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NCO99 – Working Teams; Leadership

– Working teams; Leadership
– May 20, 2007
– NOCO#99

Northern Colorado TeaM, #99
Boulder, Colorado

Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

Topics: Working Teams
Resolving problems & creating solutions
Teacher/student relationships
Preparation for the cataclysm
The transition era
Devise practices of sustainability
Working teams needed in many areas
“Spiritual tire meets the road of reality”
Overcoming biases & boundaries
No precedence for these working teams
Demonstration of working teams at conference
Generalized teams will break into sub groups
Producing working models
Individual decisions affect survival of civilization
Leadership essential to survival
Be discerning when following
Jesus was a magnificent leader
Confidence versus arrogance
Co-creation requires leaders
Q & A: Validate the message, not the messenger
Sharing truths with kin
Curiosity as a tool
Immediate need for working teams
Be prepared for reality of what is to come
Begin with own nation for working models
Acknowledge commonalities of human conditions & potentials

TR: Daniel Raphael

May 20, 2007

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah.

(Group welcomes him warmly.)

SONDJAH: It is good to be here. I have been assigned to this next phase of development within the Magisterial Mission. My work with you and all is related to the development of what is known as “working teams.” This is the next phase of cooperative effort between the celestial realms, divine realms, and mortals on this planet and other planets. This is timed for the needs of your planet, in particular, and I am here to help assist you. My function as a Melchizedek teacher on the mansion world schools is to instruct new morontial students in how to relate to celestial entities, one-on-one, in the realm of Mansonia.

My work with you is very similar, to help you devise a new way of resolving your problems here on this planet and to create solutions. You have the awareness of an evolution of belief and faith; now it includes an active working relationship with celestials, in a team relationship. Ancient humans believed there was a creator, something that brought the world and the universe and stars into existence. Now you—“you,” meaning the civilizations and peoples of your world, and even yourself individually perhaps—are now seeing that relationship continue to unfold with the Divine. The working team represents one more phase of God’s revelation to you.

You have been taught by Jesus to pray to your Creator God in heaven, and that through him you come to know the Creator and learn his way of perfection — the way of perfection as revealed by Christ Michael/Jesus during his reign as a mortal, on this planet. His life and teachings are represented in the Teaching Mission lessons: the basic fundamental elements of social living, and personal and individual growth in relationship to the Divine Entity that lives within you, and how to live in peace with others. His lessons were adapted through the Teaching Mission so that you would have a personal acquaintanceship and an immediate knowledge of what Jesus taught, while he was here during his stay on this planet, gaining his sovereignty over Nebadon.

The Teaching Mission aided you to have a relationship of teacher-student, with the celestial entity in your group. Each Teaching Mission group enjoyed the lessons of his ministry in a wonderful, ongoing teacher-student relationship for approximately two years, though many groups have continued past that time. In that student/teacher mentoring relationship, you were given a lesson and then offered opportunities to ask questions about the lesson, or any other subject that interested you, relevant to your life and to growing. That is why many of your curiosity questions were never answered. That relationship offered all members the opportunity to feel comfortable working with the real issues of your lives with a celestial being.

Now, in this next phase, you are being provided with a new level of conscious working relationship with a spiritual being. In this next step of evolution, of working faith on your world, you are being offered the opportunity to work with a celestial being in a group of individuals on a specific task. The working teams will have a permanent teacher to guide, mentor, mediate, and teach you how to function in a working group with celestials, who can answer your questions. There must necessarily be a TR (transmitter/receiver) otherwise known as a “channel,” through which you can speak to the celestial being. I use the word celestial being in a general way, as this might include Melchizedeks, angels, and other spiritual beings who have or have not been revealed to you in the past. These groups may have a specific problem to work on, or it may be a general topic dealing with sustainability in the broadest terms for your civilizations.

These working teams are presented to you in a timely manner, in preparation for the eventual cataclysm that will come to your world, which Monjoronson has spoken of. This is the next phase for that preparation. Once the cataclysm arises or comes into being on your world, then the “transition era” will reign until your civilization, societies, nations, and communities reorganize and establish a normal way of living once again; then will begin the new era. Working teams are here to assist you to develop sustainable practices before the transition era occurs, so that the transition era will be short and brief, rather than lengthy and centuries long, another “dark age,” as happened in your western civilizations in Medieval times.

The purposes of working teams are to devise practices for sustainability of your civilizations, beginning at the level of the individual. Your Descending Son, Monjoronson, has described many of those areas in his recent transmissions. Of particular concern is how to raise children so that they become productive, effective, growing individuals, who are able to raise their own children in a similar manner. As was told to you, there is little hope that your technologically advanced civilizations on this planet would be able to sustain themselves at the family level, because many families and your cultures have lost the traditions for sustainable child-rearing practices.

Yes, your world will continue to exist and can even maintain itself after the cataclysm, but what is desired is that it become sustainable and provide an environment for you and for all individuals to grow. If individuals do not grow, your civilizations will not grow and they will eventually wither and die. This has been the recurring cycle of civilizations on your planet throughout its history. After having the presence of your Creator Son here on this planet over 2,000 years ago, many avatars and advanced teachers in the meantime, and the arrival of Monjoronson, now it is time to invoke a co-creative, co-participating process, in which you can work directly with the Divine, with celestial teachers, for the resolution of problems and the creation of solutions.

Working teams may number in the thousands, forming wherever there is a need to resolve problems of your civilization and social institutions, where there is a place for them to work. You may be asking yourself, “Well, how do we begin?” “What is the beginning of this process?” There are two ways in which you can look at this: One is from the level of the individual, asking, “What will it take to sustain this individual into the future, so that they survive, exist, and are sustained and grow to become more than they are?” This in itself would assist your civilization to maintain itself in the eventuality of time.

The other way is to look from the future, saying, “Our world has achieved the era light and life. How did our nations, societies, and cultures evolve and mature to arrive at this time? What does it take to sustain a civilization so that it is a growing civilization?” From either approach, you would look at various areas within an individual’s life, whether it is child rearing, whether it is adult life, whether it is education or medical care, a political system, or an economic system. Whatever you wish to examine, a working team can begin its work.

In addition, you may ask too, “What do we need to know?” Your questions are more adept and more cogent when they are intuitive in nature, when you ask them as open-ended questions. You may ask in the broadest term, “What is it about working teams that will assist us to develop a sustainable civilization into the future?” That would be an excellent question. Working teams are here to assist you as individuals, as cultures and as societies to mature and grow, to arrive in the days of light and life as a consciously evolving society. This is where Monjoronson has told you that the “spiritual tire meets the road of reality” on a 3-dimensional world where you live.

It is essential that you have a road map to enter the future that you have created with a celestial teacher. You will have to live with the solutions that your working teams develop and implement. What the celestial being provides is perspective of a future life, a global perspective from outside your world, to assist you to overcome your cultural, political, and economic biases, prejudices, and boundaries that separate you from other people. This working team process will be highly educational to the members who participate, for it will require that they see everyone on an equal basis. You have only recently overcome racial prejudices in the most modest ways. You have only recently allowed both genders to vote in the political process, and still in many nations that is not a possibility for women to vote as men vote, to own property, or to be of equal status.

You will be required—only because you require it yourselves—you come to a position of total equality and even-handedness and even-mindedness in dealing with others, without special position for yourself, your culture, economy, nation, or your ethnicity. This is truly the grandest application of the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but this is even more proactive than that. This is engaging others to be co-creative with you in the golden rule, to sustain your world and your civilizations.

You may ask, “Why do we need to do this?” That, too, is a good question. The answer is that there is little hope this world will survive well, or sustain itself as an incubator of quality souls, that can endure the infinite journey to Paradise. We have told you before that many from your world in this age will make the decision not to continue into the afterlife, into the morontial realm. Even those that have gone into the morontial realm will find the journey difficult and arduous. Why is that? It is because you will carry many of your biases with you, as well as a lot of the emotional imprinting that you receive during your mortal lives. These will transfer with you to your morontial life, and you will need to be in remediation, while some will be in detention. Those who read these transcripts are not likely to be in detention, for you have opened yourselves to God’s light, to fill your soul and your mind with the openness to accept the possibility of greater growth in your infinite life. We hope you find this exciting. If you do not, then there is the likelihood that you may not choose to go on to Paradise and join the Corps of Finality. There is no certainty or guarantee that you will do so, before the time of fusion with your Thought Adjuster.

At no time in the history of mankind has there been a universal offering of a working team relationship on your planet. Yes, there have been councils of men and councils of humans who work with a divine entity. This has been ongoing through the history of humankind on your world, but to offer this possibility to the wide realm of all your populations of your world is something new. It is also offered to all religious groups, who have a founding belief in the Creator of all. There is no one chosen race or ethnic group or culture, society, nation or community—all are chosen. It is you who choose to come into the realm of God’s family of light, or not. I am here to assist you as a teacher to tell and show you how to work and use this process for the resolution of your problems and difficult situations.

How to say this without prejudicing your mind…it is a quandary for us how to do this, other than just simply stating that several members in your community have been asked to step forward to enact this working team process in a demonstration for you. This will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. It will involve mortals and celestials in a staged and almost scripted situation, though the participation of the celestial entity, who will be myself at that point, is not scripted. [Note: The demonstration of the working team process will take place at the June conference at Unity Village.]

We are making a more direct effort to educate you in working with celestial entities, with working with angels, Melchizedeks, Bright and Evening Stars and Christ Michael, himself. Do not be bashful about asking for direct assistance from Christ Michael, for he is the eminent, most brilliant spiritual entity in your local universe, who has the capacity to be with billions of his beings, simultaneously. And, surely he is far and away above the capacity to be in a working team with you, assisting you with your efforts, your challenges to learn how to work this process.

When you think of a working team, think of a concept team, or a team approach for resolving a computer architectural problem, or literally designing an architectural building where you have a team of individuals trying to resolve a problem. This team may be mortal individuals, who are concerned about child rearing. It may be about education. The levels that evolve will become more and more specific. One generalized working team may split off into dozens of sub-working teams, to resolve more specific problems. It is something that is necessary at this time. Your universities, technologies, and sciences have enough research data in their archives and libraries to begin devising workable plans for models that can be emulated in your culture.

“What is a functional working family?” “What must the procreative couple do before procreation to prepare for having a child and raising this child?” and after this child is born, “What is necessary to raise it most effectively, so that by the age of five, this individual understands trust, feels safe, knows honor, is loyal, dedicated, and can make commitment? This is not too much to ask for this small child, for at age five they have the capacity to engage your world as any adult does—they simply lack the material awareness and knowledge of how to operate in your world. They are already participating effectively with their Thought Adjuster, and at this early age, their Thought Adjuster has a tremendous hold in their life to apply to them. This is of course, as you know, soon eroded with the influx of cultural ideas and peer pressure and commercial requirements given by your businesses.

This working team model may seem complex, but it operates in the essence of simplicity itself. It is a process of thoughtful, cogent, question asking that is focused towards one goal. You have operated in Teaching Mission groups as this, in a very general way, that a lesson would be given, and then there would be opportunity to ask questions, and if you review your transcripts, you will see that the questions range from purely curiosity questions, to questions that have nothing to pertain to the current lesson. In the working team process, this question and answer process will be much more focused, so that it drives home to a goal, so that there is a product that will evolve from this process.

Working teams will require the production of manuscripts and papers to produce working models of sustainable practices in your society. Your educational process in this nation, as many of you are aware and complain about, is quite awry. It deals with many topics unrelated to survival to your continued existence, for sustaining your living at this level of lifestyle and standard of living. You do not know how to educate individuals to intentionally grow into the many facets that they are capable. There is a process for “feeding” individuals from the infant to the sub-adult, so that they grow into incredibly courageous and creative individuals, who are also loyal and know how to love and know what that involves.

Yes, this is a momentous, mountainous challenge that is being given to you, but likewise, it is a momentous, mountainous opportunity for personal growth, for societal growth, for the survival of your civilizations. Remember that the decisions you make individually, affect the survival of your civilization. You individually, have an affect. You are that one-drop in the ocean of your civilization’s life—you are the life-blood of your civilization. The decisions that you make affect whether it lives or dies. When you make decisions that feed you as a soul, as an individual, you feed your civilization. When you selfishly feed yourself from the largess of your societies, from your nation and community, then you take a little bit of life away from your civilization’s possibility of survival.

I will now speak to another subject that has been brought to your attention numerous times in the past and it is timely once again to bring this to the fore, and that deals with leadership. Leadership is necessary for your societies to survive. It is necessary to organize the forces of individuals into powerful groups of direction and guidance, for the development of real plans, real models, for the survival of your society, communities, families and individuals, and your nations, and the union of nations for your planet. Leadership is at once an inglorious position for an individual, for it sets that individual apart. It makes them separate from the group, yet it is necessary for this individual to sacrifice their inclusion in the larger group. . . . (Tape turned) We adjure you to let them lead.

Always be discerning about the direction you are being led. If they lead you into darkness, you will surely see the signs ahead of time. If they are self-aggrandizing, then you will see this as well. Be intelligent, be discerning, be thoughtful in your discerning, so that you do not “kill the leader” before it is born. Leadership is an important facet of your world’s continuance. Jesus set himself apart as a magnificent leader of your planet’s culture–and for all of Nebadon–a model to be followed by all humankind for all millennia to come. Yet, he was reviled, chastised and eventually killed in a brutal way. Will you do the same for your own leaders? Your nation is a violent nation, and it has violent inclinations even at the deepest roots of individuals throughout your communities. This is something to be watched and guarded against, and to know that it occurs. Be careful how you follow: follow with an open heart, yet be discerning. Be wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.

Do not be afraid of the confident individual, who is willing to step into this fray of leadership. It is something that surely many and most do not want to take on, or to become involved in. Many of you do not even want to associate with these confident individuals, feeling that this is arrogance in itself, manifest in an individual and surely they will lead you awry, into ways of evil. But you know what is evil, do you not? Discern which is evil and which is of the light.

Christ Michael cannot save your world by himself, though he has the power to do so. He has already willed that your world is to be saved by your co-creative participation, therefore it requires individuals to step forward as co-creative leaders, who live in the light, who yet nonetheless eat meals, sleep at night, walk in the roads and streets of your world. They must be with you; they must be here. Your world without leaders is a world that will surely fail, will surely not survive. Co-creation requires that leaders come forward. We have provided you leaders already from the side of light; the celestial teachers are your leaders and teachers. Melchizedeks by the millions are here to participate effectively with your associations, and the Most Highs have ranks upon ranks of celestial beings that assist them in every way, in your world.

Now, step forward to be a leader yourself. Yes, you will set yourself apart and yes, you will be rejected by many, but you are necessary; your efforts, your energies are required for your world to be saved. This message is for all those who read this, hear it, or see it. This is meant for you in this age, this date today, and for the next decade, century, the next ten-millennium and hundred-millennium and thousands of millenniums. You must lead! Your world will not survive without leadership.

I would be open to questions related to this topic.

Student: How would you suggest that we present material that we receive from the teachers? I am thinking in particular about sharing the fruits of the spirit with a group that I think would be interested and responsive, but so many people want to know, “Where did you get this? Is it from sacred text or some respected author?” and I am wondering how best to respond to these questions?

SONDJAH: It is best to respond in faith and advise them to open themselves to this material in faith. If it does not assist in their faith process then they should reject it. If it does assist, then they would include it. Looking into the source to validate the text is not a consistent way of incorporating truth into your life, for it looks automatically for a bias and prejudice to reject it, or to include it. We have seen over the ages in the literature of your world wonderful advice to assist you in your daily living and your faith, of working with and living with a Creator Being. Your Thought Adjuster has come through many sources over the ages, in the name of other religions. So to point to the source or to answer regarding the source is to offer the individual an opportunity to reject it or include it, without thought of the content. So please, point to the content as a source to assist them to decide whether to read it or not. A simple cursory examination of two or three pages in the whole of the book is sufficient to allow them to make that decision. Truth will ring through and you may advise them that truth is universal, and it comes in many forms and they should be open to it, wherever it comes.

Student: Thank you.

SONDJAH: You are welcome.

Student: Are there better ways for us to reach our children so that they may share some of these truths with their children, our grandchildren/great grandchildren, when they are so busy with their young lives . . . (inaudible) . . . .

SONDJAH: Yes, certainly. Ask them for a moment to listen to you, so that you can share some of the truths that you have learned through your lifetime. So that they may come to know these truths early in their life, rather than fifty years hence, and wonder why they never had them presented to them. Let them become aware that they will eventually come to similar truths as you have. Let them know that they don’t have to learn those lessons again from their own life’s experience, but that they can incorporate the wisdom of older generations now, so that they can make their lives more productive, earlier. Does this make sense to you?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: Sondjah, I’ve been feeling a little isolated in that none of the other members of my study group are interested in the Teaching Mission, and I have not been able to gather a like-minded group together that is interested in their spiritual growth and relationships. I have been working with a group that is working on sustainability, called a re-localization group, but their interests are of practical reasons, rather than spiritual. [Note: This is a group with the intention of supporting independent, locally owned businesses and farms within the community.] Do you have any suggestions of how I can get these groups interested in a spiritual approach, or how I can build a fire under people?

SONDJAH: Part of my answer stems from the answers I gave the two former questions this afternoon. You, I would point out that you have the right intention, and your intention serves you well. What other people do with that is up to them. I know and we know that you like to see evidence of your effectiveness in the outworking, in the form of motivating other people who move in a similar direction as yourself. Yet for us, we measure your effectiveness in your intention and your efforts to move towards that goal. This is sufficient for your life and the development of your soul. You are doing well by participating as we have asked you to do—“you,” meaning you as an individual and you collectively with millions of other individuals who read this message—to participate in your local associations and governing bodies that effectively shape the policies for your local area. We would not ask any more of you.

However, we would suggest that you send forward—remember Solonia, as she entered the garden, (chuckling) hold this vision clearly of Solonia going into the garden of your friends, and these associations, carrying a light to enlighten these individuals. Rather than a sword, ask her to carry a light that enlightens the souls, minds, and hearts of these individuals. Do not go forward alone, dear one, into this garden of others, but go with an angel to guide you and to open the hearts and minds of others, as you come to them.

See these individuals as being curious. This does not affect their sovereign will, does it? See them as being curious, that the angel causes them to be curious, to ask a question. There is no violation of any decision at that point. Make them curious to know more about you. “What gives you the trust, the courage to be here? Why are you here?” and you will say, “I am here to assist in the development of sustaining our community, but also our civilization. Whatever we do here today and in the weeks ahead in this small group has a powerful affect upon those larger realms around us.” And with curiosity, they will ask you further questions about your conclusions, how you came to them. Curiosity is a wonderful trait. It is part and parcel of your humanness, of your becoming, and you will surely not lose this trait, once you cross over into the mansion worlds and into your morontial life. It is a wonderful trait that you will always have. A healthy, helpful, enlightened curiosity leads you forward. Self-serving curiosity leads you into darkness and separation. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you!

Student: There has been much discussion on the Internet lately that the earth changes are very soon—they are stating somewhere around the end of summer or fall—is it going to be a problem if we wait until after the cataclysm, before we begin these projected groups, or should we just go ahead and run with it now?

SONDJAH: There has been and is the intention of introducing the working teams to you now, because they are needed now. If they were needed later, they would be given to you later. There is immediate need for serious consideration of using this process for assisting your people to survive, to be sustained and grow in the future. Waiting until after a major cataclysm is too late. What you have already blinded yourselves to, is that you are already in the earth changes. You have already seen the beginnings of these major changes in your world, but only in the physical. The physical are the most evident: the tsunami in Indonesia was one example of that. There were 300,000 peoples’ lives snuffed out within 20 minutes, and hurricane Katrina in your own country, changed the geography and social culture and economy of thousands of square miles in the southern states of your nation. Unbeknownst to you, that devastation has caused many other areas to be changed as well.

Had those populations known what was coming, they would have been more prepared for the reconstruction of their societies. Visiting and neighboring nations do not know how to provide assistance. They simply send medical aid and food, [and] then hope everything gets better. But how do you reconstruct a family? How do you build new families where families have been destroyed, where there only remains a father here and a mother there, a child here and another child there? How do you create bonded groups that were not born together, or did not make a life commitment?

How do you build a community where a community was destroyed? The kind of information and support that areas of devastation need is how to reconstruct the social fabric of their world. How then are you able to establish an educational system that will then sustain those new families, those new communities? What will you do, what models will you use to establish a medical treatment model that sustains your people, the mental health, the social health and the well being of your communities? Though most of you do not know about sustainability or how to grow, we wish to assist you in developing models that can be applied to areas of destruction and devastation, to rebuild your social institutions so that they are not only rebuilt and maintained, but that they grow and grow heartily into something new and evolve into something healthier. This is what is needed for your world.

Do not be surprised if a monster hurricane comes to your nation. Katrina may have been a category 5 hurricane but that may pale compared to hurricanes in the future. Do not be surprised if this occurs. The weather in your world is becoming far more extreme. It is the way of the planet to moderate and mediate the influences of civilization. In the past when there were no civilizations, it was mediating and moderating the influence of monstrous volcanoes that affected your atmosphere for not just a year or two, but for decades—and the initiation of a new ice age. You will see these things in your lifetime, but to a lesser extent. Now is the time to become prepared.

I offer these comments not to scare you, or to motivate you, but just to inform you of the reality that you live in. You think that this is an abnormality or just a blip on the forecast, or in the history of your world’s weather in the last two-hundred years, and you pacify yourselves thinking it will go away—and it may for five years, but it may come back as a lion at your door, with a growl and a roar and tear your house apart. Be prepared. You live in an evolutionary, developing and balancing world. The mechanics of your world are one thing to deal with; you have yet to live with a new biology as well.

The changes will affect your economies, monetary systems, and your commerce throughout the world. You must devise models for reconstructing what was destroyed. This has happened many times to smaller communities, to smaller cultures, to smaller civilizations, but this time it will affect your whole world. Your world is so inter-related and inter-dependant that major destruction in one area will have devastating and powerful effects far removed from that area, geographically and economically. These conditions will be further exacerbated by the vying of resources in a highly over-populated world that is mechanically developed and materially acquisitive. You are living on the edge. We wish to help you now to fly forward, without falling. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Following up on your discussion of how to help create models for areas that have been devastated, and looking across to Africa, how do we expect to see, or what are the possibilities when it seems they are in such serious condition? (The next part of the question was inaudible.) How do we gain a point of entry?

SONDJAH: You must begin at home. This country is in many ways, as debilitated as almost any other nation in the world, to sustain itself socially, after a cataclysmic event. I would also point you away from the African problem and the Middle Eastern problem, as these are not typical, and they are not reclaimable in the short term. I would point you rather to areas that now have viable societies, cultures, economies, and viable governmental situations and processes.
It will be most difficult, even for a developed nation as Russia, which historically has been governed by czars and dictators, by a totalitarian government. The factor that is missing is the how to be an effective participant in the leadership of a nation. It is difficult in a nation that has no culture or history as that to shared leadership. It is even more difficult in impoverished and anarchical nations, where there are no traditions of followership and leadership that is co-creative and competent in its capability to lead into the future. These cultures are always waiting for a dominant leader to conquer and to lead, with hope that there would be equality and an equal distribution of goods and services to the lesser people that are out of power, at the fundamental community level of existence.

Though there are extreme models as these all over the world, there are also universal commonalities, which are necessary to account for in a world that enters into the days of light and life. Commonalities begin at the individual level: Equal opportunity to access of resources. Equal opportunity of access to resources is simply an awareness that each individual can participate as an equal in enjoying the opportunities a nation has to offer, whether it is starting a business, getting an education, or having peace in a community to live easily, without jeopardy, without harassment, without their lives being in forfeit, if they do not agree with the regime. Look to your own nation to begin. You surely have enough data, wisdom, and insights into what helps an individual grow and to prosper and to maintain themselves as an equal participant in an economy, or a family, or a community, or any industry. You know these things already.

Do not be afraid to write these models out, not as mandatory and prescriptive to everyone, but they complement each individual’s belief systems. If you were a Muslim within America, then you can join with others to devise models of sustainability that can be in agreement with your belief systems. If you are a Mormon, you are already well down this road, as well as the Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, and other religious groups who have coherent societies and communities. We are not here to make everyone adhere to the same model, though there will always be commonalities that support individuals, no matter what the belief system. In addition, you will find qualification for this at the most basic level of human existence, and that is the right to self-determination, equal access to opportunity, the right to one’s own belief system. Look to the founding charters of nations for this that allow for the inclusion of people who are different.

Acknowledge the commonalities of your human condition and your human potential. This is essential. These are the ingredients of sustainability in the days of light and life, and you can write them into models for existence for individual human sustainability and growth, family sustainability and growth, community sustainability and growth, and that of a nation and a nation among nations. In the end, there will be commonality and inclusion. The offering of a world where there is one language, one culture, one religion, one economy, one government is not a fantastical idea, but one which is typical of worlds that are settled in the days of light and life. You must ask, “How do we get there?” and then devise the means to do so. Thank you so much, for your question.

Student: Thank you.

SONDJAH: We have given you enough material today to begin. Please be open to differences of opinion, differences of view, the inclusion of new missions from individuals—they do not have to be your missions, but please allow them if they do not lead others into darkness, but lead others into opportunity and growth and a closer association with God through the association of individuals and association with celestial beings, Thought Adjusters, Melchizedeks and angels. Look to that, my friends. Good day.

(Group shows appreciation for the lesson.)

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