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NCO95 – Model for Sustainability

– Model for Sustainability
– Dec. 17, 2006, NOCO #95

Northern Colorado Teaching Mission, #95
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Universe model for sustainability
Continued even, stable growth
Opportunities for growth, variation and service
Affects of isolation
The plan optimizes maximum potential
Allowance for possibility of rebellion
Abundance of resources provided for growth
Orderly system of upliftments
Disarray due to decay of civilization
Exceptional management
Freedom to choose
Q & A Finding all the pieces of universe pattern
Justification for doing nothing before catastrophe
Disagreement about realities
Stark differences between 2 missions
Seemingly a contradiction between TRs
Why do humans persist in looking for apocalypse?
Who serves in Monjoronson’s mission?
Extraction of minerals from seawater
Any repercussions for human caused extinction of species?
Question about disposal of millions of bodies
Final intention of this series

TR: Daniel Raphael

December 17, 2006

[[Prayer and linking to the Merkaba preceded the lesson.]]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group welcomes him warmly.)

MONJORONSON: It is good to be with you my friends. Let us continue our final discussion during this series of lessons about sustainability. Today’s lesson will involve the work of the universe, as a grand model for continued, even growth. I led you last time into this lesson, when we discussed that universe management provided a model of sustainability that can be applied by you to your family, community, cities, states, nations and to your planet. Yes, from the grand universe to the individual’s level of sustainability: that all aspects of survival, of being sustained, of existence and growth are issues that are involved in the universe model.

Yet, there must be balance, too, and, yes, these are considered, thought about and included in the plans of Christ Michael and other Creator Sons for their local universes. Some areas of a local universe will grow more quickly than others, and others will be slower, yet all are accorded opportunity to develop. There is in your local universe—and all local universes of Creator Sons—an architectural plan for the balanced energetic and physical development of their local universe. That includes a management structure for the over-care of planets and for the development of civilizations, all of which have a purpose for the production of earnest souls that are filled with weight from right living, ethical and moral living, having made those decisions and given an opportunity to provide service.

There are literally trillions upon trillions—perhaps trillions to the trillionth power—of opportunities for growth and variation among all the planets of the Grand Universe. Overall, it is fairly simple, as I have presented it to you, to devise architectural plans for a local universe that encourages individuals to make moral and ethical decisions while providing service to themselves and to their fellow beings on their planets. This is what sustains a growing universe.

I do not know what the “gross universe product” is in souls per year. (Whether that is an annual year for your planet, an annual year for Nebadon, or an annual year for Orvonton, or an annual year for the Grand Universe, but it is appreciable and it is increasing every year.) There is a stable rate of growth provided through this large plan. Stability is the watchword, as I would coin the phrase for you, for the universe. We are not talking about mediocrity; we are talking about exceptional, steady growth; balanced growth that is always on the positive side.

Only in areas of rebellion, which is infrequent, is there stagnation and retardation of positive, balanced growth. Civilizational retardation occurs from planets that have had a loss of management, have been placed in quarantine, and have been disconnected from the energetic and management circuits of the universe. While this is a sad situation, it nonetheless, is always, eventually, used positively for growth. Your own planet is an immediate example.

If one were to make an analysis of all local universes in the Grand Universe, how many would have blights or dark spots of rebellion, where quarantine was necessary? You would find that through the grand history of a local universe that is almost near the age of settled light and life, which [of] all those local universes that approximate that age, most have experienced some periods of rebellion in isolated areas.

It is not that the plan of the universe is imperfect—not at all—but that the plan to optimize the maximum potential of an individual, of a world, of a local universe, is set to such an edge that it allows for the possibility of rebellion, the freedom of choice. The sovereign will-choice of individuals, allows for this to occur, and this was designed into the architectural plans of all civilizations, on all worlds of the Grand Universe.

Your God, the Creator, is not a conservative God; Christ Michael is surely not a conservative Creator himself. He has—of all the Creator Sons—perhaps been most risky in his allowance for this variance, and most UNconstrained in his compassion and judgment of those individuals who have stepped into rebellion, allowing them every opportunity to recant, to find their error, and to rejoin the ranks of ascension and to arrive in Paradise.

Variation is magnificent. You have only to see upon your world how glorious variation is. Look at the plants that flower: Is there one species? No, there are millions of varieties. Their variations are so many—this is the sign of a generous Creator who has given the ranks of Life Carriers a nearly free hand to extend that abundance to all life forms—flowers and sentient beings. Yet, while designing the universe this way, it is designed to prosper, to grow, to be constructive, all the while allowing for the variation of error.

That is why you will find, eventually when you do your research on the mansion world schools, that the universe is so positive, so healthy, so supportive, so benign, benevolent and beneficent. There is a glorious abundance of resources to assist in growth, and when rebellion occurs in an area it is quarantined, isolated, disconnected, in order to prevent the spread of that variation that is destructive. This surely does limit the ability and capacity of individuals within that quarantine area to experience the greater good that is available to others in the universe, and it does prevent individuals from making the decision to be rebellious as a larger group. Yet always and ever, the individual has sovereign will in the decisions that they make. So, do you see that the influence of a positive, supportive environment is helpful to good outcomes? Yes, it surely is, just as negative, destructive influences are contributory to the destruction of individuals in societies.

The managerial over-care of local universes, sectors, divisions, units, and planets, is always present and has always been designed-in. There has always been an orderly system of spiritual, religious, economic, commercial, cultural and educational upliftment of worlds, as these are positive influences. The Most Highs are intimately involved across the board in all the affairs of mankind on planets within areas of their influence. Always are there attempts to educate the individual and masses of individuals, to these positive outcomes. Always are there efforts to coordinate the energies of organizations on civilized planets, so that they assist the whole planet to grow. Coordination of efforts is very important. There are influences on your planet to do this now.

You see much disarray on your planet, and this is evidence of the decay of civilization, due not to neglect, but to quarantine that included your planet and others. This is in remediation now. You can trust that the efforts of Christ Michael are manifold upon your planet. The Correcting Time is appropriately named, for it is an effort to correct—not the wrongs that have been done that cannot be corrected—but to establish right patterns of living for you, to assist you to live more competently, capably, with potential of fulfillment, that each individual has hope for their moral and soul survival. You are not alone; you are almost surrounded by our corps of spiritual entrepreneurs to assist you, and yes, we do have teams of spiritual entrepreneurs who are what you might call, “wild-caters” using the petroleum industry jargon, who attempt new, untried efforts to bring about positive change in individuals through group action.

Stable growth is essential for your world to ever enter the days of light and life. Consistent growth is that sign as well. These are elements of sustainability. A pattern of balance is a sign of effective management on a planet. The over-care of your planet and the entire universe is such that all applications are evenly applied, meaning that the efforts are not sporadic, periodic, or specific to one area, while neglecting others. This is a sign of disarray —the misapplication of energy to evenly assist everyone.

Let me help you stretch your imagination. Imagine that you are a corporate manager who applies an even application of effort in all areas, while advancing new areas, yet retiring older areas that have fulfilled themselves. This is a sign of a corporation that will be sustained, and find itself to be a sustainable entity, well into the future. Unfortunately, we see many executives seeking to have grand, explosive growth and profits during their time in office, yet often to the detriment and neglect of other areas that are also in need of attention as well to grow consistently.

Exceptional managers, whether on a planet or in a corporation, seek to sustain a stable growth environment, while applying resources through areas that have the potential for exceptional growth. I pause because this is the effort that you must use in your organization, whether it is a private school with only twenty students, or a corporation with twenty million employees. And who profits from this? Quite literally, everyone does. Shareholders prosper; employees prosper; clients, vendors, individual retail buyers in stores all benefit by the knowledge that this entity will continue on indefinitely into the future. This develops immense confidence in everyone. Individual retail buyers will want to purchase the products of this company or its services because they know it will be there in ten years, or all during their lifetimes, that they can count on this organization.

Well, guess what? This is the way that Christ Michael manages all of Nebadon. This is how the Creator and the architects of the Grand Universe manage this huge, infinite, entity of the Grand Universe, where trillions of planets exist, and many more are even now coming into existence. Also, consider that those planets and the individuals from them that graduate to Paradise and enter the Corps of Finality have fulfilling lives!

Now, as an institutional or organizational manager or CEO, you may think this is beyond your capacity. However, it is a thought that you might as well entertain. It is a parameter of sustainability, which you must address—not “should address” but “must address.” What is necessary within your organization to assist individuals to find fulfillment within that organization? to aspire to the levels of their capacity? capable capacity; competent capacity; productive capacity? Yes, it is counter-productive to hire a highly intelligent, educated, cultured individual to be a stock-clerk, knowing that that is where they will stay, but it is surely alright to hire them as a stock-clerk when you offer them the opportunity to become chairman of the board, eventually. This is not beyond the realm of profit and loss, but is a means for assisting in the sustainable nature of a corporation, government or world.

When you look around you on this planet, earth, or as we call it, “Urantia,” something is missing—in fact, a lot is missing—and you are aware of this. You have been exposed to the new, higher truths or intelligence of your world. You are endowed with a capable mind to analyze this. Some of you feel left out, “behind the doors,” as you say, “when the goods were passed out,” that you are neglected. You individually were never intentionally neglected; you have always been given a guardian to be with you; you have always had the opportunity of free will choice. Though the spiritual and material resources of your world have been in isolation, in a deep freeze, so to speak, you still have had the flexibility to choose. Even serfs in the Middle Ages, in the Dark Ages, had the will and freedom to choose, to remain a serf, or not. You, too, have the capacity to choose whether you will remain employed with a company that you find disgusting, where you are unfulfilled, but it is a choice.

[[Daniel: Monjoronson says we have concluded our discussion of this topic today, unless you have further questions.]]

Student: Monjoronson, I have been recently introduced to one of the readers of your transcripts and he is taking great interest in the topics that you have been discussing with us. He teaches courses on “Team Quality Management,” and he wants to include some of the materials that you have been providing us, within his courses to make them better and possibly expand where he will be giving these classes.

Speaking of the model of the sustainability in the great universe, he wants to know if this is something that we would or should have intellectually entertained, or concluded for ourselves during our reading research and analysis of the Urantia Book, parts 1 & 2? He says, “I can see parts and pieces of it there, but I have not been able to mentally assemble a good and comprehensive over-all structure of it, to formalize it into either good policies, or models to go by. I guess what I am asking, is there currently any ‘clear text,’ written information available on either the policies or model of sustainability, which I can have access to, or is this something I need to eventually work out with my own Thought Adjuster?”

[[This is Daniel: It’s a complex question.]]

MONJORONSON: First of all, you are most welcome to use these materials, with or without reference to the transmissions, with or without identifying them as part of these transmissions. Secondly, there are vast archives, libraries, of materials available dealing with the topic of sustainability. Our discussions of sustainability for you are distilled from these libraries; they are a means to assist you to rapidly develop concise management policies so that sustainability becomes visible, evident to you.

Sustainability is the distillation of policies and archives and records having to do with fair and compassionate treatment of all peoples. It is a means of addressing optimal growth for individuals, organizations, civilizations and worlds. You would not see many volumes devoted specifically to the topic of sustainability. These volumes deal with that topic, because [when] sustainability is in question relating to planets in quarantine; how to manage areas—literally many hundreds of cubic light-years of space and planets, so that they are sustained, and how the rest of the universe can be sustained with this blight in its midst. Sustainability by its own use, offers that sustainability is in question…doubtful, that reversals are existent, evident or potential—and this is the case of your world and the others in quarantine. These lessons are offered as concise—though to you they may be quite wordy—narrations about sustaining a world, a nation, and a community, in the midst of social destruction. Even now, your national leaders and those of other nations are questioning how to sustain other countries that are in open anarchy, rebellion, and civil war. You do not have the maturity in your governmental organizational development to adequately address these issues, at this time.

You are struggling, and we admire you in that struggle. The immediate lesson, if I may extend this answer past your question, is to not re-enact similar scenarios that bring about these situations, in the future. If my response does not adequately answer your question, or have missed your point, I invite you to ask again later.

Student: Actually I think many of the points in your lesson today were the types of answers he was looking for.

MONJORONSON: As I say, this individual is most welcome to come to the forum again.

I have asked members here to reconvene on January 1st, if it is convenient to them. We will have an open forum; we will have a social gathering of like souls and minds, if that is possible.

[[This is Daniel: I’m getting tingles on my scalp from this!]]

MONJORONSON: Continue, please.

Student: I have another list of questions from a person outside of our group. If there is anyone here who would like to go first, you may. (None.)

These questions come from an individual that has been active in the Teaching Mission for its full existence here in the U.S., but he is having difficulty incorporating your mission into the Teaching Mission, and he has sent these six questions:

1) “Are we as mere mortals caught up in the results of two celestial defaults not of our doing, and you are a high-ranking celestial in charge of the planet, how can you justify doing nothing until after global catastrophe and dismiss it as an inevitability brought on by our deficiencies? Isn’t this like watching a baby walk off a cliff and saying it was a childish decision to do so? If you’re punishing the evil doers, why punish us too?”

[[This is Daniel: There are issues in each sentence or clause that he would like to address.]]

MONJORONSON: What was the last part of the question, the very end?

Student repeated the last line.

MONJORONSON: First, thank you for your questions. They are first of all, best addressed to Christ Michael. I am not the Manager of this planet; I am not the Creator of this planet; I do not have overseer-ship of this planet; I am here as an invitation, an assignment, as an opportunity to assist the over-control of civilizations from Paradise, working through the Administrations of Uversa and Salvington, with the blessings and support and plans of Christ Michael. At no time, are these efforts, or this waiting a “punishment.” None in this room are being punished by this, and neither are you. No one is seen as responsible for this.

Those who have brought about this cataclysm, [this] spiritual-moral cataclysm on your planet, which caused it and others to be placed in quarantine, have been punished. They have admitted their participation and have refused to return to their course of life, path of their development and have been extinguished. I know fully that this answer is not sufficient to answer the particulars of your question, but these answers are also intended for others who do not have your developed mind and facile ability to see this in many ways.

2) “How can we fulfill the great God-centeredness of worship, prayer, forgiveness and loving service in order to effectively transmit pure lessons from celestial teachers and not lead ourselves blindly into the current pit of disagreement about realities?”

MONJORONSON: I pulled from the archives, the celestial transmissions through your own TRs, these quotes: “TRs must always examine their participation to see how it feeds their ego and makes them more valuable than others. TRs and their groups must ask how these lessons bring glory to them.” Your question is very pertinent to all activities of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, where mortals are receiving messages from outside themselves, for they are the literal channel, or medium of expression for these thoughts and concepts. One must look to the need for individuals to gain power, or control over others, or simply as influence and persuasion.

The work for TRs must be humble. Those who would participate actively with Christ Michael in the Correcting Time, no matter what mission they are participating in, must do so to the best capacity that they have, even as humble as babes, as children. To be an active participant as a child seems like quite a conundrum, quite a difficulty, yet this is the essential point for individuals to participate effectively—not for their growth alone, but for everyone else. These questions must be asked by every participant and every TR: “How does this embellish—or diminish, for some—my value in comparison to others?” Further, “What agendas do I have that may influence what comes through me?” That is why when you TR, you must come there rested, balanced, grounded and centered.

This is not a situation for one who seeks pomp and circumstance, to parade through an audience of thousands to the podium, sit cross-legged upon a cushion, and channel through their open consciousness. The connotations are amiss and insincere. The capacity to TR is open to anyone, even those who are deranged. The product that comes through TRs is evident of many layers of consciousness, past their own as well. One must weigh what is being shared: Is it of value to others? Is it of value to your world? Will this help bring enlightenment to your world?

We are concerned about the largest aspect of healing your world, to the largest aspect of helping individuals heal themselves. We are concerned about providing guidance, wisdom, actual procedures for helping heal your world, and to help individuals heal themselves. All of this is suspect, is it not, as it comes through imperfect mortals?

3) “Our teachers have spoken negatively about reliance on prophecy, optimistically about the mission, and advised that Jesus will not want to lose a single sheep, while you speak of the certainty of future events such as cataclysms that decimate  huge populations of innocent people, and note that many souls will be lost and some who even make it to Mansonia will be so jaundiced and cynical that they can’t go on. Doesn’t this indicate massive failure and pessimism on behalf of the celestials, lack of faith, a glaring contradiction of the TeaM tenant about being able to choose to go on, and likely distortion re unpracticed and uncentered transmitters who are just speaking what comes to mind, presume it be wisdom but will not stand on it as such.”

[[Daniel: It is amazing to feel the immense amount of love that is being poured out upon us right now. …there is just so much loving compassion coming from Monjoronson for the person who asked this question, and for us. I’m just sort of basking in all this love right now.]]

MONJORONSON: Know that God loves you. The First Source and Center of this universe knows you and loves you—and loves everyone else in the same capacity, in the same way. Know that the Creator has set in motion the events of your world, simply by creating a planet that is not perfect. It is in development and it is evolving. You still have mountains that spew lava; the tectonic plates of your world are unstable and unsettled and they shift and move.

The designs of the Life Carriers for your planet allowed for the full development of all potential of individuals of your species, but the machinations of those who led your planet astray—yes, angels and Midwayers and mortals astray—did a great disservice to the outcome, to the right and perfect development of your world. God offers immense, infinite opportunity for variation and decision-making. God as well, holds your decisions sovereign. God provides the rains that fall on everyone, equally. God as well, does not prevent and intrude into your lives making everything that is wrong in your eyes, right. You are correct—this is no easy world to live upon, and the genetic variations that were initiated during the rebellion continue.

Cataclysms, which will come, are thoroughly preventable by God, by Christ Michael, but they will not to prevent that. The course and development of your world has begun and will continue. The tidal waves that wash over shores and take the lives of hundreds of thousands and millions of individuals will not be stopped. Although their lives as mortal, material beings may be snuffed out in the waters, their souls continue. It is their choice to remain and follow along with the plan for their life, if they wish—or not to. Every effort is made to save these individuals; every opportunity for growth, for education, for insight, is offered. Life upon your world is no guarantee; it is simply an opportunity.

God offers you, Christ Michael offers you, equal opportunity for growth. The world offers you limitations; it is your choice to challenge those limitations and possibly overcome them, or to succumb, or to stabilize your life and live with them, gaining wisdom in the circumstances that you are able. There is no plan of evil, afoot in your world. Christ Michael’s forces of light are ever present on your world. Those who would thwart his will have been over-come, they have revealed themselves. Some are in remedial education, while others have become non-existent. Do not be dissuaded by the judgments or opinions of others, whether to trust in God or not.

4) “It appears that transmitters of recent years have not absorbed the lessons of the Celestials during the first decade or so when they were not here, and so they are beginning to contradict it. Does that seem the case? Just wondering.”

MONJORONSON: Yes, it may seem to be the case—please underline “seem”—though this is not the case. As has been said to you long ago, in the early era of the Teaching Mission, you will come in contact with variations of what comes through TRs. This is normal; this is a natural outcome of variations of thought patterns and reservoirs of intelligence and information. It is the end result that counts. Those who participate in this mission, and other missions that Christ Michael initiates, must ask the question, “Is this truly something that Christ Michael has initiated?” “Is this something that would benefit Christ Michael’s world?” “Would Christ Michael approve of the overall product of this mission?”

To draw a metaphor, this effort is much like the Pharaohs building the huge pyramids; it is the efforts of each individual slave, master, foreman and architect that contributes to the final outcome, the pyramid. Yes, some days someone may put a mark upon one of the blocks, one may be a bit out of square, but overall, it comes together and is completed and it is finished. So too, do we see the efforts of individuals upon your world, who actively participate in Christ Michael’s missions. Our perspective is very long. We surely are aware that your world must undergo grand and magnificent changes, through grand and magnificent influences, in order to approach social stability even in 1,000 years.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts, including your own. A skeptical mind is always welcome. Questions that cut against the cloth are invited, when they contribute to the outcome. We are not asking everyone to lay down and accept everything that comes through these TRs. Likewise, we do not anticipate that you would reject everything, even if you disagree with the source, or you do not like that individual, or they have a political or philosophical, or even moral persuasion that are against your own. We look to you to appreciate what contributes to Christ Michael’s mission. We offer you the opportunity to do this. Your questions are appreciated.

5) “Why do some humans persist in saying our planet must be punished when, really, it must be rehabilitated? Will humans forever be brewing apocalyptic teas, which are more like witches brews of toil and trouble and say the end is near, when the ascension plan is all about RENEWAL and has no end short of Havona?”

MONJORONSON: To literally answer your question, it depends upon a person’s individual persuasion, as to punishment and rehabilitation. Your planet is not being punished, and neither is it being rehabilitated. It is being given the opportunity for new growth, for new patterns of development. These lessons and those of the teachers in the past are meant to contribute to that positive outcome.

6) This is his last question: “Is Warren working for you? He’s surely not in the PR department.”

MONJORONSON: To the extent that anyone has willed to do God’s will, has willed to assist Christ Michael in the upliftment of this planet, and has willed to will “God’s will be done,” this individual is a supporter of Christ Michael, is a part of his efforts. Everyone is limited who has come to this world, who is born of this world. Everyone has limitations, but each individual can come into the fullest dimensions of their fulfillment, of their potential, by willing to do God’s will—not succumbing to God’s will, but actively willing to will God’s will be done in their life. To the extent that Warren has done this, he is a part of this mission. May we say that of you as well?

Student: I’ve had something running through my mind, and I am not exactly sure of how to put it into a question, but in the area of sustainability, it seems that a few years ago, there was a suggestion—or maybe it was a plan that was rejected—that the mineral resources of the oceans be used to support development of underdeveloped countries. That seemed like such a sensible plan, but it didn’t go anywhere, I guess because it went against some leader’s—might I say, “selfishness?” Is there any way that this could be a significant goal in sustainability?

MONJORONSON: This is a possibility. It would need to be coupled with desalinization, for areas of the world that are arid. The reclamation of minerals from vast quantities of water would yield vast amounts of minerals, in the proportions that they are existent in the seawater. At this time, there is no free energy to provide that opportunity, though its possibility exists in the future. It is more economically under current operations of mining and mineral acquisition, to extract it from hard-earth sources at this time. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: In your last lesson, you mentioned that sustainability is viable from the most miniscule level, all the way to the Grand Universe level. When mankind on Urantia causes extinctions of species by their toxic practices and lack of intelligent stewardship of the biosphere, how does that affect our individual universe careers, or does it cause any affect at all, or any repercussions?

MONJORONSON: It does not affect your infinite journey, other than how you carry out your decisions—your moral and ethical decisions—and are able to provide a service to your world. Your careers are not affected by the circumstances of your physical existence, but by the decisions you make and how you live within that context.

Student: This is a rather morbid question, but one that I feel we need to have a plan for. When the huge decimation comes, what will be the best way to dispose of the bodies in order to prevent further spread of disease? All methods currently practiced on our world would have drawbacks when dealing with billions of bodies, even if all methods were employed?

MONJORONSON: You will use many methods for the disposal of bodies, but the sheer magnitude of this problem, will make it difficult, if not impossible, to reclaim all the deceased by those who remain. Moreover, it would be advisable for those who remain, to protect themselves from infection, or from whatever physical cataclysm may be about. If these cannot be collected within a few days, it would be best to leave them, to let the elements of time and air and ultra-violet rays, if available, clean these bodies where they lie. Yes, there will literally be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who will remain in their homes where they come to rest. This will make the era after the cataclysm most difficult for those who remain. They will see themselves as scavengers, as vultures, as thieves of the deceased, and truly, this is not the case, for their souls have gone on to reconstruction in the halls of resurrection.

Your question is an earnest one, and appreciated. It is very similar to us issuing these announcements of the cataclysm that will decimate your planet. We say these things matter-of-factly, without trying to cause any alarm in you, or anyone else. Truly, the question you ask is one that all those who read these transcripts will ask themselves. Your question is appreciated.

Student: Thank you very much. You gave me one option I hadn’t considered.

MONJORONSON: My friends, we have come to the end of this series. There were originally ten devised, but we have come to the sum total, as they exist now. Their intent was to assist you to prepare yourself, for the inevitable part of your journey, which is physical death. In addition, the inevitable part which most of you forget and neglect, is your growth, the opportunities for development, to find purpose and meaning in your life and fulfillment. To come to the greatest expansion and development of your soul, and in your service to yourself and to others, we would be more than remiss to have neglected in telling you this.

Always, in the future, you will be apprised of the developments of your world, on the physical and the spiritual levels. As well, we provide educational support and services to you, individually, directly, and to the groups of you who meet. You are not forgotten, individually or in the churches where you worship. You are not forgotten in your communities or on your world; you are not forgotten in any aspect. Our efforts are provided to you to become aware, effective, and as you are capable of doing to overcome your fears, and to aid you to diminish the power of ego to aggrandize or injure your true standing in God’s Grand Universe. We wish you to grow to the fullest extent that you are capable, as children of God, as children of Christ Michael, inhabitants who are no longer in quarantine. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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