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NCO86 – Changing The World

Zarath072306_NOCO_Changing The World

Northern Colorado TeaM, #86
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Zarath

Topics: Gathering forces to change the world
Pure joy of associations
Giving hope to others
The warning of decimation
Easing your fears
Physical preparations to make for disruption
Wisdom of sharing warnings
Space exploration
What can individuals do about war?
Choose wiser leaders
Signs of the apocalypse
In support of Monjoronson
Sharing the news of the Magisterial Son

TR: Jerry Evans

July 23, 2006

Jerry: Are you there, Zarath?

ZARATH: Yes, by all means, I am here! I welcome the group.

(Group: And we welcome you!)

ZARATH: Thank you for coming and for allowing us to just have discourse together, to commune and feel the love and friendship that we can share. It is in so much need in this world, and we are gathering forces to change this world, under Michael’s direction and with Mother Nebadonia and Monjoronson and Machiventa Melchizedek.

We are continually enthused by the lights shinning within you, by the progress that each of you has made, by the care that you give to your fellows out of pure joy that you have in your associations. Hard as life may be for some, that is what gives hope to those around you. Peace on earth can be had by just sharing that love and caring, even in a troubled world such as this. And many are in that state. It is in these little clusters where hope and joy can spread, as each group spreads its love among its fellows, among its associates and those with whom each comes in contact. Truly life can be beautiful, as you try to ascend toward more morontia status.

Your recent studies of the Morontia Worlds in your study group are opening up your souls and minds again to the beautiful course ahead of you. And the importance of what you are doing right here and now to prepare those around you—and yourselves—for that higher future. The world affairs seem to be spiraling out of control in the Middle East and Iraq. We are warned that decimation of a new sort may soon be upon this world. And we in these councils and in these groups, wish to ease your concerns; wish to prepare you and yet ease your fears, for fear will do nothing but harm in anything that you attempt. Facing what comes and helping those around you as best you can, is the most satisfying and the most growth producing—and most helpful for all concerned.

This is so obvious; you may wonder why I restate that. It is often forgotten in the din of every day affairs, and so we patiently remind you, encourage you and shed our love upon you, that all may be well with you through whatever occurs.

This concludes my message for you today, and I am open for questions if you have any.

Student: Zarath, are there any specific things we should do to prepare physically for this decimation? I understand the spiritual and mental part, but are we to obtain any types of supplies, whether food, water, medical—whatever? Can you speak on that?

ZARATH: Certainly. When any disaster, either earthly changes, wind or storm is predicted, then one is wise to recognize the disruptions that can occur in the normal distribution process of food, electricity, water and so many things that you normally take for granted, and yet, when disrupted can cause some severe results. So the normal processes should be taken of preparing to have a small food supply and water supply, that can see you over several weeks of destruction or disruption for the more likely time periods associated for smaller scale catastrophes to be ridden over. And basically, on the health issues, just try to have basic medicine supplies that can last you for a similar period, or a little longer, if you so desire.

The need for long-term storage is up to the individual, but is not the most likely thing to prepare against. Does that help?

Student: Yes, it does.

Student: I’ve been wondering too, Zarath, how much, or if it’s wise to share these warnings with our families and friends or those people we are closest to? I wonder if this is helpful, or if it is more likely to engender fear? You have given us so much by way of strengthening our faith and our security in our spiritual base, and I’m wondering if it’s wise to share the warnings if others haven’t had quite as rich a preparation, spiritually and mentally, to fall back on?

ZARATH: The best way to approach that is to recognize that if they have no warning, they are in greater danger. At least with a warning, they can make small preparations that can make a big difference in their position. Fear will naturally come, and will have to be addressed by each, but in your passing of the warning, you will be able to counsel them also on the problem of fear, and the advisability of taking it as it comes, as an advance preparation that they might normally take. If they hear that there is a strong storm brewing on the other side of the mountain and headed their way, they can approach it with confidence that they will be prepared and in a better position. Does that help?

Student: Yes, I think so.

Student: Is space exploration an activity that is carried on by normal evolving worlds, or is that indicative of our world because of isolation?

ZARATH: Most evolving worlds reach a state of progress, where they accomplish space exploration to the nearest inhabited planets around them. There is much evidence on your world of such previous sightings of space explorers, monitoring the progress of your world. In most cases, these civilizations, having achieved space flight over that distance, have reached a state of consciousness that their views are beneficial and helpful. The universe truly is a friendly place and is overseen at many levels by our spiritual government. Does that help?

Student: Umm . .Do they actually go to the near-by planets? Inhabited planets?


Student: You would think that the means of space negotiation by the celestial beings would be more than adequate, in that flight on a conveyance would not be suitable because of the time it would take to traverse from one world to another.

ZARATH: Well, that is the key—the time that it takes for a civilization to arrive at the ability to control with consciousness, the physicality of their machinery, to traverse such extreme distances. But in that development process, they have achieved Light and Life and then, while still in the material domain, are simply exploring first stage planets ahead of time, but many of us must wait for our morontia transitions before we can come back as student observers.

Student: In these days when our world is so beset with war-like conflict, is there anything that we as individuals can do, or certain activities we should support? For example, I’m thinking about the Peace College in this nation, or a department to mediate the conflicts in another country? Sometimes we feel so impotent to have an influence on these negative decisions that are being made. Can you give us any suggestions?

ZARATH: Your election process is the vehicle whereby you can choose wiser leaders. And your success at doing so will be the start of the change in not only national, but also international direction and progress. It is somewhat evolutionary, brought about by strong intent by major portions of the population. Our involvement in this process is directed at raising the consciousness of as many as possible, and that is through you—through each of you—that it can be done. We see much progress in that direction, and so we encourage you to have hope and follow your highest concepts for justice and love and apply them to the political arena. Does that help?

Student: Thank you.

Student: It seems to me that perhaps the spiritual pressure that our world has been getting lately has turned a lot of people’s thoughts towards spiritual matters, and in some cases, coupled with the problems of the catastrophes—i.e. the tsunami and 9/11, and so on—have made people cling to the biblical ideas about the apocalypse coming. Is that the reason Monjoronson is coming at this period of time in our history, or is that going to be a hindrance to his mission?

ZARATH: Those who, by their previous religious beliefs are convinced of this approach will find themselves in the backwaters. Their reaction to the world affairs and some catastrophes will further convince them that they are right. But it will not be helpful to them in addressing the situations in the most positive way, and therefore, their spiritual progress will be inhibited rather than advanced. Yet, Monjoronson’s mission will be carried through successfully in its time. But it is to each individual that we address our concerns, so that as many as possible take the right path, the path of love that is bound to be successful. Does that help?

Student: Yes.

Student: I have another question. Just as the Urantia Book appeals to only a few people, and then of the Urantia Book readers, only a small portion of them embrace the Teaching Mission, and now within the Teaching Mission members, there is a part of them that do not believe in Monjoronson and the Magisterial Mission. It seems like it is getting to be a smaller and smaller group to support Monjoronson with his work. Is this a disappointment or was it expected? Or are there plans for some way to deal with this?

ZARATH: Your problem may be accredited to perception. Monjoronson has made contact with many across the world, many groups, religions and associations, far more than you are being made aware of in the local scene. You can have faith in the increase in understanding and support of Monjoronson across the world that you are troubled about.

Student: That does help. Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student: Do you have any advice for us, how or if it is productive or wise for us to try to bring this up with people who we listen to that have a strong spiritual background and interest, to make mention to them of the high spiritual being coming to our world? It seems that in the biblical background, people have a thought and desire that Jesus/Christ Michael will some day return to this planet, but we are informed that that won’t happen until he can come in full glory. I wonder if there is a way to advance some thinking along this line, without people thinking or responding as if we are just some of those “far out kooks,” because it may sound so strange or so different from their usual way of thinking? I just wonder if it is wise to bring this up with some of our closest friends and associates?

ZARATH:  If you told a small child a story, or a cold fact that was far beyond its comprehension, you would not be doing the child a favor, necessarily, nor expect it to have the kind of response that you would be hoping for. People have to be more prepared and more open before some teachings can be beneficially provided. It is up to you in your perception, and in discussions, whether they have reached that state, and then all you can do is offer them your perspective and the rest is up to God, as they say.

Student: Thank you. I can see the wisdom in your response.

ZARATH: Thank you. I hope it has helped.

Are there any further questions? If not, I will close this session, leaving with you all my love and joy at having been able to be in communication with you, and to explore ideas and thoughts that you have, and offer what guidance I can. So, good day and Michael’s love and our Father’s love and Mother Spirit’s love be with you.

(Group thanks Zarath and Jerry.)

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