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NCO97 – New Formats of Engagements

– New Formats of Engagements
– Mar. 18, 2007
– NOCO#97

Northern Colorado TeaM, #97
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: New emphasis on making decisions
Parable of seeds
Associations between complemental groups
Planet’s evolution, development and maturity
Taking the timetable away
The power of our decisions will be greater
Evolutionary development of world
Events now are of critical nature
World management to become more assertive
Watching the healing grace of spirit
Assisting impoverished regions of planet
Need for our teaching practice and training new TRs
Monjoronson to leave us in August
Q & A: What am I to give?
“When two or more are gathered….”
“Protests for peace” an oxymoron
Changing economic systems
Being players, not spectators
Entering light and life individually
This civilization must not die

TR: Daniel Raphael

March 18, 2007

[Prayer and centering with the merkaba preceded the session.]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group welcome.)

MONJORONSON: It is good to be back after our hiatus of a couple of months. Much has progressed, as you may surmise.

Your Lord and my Brother, Christ Michael, gave you the parable of throwing seeds onto the ground. Some seeds grew in among thorns, some landed on stony ground, some in dry soil, while others landed in good soil with moisture, sprouted and did well, whereas the others were eaten by birds or grew, sprouted withered and died. The Correcting Time, as we have told you before, has cast millions of seeds of insights, thoughts, and encouragements out to you to grasp, nurture, and feed with your consciousness, your lives, your contribution, and dedication to assist Christ Michael in healing your world, bringing it into the days of light and life.

Now many of those seeds have landed on good soil and have grown. Many continue to grow and grow well, while others are dormant, lying—not fallow, but still in the chill-space—lacking faith and encouragement and decisions to move ahead. What we have been doing is to grasp those seeds that have sprouted and done well, and bring them together in a larger plot. What this means is that there are many good ideas being developed in your world to date, but these are not associated with each other. Their efforts are disjointed, they are going in directions that are unproductive or unsustainable. And so it is time now for us to bring these efforts together, to encourage the best with the best, to sustain those efforts that through this association there would be a synergy, a coming together where the sum is far, far larger than the parts that are joined together. We are in the process of doing that now.

You will find in coming weeks and months—not years—but weeks and months that there will be many more associations between those groups that are complemental to each other. Some of these have nothing to do with spirituality. Some of them have nothing to do with Christ Michael or the Correcting time on outward appearances but, nonetheless, do assist your world towards its maturity, development, and evolution. This in turn, offers a much more resilient and prosperous environment that nurtures new souls to grow and to grow into fulfillment, with greater service. We see the augmentation of your world through these associations that there will be many new developments that are unfamiliar to you. And yes, there will be associations that fall apart and fall away and do not work. Yet, those ideas that are nascent in them can come together to form new unions with other associations.

As was said to others, we are taking the timetable away from you for the development of these events. This does not mean that you will not grow as individuals, quite the contrary, you will be encouraged to make decisions and take actions—you will be put in position where you must make decisions to move forward. The social evolution and development of your world is getting to a point where it must come under the coordinated effects of the Correcting Time and the lesser missions under it. There will be more synchronicity, a joining together of efforts, so that others and yourselves must make decisions about what you do, where you go, with whom you associate, and where you put your efforts to help your world sustain itself, and grow.

In no way and at no time does this take away or abrogate your self-will, or your powers of decision. Quite the contrary, it gives you much more leverage in your world and in your lives. The decisions you make due to this timetable change will have a much more powerful effect—and as well, your failure to make decisions will be very apparent. As always, and as Christ Michael as Jesus has encouraged you, you must make decisions, and having made decisions, take action. This is how your soul growth develops, how you demonstrate you progress in your infinite spiritual ascension. At no time—as we have said before—is this work of the Correcting Time disconnected from individual spiritual growth and fulfillment. You will continue to have meaningful lives, make meaningful contributions for your own self, life, your own infinite development, and in the same breath of decision you make contributions to those around you.

This is no small statement, I just made. Do you appreciate that the timetable has been put more in our field than yours, for the development and correction and healing of your world? Say anyone? This is an important part of your world: there is an evolutionary development occurring on your world. It can occur at its own pace, and it has for centuries, with gradual and steady inputs of spirit from the Most Highs, the Melchizedeks, and from Machiventa and his staff.

There comes a point in this evolution, this timetable of evolution, where it is necessary that the management of your world become more assertive, making contributions to your world, to the events that develop, such that the events become more rapid and in a particular direction. We do believe in good—the universe is good, your world is good—but it has been off track for many millennia, due to wrong decisions of many individuals in the past. The events in the time now are of such a critical nature that it is necessary for the executive management of your world and of this region, to become more active.

Now, you may ask, “Is this unusual?” It is unusual to the large administration of the universe, but it is not unusual for a region that has been in quarantine. What would be in jeopardy by not doing this would be the saving of your world. Were events to continue as they have been, so rapidly in your world in the last fifty years, your world would likely cease to exist or be uninhabited in a century or so. Your world is too valuable to the First Source and Center, to Christ Michael, to the universe—its contribution is huge, and is not to be squandered, is not to be left on its own to die.

Just as you have plants that may need special care and tending, so too do planets have that need for special care and tending. They need the right amount of shade and sunlight, the right temperature and moisture and nutrients to continue their growth. Yes, they may be stunted, compared to their neighboring plants and planets, but nonetheless, they eventually come to bear full heads of grain, and this is the natural development of plants that have been treated well and cared for. Husbandry of plants and planets are not much different, though the scale is of course profound.

Now, you may relate this to your own environment, to the Teaching Mission, to this group, to similar groups around the world. And yes, you may come away and it may set you aback a bit, that the scale of this enterprise is so huge, and seems far less personal than you had anticipated or expected, or had enjoyed in the past. This is simply a revelation that the scale of this project is huge in planetary terms. Compared to an individual, family or a community, it is profoundly huge, yet, it is personal to all those who come later.

You are bystanders watching the healing grace of spirit work with your environment—environment on all levels, particularly the social, political and economic levels—these need to be healed. These need to have the influence of spirit on a steady basis. Rather than seeing, being a bystander to a major automobile accident, the accident is over with. Now there is the process of cleanup, of triage, of helping individuals gain healing, helping the whole situation to become healed, providing support to those who have witnessed it and are in shock.

Many in this country, and technologically advanced countries are seeing with shock that their neighboring countries and societies are impoverished. This has a powerful effect on the growth of those individuals who have no education, they have lost basic skills for sustaining themselves. Fathers, grandfathers and young male adults are gone leaving children to attend to farms without having the knowledge or skills to tend the fields with understanding and skill. We are here to assist all, and yes, this is much removed from you as an individual, though you will see in your world, in your lifetimes, much change for good. You will also see in your lifetimes, much change, which will be destructive, at least as you perceive it to be.

We have moved away from twice monthly meetings with this group, as we have with other groups. Your needs are different than that of the Magisterial Mission. You have been listening to the broadcast through this medium, through this activity every two weeks, but it does not feed you personally, does not feed you as an individual, does not give you sustenance to sustain you for another day, another week, another month, another year.

[[Those needs were provided for in the basic series of lessons that most groups received from an assigned teacher, over a period of about two years. {Thank you, Agatha!} ]]

Now there is a need for those groups to evolve into practice teaching, requiring another cadre of teachers, another cadre of TRs. Many of the active TRs in the past have moved on. They have taken on new activities, new roles, they have become activists in their societies and in their communities, and this is as it should be. Their ranks need to be filled from below by others, to take this chair and speak and share the knowledge and wisdom of the teachers.

Your teachers in the future will assist you individually with your challenges. This is a personal communion between your self and a teacher or a guardian angel. This is much more personal than it had been in the past, and we encourage you to seek this type of spiritual assistance, coaching, or spiritual mentoring. Your challenges come to you day by day at home, at work, in recreation, in associations that you belong to. You have a wisdom about you that we wish you to share in those groups for your self, your children, and grandchildren, friends, peers and associates.

You are the way-showers. You are the ones with the flashlight in the dark. We want you to carry this courageously—not wavering and shaking—but do so with courage, steadfastness and earnest dedication and perseverance. We know that many of you are sincerely, deeply committed, and dedicated to the work of Christ Michael. We wish your numbers to increase. How can we encourage you to do this on a daily basis? Of course, you must seek. You must ask questions. You must go to the Source where your thirst will be quenched. We have many ways and means of providing this to you—you must ask and seek to find that which is comfortable to you. You know from the history of your own associations of the Teaching Mission, that none of this is forced upon you, that there is not “a way,” but there have been many ways, and now there are even more.

I will, for this group, be available through the summer months to assist you and to deliver messages to you. After that my duties will take me away. I will be engaged in activities that are very, very busy, as you would see them. This does not diminish your importance, it only says that my obligations have become increasingly more time consuming, more complicated and more numerous. Even the Infinite is challenged by your material reality.

I would be open to receive questions at this point.

Student: I was asked to be here today, not in the spirit of what I could get, but in the spirit of what I could give. Could you give me some further insight into that?

MONJORONSON: One moment. You have had long associations with those who are not “material,” as most people on your planet call them. You have long had association with ETs and many spiritual beings. Is this correct?

Student: That’s correct.

MONJORONSON: And how have you lived with this on a daily basis, and how has it been of benefit to your life?

Student: It has helped me to appreciate the reality beyond this planet. It has helped me see the path to an evolved planet of light and love. And it has encouraged me to do the work that I now do, which is writing and speaking.

MONJORONSON: Have there been influences, which have not been helpful to you?

Student: Only my own self-doubts, from time-to-time.

MONJORONSON: And your fears?

Student: And my fears.…

MONJORONSON: Have you had fears?

Student: Yes, I’ve had fears.

MONJORONSON: What would they be?

Student: That I might not be up to the task.

MONJORONSON: How has your faith assisted you in this pursuit, which is so unusual, compared to most people of your planet?

Student: I have a “knowingness” of the non-human, which has been given to me as a gift. That’s what sustains me.

MONJORONSON: As your world opens to these influences, do you have any guidance for those who may experience what you have?

Student: In all humility, I would say that I echo and have knowledge of the difficult times ahead, and that it is through using knowledge of who we really are, the great spiritual beings that are each of us, that we then can help the evolution of this civilization on this planet. So I try to tell people, that they are not “just these human bodies,” that they have great spiritual power within them. Some listen, some understand.

MONJORONSON: You came here today with a message to deliver. Is there more that you wish to share, that would be helpful to readers in the future?

Student: I don’t know that I have a message that I came here with. It was simply that I was asked to be here, and I am not quite sure why, only that I am working on trying to help people understand who they really are.

MONJORONSON: Perhaps the message was simply that—you were asked to be here and you responded.

Student: Maybe it is that simple.

MONJORONSON: Are there other questions?

Student: In a recent study group, we had some discussion about what Jesus meant when he said, “When two or three (or more) are gathered together, I will be there in your midst.” One of our members prayed for the Spirit of Christ Michael to be with us in group, and I had the feeling that, “wait a minute—it seems to me that Christ Michael has told us that he’s always with us, always available. I have understood this, that it’s merely our recognition of his presence. However, I wonder if you could clarify. . . oh, and another member came forward to say that maybe there was a difference between his presence, availability to each of us as ministry, that when we are in a group and we ask for his presence, then we experience his personality. So that left me wondering, how we really . . . is there any dichotomy here, or how do we understand his saying?

MONJORONSON: The presence of Christ Michael upon your planet at this time is as it has never been before. Remember the words, “When two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there, I am there.” Now, Christ Michael is with you at all times without asking. You can accept that his presence is with you, just as you can go away from this group, by yourself, and speak with Christ Michael. You will have an earnest, sincere, authentic dialog with him. Christ Michael is fully available to each of you in that regard, in that capacity, for all times. This is in preparation for his return to your planet. His returning then will be fully and evident affirmation that everyone had accepted before, that he was there. His appearance will not be anti-climactic at all, but the fulfillment of his words. Everyone then, centuries ahead, will not have any more quality or quantity of contact with him then, than you have now.

The inauguration of the Correcting Time has brought to your world not only the presence of Christ Michael, but his legions in the forms of organizing groups to be with you. Speak directly with Christ Michael for your needs, and you need not divert your attention to others. Simply maintain your focus of Christ Michael’s relationship with you, in the dialog that you have with him. This will be a long-lasting and steady influence in your life that will be of great aid to you in times of need, and during the daily hours and minutes of the day. His presence is truly real. He is here now. I hope this answers your question.

Student: I think it does because it seemed to me it is only our acknowledgement of his presence that enables us to sense his presence everywhere, and so my question at the time was, “why is this even more enhanced,” so to speak, when there are two or three meeting together.

MONJORONSON: That phrase was enhanced, due to the intention of the few, in those centuries shortly after he spoke those words.

Student: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

Student: Monjoronson, I have been working with two groups in my city of about 60,000 people. One of them is promoting world peace and the other is working on sustainability. The peace group has taken on a project of protesting against the war in Iraq, and I see that the results of that have some negative impacts. People do not understand that we can protest against the war, and still support the troops. And even though there have been some letters written to the Editor of the local paper to explain this, the message doesn’t seem to be getting to those who are most angry with what this group is doing. Do you see anything from a larger perspective as to whether this is effective and we should continue, or if it is doing more harm than good and we need a new path?

MONJORONSON: The way of peace is peace. The way of peace is stillness. The way of peace is everlasting. Peace sustains civilization, sustains individuals. Peace is inherent in good health, good health is inherent in peace. You cannot engage your enemies without being at war. You cannot go forward in peace when you are angry. Peace must always begin in the individual. Your group has forgotten the rudiments of peace, and that is “the peace that abides forever;” peace that is [beyond] understanding. Peace that is eternal must begin within.

That group is political in nature. Peace is simply a way of addressing their political agenda. It is most unfortunate, as it sets back the true interests of peace a great deal. Peace must be taught in individuals. How will the children of these peace marchers become peaceful, if they see the anger in adults’ eyes, their words, and in their emotions? They cannot. Peace for the future must be instilled and engendered in the children and this is done through peaceful modeling, peaceful role-playing, and peaceful group activities.

Much greater good would be done by going to your legislators and lobbying for reduction of funds in those activities of war. Peace must be advanced through peaceful means. Blowing up buildings or protesting with anger are not dissimilar. Activities for peace are inherently peaceful. The individuals thereof are peaceful, as well. It does not mean that when you are at peace you are inactive, or you are not assertive. It simply means that you are not aggressive, that you are not the “enemy” in a different form. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it does help a great deal.

MONJORONSON: I would suggest that these two groups see what they have in common. We see a great deal in common, though each must bend their agendas to accommodate the other.

Student: Another comment: The group on sustainability . . . ever since you brought up that term in your lessons to us, I keep seeing the word “sustainability” everywhere. It seems like your staff is really getting the word out! I am very grateful to see that.

MONJORONSON: It must become an integral part of the human consciousness and global consciousness. Sustainability must permeate every facet of your technologies, philosophies, values, and belief systems, and this has been a beginning… and we are not done!

Student: May I ask another question?


Student: There is a movement afoot, and possibly more than one that would change the economic system of this country and in turn, affect other economic systems around the world, to remove the power structure that is behind these economic systems. My question is: Is this going to be happening, and if so, is there anything that we can do to help that process?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is an eventual development for your world. Many of the difficulties of your world have been through the engagement of economic profitability through the influence of government and political action. This disengagement is a forerunner of the economic systems that will be in place prior to the days of light and life. You are seeing the early seeds of this. It is an evolutionary development of the economy, rather than the political side. Political interests are often selfish and power based, rather than egalitarian. Economic development does not necessarily need the political influence in later stages for it to maintain profitability.

What you are seeing now is the engagement of those two arenas for excessive profitability, the rapid accomplishment of large percentages of return on investment. Rather than a steady 3% or 6%, many of your corporations are seeking to achieve percentages well over 10% to many percentages higher than that, to gain greater leverage in the market place and for greater return to investors. What you are discussing are the fundamentals of a new economic system that is only now beginning to develop. It will come into existence, as it will cost too much in financial and social terms to be engaged in political activities, which are detrimental to their long-term ends.

Soon, corporations will be examining their sustainability, not for this decade or the next twenty-five years, but for fifty years or a hundred years or longer and what will it require of that corporation to adapt to the future. This is internal to some advanced thinking groups within corporations that are sub-committees of boards of trustees. We encourage you as an individual, to participate in those boards, to be forward thinking, to be futurists in the here and now, to anticipate the inevitable, to accept that change is profitable, that profit can be made from new ways of doing business. This will have a tremendous effect upon the peace of your world and the advancements and development of civilization as a whole. It will later prove beneficial, down to the level of the individual in areas where these large global corporations dominate the landscape. Thank you for your very good question.

Student: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: I don’t mean to scold you, chastise you or wag my finger at you, or to poke you in the ribs, but I wish you to engage your activities with spirit on a personal basis. You have had privilege to observe your world through my engagement with you, and this certainly has had a profound effect upon the listeners. Remember that you must as well be players in the game than as spectators in the stadium. Your lives are lived through your faith activities, on a day-to-day basis.

You have now available to you personal, individual communication with your Creator, Christ Michael of Nebadon. You cannot receive better advice than his for your life, for your the development of your inner guidance. His presence in your life, plus that of your guardian angel and God Fragment, …(tape turned)… though these transmissions or transmissions of this nature and this perspective may change in the future and may cease, do not be dismayed by this, but go within and seek answers for your own life. You will need to do this on a daily basis. This is how you can enter the days of light and life for yourself, individually, before your planet does. We encourage you to do this.

Understand the lessons of love, of harmony, of oneness, that the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” is a fundamental principle, guiding the development of all humanity, and is always operative. You can take this to a much higher, active state for your life by willing your will to be done according to God’s will for your life; that you would wish and pray for only the best for all concerned, even your enemies; that you would wish for the best development of your life actively, not as a spectator, not as one in the grandstands, but one who is on the playing field of your life; that you are not a vicarious observer of your own life, but an active participant with Christ Michael in it, as you move forward.

This is very powerful, my friends, and this is what has guided me in my work on your world. I am in daily communication with Christ Michael in the work of healing your planet. No individual is forgotten; no civilization is ever buried without its own doing. You have within your power to influence the outcome of your life and that of your civilizations. This civilization must not die. This civilization of your world now must surrender to its ego, its arrogance, and its dominance to its willingness to bend to the needs of the world, but rather to live in peace. We encourage you to do this on a daily basis, an individual basis, and make decisions according to that and take action that supplements your life as a loving being, in harmony with those around you.

We wish you well, and always do. We are here to help you and assist you in your life in small ways and big ways. Nothing—“no thing”—is ever forgotten in your life, no thing is ever left undone that is good for you. We are here to help you accomplish the greatest good from life, always, and for those of your fellow people around you. With this I say good day and God bless you. Know that our presence is here among you, and that we do not leave, but simply step back. Good day.

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