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NCO98 – Correcting Time

Rayson; Monjoronson; Machiventa; Michael
– Correcting Time
– April 22, 2007
– NOCO #98

Northern Colorado TeaM, #98
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Rayson, Monjoronson, Machiventa & Christ Michael

Topics: Global progress of the Correcting Time
Relationship between various projects of the Correcting Time
There will be more missions added in the future
Understanding the different aspects of the Correcting Time
Superstructure and infrastructure considerations
Magnitude of the Correcting Time
Rebuilding social structures
Work of Most Highs
Integration of all aspects of the Correcting Time
Need for visual leadership on Urantia
Mortals’ purposes in the Correcting Time plan
Michael’s study of all 7 Superuniverses for ending quarantine
Demonstration of the receipt of Michael’s love
Q & A: Meaning of wars on spiritual growth
Urantia Book’s warning on hurrying versus Correcting Time plan
Magisterial Mission is in delay mode

TR: Daniel Raphael

April 22, 2007

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, surround us as you do at our least thought or call to you. Be with us, help us and guide us as we prepare ourselves for our teachers. Amen

[[We invoked the Merkaba and connected our hearts and minds to feel the love circulating through us all and to feel the consciousness, oneness of the group. We directed healing energy to those in need for their highest good. Being Earth Day, we directed healing energy to Mother Earth and gave thanks for our Beloved Urantia.]]

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Let us begin.

(Group: Welcome.)

RAYSON: I am your emcee once again, as we have distinguished guests here today. We will proceed through the guest list, and end with Christ Michael. It has been a real pleasure to be your teacher for so long, off and on over the years. As you know, I have many groups who I respect, honor, and work with over every week and every month. Today’s session will be a global explanation of the progress of the Correcting Time on Urantia. We will begin with Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Good afternoon and welcome.)

MONJORONSON: It is a pleasure to be here with you my friends. You have been a wonderful group to address, to share this information. You have been a point of entry for a good deal of information to be disseminated around the world.

When you think of the Magisterial Mission, I wish you to think of it as a “project,” as is the Teaching Mission a “project,” one of many projects and missions under the Correcting Time of Christ Michael. The Magisterial Mission is a follow-up, a continuation of the Teaching Mission. It could not be present, could not develop easily, without the preparatory work of the Teaching Mission. Many minds and hearts have been prepared through the Teaching Mission’s work for the introduction to the Magisterial Mission. You must be prepared for the higher minded, ethical, moral and social… and global issues, which you are engaged in your everyday life. To think of these issues and these problems, difficulties in terms of Christ Michael’s perspective, knowing the history of your planet, the Magisterial Mission is an important part of the future of your planet, yet it is only one part.

There are other missions that will come into being in the future, but my emphasis is upon the work that I have for myself and my staff around the world, with you. As you know, many religions, cultural groups, and belief systems have anticipated for eons the coming of an “anointed one,” one who would be with them, one who would be universal in nature—and that is myself. There will be many others within the Magisterial Mission of near eminence, who will be joining this in years and decades ahead.

I now remove myself for our Planetary Prince, Machiventa.

MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, this is Machiventa.

(Welcome to you!)

MACHIVENTA: The reason why we have this distinguished group of individuals here today is to give you once again an overlay of what the Correcting Time is all about. Christ Michael is the architect of the Correcting Time plans for all the worlds in the quarantine area. He works with each individual Planetary Prince, for the requirements of each respective planet, as each planet is very distinct. There are general needs for all of the planets that were in quarantine and these are modified by the Planetary Prince and his staff.

We could provide a “newsy report” about what is occurring on the other planets, but this would have no purpose for you or for our work. It is more important that we attend to the realistic efforts, goals and the resistances that we experience in the Correcting Time on Urantia.

We want you to continue to understand the spiritual, material aspects of the Correcting Time. You are used to hiring an architect to design a building, or a project manager to design a program for the management of a system. This is a material, four-dimensional process that you are acquainted with. Now superimpose that onto the spiritual realm and you will see that the spiritual- material requirements of planets are very similar. The process of management, correcting, building, reforming, rehabilitating, and inventing new social processes that support the rehabilitation of a planet are very similar to what good global leaders do on planets for the material aspects.

There is a management superstructure, an administrative infrastructure that provides support to the Correcting Time on your planet. We are operating in this realm, the spiritual, morontial, and the material three-dimensional realm of the universe on your planet, simultaneously. The goal of course, is to provide resources, with direction and guidance through a set of plans to redevelop your world. Do you recall, as I do, the tremendous and ugly difficulties in Bosnia and Serbia?

Group: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: Great destruction of that area, many hundreds of thousands of lives lost and millions of people damaged socially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally from that conflict. And you are aware that even now, years later that this land is devastated, it has great economic difficulties. There is a broken social structure there, with immense distrust.

Your global agencies have striven to assist these people, to help them rebuild their lives, their economy, and the material infrastructure of those regions—electrical wire, sewage, transportation and so on—education, and governance as well. Yet there is great difficulty still. It harbors great resistance to change, and fear of those who manage the changes and developments, whether they are outsiders or neighbors of a different religious, political orientation. Now, expand that to thirty-seven planets and you will see what Christ Michael has to work with and what he is up against, and why there is such a tremendous influx, and infusion of spiritual energy, such as the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission, the reconnection of the circuits and the rebuilding of planetary management and administrative systems. It takes not years or decades, but centuries to establish these and have them working well. It takes that much time and more to assist the inhabitants of these planets—this planet—to rebuild their social structures from the family, through community, to regional governmental entities so that they are functional, so that there is the development of the greatest potential of individuals.

Let us bring in another agency—the Most Highs—who are involved with governmental and institutional agencies and institutions of a larger nature that have no soul value, and no sovereign power of will. They have immense influence in these areas to bring good into your world, but usually do not work in concert with other organizations to bring about a united effort for good. The work of the Most Highs is a slow process, as it must not be done too rapidly, too grimly, but as a natural development and evolution of those institutions.

Simultaneous to that, the Teaching Mission works with the minds of individuals to entice, persuade, and attract individuals to a two-year program of teaching where they learn the fundamentals of higher values and the beliefs that come from those, followed with the practices that support the continuance of those values and beliefs.

MONJORONSON: The Magisterial Mission is another mission that assists in this process, where people look to a leader, a spiritual entity to assist the Correcting Time and the Planetary Prince’s staff with the modification of the Correcting Time plans for that planet. It is essential to have a format of leadership that is apparent, though I am not visible to you. I am a real entity, I have substance and you know that my presence is real. This work of the Magisterial Mission supports and integrates all aspects of the planetary Correcting Time plan, the work of the Most Highs, and gives individuals and groups of individuals a focus for their vision, for their world. It gives them hope outside themselves. It is essential that there be a leadership function, and that it is perceptible.

Machiventa, my dear friend and respected associate is a Planetary Manager. He is the individual who coordinates, complements, arranges, and is the Master Planner for the Correcting Time plan for this planet, under Christ Michael’s direction. His time is occupied; he is an important instrument in the Correcting Time for Urantia. The presence of a Magisterial Son is important to provide the more visible evidence of leadership to those who seek that. Individuals on a planet that has been in quarantine and darkness for many millennia have difficulty coming out of that and into the light, and maintaining that awareness by themselves. It requires immense self-sufficiency, insight, development, and contact with their Father Fragments to do this effectively. Many millions of people do not have that tenacious, acquisitive, and voracious appetite for spiritual development that is required to do this on their own. They need the presence of a celestial teacher through the Teaching Mission. They need the presence of a global leader as a Magisterial Son to look to for guidance—someone outside themselves to say, “This is the way, this is what will develop, and this is what will come out of the practices that you learned in the Teaching Mission.” Being aware of this, you can see that applying what you learned in the Teaching Mission offers an effective way to learn this spiritual practice.

There is no hocus-pocus about this! This is a very timely, tried and true process. Christ Michael did not reinvent the rehabilitation of areas in rebellion, but has studied every one of them throughout the Seven Superuniverses that has occurred in all the eons of time, since the universe was created. He is a Master of these plans and is reasonable to provide all the supports necessary for the reclaiming of the souls and energizing new souls on these planets that have been in darkness. It is essential that you have all the spiritual infrastructure and superstructure to accomplish this.

There is no stinginess on the part of Christ Michael, the First Source and Center, the Most Highs, Machiventa or myself to provide you with all you need to move towards the light, to engage the journey of your soul, positively and constructively. We are here to do that with you, immediately! We know you—you know us. We are here to support you. We will do everything we can to assist you in the decisions you make in your life by presenting you with more options for your decisions than you had before.

As you move towards the light, as you make positive moral and ethical and socially conscious decisions and provide service to your fellow humans on your planet, you move your soul towards the light. You make a positive impact upon the whole of your civilization. Your presence matters! The decisions you make do make a difference in the whole of your civilization. Your presence will not be forgotten in the eons of time of this planet. You will have made a contribution by living wisely, constructively, lovingly, spiritually, in harmony with Christ Michael and Jesus’ teachings when he was here.

His presence on this planet as Jesus was the way forward. He said, “Follow me. This is the way. Live this way and you will live in light.” You may be chastised and shamed by those who wish you would live as they do, but it is your decision to live in the light of Christ Michael, the light of Jesus. He came to awaken this not only in you, but also in all the planets of Nebadon—not only this planet or the other planets in the quarantine, but all planets. Planets that are connected to the circuits and receive daily broadcasts have seen his life! His life as Jesus is presented every day, every year—it is available on all planets in Nebadon, to teach the young ones how to live.

MACHIVENTA: As your Planetary Prince, I am moved by the courage of many individuals in the century, this decade, and this year. Many of you are moving forward courageously and thoughtfully, consciously making decisions for the good of your self. Many of you are going against the grain of the established economic and political systems of your world. Be discerning when you do that. Be discerning so that you do not do that for selfish or social reasons, but for your selfhood, individuality, and the growth of your soul. Teach your children how to live in a similar manner.

It is surely a pleasure for me—I guess I would say “an experience,” for me to be the Planetary Prince of Urantia. It is not necessarily an envious position at all—it is an honor to be the Planetary Prince of the World of the Cross, Urantia, the place of the last bestowal of our Creator Son, Christ Michael. It is a wonderful learning experience, and I look forward to the journey of this planet’s growth, development and evolution. Now I give way to our Creator son, Christ Michael.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Good afternoon, my children!


CHRIST MICHAEL: Thank you for your hospitality and opening your home to this meeting, this session today. As I am here with you, I open my hands to you and from my hands and my mind and my presence to you, I direct to each one of you my benevolence, my love, my compassion for your situation, and I give you my mercy through this Correcting Time, that you may live in wholeness, live in oneness, that you may come to know the love that comes through me from the Creator, that you might have experience of this personally, intimately and immediately. There is no delay in my love for you; there is no delay in my benevolence for you.

I wish some of you would ask for more for your life than you have. Be generous to yourself with my love, my goodness, my benevolence, my generosity in all forms—spiritual, love, and material. Know that I care for you. There is a way for you to receive this caring, and that is by opening your heart to what is there to receive. Open your heart fully; do not deny yourself the full receipt of my love, my goodness, my generosity in all forms. Some of you have been raised with a tight heart, both for receiving love and the benevolence and generosity from others, and from the love of God. I wish you to know that I am working to open your heart to receive more through me. There is so much for you to receive, and so much for you to give in return. Your demonstration of my love to others is proof that you are a loving individual. Your willingness to be of service—unselfish, unflinching service to others for altruistic, real, generous, true and loving reasons is a demonstration to me that you have received my word, and you know how that word works in your lives.

I wish to impress upon the whole of your world that my love is with you. Receive my love and my goodness. Be one with this, be in harmony and attunement with this, flow with this, go with this, receive it and let it exude through every pore in every second, every minute, hour, and year of your life. You know that I wish you well; you know that I go before you; you know that I am there already before you ask. I precede all of you, but you empower your self when you ask for my presence ahead of time. Do not be afraid to empower yourselves to use my love and my presence for good in all regards, anywhere, at anytime. I bless you—you have been anointed! I love you. Good day.

Student: Michael, if I may, I wanted to give you a message that I was so impressed and thankful when you last spoke to the Marin Group [Mill Valley, California] on April 2, 2007. The conversation that you can have with we, your sons and daughters, is just so wonderful, to think that we can actually have this kind of direct conversation. I just wanted to give you a big “Thank you.”

CHRIST MICHAEL: Your big “Thank you” is well received and you are generous to express that. Know, dear one, that your thoughts of gratitude have been echoed many, many hundreds of times by those who have earnestly read that message and taken it to heart. Thank you.  I would be willing to receive your questions, if you have any.

Student: I do have a question from that session. When you were addressing one of the members and said that, “We are ever offering a greater meaning to augment that which was or is already known. For even warfare and conflict give meaning to peoples’ lives.” I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on that. Generally we think of this as being only so negative.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, certainly, I would be glad to engage that for you. Wars are created by soulless bodies of political individuals, are they not, generally? In this Century?

Student: yes.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Certainly. And what about those individuals who enlist—literally enlist their lives, their hearts and their minds and their souls—to this military effort? They are obedient. They demonstrate loyalty. They demonstrate dedication. They demonstrate forthright application of their commitments to the political entity, which throws them into these military conflicts. War, also, is an opportunity for individuals to engage the growth of their soul. It does not require you to throw your body upon an explosive device, or to stop shrapnel or bullets to demonstrate this to anyone. It is simply about making right decisions about the areas that you can control in your life. Surely those individuals who rape, pillage, and burn are not exercising the highest decisions for their lives.

Those who have compassion and care and give instant justice to individuals, civilians, who are caught up in that warfare is a demonstration of conscious decision, moral aptitude, and ethical conduct of a social conscience of a spiritual nature. Those individuals who commit their lives to this enterprise have no less opportunity for soul growth than you do—or anyone here. They have personal lives, intimate lives, the life within them to nurture and grow and to be of service. Yes, many of those individuals who are in the front lines, who are active agents in the death of other individuals, they too, act in this way under orders to do so. This is part of their commitment to that military regime, to that military machine. They are following orders as a continuing commitment of their enlistment. It is a difficult task for you to understand that taking of another life is justified through your mortal institutions, but it is still, nonetheless, registered in the soul record of those individuals, who do so.

What are the intentions of those who go to war? Is it to do harm to others? Is it to fulfill their obligations? Is it to regretfully do what needs to be done, as they have been directed? What is the intention of the individual, who is there—do they take pleasure in killing others? Do they disregard that nature of others, the spiritual reality of other individuals? What of those individuals who fly so many thousands of feet above the civilians in a military location and drop their bombs and kill hundreds and thousands, perhaps in an afternoon, and go back and have their coffee and tea?

You would all be well to take into account the reverential nature of native Indians, who hunted and took the lives of animals. They recognized that they needed to do so and recognized that there was a forfeiture of the life of the animal to feed the individual, family, and tribe. And so they went with intention of honoring that life by blessing the animal that they killed, knowing that that animal would be dispatched and no longer exist. This reverence was extended [to the] felling of huge trees, which lived and have a resonance with the earth. Many did so with the intention of honoring that entity, knowing that it would no longer exist, that it had sacrificed itself to them.

So too, would we suggest that your soldiers who enter into combat honor the lives of those whom they take. It is a mutual process and this advisement is for not one side, but all sides in conflicts of this nature. Though you are individuals, citizens and soldiers of a larger organization, this too is an opportunity to express your oneness with those—even those you fell with your weapons, knowing that it could be yourself as well. I hope this answers your question.

Student: Thank you.

Student: I have a question. In visiting with a reader of The Urantia Book and discussing the future of the book and also my feelings about the Teaching Mission, he pointed out something that I am sure is applicable to all of The Urantia Book readers that do not accept the Teaching Mission. That is that The Urantia Book warns us against trying to take shortcuts and hurry things along, and they feel that the Teaching Mission is trying to do just that and that it is we mortals who are in a big hurry to see change on our world. It is difficult to discuss this subject with those who do not believe in the Teaching Mission. Do you have any information that we could use?

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, I sincerely have a response to that, and it is not curt or sharp, but I hope insightful, and that you discern that. I would most greatly, sincerely, appreciate anyone on your planet to offer suggestions of how I or the Vicegerent of this planet, as they believe, might effectively bring about the healing of Urantia. What would they propose? I do not mean this in a condescending manner at all. It is sincere. It is not cynical. It is not condescending—it is truly an invitation for them to engage their mind with my mind, and I sincerely mean that. They can engage the mind of Christ when they sincerely desire to do so. I would even be of assistance to help them devise alternatives. I would be greatly in their debt if they could offer suggestions that would enhance the development of this world, which has been in quarantine for so many thousands of years. My request, my offering is not facetious, but sincere. Thank you.

Student: Thank you! You bring up a very strong point. I will suggest that to my friend.

Student: Also, something that Monjoronson said to us last month, and there have been hints in other groups as well, it sounds like the Magisterial Mission is being put on a delay cycle for a while. Is this true?

CHRIST MICHAEL: That is correct. Your world is on the cusp of a major change in the coming months and near future. It would be…you have and we have enough work to do with the material that we have provided through the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, and through the publication of The Urantia Book, to deal with at this time. Monjoronson has provided this group and interested groups with much “homework” to do, and there are other backlogs of work that need to be attended to. As well, this puts you far ahead of where the rest of your world is and the development of insights of similar natures through religious groups and spiritual groups, which do not read The Urantia Book or who are not part of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission.

The Most Highs’ work continues on and there is necessity for your larger social groups—ethnic groups and cultural groups—to be prepared for what you have to offer them. It would not serve the purposes of the Correcting Time to have one culture, one nation, far ahead of others, as it would be a target of other groups that are far behind, or are not awakened to the spiritual development of your world. We are conserving our resources wisely, at this time, letting the….

[[This is Daniel: He just gave me a metaphor: “You can’t bake the bread any quicker by turning up the heat.”]] (Group laughing.)

CHRIST MICHAEL: I am glad you understand this, easily. I wish to close now, my friends, and let you ponder upon these things. Know that though the events and developments slow and become a trickle, compared to the flood that has been given to you, nonetheless, the “oven continues to bake.”

Blessings to you—each of you—as you go your way today. Remember that you reflect out from yourself, my presence, my love and my being. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

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