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NCO96 – Feeling God’s Sustaining Love

– Feeling God’s Sustaining Love
– Jan. 1, 2007 – NOCO#96

Northern Colorado TeaM, #96
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: To know and to feel God’s sustaining love
God created the universe for you
Your existence is for the Creator
The eternal pattern of perfection in the universe
Love, harmony, oneness, unity sustains the universe
How to command by “letting,” rather than “forcing”
The challenge of wholeness
God the Supreme finding completion
The hardheaded legacy of the rebellion
Understanding the sustaining principle of harmony
The purpose of the Correcting Time & Magisterial Mission
Q & A: Corruption in government & corporations
Policy of allowing investments in other countries
Interaction with other entities/visitors to our world
Taking journeys of consciousness
Determining the correct path to sustainability
Gaia theory
Regulation & balancing of Gaia
Parenting responsibly
Sustainable population control
Correcting Time is to bring pattern, order & good models
Postscript: Getting at the root of the problem
Inventing nation building

TR: Daniel Raphael

January 1, 2007

[[Group followed its customary ritual of becoming centered, balanced and grounded within the merkaba, linking to all hearts and minds present of Celestial friends and mortals.]]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group welcome.)

MONJORONSON: It is a very great pleasure to be here with you today, and to see so many familiar faces, and I wish you to know that all of the teachers who have spoken to this group are here today with you. Your dear friend Rayson is here, as well as the Pueblo teachers that came through there.

Today’s message is one of lightness. Today’s message is one to celebrate this social occasion. This is, in your calendar, the first day of the first month, of 2007. Many of you have enjoyed the evening before, and now you come to celebrate with us, this new beginning of this New Year. The message for you today is not one of great weight at all, but of lightness, as I have said. This is a wonderful occasion, to share this message today.

We have continued to speak about sustainability and we have worked our way up from sustainability of individuals, of families, through education, through cultures, government, corporations, to your planet and to the plans of Christ Michael for Nebadon and the work of all Michael Creators in the universe. There is only one remaining source to consider, is there not? And that is our Father-God-Creator, the First Source and Center of the universe. Today, I wish you to understand, to know and to feel the presence of God’s sustaining love in you and around you.

This equation that exists in the universe is between you and God, the Creator. It is as though there were nothing else in the universe—that God created the universe for you; and reciprocally your existence is for the Creator. Do you see this equation?

Student: Yes, an interesting perspective!

MONJORONSON: You need the Creator, God in you, as an active agent in your partnership, after fusion, to experience the eternality of your existence—the infinite existence that you will have. In like ways, the Creator has brought Itself into you, a mortal being on a material planet, in such minute existence, so to speak, and has done this for Itself—and for you.

The whole Grand Universe exists and is sustained by God, the Creator. The material universe is an infinite reflection of an eternal principle of existence. If you were an eternal citizen, you would say, “I exist. I have always existed. I always will exist. There is no past, no present; there is only the eternal now,” and in reflection, the infinite universe’s existence, relies upon it to be sustained. How can a material, universe exist infinitely? How can it not degrade? How can it not collapse and cease to exist? Only through the eternal pattern of perfection, as it is reflected from the Creator. Do you see that this infinite universe is an infinite reflection of eternal existence, of being sustained?

And what is that factor that you know and can identify with, that sustains the universe? It is love. You call it love. We have many other names for it. As one who has come from Paradise, I know well of how this material universe operates and exists and what sustains it. Love is the most valued possession of people, who understand balance, who understand unity and wholeness. Love is the grand harmonic of the universe. You identify in some ways of what I am speaking of as “providence,” that when you are in alignment with the universe, what you need is provided. This is the loving, guiding presence of the Creator in your infinite universe.

Where there is wholeness and oneness, there is no separation. Your infinite chore is to learn how to live in oneness—you call that love. You will have all that will ever be provided to you, all your needs, all your wants, all your desires will come into wholeness through your infinite experience. Many of the things that you desire now, you will leave behind, knowing that they do not contribute to your infinite career. That is a wise decision, for it is a decision to live in love, to live in harmony, to live in oneness, to live in unity with the grand flow of the universe.

Others speak of this as the “Tao.” Love is the Tao, in certain terms and certain understandings. Love is that flow, which is one. It is as some say, too, an experience—you are the wholeness, you are the oneness, and unique at the same time. How could this be? It simply IS. Your experience here is to learn that oneness, how to make decisions to live in wholeness, how to live in unity with the universe, how to love yourself so that you want wholeness in your life, so that you want unity and you want harmony with the flow of the universe.

When you pray, when you submit your will, when you command your will to do God’s will in your life, you have commanded the universe to be in alignment with you, and it draws you and pulls you into its alignment. The universe says, “It is here. We wait for you to come into this wholeness that we know.” The examples of your great avatars, of Christ Michael as Jesus, of the other ones who have come to show you the way—they show you how to be one with the universe, how to be at peace—how to “let,” rather than “make,” rather than “force,” rather than to execute by your command. How to command by “letting”—now there is a concept, is it not? What a challenge to learn to command by “letting,” to be in total alignment, setting the pattern for that which will come into your life of wholeness. If you can learn this, you are well on your way, my friends!

We have spoken many times about a discerning mind, the necessity of seeing the many layers within one concept, or an idea, or belief, or way of life—and to discard the superfluous, the meaningless, the shallow, the superficial, and to take hold of what has meaning and value, truth, beauty and goodness. Many of you have been so acquisitive, so gathering of substance for your physical needs, for your ego needs, for your authority needs, for your power needs, and most of these are your needs—they are not the needs that are required to live in oneness in the universe.

There was one earlier today who spoke of wishing to be in this wholeness, to simplify his life, to be able to accept and get on the way rapidly, as his guides told him. It requires a discarding of the superfluous, trusting that there will be the unity that you seek, letting that oneness come into your life. This is advice for everyone, and everyone who reads these words. The sustaining organization of the universe is love—not the simple, child-like love that you have been taught and relate to—but the simple love of oneness, of wholeness, of unity, of harmony.

We have spoken to you in the past oftentimes, and your teachers have as well in years past spoken of getting rid of separation to finding integration, wholeness, the “we” and “us” of living, the “and” and “with” of process—rather than the “except” and “but.” Where would this universe be if the Creator said, “Well, I will sustain this…except….” “You can have this…but….” No, that does not work, does it? The example, which you cannot grasp with your hands, you really cannot grasp with your mind, is the “entity” that is with you—that Father fragment that lives in you, and has chosen to be captive with you, in your material body’s existence. If you can grasp what this “entity” has given up to find wholeness with you, surely you could be willing to give up some of your needs and desires to find wholeness with this one that is within you.

You know that I am here in my presence and you feel me. You yearn for the time when you can embrace me, that I might hug you, that I might hold you close to me with my eyes, and your eyes upon mine, and I see deep within you and know all about you. What would you give up for that? What would you give up to know your Thought Adjuster, at that level of knowing? that presence? that oneness? You could not exist as you are with that knowledge very long.

You are, in many ways, not prepared for that. You must learn to be whole within yourself. Many of you have the great challenge of wholeness: simply to love yourself, to hold yourself dear. Who in your life do you hold dear? A spouse, a loved one, a grandchild, a child, a relative, a friend, an associate—what would you do for this person? What advice would you give them to find wholeness? What lengths would you go to remove a burden from them, so their life would be lighter, and their way would be known to them?

Many of you have such friends that you would even lay down your life for them: you must do the same for yourself. You have heard the words, “You must love yourself as Jesus loves you, or God loves you,” but my friends that has escaped many of you, and the content and degree of receptivity of that challenge, to accept yourself. The same love that sustains all of the universe is within you. Everything in the universe is dedicated and committed to sustaining your journey. Only then will God the Supreme find completion!

What will you bring to God the Supreme? What God wants you to bring to God the Supreme is the capacity to love yourself completely, to accept yourself completely, to appreciate yourself with the degree of appreciation that Jesus has for you, Christ Michael has for you, that God has for you. The universe waits for you to do that! The universe will not be complete, until you can do that. Now, we are not asking you to do that in this lifetime, but to simply strive to do that in your lifetime. You have hundreds of lifetimes ahead of you to practice this and to get this right, to find that integration, to appreciate how you are being sustained, how God has coordinated, integrated and ordered the whole universe in a pattern of harmony, to sustain you.

The universe will not fall apart and will not collapse, simply because it is a reflection of the eternal, its pattern is perfect. As I have studied the archives—our archives—I have learned that you have had lessons about what love is. I reviewed that you have been taught that love is agreement, acceptance, and appreciation, similarly as I have spoken of a few moments ago. These lessons are vital to your career. There have been some supremely refined presentations to you—meaning you here, and other Teaching Mission groups, and groups that are not identified with the Teaching Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

Think of how you feel when you come into the presence of one of your loved ones whom you have not seen for so many years. Yes, you may have talked with them frequently, but have not seen them. You meet…, they come to your house or you go there. You see each other and you run to each other’s arms and you hug each other. Tears roll down your cheeks and you laugh and you cry. You reflect upon the past—the times together and the times you have had apart—and you take great joy in seeing each other. This is the kind of integration I am talking about, the sincere, deep appreciation for each other. This is a real, living part of the sustainability of a universe—a universe within you, as an individual, a universe of trillions of beings and billions of planets. And my friends, you will have the same receptivity after you cross over to the mansion worlds. After your integration in the resurrection halls, you will find a reception for you that is grand and glorious. Those who know you, even those whom you have never met, who appreciate you, who have guided you from afar, will be there to receive you.

The point of all this is very simple: The universe is shot through with and simply operates in harmony. It operates in love. It operates in oneness—and the only exceptions are through the self-willed decisions, the hardheaded, withdrawing behaviors of individuals, entities, who have self-will—and only that! The era of rebellion on your planet in this region with the other planets is an extremely isolated occurrence. The self-willed, self-directed aloof distinctions, self-segregating behavior of individuals is manifold, but is part of the journey. Working through that, to overcome that, you will work through it, define your wholeness, smile at your foibles, forgive yourself for being hardheaded and withdrawing, and then move forward to integrate yourself with others. Integrate yourself with yourself—love yourself with the same benevolent, caring, compassionate, over-care that the universe has for you. That is your journey. That is your chore: and to express in service all the potential at all levels and dimensions of your existence through an infinity of time, if it takes that long, to reach Paradise.

And it is all right to stand in appreciation of yourself, when you are acknowledged by your peers, and when you are acknowledged by your superiors in the after-life, and all the lives that you have, that you have the capacity and capability to appreciate yourself. That is all right. That is the way it should be—not that you are better than anyone else, not that you are more special or have greater value, but you are of equal value.

You stand in awe at the possibility, now, of speaking to a Bright and Evening Star: What would that be like? Could you get the words out of your mouth to say, “Hello?” Or, “I am glad to be here.” But someday, my friends, you will be able to do that with equal poise as that Bright and Evening Star, with the same composure, with the self-same image and self-esteem as that Bright and Evening Star, because you will have overcome arrogance, you will have overcome self-deprecating behaviors and thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself. You will have overcome those and have accepted that you are in love with the universe, and the universe is in love with you. You are loved, and this is the sustaining power of the universe, the harmony, pattern and order set upon it at the moment of creation, by the Creator. Pattern and order and harmony have all of the infinite eternity to accomplish, and you are a part of that.

A real question for you: Do you grasp this?

Student: For the first time. And yes from other students.

MONJORONSON: Thank you. My presence would be for nothing if you did not understand this underlying sustainable principle and harmony of the universe. That is what my mission is here to accomplish. This is what the Correcting Time is to accomplish: to bring harmony and order to end the separation, to begin the integration of you as an individual with the universe, your planet with all the rest of civilized planets, and bring your planet into the days of light and life. That is harmony; that is love—and that is sustainable, and it is sustained because of God, and it grows because of you.

This completes our lessons on sustainability. Are there questions?

Student: The lesson on sustaining government and corporations had a lot of information that really made me think. In many countries there are a couple of issues that impact government and businesses and their advancing souls. One has to do with corruption in government and business. The other is impacting local governments – namely, gangs. Would you like to comment on that?

MONJORONSON: These behaviors are behaviors of separation. Separation gains power by being separate and taking power from others. It is a failure to understand the basic principles of oneness, that you gain far greater power and authority—and rewards—by becoming one with the rest of humanity, the rest of the world, the rest of the universe. The behavior of rebellious gangs is no different than the attitudes held by self-serving individuals in corporations.

Remember that corporations are neither bad nor good, they are simply means of commerce, they are edifices of organization wherein individuals have their own agendas for power, authority, money, and for their ego, for the outworking of their fears at the expense of others. These are the arenas that they deal in. Do you see the integration of these?

Student: Yes, very much so.

MONJORONSON: Was there more to your question, sir?

Student: May I ask another question that I don’t know the answer to, which has to do with sovereignty? It is often good to find unity in economic ventures with other countries, but some people have told me that China has invested in building a major road across our country, between Mexico and Canada, to increase commerce. Some people are very much concerned that we may be giving up our sovereignty to allow other countries to invest in such a way. We would be dealing with countries that may not be our friends. Would you like to comment on that one?

MONJORONSON: Building highways by anyone does not abrogate one nation’s sovereignty.

Student: No, but opening our doors to them, kind of a free enterprise system, and foreign countries are buying into our corporations.

MONJORONSON: You are speaking about economic policy, rather than sovereignty, sir.

Student: Okay. Is this a good direction for us to take?

MONJORONSON: Us? Who is “us?”

Student: Our country. Should we be building our own highways without seeking investments from outside?

MONJORONSON: This issue you speak of is neither an ethical or a moral issue, nor one of service, but of economic investment by other countries. Whether it is good or bad is not determined by the investment, but by how people conduct themselves in its service. Highways do not make decisions; neither do corporations make decisions, as a soul entity that has moral or ethical value. Rather, it has societal ethical and moral value, instead.

These questions are important to you, I see, but they do not lead us in the direction of individuals to help themselves. The domination of one country over another, whether it is economic or otherwise, does not disallow individuals to make decisions on their own. Whether it is good or bad has to do with the economic policies and outcomes that one sees. It may be of great value for a country to build a highway through another country, whereas in one other country, it may be of great disservice. The outcomes do not necessarily affect the moral decisions of individuals; neither does it detract from their capacity to serve their society or their families or their country.

Student: Thank you.

Student: If I can ask a question in a little different vein here, over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to interact—I believe—with mortals from other planets than this, or entities that are non-human. I have seen enough evidence and felt the presence of these non-humans, and I have now had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people, also, that have had these experiences. Can you comment on, to help me understand a little of what I am seeing, and what these other people are feeling.

MONJORONSON: How do you wish me to reply?

Student: Just to give me whatever insight might be of benefit, that I can then learn how to conduct my own life and maybe give advice to other people.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. First, there are entities/beings, material and energetic, who, as well, inhabit your planet. They inhabit it as visitors inhabit a hotel. They are here to serve, they are here to observe, they are here to work, they are here to learn and grow. We have spoken about the mandates in spatial management before, and I will not repeat myself, or repeat the words of others. It is essential that as you open your awareness, your consciousness, you become aware that your universe is far, far, far larger than you had ever anticipated, that the dimensions you live on—these three, plus time—are very small. This is a captive environment you live in, and when you begin to expand yourself into the realms of other dimensions, both energetic and otherwise, you have begun to explore the boundaries of your own mind.

It is essential that the individuals, who take these journeys of consciousness, are aware of their own limitations, both the faculties of their minds and their beliefs. The beliefs of individuals mostly hold you back from taking these journeys into other states of consciousness/awareness. Your own awareness has begun to expand, and you have begun to test the waters of what is real and what is not, what is you and what is not, what are your fears and beliefs, and what is true and what is not.

Always be most careful about your journeying and your contacts with these entities and energies, that you always keep a toehold in your own realm, as those who have advised others and you before. Shaman always leave a thread of energy behind to find their way out of the cave. This truly is good advice. You can leave an energetic thread from where you are to where you travel and retrace your steps. This is a thread of consciousness that is real. This is the thread of energy of consciousness that you direct and receive from universe center, and you direct into earth center as well. This is energetic, it is consciousness, it is multi-dimensional, it is most difficult to explain to you how this operates—not necessarily why—it just does. This is real.

We want you to know that most of the experiences you have had are real, that they have substance and meaning, and that there are truly numerous beings and entities around you who can advise you, should you take the opportunity to ask. Do not be afraid to ask them how to protect yourself during these travels, these journeys of consciousness, as they are mandated by their very presence here to be in accord and helpful to those who seek their advice and wisdom.

They are as well, self-willed individuals and have the capacity to deceive you, but they are in the main, not going to do that. It is much like going to a carnival for a child: You go to a place that is wondrous, that is spectacular. There are sounds that astound you, that make your insides vibrate and the visions in your eyes are scattered inside your mind’s imagination. Oftentimes, children cannot tell the difference between what is real our there and what is in their mind, what they imagined. And they go home and relive that experience again and again. You are as a child in this realm of consciousness as well, and you should take advice where you can receive it.

Your question is most sincere and …(tape turned)… nor deceive you about the complications that are involved in this. Yet, I would not hold you back, either. I support your activities, as many others do. They are welcome travels by an adventurer who needs to bring back visions and messages from what they have seen. This is not unlike the frontiersman, the artists who went into the wilderness, decades and centuries ago, and came away with visions of an altered reality of the waterfalls, forests and mountains that they saw. Yet there was an aspect of reality that was inescapable, even though it is fantastic in your estimation now. Have I gone too far in answering your question, or have I missed the mark?

Student: I believe you have given me some guidance—I thank you! May I ask a follow up question?


Student: This could help others, I believe, in addition to myself. I have several paths open to me, all of which I believe are of service in terms of sustainability, in terms of helping with the times that are to come—the Correcting Times. How can I decide which of these paths is of best service, not only to myself, but also to others. I would appreciate any assistance along those lines.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. The short way through that thicket is to suggest that you work for sustainability by finding unity, by bringing wholeness, where you can. Is this too simple?

Student: I would appreciate any elaboration. (Much laughing.)

MONJORONSON: Let us take another short cut through this thicket! You have within yourself, the capacity to examine your intentions, to examine the capacities of service you can provide. You as well have the capacity to understand the necessary aspect of you fulfilling your life-plan, the pattern for your life to its fulfillment, and this through service, you can do. I would suggest that you, before retiring at night, write out your intentions for this service, and ask your guardian and your Thought Adjuster to address these issues through the night. Through the course of several days or weeks there will become an integration of the parts/aspects/factors. There is an integration among them and you, where you can serve, and this will become known to you. It is important that you ask that this become known to you.

I could blurt that out to you now, but your life and the life of others here and elsewhere and everywhere is truly a mystery. There is not much fun in the journey if you get to the goal in one day. You will have by-passed the wonders of living through these experiences. Your learning is experiential, it is conceptual, it is mindal, it is morontial. Seek to have all of these integrated through your guardian’s and your Thought Adjuster’s assistance, and ask that this be revealed to you in the capacity that you can understand and apply in your life as service to your world and to yourself. I hope this answer is more sustainable for you.

Student: Yes, thank you very much. It gives me lots to think about.

Student: I have one other short question, please?


Student: I know that you are working with other groups around this world, other than with those associated with the Teaching Mission and readers of the Urantia Book. Do you use other names? Do you identify yourself in other ways to these other groups?


Student: I will accept that answer. Thank you very much.

Student: I have a question: We recently were exposed to more information about the Gaia theory, and some of the scientific understanding that it is now supporting this theory, and as I listened to this, I thought, “I wonder how Mother Spirit/Nebadonia is involved in this. It seems as if it is also intimately related to these lessons on sustainability.” I wonder if you could comment on that?

MONJORONSON: Yes, certainly. Gaia is the harmonic frequency of your planet, if you were to give it a name. Gaia is a wonderful way for humans living on this planet to align their energies with Gaia. When they do so, they are placing their energy in alignment with the earth’s alignment, its harmony, its frequency—and that is sustainable. Do you see that connection?

Student: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Gaia is not a personality—it is not a spirit entity, as you would identify. Gaia is the registered frequency of this planet. It is the harmonic that sustains this plane, and enables your world to live in the future, after volcanism and tectonic activities are done, after the sun is sustained by exterior energies, in balance with the inflow and outflow of energy. It has its own registry number. The harmonic of Gaia will be complete in the days of light and life in that balance where your world is sustained by the universe energy, rather than from the sun itself. All will remain in balance. Your world will be sustained well into the future, when the harmony of Gaia is maintained by its citizens as well.

You had something there at the end?

Student: There was something about how this is being understood now, like a self-regulating organism, in a similar way that the human body has physiology that has ways of balancing different chemical reactions and hormones, and all, that the earth itself is seen now as being able to regulate or bring itself back into balance.

MONJORONSON: It is more the opposite that that which is out of balance, seeks balance. The earth, Gaia, is always in balance. When there are activities, whether it is tectonic or volcanic, or whether it is civilizational, that is out of balance, it will destruct or decrease as necessary, to bring it into balance with the earth. Wholeness seeks oneness. There is a holistic aspect of your world that exists—you call this Gaia—your scientists are beginning to understand this wholeness and this balance. There is much about this meta-science that you do not understand yet and which will be forthcoming in decades, as scientists begin to go within and seek answers as well as going out to find answers.

Student: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Just a few more, please.

Student: Monjoronson, what can be done about the bickering and squabbling that is causing a chasm between the factions of the Teaching Mission?

MONJORONSON: Let me describe a metaphor for you: When mean and ornery children fight and bicker, it is best to wait until they are tired and sleep. (Much laughter.)

Student: In other words, just let it take its course, and if it divides itself completely, then so be it?

MONJORONSON: Yes. See what Michael has done after all the destruction that history has been brought to your planet, that your people of the planet have wrought upon themselves. He is sweeping up the pieces in a dustpan and bringing them together, and making them new. He can do as well with this.

Student: I have a question. In one of your teachings, I think you said that there are some very evolved personalities and souls, but because of their environment, they are not material for the Correcting Times, and I just wondered if you can expound on what aspects of the environment are detrimental to young people, or other people that would prevent them from becoming instrumental in fostering the Correcting Times?

MONJORONSON: The most highly detrimental aspect towards the development and unlocking the potential of children are their parents. Yet, the parents are the most responsible individuals to do so. The parents are the hope of the future. Many have said in your society that the children are the hope of the future—we beg to differ. It is the parents who are the hope for the future. Where parents neglect, the children will not be raised well, and it must then come from within the child to resurrect the adult in themselves to see the way and follow that way.

There are individuals who are raised in dire, despicable, disastrous family situations, who nonetheless come out and become exemplary to their society— wonderfully full souls, who have made a great service of their lives, by the moral and ethical decisions that they have made. Factors of neglect that parents provide weigh immensely on the outcomes of these young individuals. Any inclinations of separation between the parent and the child are significant. There must be seen an integration and continuity of the adult in the child and the child in the adult, that one becomes the other. When parents fail to see this continuity, and see themselves as separate and see themselves as being burdened by their children, then children will not be able to unlock the potential that is within them, no matter what schools they go to, no matter what cultural resources are provided.

Parents must assist the unlocking of the heart energy, the heart-line, in addition to the mind-line of these children. There is a presence within the parent that must touch the presence of the child. It is important to look within the child in love, through their eyes, and the child through your eyes, in love, to make a connection of souls. Truly, this is the place of connection. The responsibility of parents is onerous and ominous and incredibly large, yet it is a place of tender giving and receiving, a place where love can be taught. Family is the primary socializing institution in your society, any society—an essential place where children are raised. Loving parents alone—as single parents can do this, but it is inadequate to fulfill the roles the children must learn, and the models that they need to be complete in their adulthood. They need both models to unlock the potential within them, for there are many roles to be played out in their mind through these models they learn as they play, grow, and work. Thank you for your question.

Student: I have one more question. In another recent paper, the issue of birth control came up, and you stated that the universe already knew before conception that you were in the process of coming into being. Then in another week when the question was brought up that the world has been struggling with this issue of population control and what is an appropriate number of people to inhabit the world, that it was a matter of belief in whether we took up euthanasia or—you didn’t refer to abortion, but obviously there are many abortions done—and I just wondered how we are supposed to negotiate the concept or the idea that it seems that it is said, we are pretty much predestined to come into existence, versus the decisions we make in allowing an existence to come into existence, and is there such a thing as moral responsibility for that, or how does mere belief play into it?

MONJORONSON: I would say this, concerning all the issues which you raised: It is responsible of individuals who become procreative parents, to bring their children into existence as responsibly and as lovingly and with similar intentions as our Father God has brought the universe and you into existence. Care has been made for your existence; care has been made for your arrival.

This skein on problems you present is a knot of beliefs that are inter-related in your society, in your world. It is a prime example as results of the abdication of responsibility by the managers of this planet, in millennia past. It is heart-breaking to us—to use your phrase—to see these issues come into existence— to see children, whether they are teenagers or whether they are in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, having children and do not have the capacity to raise them responsibly, or even care for them physically. Where is the harmony there? There is none. Where is the order? Where is the pattern? It is gone.

Our work in the Correcting Time is to bring pattern, order and good models into existence. Each one of you was anticipated on Divinington. Each one of you is loved, appreciated, accepted. Each of you has a purpose, a meaningful life, a life-plan for existence, part of which you can accept as becoming parents. When you have children, raise them with the same dedication, fervor, interest, and presence, as Christ Michael brought this world into existence, and then provided a loving model as Jesus, in the presence of others. Raise them with this love; raise them with harmony so they have integration and oneness within their being.

How can you assist children to raise children responsibly, when they become adults? It is necessary for a maturing society to instill in its members the belief that they are responsible for their children and who they become…and to raise only the number of children that you can do so responsibly, carefully, with dedication and commitment. How many would that be? Perhaps you have the capacity to raise four children into adulthood, to become responsible, capable, and spiritual enlivened individuals. Perhaps it is only one. Perhaps you do not love yourself enough to even raise one. Becoming a responsible parent begins by providing a responsible model for your own children. You must give your children the beliefs and model to follow, so that they will be able to make a responsible decision to have children or not, and to raise their own children responsibly if they choose to have children.

Applying eugenics is not necessary when individuals understand the responsibility of having children. They will practice what is necessary to bring children into existence. That may be abstinence; it may be for them to be birth control—whatever is necessary to bring responsible, loving individuals into your world, is what is needed. The responsibilities of procreation are not taught or enforced well on our planet. There is such a huge backlog of social issues on your world; it can only begin with the individual. That is why parenting, and raising children responsibly is so important to the Correcting Time, to the Magisterial Mission, and to Christ Michael now, and as Jesus when he lived it here on your planet.

There is no way through the problems you describe, other than through the example of one person at a time. The societies of this world are so bereft and so incapable and incompetent to raise and educate individuals in how to be responsible, procreative parents that it will take many generations to correct this problem. Yes, there are some outstanding examples, but there are so few to point to. Thank you for your question.

Student: Do you think our inability to be the kind of parents and kind of families that we could have under more ideal situations, is a direct result of the rebellion, or is it just that we are wayward?

MONJORONSON: Both. Could we bring this to a close? Are there other questions?

Students: It has been a wonderful lesson, thank you very much! I also want to thank Rayson for his lesson of April 30, 2006. I got a lot of mileage out of that one earlier today, during my time of study.

(Group thanks Monjoronson and Daniel.)

[[The group had a break for sharing Christmas goodies and fellowship. Evidently, from the conversations during this time, Monjoronson requested to address the group again.]]

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. So you see, these questions point out the obvious: the need for harmony, the need for love. When you see only the problems and you deal with them, you will only find solutions to the problems, rather than the causes, which will cause more problems to arise, later.

When you address the harmony or frequency of a problem, then you get to the root of it. With problems, there is an absence of harmony, there is chaos and disharmony, there is not love. When you seek answers through love, harmony, and oneness you will find answers that endure for generations, and eventually for the life and existence of the whole planet and the system of planets.

Christ Michael governs your local universe, Nebadon, through love, always seeking harmony, always seeking opportunities for growth, for individuals, allowing for disharmony, allowing for dissonance, but never accepting rebellion. Free-will choice is always an obvious opportunity for problems and for solutions. Using the examples of your spiritual leaders, Christ Michael/Jesus and others will provide you with models to live by.

Your world lacks a sufficient history of good examples and models of societies that were successful. Civilizations of your world have come and gone, and even great nations have fallen. So where are the truths for nation building? You must, my friends, invent them. You must devise them out of the harmony of the universe using the oneness that is inclusive, all, one, and is the harmony of love. Seek love and harmony; seek oneness. Embrace each other in love. Find harmony and integration with each other and with your world. Be one with the Source, which is always within. I wish you a good day and a good journey. I will return in a few weeks, and begin a new series for you. Good day.

(Group gives him appreciation.)

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