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NCO94 – Purpose of Sustainability & Survival

Monjoronson 120206 NOCO #94 Purpose of Sustainability & Survival

Northern Colorado TeaM, #94
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Sustainability is a critical necessity
Beyond survival to growth & maturity of civilizations
Universe policies of sustainability
Urantia at extreme end of aberrations
Loss of souls will be high
Engage your infinite career now
You are mirror of God’s presence on material planes
Universe provides patterns
No limits on growth potential
Disabilities and predispositions
Expected results of cooperative individuals
Q & A: Maturation & growth of civilization
Significance of Greenland’s melting icecap
Protections from zoonotic disease
Role diseases will play in decimation
Survival of agriculture
Boundaries & separation of national pride
Inter-faith activities
Zero-point energy, both blessing and curse
Examine needs for survival preparations
Comments on prayer

TR: Daniel Raphael

December 2, 2006

[Jerry led the group in preparation for group mind consciousness.]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group Welcome.)

MONJORONSON: Thank you for the preparation for this one. We are about to close the series of lessons on sustainability although this is not the last lesson; there will be one more. This lesson is a most important lesson, though perhaps more brief than ones in the past. We hope that you have been asking about sustainability: Why it is important; where these ideas come from; why they are being promulgated; and why they are being developed amongst so many groups, so many people—individuals and associations at this time?

First, I would say that it is presented to you, to the world, all receptive individuals and groups, because it is a necessity—a critical necessity—to have this developed and in place before the cataclysm occurs to your planet. This provides a model for your world, after that time. Many people will be grasping at straws to help them survive, and those will not be strong enough. You must have a strong harbor, a strong pillar much like a wharf, a strong post in the ground that is an anchor point for you to attach to that will help you survive. Quick and easy solutions will not provide those answers that you seek. Being politically correct, also will not serve well. One must go past appearances, into the substantive purpose of life to inaugurate and implement policies, make decisions and take action that assists you in surviving. Not you as an individual, selfishly, but you individually as groups of individuals, as associations, as nations of individuals must come together and find commonality. You will want to survive, not only survive for today, but to continue your existence into the foreseeable future.

And you will have a concern that your efforts would be productive, not only for yourself, but for your children and generations to come; that you would be able to meaningfully implement decisions and take actions that would last for decades and centuries; that would contribute in a meaningful way not only for the survival, but the improvement, the growth, development and maturation of your civilizations. Therefore, these have been lessons to guide your thinking.

Policies of sustainability will in a mortal, material way eventually reflect the policies of the universe, for sustainability—how the universe is sustained. This universe—the Grand Universe—provides a great working model for sustainability. It is a perfect plan that was implemented by the Creator and developed by the Architects of the Universe. You will eventually see that human policies, from the smallest associations of family, community, upwards to your world, will develop policies of sustainability, which will eventually reflect those of the universe. The great, Grand Universe is a dimensional entity, it is evolutionary, it is incomplete, it is imperfect, it is in the process of growth, development, maturation and evolution. Only in the days of light and life, when the Grand Universe is settled, will you see that the policies of sustainability have finally come to full fruition.

The grand, divine designs of the universe are progressive: constructive, developmental and evolutionary. If you take into consideration that there are no wars, then you can see that the universe progresses at the rate and development that it is meant to, meaning that it is not time driven, but it is developmentally driven, evolutionarily driven. There are no expectations that world “A-1000” would enter the days of light and life after 2.5 billion years, but that “A-1000” will enter the days of light and life when all developments support that and sustain it.

The necessity of variation is appreciated and has great value, and that is why only ten percent of all planets are experimental. There is only one wild card for every nine that are created. Too much variance causes instability. Your world is at the extreme end of that due to the aberrations of its management, due to the necessity that it be placed in quarantine with the other planets during the rebellion. Yet we anticipate some of the greatest, richest, fullest, souls of all of Orvonton—the seventh Superuniverse—to be produced in Nebadon, to come from this quarantine area. However, the loss of souls, those individuals who choose not to continue on in their infinite journey, is high—very high. It is not published in the Urantia Book that most—or a large proportion of individuals from these worlds—will not continue past their mortal existence, and [of] those who do, a large proportion will come away jaded and cynical and jaundiced from their experiences in those realms, to not go forward, even in their morontial lives.

It is essential that you, as an individual see the importance of your conscious decision to engage your infinite career now, in this brief mortal lifetime, and to reaffirm that as your life ages. The ideas, the concepts and development of sustainability on your planet are necessary to assist your world to get on track will all the other billions and trillions of worlds in the Great Universe, so that it too, progresses, and becomes a highly productive incubator of new souls. If you take into consideration the development and the rate of development, of changes and progress and application of policies by Christ Michael in this quarantine area, you will see that the rate of progression is not arithmetic and lies somewhere between exponential and logarithmic for your world’s development, since the days of the adjudication. Your world is ripe, ready, and needing to be exposed to this wonderful model of the universe sustainability. It is time that most of the individuals from your world choose to go on into their infinite journey to know God personally, intimately, even while they are as a mortal.

Contact and connection and dialog with a divine entity greatly helps a world to believe that there is hope, that they can trust and feel safe in the universe, that their lives are worthy, useful, have purpose and meaning. Those are the higher aspirations for applying policies of sustainability on a material world. This is one of the major missions, goals that I have for my presence on your world. What I am sharing in these lessons is simply a preface to what will come in the thousands of years during my stay here. You will know, even in your lifetimes, that others will pick through these lessons for meaningful concepts that can be included and give substance to organization’s policies of sustainability.

But we ask that you look closely at the universe policies of sustainability, what they do for the universe and what they do for the individual, for these policies address both ends, and all places and spaces in-between. The First Source and Center—God—lives through you, experiences your world, experiences the process of living, through you and each individual, and can do so more meaningfully when you are conscious of its presence in your life and when you strive to reach up and touch it, when you strive to include its presence in your decisions and your actions, and in your hopes and your desires.

The universe has many purposes, at levels and dimensions that are far past your understanding now and for many millions of years, but which eventually you will come to know. Even those that are so evolved and developed and so close to the divine also contribute to the sustainability of the universe. They remotely assist your world to attain the days of light and life. The universe is a great place; it is a great place to live and grow and mature. It is a great place for many reasons but for you personally it exists for you to grow in. In many ways, it is the mirror of God’s presence; you are the mirror of God’s presence in the material planes. God loves you. God cares for you. God wants the very best for you — to empower you to make the very best decisions and take actions that support you, to sustain yourself as an evolving soul in this life and in all of your lives after this one.

To do that, the universe was made in a way that supports you, which nurtures you, gives you space to develop and encourages you to embrace it, as you are capable, to become one with its harmony, which you see as love, divine order, divine timing, where things come in to you the way they are meant to be without struggle, without turmoil, without anguish—though a little bit of angst is always appreciable for your time as a mortal and in the many lifetimes that you will have to come. The only struggles you will ever have are those with yourself. The universe is designed and made to support you, to encourage you, to empower you—and provide models for you, to pattern yourself after. Be patient with your progress; make decisions and take actions that sustain you to live for eternity. You can do that even now.

Do you see my friends, how the universe provides a pattern for your school boards? for your county governments? to your state governments? your national governments and world governments? where there must always be the conscious concern for the individual, and the development of that individual’s potential, to the greatest extent of their capacity? Many disabled individuals in your country are now given opportunities for development. Eventually, you will see that compared to perfection, each of you is intrinsically disabled and that there must be consideration for the development of your potential, to assist you to live to your fullest, all the while caring for the sustainability of the larger organization, of the larger entity of humankind, of your civilizations, of your institutions.

Institutions, agencies, governments, companies will see eventually the necessity of engaging policies of sustainability, because it pays for itself, it assists in their continued growth and the maintenance of the organization past this year, past this decade, past this century, and past this millennium. That statement may be high-minded to some who read these words, and particularly for those who seek out positions for power, for aggrandizement of their ego, for the more rapid accumulation of wealth—those people will not see this as a necessity. In fact, it will cause intrusions into their capacity to augment their power, their ego and their wealth.

Policies of sustainability see the larger picture and assist in the even development of an economy, of a culture, of a people. Examples of this are already existent in many countries, particularly in financial institutions to stabilize economies, to stabilize monies, currencies, to stabilize trade where there is a greater effort towards inclusion, rather than exclusion, towards oneness, rather than separation. Then you will see a greater development of policies that support those efforts. Separation is temporary, whether it is one year or five thousand years—it is temporary, for in the end there is inclusion, there is oneness. There is the tolerance for exception, both highs and lows, ins and outs. There is allowance for them because exceptions provide wonderful models for exceptional growth, taking precautions that there would not be exceptional decreases or lack of growth.

Sustainability for all worlds comes from the model of the Great Universe. The policies of Creator and the Architects of the Universe do not only include worlds but peoples—Life Carriers are extremely, intimately associated and concerned about these policies, for they are applied differently for different species, yet in the end those adaptations all work toward the inclusion of all, into the universe. Therefore, do you see that though you may feel and see yourself separate from Paradise and the Corps of Finality, you are already identified as having the potential of being a member of that Corps?! And so, the policies of the universe must include you, your progress, and provide assurance that when you make the decision, that the resources will be there for you to move forward. You will have an education that will be never-ending, for even now, you as material beings who live such a brief time on this world, have truly an infinite capacity for growth.

The potential of your mind, your consciousness is not limited. I pause because I want you to think about that. There are individuals who are in their 90s and within years of their death, yet they are learning how to paint, how to develop new theorems of mathematics, who are working on new theorems of physics, who are learning how to work more conscientiously with raising great-great-grandchildren, learning how to knit and how to cook, once again. You have an infinite potential for development, and this is the potential which the Creator wishes you to develop, and there is a curriculum for your life, your life’s infinite course that allows for the total development of all potential within you, at all levels of consciousness, and states of being. You have to simply say, “I accept! I will to continue my growth. I will to grow and develop to the capacity that I am able in this mortal lifetime.”

Some of you have disabilities that are more apparent than others; some of you have limited intelligence; some of you have asocial or antisocial inclinations, which are chemically or genetically developed. Some of you are not well endowed for coping with differences or variations or change. These are predispositions, which you can work with, but which will none-the-less limit you. Some of you have potentials that may not be fully realized because of the limitations of your celestial and angelic helpers, though the potential for them to tap into the rest of the universe is infinite. In itself it is a matter of experience or inexperience. Your desire for your spiritual growth, and the growth of your personality, your willingness to invest your energies into your own life unselfishly, assists greatly in your career as an infinite being. Your attempts to master control of yourself, to learn true forgiveness of yourself and others, to learn to trust the Divine in your life—these are attributes that you can develop, which are immensely important for your growth, as they will provide foundations for advancement in your morontial lives when you get there.

Sustainability is a spectrum. For you, it is a horizon, but for us we see a full 360-degree, three-dimensional spectrum. And were you more capable in your vision, you would see that all of these policies are not only two-dimensional, but also three-dimensional and four-dimensional – that the universe is totally oriented towards sustainability. But further than sustainability, it is oriented towards the growth and development of individuals, of whole worlds, systems of worlds, galaxies of worlds, universes of worlds—their growth—not maintained, not only sustained, but oriented toward growth, to develop and evolve. This is the true model, which we all have, which is apparent, but not easy to see. When you begin to have the insight that the whole universe has policies of sustainability that have been operational for billions of years, you will begin to realize that it works, that sustainability is viable on the most miniscule level, at the individual level, all the way to the level of the Grand Universe and its seven Superuniverses. All are sustained.

This is the infinite universe’s reflection of the Eternal Creator’s Being, manifest through material ways, in a material universe. You see, this sustainability will continue and continue for billions of years, until the entire universe is settled in the days of light and life, and you—those who decide to go forward—you will be there too, to see that. You will be there in service to God, to the universe, to assist the new levels of development that will come into being, where you will be needed.

For now, we have so much work to do on your planet; I engage you to appreciate these lessons and discern the levels of their meaning, and apply them as best you can at this time, to not forget them, to keep them high in your mind during times of difficulty. Even in times of difficulty, it is a time of opportunity for growth, for magnificent displays of service that will be held and heralded for all times to come. That is the work of individuals who have an inspiring influence on their peers around them. We are not asking for mediocre results from you; we are asking for stellar, superior, exceptional results from you, and you can do this. We know you can do this — this is why we are here.

This closes the lesson and I open the field for questions, if there are any.

Student: In consideration of the need for growth within the sustainable world that is our goal, if we have already exceeded the population by far that can be sustained, and if the resources of the world are severely depleted, is the matter of growth more of rehabilitating the earth’s resources itself with trees and activities of that sort, or what . . . could you address that subject?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to. The issue of growth does not obviously address the material needs of your planet, for you realize that your world is a closed system and the most obvious resources do become depleted, but resources still remain. Our concern about the growth of a world does not directly address the material issues but the civilizational, the social, and the individual personality growth on your world. When we speak of growth, we mean maturation and development of societies, of social growth and maturity, of being able to make responsible social, civilizational decisions—even decisions concerning the material world that you live on that augment, support and promote the growth of individuals.

Yes, there are too many people on this world to support themselves indefinitely. It is obvious to most scientists that there will be a species die-off at one time or another. It is important that individuals who remain have a pattern, a model, a template, a set of policies to examine and implement that would assist in the redevelopment and growth of their world. You see that economies and commerce, trade, governmental operation—even electrical power companies—provide material support to people. You feed your children, this is necessary for them to grow materially; you send them to school so they grow intellectually and culturally; you give them spiritual training so they understand their part, their place in the universe and that they can think about these issues and grow.

Growth is—as we use it—directly related to all activities that lead to the inauguration of the days of light and life. Your material world only provides the material support necessary for population to remain alive, to become educated and to have leisure time to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, philosophically, mathematically, scientifically. You—meaning you as a people—will eventually find the obvious necessity of making decisions and applying policies that affect the material realm of your world to support its social growth. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, very well. Thank you.

Student: I have a question that was sent in from someone outside of our group: “Is the melting of the icecap of Greenland in any way related to contributing factors of the decimation of our species?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is a contributing factor because it will confound the efforts for recovery and rescue of populations around the world. The melting of the Greenland icecap will be studied and provide many surprising insights into your world. Those insights will not come free, but they will be each associated with a major disaster in your world. There will come a time in the melting of the icecap when scientists and media will record a continuous flood. Think of the floods that are going on in areas of your world now due to extreme high rainfall. There will be literally rivers flooding, descending from the icecap, into the sea. This will go on for three to five years as it melts very rapidly.

As the ice reaches the point of zero degrees centigrade and above, it takes a great deal of energy for it to change to a liquid form. Once this process begins, it will be horrendous. The water will flood from the icecap in tremendous gushes over this period, and will continue to do so to a lesser degree for another ten to fifteen years. Results to the North Atlantic currents will be …“awesome” is too small of a word to explain to you the affect on the gulf stream and what will occur afterwards. The rising of the ocean will be at a far more rapid rate than scientists have forecast.

Further, it will have a significant affect on Antarctica. The ice flows there that extend many miles into the sea will be raised from the ocean floor. There will be an immense break-off of these ice flows, into ice bergs of hundreds of square and cubic miles, and this will also aggravate the level of the ocean, worldwide. Yes, it will be an aggravating factor; it will be an anomaly that will occur rapidly in your world. It has occurred before; Greenland was known as Greenland because it truly was green—and Iceland had little ice. These areas allowed the survival and the growth and development of people and cultures there, in centuries past. This will occur once again. Many of you will see this development in your lifetime.

This will become the new, wonderful agricultural area of the world, where gardens will grow vegetables and flowers will grow from places from all over the world, when they are imported. Yes, to answer both of your questions, the mineral resources of your world will be diminished, but on the other hand, vast new areas of mineral development will be available, for fewer people. Truly, it will be a time of great abundance for a few, a few that carry great sorrow. Yes, there will be many other aggravating or augmenting factors to this decimation, but as we have said, the initiating causes may be totally and completely unrelated to this issue, such as the melting of Greenland’s icecap, but that factor alone will diminish all technologically developed nations’ capacity to protect themselves and to aid their neighbors. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you!

Student: I’ve been reading a lot about the types of illnesses that we will be subjected to as the climate changes, particularly in the zoonotic types, where animal diseases transfer to humans. Can you give us any assistance on how we can protect ourselves from these kinds of changes?

MONJORONSON: Protection comes after awareness. Protection comes after connection. The major connection that your scientists will find [is] that diseases of animals can be applied to the human species, where there is genetic overlap in their gene code. Similarly, as there are means of treating animal diseases in these areas, there will be related ways of treating humans as well. But remember that contact with animals is increased as population density increases. When there is a decrease of human population, there will be a decrease of association with animals. This will decrease the exposure of humans to those diseases, while those diseases are studied and treatments are developed. The first means of protection is awareness. Thank you.

Student: So that isn’t going to be one of the major factors then, for our population decimation?

MONJORSON: That is a different question. Yes, it will be a major contributing factor. The diseases that have decimated humankind in the past have almost always been those which have come from animals, or which have affected animals. It would not take much research on your part to see the association of great diseases, which have affected humankind, with those that have affected animals. Cowpox is an example, which is very lethal in humans as smallpox. Avian viruses or flu, while they may not affect birds and kill them, can be very lethal towards humans when they develop the pathogens, or the means to have an impact on humankind. They are ever adapting; there are no limits to the viral evolution when conditions are ripe. Thank you.

Student: Thank you.

Student: I have a question. It seems like kind of a small one, related to some of the things you have just discussed, but it seems that in this country we are losing our agricultural base at an alarming rate, both in terms of building development on land that really should be held for agricultural purposes, and also the fact that so many of our current farmers retire, there seems to be fewer and fewer to replace them. Although there are few efforts made to educate our population about this, it seems so limited. I wonder if you have any . . . first of all, if you see this as a significant or serious problem, and secondly if you have any advice for addressing it?

MONJORONSON: We do not see this as a significant problem. This is a national issue. Globally, you will see that farming has expanded greatly. It is simply that sectors of your population are moving from farm production into other specializations. Farming functions are being developed in other nations, which provide the foods that you buy at your stores. There is really no remediation for this; it is the simple process of trade and commerce development of industries in other areas, which are more financially capable of providing a profit. There are literally remaining millions upon millions of acres of arable land on your planet, suitable and worthy of agricultural development. They simply exist in arid places, where little water is available, but given the changes that your world is going to go through, you will see increased rainfall in unusual areas, where deserts will flourish and new farmland becomes available.

We see your world in less provincial terms than your question suggests. We see your world as “one,” as integrated, though there are boundaries and separations due to national pride, where there are old geographic boundaries, which no longer relate to the maintenance of the one world, an evolved economy of global commerce and finance. We wish that there were greater efforts for “oneness” in your religions, and an equal effort to provide soul profit and spiritual growth profit, in the business of religions with the same tenacity and voracious appetite as those of commerce, and then oneness would grow rapidly.

Student: Would you therefore encourage us to do whatever we can to promulgate inter-faith activities, inter-faith understanding and tolerance and acceptance?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely! Tolerance begins by seeing commonalities among you, rather than differences between you. Seek for integration, as we have said, and you will find oneness. This may take generations, but continued efforts to find oneness will yield great rewards.

Student: Thank you.

Student: The need for greater amounts of power continues, and looking ahead at disrupted world conditions by some of the climatic conditions and so on, that we can now foresee, from what you’ve said and our own scientific projections, is there a point from your view at which the next so-called free energy source will be discovered, or could be discovered to alleviate some of the problems that we foresee?

MONJORONSON: The aspect of free energy, as you say, or zero-point energy, remains an active and viable aspect of scientific research, at the amateur levels to the high corporate levels, and has great national interest as well. This free energy is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because more people will have access to more power; it will be a curse because it will empower individuals with lesser intellectual or spiritual responsible behavior to act in antisocial and anti-civilizational ways. Energy—any energy—is neutral in its state; it exists, it is there for use to be applied as one’s intentions indicate. It will be the intentions of nations and corporations that will determine the good or the bad of free energy.

Yes, it will allow for greater manufacturing of convenience items to abound. Air-conditioning would be greatly received in Nigeria, for example, where it is unavailable to those who live outside of the power grid. It is another one of those issues that can be used for good or for evil, for selfish or for generous purposes. Look to the intent of those who develop these resources for the eventual outcome that will come to be. As you know, its development remains greatly secreted by individuals and by corporations, and it is in that secrecy that it will be delayed, and it is in that secrecy that it will be developed for selfish reasons. This scenario of secrecy does not bode well for generosity, but for the selfish application, use, and hording of that resource for maximum profit by those who develop it. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you.

MONJORONSON: Are there remaining questions?

Student: Is the cataclysm near enough that we need to start preparations for it, or is it going to be somewhat “down the road?”

MONJORONSON: Yes. Yes, you need to prepare for it, and yes it is down the road.

Student: By preparing, is that something that we need to do individually or, for example, by cities or states?

MONJORONSON: You are advised and recommended to prepare for it individually, and how you prepare is something that you will need to discuss with yourself. If this were physical survival, is it for social survival, community survival, for the development of your soul, for finding worthy activities for your time, how you apply yourself, how you continue to find meaning in a world that will change greatly—at one time.

Student: Very interesting.

MONJORONSON: Let us bring our lesson in this day to a close, please. Remember, dear ones, that there has always been a plan for you individually; there is a plan for your life; there is a plan for your world. That plan is now fully implemented in this Correcting Time. Of all the times in the distant past, this time now is the time that is most fruitful for you. When you pray, pray sincerely; do not ask selfishly, but ask generously, for yourself and for others. Also pray carefully about what you ask for, for you live in a world now that is more in harmony with the energies and circuits of the universe than at any time for hundreds of thousands of years. Those who are sincere and wish to do well will receive what they ask for—sometimes far more than what they had anticipated.

Choose well what you ask for; choose well, with quality in mind, with sustainability in mind, that what you ask for assists yourself equally as you pray to assist others. Know that your prayers for others are effective, far more effective than a world in quarantine and isolation. Know that you are a part of the circuitry of energy of your world, and now part of this universe. Your prayers are heard; your sincere prayers, your humble prayers, your powerful prayers are now answered as they have never been answered in centuries past. Blessings to you and with you as you take on this greater responsibility for living in your world. Good day.

(Group thanks both Monjoronson and Daniel.)

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