by light and wisdom, an abundance of the universe radiated into each of us. Some of our work is to radiate that abundance back out into the world to those who need assistance and wisdom.]]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group welcomes him warmly.)

MONJORONSON: Let us pick up the threads of our last session and see if we can bring these to a close. We covered some important parts last time, but there was perhaps an abundance of issues that were not covered, which may have tickled your mind, which may have caused you some curiosity. As this is a co-creative, cooperative effort to help heal your world, to complement the work of Christ Michael directly, and through his Melchizedeks through the Planetary Prince, let us entertain any questions that you may have at this time.

Student: Monjoronson, I have some questions that were sent to me: You recently mentioned two events that seemed to coincide—decimation of the human species and something you called “The New Era.” Did you mean for these two events to occur coincidentally?

MONJORONSON: Yes. As we have said in the past, the decimation of the human species is not initiated by God, by Christ Michael or Machiventa…or anyone else. It is an aspect of over population of the world, and it was said that this is inevitable. It is much like going down the highway and not seeing the rock on the highway at night. You hit the rock and break your wheel and come to the side of the road and need to be rescued. And so, it was not planned on your part, and although the rock was brought into existence by the Creator, the Creator did not cause this to happen personally to you, it is simply one of the accidents of time that happens in the travels of life.

It is no accident either, that I am here; it is no accident that the Correcting Time is upon your planet; it is no accident that the Teaching Mission informs you and teaches you. And it is no accident that these things coincide. It is as easy to predict the decimation of the human species, as it is to predict that there will eventually be rain, that there will be sunshine, that the sun will rise tomorrow and on subsequent days—it is predictable. It is easily predictable in the large actuarial scope of the capacity of Christ Michael and many of us. It is simply looking ahead; and as you look ahead into the future, you make plans.

So too, plans were made long ago for the Correcting Time, for the correcting of the times in the past, where there was default and betrayal on your planet. When these things occurred, it immediately became obvious to Christ Michael that rectitude must be made, that there would be some action to assist those souls and mortals who had come into the world and passed into death, to those who are living, and to those who come in the future—none of you are forgotten! No generation is forgotten! Plans and alternatives, options, were made for every generation, once the default and betrayals occurred. A Creator Son immediately knows that in the eons of time for that planet, after justice is served, that then these programs can be fully brought to bear upon the populations of your world.

And although your world has been in quarantine for so many, many thousands of years, you are not forgotten! No one is ever forgotten—options are made for each individual, each generation, each nation, each population. Each era has its own special, peculiar, and particular service plan for it. It was a “sadness upon our hearts,” (please put that in quotes,) [to] feel your pain of isolation, and immense spiritual loneliness, to know that you were alone. And, although you do not understand intellectually, rationally why you feel alone as an individual in that time of quarantine, none-the-less, you at the far, deeper, infinite, existential level of your soul, feel that—you “know it”—and many of you have cried silently, tears of anguish in that loneliness.

And now, friends, you are now no longer lonely; you are no longer without guidance; you are no longer without the presence of us—we are here! The Correcting Time is upon you. We have a mighty challenge now—not ahead of us, but now—this “now,” this moment. So understanding that the decimation of your species will occur, it will occur before what we call “The New Era.” This is the time of reorganization of societies, of your organizations, of your philosophies, your reorganizations of your religions, the reorganization of all your civilizations.

No nation, no community, and no family will be unaware of this. Just as the Spirit of Truth touched the hearts and minds of the Apostles—it felt like a wind in their face and they were rocked on their feet—they felt it in their being. So, too, will each individual fully understand and realize the awakening of this New Era, for they will feel it personally. It will be like standing on the other side of the door, when I am there and I pound on the door, asking you to open it. You will feel the door shudder; it will be that real to you. As we have said, no individual will be left untouched, no one will be left unknowing; everyone will be required to make that morally infinite or immortal decision to join or not to join. Those who are hesitant, they are accepted; those who refuse, there is tolerance and allowance; those who refuse again and again, of course, will have made their own decision for the infinity of time and their “erasure” from the records of time in the universe.

But the New Era has much to give and much to offer.

Student: How would you describe the New Era in terms of population today, versus the New Era?

MONJORONSON: Your population will be reduced worldwide by a third to two-thirds.

Student: What would the New Era look like from the perspectives globally, internationally, and personally?

MONJORONSON: Globally, your world will look the same if you viewed it from space. Globally, if you looked at it now, there are global enterprises, transnational and even extra-national organizations, and these will be unchanged, though their work forces will be greatly diminished, there will necessarily occur movements of efficiency in order to make these companies, corporations, transnational organizations, and operations to remain effective.

These organizations will be in a maintenance mode to maintain their position, their strength, and literally their physical operation in offices and in manufacturing and processing plants around the world. There will necessarily be individuals who will remain “on post,” so to speak, who will man their water departments, who will man the transmission of natural gas and gasoline and fuels, who will operate the hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, bring your groceries from the distribution centers and who will bring the produce and products from afar to the distribution centers. You realize of course, that if there is a loss of two-thirds of the population, that means that manufacturing and retail aspects will decrease in like amount. Many of your stores will close; many of your hospitals must combine forces because they have lost so many staff. There will be thousands upon thousands of homes that will be empty. There will be thousands upon thousands of communities, which will be totally decimated, and few will remain untouched.

Globally, the resources that are existent at that time will be spread among those who remain. In effect, the standard of living for the world population will increase by two, three, four, five, six times. . . nine-fold, because there are fewer people who will be using them. Yet, these resources will have been fully developed.

Nationally there will be obviously immense disorganization; panic will be almost non-existent because there will be few to panic. There will be little rioting in the streets because there will be few people there to riot. There will be many instances of injustices, which will go un-punished, un-corrected, yet there will be thousands and millions of actions of assistance, altruistic effort of self-sacrifice, even to the point of death, by many millions of people to assist those who remain.

The greatest goodness of humankind will become evident, while the greatest evils will become lessened to almost non-existent. Yes, there will be necessity of martial law and necessity of immediate executions. This is as it will necessarily be; it is what a society must do to maintain itself. Your rules of society, the way you behave, the laws that you pass—these are your laws; these are your morals, your ethics, your policies—the goodness of the universe proceeds ahead, and you will be able to embrace that too. The laws of God are not the laws of man—they can be, but man [must] decide to adopt them and adapt them to his use. Until then, in times of great extreme crises, there must be an efficacy of survival; you must proceed accordingly.

Personally, if you are still here, you will have an abundance of resources or goods available to you, unlike you have ever experienced before. You truly must be at the level of community consciousness to live morally and ethically at that time. If all the residents of the neighboring house are deceased, are you welcome to use their pantry? Yes. Are you welcome to use their car? Yes. And you say, “Well, they have relatives,” but they live afar and cannot get here, for there is a breakdown of international and national travel. It doesn’t mean that planes do not fly, for they will; there will be only so many that can fly; there will be literally millions of cars that are abandoned, parked in garages, which will never run again. The same for planes, buses, trains and trucks—the means are there, but the inhabitants are missing to occupy them and make them work.

Some of you will say, “Oh, my God, my God! Is this not preventable?” At this time, my friends, it is not. It is not in the domain of the Creator to correct these things by fiat, by miracle, by the will of Christ Michael or the First Source and Center. This is a merciful decision. You will come to know and appreciate that and understand that position in times to come. We ask that you review our past lessons on mercy, compassion, forgiveness and justice, given by the Celestial Teachers, and others.

From your level as an individual, you will have times of immense loneliness, yet at these times, you will also have the same capacity to join with individuals, who are in the same situation. You will create new communities; you will not lie about and have a life of ease, though you could surely choose that. Some of you will come into the awareness that you wish to live like Thoreau, out in your cabins by the lake in the woods—and that is surely fine. Some of you will aspire to positions of leadership, and this is where you, my friends, you of the Teaching Mission, you of this spirit infused camaraderie, this cohort of spirit and the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, this is your time to shine, this is your time to come forward, this is your time to shed your shyness and your timidity—come forward and speak! Speak clearly, compassionately, mercifully, in a friendly manner, enjoining your friends in your community with love to survive as a complete and completely functional community, an extended family of many without families.

You as individuals will find your greatest challenges to express the greatest qualities that you have in your mind and in your soul. This is the time when your soul will be as a great banquet table spread before you and you can choose your values, you can choose those standards of living, you can choose those ethical and moral decisions, those parameters of service, which had evaded you before. It is your time to shine. As an individual, it will be challenging, yet you will have the capacity to do this. You who will see this perspective will see this as an immense opportunity for personal fulfillment directly in the union with the cooperation of Christ Michael, the teachers, the angels, and all about you. This is the time when I, Monjoronson will enjoin you in a way that you have not experienced before.

Student: Monjoronson, you know that you are planning to arrive here in the body at some point, and I recently learned that Kuthumi is going to appear. I just wondered if there are going to be other spiritual teachers, teachers of different religions, such as those related to Mohammedanism—from Mohammed, I should say—are they going to arrive to bring about peace on the Earth?


Student: All about the same time?

MONJORONSON: Yes. Even now, other religions who have masters, who have avatars, those who have passed, those who are of a greatly evolved nature, even now are preparing; their religions are preparing. These other religions are as aware that their avatars, their spiritual leaders will also appear. Most of these religions have an awareness that this is a time of spiritual awakening, a return of those individuals to their people, those individuals who work in coordination with Christ Michael’s programs. You have many religions; you have many populations; you have many cultures—you have even several civilizations on your planet operating simultaneously, and these must have their own voices to speak to them. These masters speak in their tongue, with their cultural awareness, with their background, their heritage, and they will bring into existence the new influence of “one religion,” the religion of the Father, the First Source and Center.

Student: And the religion of peace and love, so that they no longer have to feel that we have to be at war with different religions?

MONJORONSON: There will be too few to fight.

Student: I should think that at a time like you are describing that many people would be tempted to turn against God, as I think people felt like, how could the holocaust be permitted to happen, because it was so devastating, so cruel. So I suspect that we may be called upon to work to counteract that?

MONJORONSON: The holocaust came into existence through the decision of mean and evil men and women. The decimation of your species will not be caused by any individual’s decision, or group of individuals’ decisions. This will be a time of awakening; this will be a time of arrival of great spiritual awakening in your world. There will be a presence among you, as I said, you will feel this; you will know it. You will know that just as you can hear a bear prowling outside your door, you are aware that it is out there; you are aware that there is something more than yourself present in your home, and you will feel us here, you will feel the presence of greater spirit. You will have an awakening, a knowing, a consciousness of something greater than your self in and around you. You will not be left alone.

Student: Thank you. Would you be personally and physically present in these early stages of the decimation and the New Era?

MONJORONSON: I am present now. I am present with you here today. There will be a time when it will be necessary for me to be present. That will be the time when I make myself aware to you.

Student: What would be one of your most significant roles at that time?

MONJORONSON: As I have said in the past, my presence in the New Era will be to organize your new religion, your new world organization, your new world unity, the oneness of mankind, the sonship with God, your awareness that you are not Americans and Russians and Germans and Indians and Bolivians separated by these imaginary boundaries between your nations. It is necessary to bring people into the awareness of the oneness of all.

Student: (tape turned) . . . the population pressure has forced means to do that by its own accord and if we dramatically reduce the population, we’ll go back to the older ways of nationalism? Or will we be keeping up our communication systems, the way we have?

MONJORONSON: Please repeat.

Student: . . . I forget my question.

MONJORONSON: The decimation of your species, as I have said, will not be caused by human or immortal decisions.

Student: I said it’s because of the number of people on the earth and communication systems, that we’ve established that the world seems to be going in the direction of becoming more integrated. And if we reduce the population dramatically, would the tendency be to shift back to nationalism?

MONJORONSON: The pronoun “we” bothers me. When you say, “we reduce the population,” who is the “we” you refer to?

Student: I don’t know how it’s gonna happen.

MONJORONSON: I’m sorry; I am unable to answer your question, as it is given.
Are there other questions?

Student: I have a question. We [a couple] have just been reading a book about the rather horrendous exploitation of American and International corporations—so called “empire”—where there is so much greed and exploitation and heartless treatment of people who have seemly little power to resist. I am wondering if there is a role for us to play at this time, in the bringing about of some correction of this, so that selfishness is not in the primary mode of operation, but where compassion and generosity and caring become the predominant motivators?

MONJORONSON: It is unfortunate that many do not think as you do. They have neither the will nor the interest to combine their forces, their energies to correct these wrongs, to assist in the fair distribution and use—the fair use—of resources. Many of your populations are dominated by the media, which are controlled by the same interests, which exploit these resources and these people, these populations. There is a circle of influence, which is outside the vast majority of the population of your world. Further, the cynicism of individuals leaves many, who wish for those ends you speak of, at a distance from participating. They are without hope and do not struggle for “right action.” It is also sad to see individuals operate at that same level of greed in their own small enterprises, stating for example, “Well that’s just the way the business is.” “That’s what happens; it’s unavoidable.” And truly, at an individual level it is totally avoidable.

Student: So do we just have to pick and choose in what small way we can work to change this and improve it?

MONJORONSON: Politically, you must pick and choose to conserve your energy and political power. But personally, your “picking and choosing” will become more consistent as you are more consistent in your own being. You can “pick and choose” moral and ethical decisions you want to make, but our hope for you would be that you would make consistent ethical and moral decisions, day-by-day. Picking and choosing is not a good way to operate. It shows ethical and moral discord within the individual, rather than a constancy and dedication and wholeness of intention with the flow of the universe, the good that Christ Michael demonstrated in his last bestowal.

Student: Well, I guess what I meant is that the individual who is writing about these concerns, made some suggestions as to what one might do to work toward this correction, and when I said, “pick and choose,” I meant we can’t spread ourselves thin, but have to rather choose, and perhaps what I am asking you is what kind of action is most effective? Perhaps you have already answered that.

MONJORONSON: I believe so: Consistently ethical, socially moral, personally moral decision-making. For some, this means to withdraw from many of your culture’s activities, it means living a more simple life, it means joining communities that think as they do and operating in wholeness that way. We do not have a prescription for this correction, yet within the Correcting Time, within the efforts of Christ Michael, goodness, truth, compassion, and generosity will prevail. It may be outside of your lifetime, it may be outside of this nation’s existence, but it will prevail.

Student: Thank you.

Students: Concerning the decimation of the population, I presume that there will not be just one major cause for this, that there will be many, many factors, just as we’ve seen over the last few years, where thousands of lives are lost at a time?

MONJORONSON: There will be one “major” influence that will initiate this action, and it will be compounded and compounded and re-compounded again by the need to control, the need to have authority, the need to be in charge. This could be prevented by the generosity of the heart of those who lead nations, those who lead large organizations, those who would think in terms of “one mankind,” “one humankind,” rather than “us” or “them,” as that will cause everyone to lose. There are influences in your world, even today that will magnify and make that compounding occur. The weather will have a major influence upon the process of decimation. This is uncontrollable. This has a wildly and widely effective influence upon the spread of this problem, and makes it uncontrollable.

Student: Will radiation be involved in this decimation? Radioactivity?

MONJORONSON: There will be those—I will say this, concerning that issue—there will be those who see crisis as an opportunity to extend their control and their reach and their influence to what and where they have coveted for generations. Yet in the end, they will lose as well.

Student: Right now, our national and local governments are preparing for the possibility of a pandemic. Are they on the right track, or are they just spinning their wheels?

MONJORONSON: They are on the right track.

Student: A few years ago we were concerned about the earth changes, major earthquakes on our continent, and that would be a way that large populations could be wiped out. Would that come into play in this change?

MONJORONSON:    No. What occurred for many who saw those earth changes, and I am not saying they were inaccurate, but the duration or the immediacy of those developments were in major degree, inaccurate. Some of these will occur over a period of one or two years. Some will occur within ten to twenty thousand years. Some of the tectonic influences on your planet can occur far, far, far more rapidly than you have ever imagined. It is, yes, possible that the Mississippi Valley could sink ten feet, and that the in-flow of the Caribbean would wash up many hundreds of miles past the present sea level. This is a possibility. It is not inevitable, but it is a possibility in your planet’s mechanics. Those can occur rapidly, some will occur that way, others will occur very slowly. The maps that these have drawn, in some ways, quite accurately reflect the future of those borders, those shores, those boundaries and configuration of your continents in the future. Yet, we do not say when those will occur.

Student: Will volcanic cataclysms be a part of this?

MONJORONSON: When there are major shifts in the geologic substructure of an area, there is always the opportunity for great volcanic activity. Those eras on your planet come and go, they are diminishing in time, yet some major volcanic cataclysms are going to come into existence on your planet. These are as well, inevitable. There is pressure, there is the shrinking of your planet, and there is still the active, living interior of your planet that is making adjustments. It is much like watching a grapefruit in slow motion as it is left to rot and wither and shrink and wrinkle.

Student: How about a flip of the poles that some of the scientists have said occurs periodically?

MONJORONSON: This has to do with the magnetism of your planet, and does not have to do with the rotation of your planet.

Student: So it’s not part of the decimation then?

MONJORONSON: Just the confusion.

Students: Will nations rise and fall during this cataclysm?

MONJORONSON: No. Groups of individuals will rise and fall; nations will have less importance. A factor of altruistic leadership will be most important. There are always those in power who will be preserved because of their authority, their position, their means to protect themselves, and those who are selfish, those who are power-hungry, will express themselves this way. Yet, there will be many, many thousands of groups of individuals offering leadership to communities and to regions to help bring intelligent reorganization to those areas. This will be past the national level; survival will be at the individual, family, community, local, and regional levels. You will see natural reorganizations of what you call “states,” into regional entities that are much more functional. Your shipping companies already operate this way, as it is much more efficient. So too, will other resources and your states combine energies to reorganize themselves and to assist in the survival, as best they can.

However, none of you have asked about that immediate era from the time this occurs to the time that reorganization becomes apparent. There will be an era, an interregnum, a time between events that will be a vacuum of power, a vacuum of influence, a vacuum of capacity, a vacuum of effectiveness, a vacuum of leadership. There will not be confusion, there will just “not be.” There will be a breakdown of organization, diminishment—think in terms of city government—what is a city without its people? What is the organization to do when there are so few to organize? What is the meaning of management when survival is foremost in your minds? Management at local and state levels, and higher, can only exercise their functions when there are resources and populations to manage. They will need to reorganize so that regional resources are connected to regional populations, i.e. contiguous areas and populations. There will need to be a total re-thinking of how to live, how to operate.

This is a time of great opportunity for us; this is a time for great opportunity for the influence of positive individuals those who are co-creative partners with us. This will be the time for you to come forward, a time when you can have a real manifest, spiritual influence upon your fellow human beings. This is a time when the positive survives. This is the time when all good comes forward, when good can be manifest repeatedly, over and over again. This is what enhances survival: [it] is goodness, truth, honesty, beauty in operation, beauty around you, beauty of the heart, mind and soul. See beauty around you and bring it into existence for others to see and you as well. Survival will force you to operate positively, for all things that cause separation between yourself and other people, between groups of people and communities in opposition—this is destructive; this is innately destructive; this must not occur for you as an organized civilization to survive. Those communities that are in opposition will take advantage of others during this time of deprivation; they are misguided and will perhaps be destroyed, by yourselves.

Student: I think we’ve seen how we humans can react in very positive ways in helping one another in the midst or after a catastrophe; we’ve seen it occur. So it sounds as if life will go on that way with this great event. I am also wondering how then this moves more correctly or consistently toward the era of Light and Life?

MONJORONSON: Monjoronson: Clearly!

Student: Will this be a gradual evolution toward Light and Life?

MONJORONSON: No. It will be a rapid evolution towards the era of Light and Life. This is what you say, “Carpe diem,” seize the day! This is the time for people of light, benevolence and goodness, to seize the day. Do not be timid. More?

Student: We talked about the world’s population being decimated: how is it in our continent—North America, Canada, Mexico?


Student: Large numbers?


MONJORONSON: Those areas hardest hit will be those in the lines of commerce—air flight, shipping—those who are at seacoasts will be hugely devastated as well as those large populations that have excellent ground and air communication and transport. The hinterlands, those of high elevation—those remote areas will be well protected.

Student: Is there a possibility that our exaggerated military can be converted into a positive and constructive humanitarian force, rather than what we often think of as a destructive force?

MONJORONSON: This too, will be part of the reorganization of your societies, your governmental functions. Self-preservation will be foremost, yet the capacity of your armies will be greatly limited by the loss of their own membership. It must be the will of those who come into authority, to use these forces for good, for assistance. What you will find more powerful, however, is the re-direction of your budgetary allotments, where you spend your money. This nation could be hugely successful, were it to diminish its military posturing and military presence, and divert those monies into national/international benevolent means—not for self-interest, but for the interest of all, for the development of each individual, for the development of their communities.

We emphasize “communities,” rather than “states and nations,” where states and nations, which become strong, then again posture and create separation. It must be the education of the individual, care of the individual, to appreciate their position as being important—and capable of making a contribution. But surely, for individuals who remain, this will be the main driving force for many of you who are of a benevolent nature, that you will have opportunity for immense personal fulfillment. You will know that because you remain, you are important, that you are special—and that you have something meaningful to do.

Student: Do you have any suggestions on how we can remain economically viable in order to be able to do some good work for Christ Michael and the Mission?

MONJORONSON: This has nothing to do with economics, dear one.

Student: Won’t there be an economic collapse with all of these catastrophes?

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course. Everything will collapse and so everything will be at the same economic level.

Student: It’s a good thing you have given us a lot of strong spiritual support and hope and reassurance, before giving us “this.”

MONJORONSON: This is my Mission! (Much laughter.) You are operating with a crutch right now, hobbling along as a civilization, as a world. We certainly are not going to pull that crutch out from under you, but rather put our arm around you and under you and support you as you move forward, encouraging you. And soon you will be able to throw your crutches away. You are such a docile group! (Laughing.)

Student: You’ve taken the wind out of our sails.

Student: But I see this really as . . . it seems wise to believe in prevention, particularly in regard to healthcare and to prepare ourselves in reasonable ways for whatever might come upon us—flood or storm, etc. So I see this as possibly a very positive message for preparing ourselves and priming us for spiritual work.

MONJORONSON:   As was once told to you in the Old Testament, the wise man builds his house on a high hill; the foolish man builds his house in the plains of the river, upon the sand, and is eventually washed away with his wife and his children and his animals and his produce. Be thoughtful about where you live, how you conduct your business, your preparation for illness, preparation for distancing, preparation for living alone, or living in economic isolation. Your nations will continue, your economies will continue, you will just be slowed down and in some cases stopped and need to be restarted. Those of you who are of immense capacity will say, “Well, today is a new day. Let’s continue,” and you pick up your shovel and your hoe, and go back to work.

On the other hand, some of you will be totally incapacitated, crying and moaning and grieving for your loss of property, for the loss of your loved ones, for the loss of your neighbors, for the loss of your jobs, for the loss of many, many things. We are not saying, “Get over it, move on,” we are saying pick up your attitude, pick up your energies—move ahead. You remain; you are here; you are special; you have work to do. Work with us, we are helping you now—not “will” help you, but we “are” helping you now. You could still plant a garden with tears on your cheeks, can you not? Then do so.

I will tease you, my friends; I said you were docile.

Student: We are stunned!

MONJORONSON: I will tease you with a question, and then not answer it.

Student: That’s a real tease.

MONJORONSON: The question is this: No one has asked—“Why do you bring this to our doorstep now, Monjoronson?” With that, I bless you and say “good day.” Know that you are not alone. The benevolence of Christ Michael is upon each of you, upon your forehead, upon your hearts, with his light upon you as you go forward. There has always been an anointment for each of you, and you have accepted—some have not. Good day!

(Expressions of great appreciation from group.)

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