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MJS21 – Special21 – Earthbound Spirits

Special Session #21 – Earthbound spirits
– Sept. 3, 2010

Teacher: Monjoronson

Seeking refuge in the embrace of the God presence within
Receptivity of hearing spirit
Genetic Predisposition
Earthbound spirits who refuse to move on
Fear inhibits you to the extent that it prevails in your life
The investment of life
Making the supreme decision
Earthbound incarnate spirits
Sleeping survivors
Those who arrive on mansonia on the third day after death
Parents’ responsibility to teach about spirits of the light
Earthbound incarnate spirits can be either mean-spirited or benign
The role of addictions in earthbound spirits
Decisions and omissions that affect your afterlife
The Magisterial Mission will encompass the whole spectrum of spirit beings
Use of Ouija boards, pentagrams and psychic phenomena
Spirit possession
Mediumship, channeling and TRing

TR: Daniel Raphael

Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden

September 3, 2010

Vicki: Dear Father, we ask to enter again into your protective fold as you encircuit us with your truth, beauty and goodness. We pray that all who hear this will call upon the Spirit of Truth as they discern and that they are enlightened by the words of our Magisterial Son and guide, Monjoronson, along with the other members of his staff. We once again approach this special session with humility and gratitude for this opportunity. Amen

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson.

Vicki: Good morning, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Our work moves ahead as you are seeing. Events of the world are moving rapidly such that your work will be appreciated by many. Once these tragic distractions gain momentum, the masses of men, people everywhere will move from the tragedies to seeking facets of hope, elements that will help them materially, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We know of the human spirit that it takes a great deal to move the attention of individuals from the outer to the inner—the resources outside, to the resources inside. The material outside world has always provided distractions when times are good, but the approach of difficult times where the material world becomes disordered and chaotic causes humans to look elsewhere for the resources of hope, peace, and order.

Seeking refuge in the embrace of the God presence within

Those who are resistant to being led by spirit, to discovery of the presence of the Creator within themselves, take longer to go within and seek that resource. For you who are so aware of the Creator’s presence, the God presence within each of you, and have awakened to that relationship, go there immediately in good times and in those times that are tough. You will not see a large turning of the public to your work until the events of the world become tragic. Even the events of hurricane Katrina, the cataclysmic earthquakes in Pakistan, Chile, Indonesia and elsewhere have been insufficient to sway the global population to seek refuge in the embrace of the God presence within them, and to engage that in active relationship.

It has taken centuries for your cultures to get to this spiritually isolated place, and it will take an equally long summation of difficulties to move them to this universal center, where they can find peace, hope, and expectations of better days. My friends, you will have prepared the foundation for the education of the masses through these transcripts, through the classes that have been taught by the hundreds upon hundreds of celestial teachers in the Teaching Mission. Now, through the Magisterial Mission, you will be teaching the masses again, how to have an operational, functional relationship on a daily and moment-to-moment basis. The presence of God is always here, always present, never wavering, never absent, though those of you who have kept this vigil with God are a light to light in the world, with those who assist us as you do, and we give thanks.

Receptivity of hearing spirit

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. First, a clarifying question, and this is directed to something that Charles discussed with us recently. In one of his recent transmissions, Charles discussed the fact that due to some of our genetic makeup, some Urantians are unable to hear spiritual beings as well as others. We have kind of known this for a while, but recently a reader in our audience was connecting that with a certain race, and this didn’t ring true, and so I was wondering if you could clarify that for us. Is it certain races that will struggle to hear specific beings, or is it a different factor of our genetic makeup?

MONJORONSON: I will be glad to answer the question. The races of Urantia are broadly admixed. There are only rare pockets of partial racial purity remaining in your world. That majority—over 99%–of your global population is admixed enough to have genetic strains from all other races. Yet, it is not that there are races that are totally lacking, or merely lacking, but that some strains of races have had the advantage of greater Adamic genetic deposition in their genetic code. All races have a capacity to speak with us, with spiritual beings, to have a personal relationship. However, it is on the individual basis where you see extreme variations. Are you following me so far? Where the races are generally, completely admixed racially through millions of people, virtually everyone has the capacity to communicate with us, but that individually there are exceptions to this. Do you follow this?

Vicki: Yes, I do follow this and that has pretty much been my perception, that we are broadly admixed at this point in our evolution, and so some of those discussions, for instance in the Urantia Book, don’t quite apply as much as they did when the races were first created. Would you agree with that?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely.

Vicki: Okay. So basically, what you’re saying here then is that it is an individual occurrence when people struggle to hear our celestial friends.

Genetic Predisposition

MONJORONSON: That is correct. Remember that the genetic code is amended by each generation, and that behaviors and thoughts amend this code. This is how people can say, “It is in your genes,” or “There is a genetic predisposition.” You see this specifically in animals—how did they get this way? It is an accretion of survival behaviors that amends the genetic code, so that it becomes imprinted as behaviors for survival. You see the genetic predisposition to avoid fire and things that are very hot—this part is learned and part of your gene structure of learned behavior. Nerves do not like to be exposed to extremes, yet why would you be frightened of fire at a distance? This is learned.

Your families have offered you a predisposition towards being able to connect with us, to be able to hear us. It is further amended by the individual’s predisposition or proclivities for avoiding that which is spiritual, that which is mysterious, that which is unseen. It is further made difficult by prohibitions and taboos by religions, and those rules that make contact undesirable. So, by the time a person reaches adulthood—age thirty or so—there are many impediments of making contact with us, those are genetic, social, personal and religious. On the other hand, you have seen families which have a consistent strain of connection to psychic phenomenon, to contact with spiritual beings, angels and others for instance, where there is no fear of the unseen, but a welcome-ness to contact that.

Earthbound spirits who refuse to move on

It is important that individuals who seek us, seek beings of light. As you are more and more becoming aware, many individuals who die and who have deferred not to move on, but who are highly attached to the completion of some task, or to a career, or to a social group, or to their material goods, or their wealth, oftentimes remain in the unseen realm as entities who have refused to go on. Yes, this does occur; it occurs because even in the afterlife as spirit—earthbound spirits—you still have the capacity of will, and your will and your decisions and the actions you take are still inviolate. The continuation of your will is ceaseless; only during the times of permission to transport is your will, your consciousness suspended. I know that this may seem frightening to those who fear the unseen, but it is nothing to fear, for you are as strong or stronger than unseen, earthbound spirits.

Fear inhibits you to the extent that it prevails in your life

When you are in fear, you have already given over your will to your fear, and you become incapacitated, which so many of you are, even in the faith of the things that you do see. Fear is the solvent that dissolves all growth and forward movement, both in your mortal careers and lives and in your afterlife career. We encourage you when you are aware of unseen spirits, to encourage them to look over their shoulder and see the light and move towards it, for this is the eternal open door to their and your ascension. They will be brought into our company and given peace and encouragement and movement to God and the final embrace in eternity. It begins with the decision to give up that which you hold dear in this material world and move on to that which is more dear, which is your eternal career. I know that I have far exceeded your question, but these things are all connected. Fear inhibits you—each one of you—to the extent that it prevails in your life.

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. And actually, I think you answered a lot of questions for one particular reader I know, and I appreciate that you went into that detail.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

Vicki: Monjoronson, I have one question that has come out in your discussion. Some of us, when a loved one passes, receives communication, and that communication comes in several different ways, I’m learning. Is that separate from them being able to move on? Can that communication come when they have already moved on?


Vicki: In our special session #12, you were talking about the beliefs that many of us have about spiritism, some of which are harmful. You mentioned that there’s great confusion on our world about this realm of spiritual entities, that leads to inappropriate beliefs of the occult, both positively and negatively, that these harmful beliefs in spiritism are highly detrimental to an organized effective life of spiritual growth, and that we’ve had too much occupation and thought spent in this realm that is only a bus stop on the way to our morontial realm after mortal life. I’m feeling that as we enter this more intense transitional period, that many of the Urantians on our earth are going to be relying on what they’ve seen in these movies and these books as reality. They are going to have really distorted renditions of these experiences, and so I thought today might be a good time for you to give us more specifics on how we should view these things.

The investment of life

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to. It is good to finally present a fuller spectrum of explanation for spiritual existence, to counter the media misinformation and fiction that has been generated through writers for radio, television, movies and videos, and so on. A full explanation would take a book the size of the Urantia Book to fully explain, but I will give you a very brief, and still a marginal explanation of that spectrum. I will not cover the period of time before birth, or conception, and the time before the investment of personality and life. Is that clear?

Vicki: Yes. That’s fine.

MONJORONSON: So, when something occurs, there is the investment of life. No matter how many sheep, monkeys and humans are cloned, the life investment is always given from outside. Personality is always given outside. It does not matter that conception occurs in a test tube, or in utero, it is a life and when a life comes into existence, it automatically is invested with personality if it is human.

Making the supreme decision

MONJORONSON: Though the infant child develops at the time of the first moral decision, where the child consciously chooses between that which is right, and that which is wrong, is then invested with the Spirit of God, the Thought Adjuster, who remains with that individual until they either die or refuse to live in concert with it, making their lives infertile and sterile to the presence of God, whereupon the Thought Adjuster leaves the presence of that individual, and they are to all intents and purposes, soul dead.

A person lives, grows and influences that which comes into being after death. Attitudes, prejudices, biased beliefs, hatreds and so on, affect what comes to be. Attachments to the material realm, whether it is material, social, intellectual, emotional or with relationships are factors which affect how the individual moves through their spiritual career after death, and can make decisions in the mortal lifetime to refuse to go on. That decision must be reviewed in the light of morontial existence after death, where there is greater knowledge of the repercussions of that decision.

That decision to not go on into an infinite ascendant career, the decision is permanent. If there is any hope at all that the individual may rescind that decision, their morontial life, spiritual life is maintained. Always will the individual be given time to change their mind, if there is any hope at all. If they have made an adamant, unswerving decision to refuse to go on, then they are made as though they never were.

Earthbound incarnate spirits

There are those who live in confusion and ignorance. Those who are overly attached to the material life and they do not release themselves to the attraction of moving to the light upon death, they can be so occupied and concerned about their wealth, relationship, a home, some other material object, or just a total refusal to believe that they are dead. These are incarnate spirits that are earthbound. No one keeps them here. There was and is no decision to keep them in this realm. It is solely their decision.

Individuals whose bodies cease to function instantaneously, those in automobile accidents, for instances, those in airplane crashes, those who have had their brain function terminated instantly—they are the ones who have a difficult time seeing that they are no longer alive. It is the former beliefs in the existence of an afterlife, and the movement into the afterlife at the cessation of death, that gives those who are of belief the momentum necessary to move towards the light, and once they have observed the light, there is an awareness that comes to them to move towards it.

Now, many of you are unable to relate to what I have said. Consider this then, my friends, when you are at a task, whether it is reading a book, whether you are making dinner, whether you are decorating a cake, or repairing a machine, planting the garden, tending the children, or something else, you are in that state where you are completely oblivious to your surroundings. You are so invested in your task that you forget about time and place and where you are; other than the fact that you are totally engrossed in your activity, you are completely in your mind, so to speak, and this is the reality that you see and which you perpetuate because it is so enjoyable.

Many people who die have this same focused and intense commitment to what they are doing, or to what they have, or to what they were, not knowing that there is a past tense or a future tense. They simply live in the eternal now that exists, that they have given existence to. They are blind to the outer realm of their existence

Sleeping survivors

It is at this point that we will now discuss the sleeping survivors. “What about the sleeping survivors?”, many of you have asked. Okay, you realize that there may be incarnate earthbound spirits, now what about the sleeping survivors? The sleeping survivors are those individuals who have an ignorance, have not made a decision about this life’s relationship with the afterlife; they are in ignorance and have not been taught that there is an afterlife, ignorance that they do not have the will, or their will is ineffective to affect the course of their life in the afterlife. There are those who have neither made a commitment to stay or to go. They are neither possessed by their possessions, or their social relationships, or they are unaware of the option to move on into an afterlife. These are the spiritually ignorant; they are waiting for the end of the dispensation where they will be arisen, transported to the morontial realm, educated and there can make a decision about whether to continue into the afterlife or not.

Some of you will not be able to relate to this either, but if many of you have been unconscious—have had a concussion, you have come out of surgery, you have come awake after some accident or something has happened and you are given time to recover, to orient yourself—sometimes this takes six minutes, other times takes hours, some days, weeks or months even, until you are completely aware of your surroundings. Now, in this metaphor I give you, it is very close to what occurs in the afterlife in the resurrection halls on mansonia. Now, if you come out of surgery and you are groggy, and somebody comes into your life, up to your bedside and says, “Wow! How would you like to go out and buy a new car right now—it is already paid for. What do you say?” And you look up at them and you are groggy, your eyes are half open and you are really not comprehending what they are saying. You hear the words, but they do not connect to where you are or your situation, and besides, you are pretty well contained to your hospital bed.

This is pretty much the situation that occurs in the resurrection halls, when your morontial body receives your soul and your new morontial mind, personality, presence of your Thought Adjuster, and outside of you is your Guardian Angel and those in attendance. You will awaken and they will give you directions to come forward, and you will not understand where you are, you will really not even recognize the walls or the floor, the ceiling or your surroundings. Now, this is not much different than an individual who has been blind all their life and who has surgically been given eyesight.

Heretofore, they have oriented themselves completely through sound, through echoes, through relationships that they feel intuitively. Though they do not know that they would not recognize an apple, if they saw it, or when they saw it, but they would close their eyes, feel the apple, the texture of its surface, smell it, feel the stem and the nascent bloom at the other end and decide to bite into it. This is very similar to your experience when you awaken in the resurrection hall. You must learn all of the senses that you have, and you will have dozens of senses—not just the 5 or 6 that you have in this lifetime, but you will have dozens.

You will have to be educated how to use these senses and even to learn that you do have them, and how to use them. This will be quite an experience for you, one that you can begin to contemplate now. You will have a wholly formed body; there are no infant morontial beings, except those on the infant’s world, where they are cared for and they grow up there. You as an adult will be given an adult body in the morontial realm, but you will be unknowing and uneducated and unaware, mostly, though this will begin to broaden and awaken.

Do you have any questions concerning the sleeping survivors?

Those who arrive on mansonia on the third day after death

Vicki: I have one question. Those individuals who enter the resurrection hall within three days, as Christ did, are not considered sleeping survivors, is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

Vicki: Then those who resurrect after three days are more spiritually aware and engaged during their mortal life?

MONJORONSON: Yes, let me give you a metaphor: Let us say that you have two children in eighth grade, and one is very bright and the other is just normal. The bright one—what would you do? Would you give him the option of moving into his sophomore year in high school, or would you retain him as a freshman? Logically, you would promote that individual to the level of their competency, and this is what is done for individuals who are spiritually competent to move into the morontial realm after death, upon the third day.

Likewise, those individuals who are not of that capability are retained; they are held as sleeping survivors, not ready to make the decision because they are unaware. There is always the capacity to move ahead in your spiritual career as rapidly as you are consciously capable to engage the next step of development. In the morontial realm there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of these levels where you are given entrée to the next level, once you accomplish your present level. Further, there are sometimes minor upgrades to your mind function and you skip to attend to your growing skill level and capacity as you grow. Sometimes there are major upgrades to where you will be given a new morontial body and mind function.

Just as you transfer your old addresses and phone numbers and such, from one cell phone to another at your cell phone store, so too is all the old data transferred to your new mind. Some when they arrive in the resurrection halls and become aware but still remain stubborn, into their own authority, they are let to remain by themselves with others in that capacity until they wish to move ahead. This may take an earth day, it may take a century of earth time, it may take a millennium, or ten millenniums of earth time for them to finally make a decision, come to awareness that they need to make a decision whether to become as though they never were, or to move on to the next step. You will find that the universe at all levels is infinitely patient. No one will force you to move on, though you will be urged to educate yourself to make a competent decision. Do you understand what I am saying regarding retention and movement ahead?

Vicki: Yes, I do. I understand. You’ve clarified it well. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: So the points of confusion for mortals involves actually the point of death; what happens to those who don’t go on; what happens to those who refuse to go on; what happens to those who are attached to this world, but who are in spirit; and what happens to those who are spiritually competent. Do you think of any other instance that needs to be addressed?

Vicki: Only when I think of the movies, the books, and I think of just this huge amount of media that is coming out with little bits of truth, veiled in distortion. There is so much on dark entities and dark energy—really strange things that I think are harmful, not just to adults, but to children. What do you say about that, Monjoronson?

Parents’ responsibility to teach about spirits of the light

MONJORONSON: That is a facet of child rearing, and it is the responsibility of adults to be more adult-like in their spiritual awareness, and not to perpetuate the dark side of spiritual existence of the incarnate. The responsibilities of preparing for adulthood are more than ABCs, numbers, cultural education and preparing for an occupation. It also involves speaking to children of that which is around them. The mind begins early in life and it begins by awareness and education.

Earthbound incarnate spirits can be either mean-spirited or benign

You have entered upon a facet which I did not address, and was not going to address until you raised the situation, and that is of mean-spirited, incarnate entities—earthbound entities. Why do some spirits seem to bedevil individuals, and I use that word appropriately, when they have no longer any material connection, and it is this: That the incarnate entities who are here can be here as benign individuals in wonderment, striving to maintain the life that they had, until they come into awareness that they are no longer alive, but dead. The living no longer respond to them, and there are those who do not come into wonderment, but those who are found that they can sustain and support their existence through the psychic energy that individuals express through their emotions, such as fear.

The role of addictions in earthbound spirits

We come to this state of explanation, through the back door, and that is through addictions. It is one thing to be bodily addicted to morphine; it is another to be addicted mentally to gambling, sex, rage, or to some other form of addiction. The addiction is held in the mind. There truly are opiate addicts who would not maintain their addiction were they able to suspend withdrawal pain and substitute a good life for their opiate addiction. There are some, however, who are not addicted in the body to any substance, but who are addicted in their mind to something or some behavior, some emotion. And so these addictions can carry over into the afterlife of the incarnate, earthbound spirits.

There is the maintenance of the self through this identification, and it can extend itself to other negative emotional states as well—spite, envy, greed, lust and so on—all are addictions of the mind, maintained by a failure to choose otherwise. Responsibilities of living your life, of moving on, are many, but to live a life of peace is a choice which one must make, then act upon it.

Decisions and omissions that affect your afterlife

The significance of our discussion of the states of spiritual existence, repercuss into your own material lives now in the thinking patterns that you choose to maintain, or fail to choose to opt out of. There are issues of omission to make decisions, issues of omission to take action to support positive decisions that will repercuss in your afterlife, in which you will have to deal with. Even now, many of you who have been addicted to opiates and to drugs, and to emotions and immoral social behavior, and who have chosen and acted to right the ways of your life, you fully know the difficulties of that change of heart, change of mind and change of direction, abdicating from your addictions.

This is the same kind of difficulty that those earthbound spirit beings suffer with as well. But the incapacity to make decisions and act on them is even greater in that regard. However, the open door of light is always there for each and every one of them, just as it is for you as you cross over and move forward in your three-day transposition to the morontial realm.

It is your responsibility, for those of you who are acquainted with these spirits, to speak with them, know them, see them, or are simply intuitively aware of them to direct them to look towards the light and move towards it. This one I speak through has helped many do that very thing, and it is a palpable experience to feel the movement of a spiritual being move towards the light and to become engulfed in the all-knowing good of the universe that exists for everyone.

Those of you who entertain spirits, make sure they are spirits of the light, who can assist you in this lifetime to move more closely, more intimately, more powerfully into the afterlife of the morontial realm after three-days. Dealing with earthbound spirits is your choice; it is simply ineffective and unproductive were you to engage in this too much in this lifetime. There is nothing to fear; these beings cannot hurt you—just stand up to them as you would some bully—and biff them in the nose! Tell them to go away, that they have no place in your existence and that you command them to be absent from you. You must do this with a powerful voice, with emotional energy, to make your command effective. I have said a lot about this—do you have questions concerning this.

Vicki: Just a clarification. So it is not true what all of these movies and these books suggest when they portray people having no control over these harmful entities. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. It is only true if you give them that authority.

Vicki: Okay. I think that’s a huge statement for people on earth, because there is so much fear, and they don’t understand what’s real and what’s not on this topic.

The Magisterial Mission will encompass the whole spectrum of spirit beings

MONJORONSON: You may be wondering why I have answered your question so extensively, and it is for this reason. As I approach your world, and I have approached it, and I am here as a spiritual being, I am not yet incarnate, that I will, and all of my realm will engage the full spectrum of spiritual existence of this planet. We are here for you—the living—but we are here too for the living in spirit. Sleeping survivors will sleep until the end of this dispensation, and then we will engage them.

My realm and my retinue and my presence on your world is for the full spiritual spectrum, those spirits who are living in the material bodies as you are, and those others who remain here. It is essential to the welfare and well-being of this world that it be fully cleansed of ignorance, and those who are earthbound spirits, most are in ignorance about their existence, and we will have a rapid educational program for them when I am here fully, and in body. So then, it is a co-creative effort between you mortals of spirit and us, unseen spiritual beings of light, to engage these beings and educate them as best we can, so they can make conscious decisions to move on.

At no time—even of those who refuse to move on, knowing that their decision will be made to move on—we simply do not operate it in that way. Speaking of armies of light, that these are armies of awareness that will engage beings of darkness to move to the light. Those who refuse then to move to the light, they are captured and put in quarantine. Earthbound beings are allowed to roam around for a good deal of time before that action is taken, giving them the greatest latitude to voluntarily move ahead, which makes their morontial career much more effective and timely.

Vicki: And I can see with you functioning in the way that you say you will in the flesh, that it will clear up a tremendous amount of confusion for those mortals that are encountering these spirits as well. It feels like it would lift a huge burden off of the Urantian people.

MONJORONSON: You would think so, but there are those who are aware of what you call the occult, and who like to dabble in those arts, and who like to conjure up the presence of these spiritual beings and “play,” so to speak. This is really exceptionally immature and unproductive. It arouses our consternation, I’ll put it that way.

Vicki: There was enough fog in the air that we needed to have things cleared out, and I’m thankful, Monjoronson that you’ve clarified so much.

Use of Ouija boards, pentagrams and psychic phenomena

Vicki: Monjoronson, there comes to mind a question about objects that people use in certain practices, such as Ouija boards, tarot cards and tea leaves, to facilitate some kind of wisdom. My question is this: Is the use of those objects more tied to the intention behind them? In other words, if one is seeking God’s presence and wisdom, and using those as tools for that purpose, is that something that you or another celestial being of light would engage in? Would they present wisdom through the use of them?

MONJORONSON: First of all, I wish to educate you of the difference between psychic phenomena and spiritualism or working with spirit, or trying to manipulate spirit, the occult. Psychic phenomena are completely different. Psychic phenomena parallel your five senses, but additionally you also have the capacity to project your consciousness into the past or into the future. Consciousness, as you know, is non-temporal, it is related to mind function and will. Facets of runes, of tea leaves, of cards and so on, are related to psychic awareness. They are not connected directly to spiritual phenomena. They are simply material mechanisms that aid the psychic’s ability.

Ouija board and pentagram are ways of communicating with spiritual entities, those which are incarnate earthbound spirits. This is where your intention comes into focus. The intention of using pentagrams and Ouija boards is not to connect with God, or angels, or midwayers, or Melchizedeks, Christ Michael, Mother Mary, Nebadonia, or anyone else of the light. When one uses a Ouija board, it is by either a choice or a choice made by ignorance. If you are aware that you have a choice between meditation and being in a mystic circle, and wanted to connect with beings of light, you would use those mechanisms.

If you were educated and knew that difference but still used Ouija boards and a pentagram, then this is a conscious choice to connect elements—I do not say of darkness—but earthbound incarnate spirits. There are those, however, of you who are ignorant of this difference, and so you entertain the possibility of connecting with incarnate earthbound spirits through Ouija boards and pentagrams. When it is a simple matter of ignorance, it can be corrected by awareness, by education, by those who do know the difference. It is important that you do know the differences, because even in ignorance you can lead yourself astray, farther from the light, by continuing to seek those elements, those spirits which are not fully educated, wise or fully knowing as are the beings of light.

We allow celestial teachers to come to your world because they have taken on, graduated, and demonstrated a level of competence to espouse, educate elements of light and an education of wisdom to you. Those earthbound spirits cannot do that; they simply do not have the wisdom or education. There are those who have refused to go on, and continue to dabble in the material realm, for their own satisfaction and gratification, to the detriment of themselves and to others. If you have a choice between riding in a little pedal car to go to the mall, or driving in your new Mercedes or Ferrari to go to the mall, which would you choose? Surely, those who know the difference would take their Ferrari to go to the mall, to make the long trip. Earthbound spirits are still peddling around the realm of earth in their little pedal cars, and this is what they choose. This is a choice of theirs. Now, have I given you enough information to help you with your question?

Vicki: Yes, I think so. I feel that you’ve introduced me to some facets of this topic that I was unaware of. I appreciate that.

Spirit possession

MONJORONSON: Let me take this one step further, since you wish to have full clarification. There are those, too, who dabble with spirits and spirit possession. This is completely against universe policy; it is not acceptable spiritual behavior; it is anathema to spiritual growth. Possession of a mortal body is not acceptable to us, yet it is a choice that a mortal can make and a spiritual being can make, particularly those decisions are usually made by an uninformed and uneducated incarnate spiritual being.

Mediumship, channeling and TRing (Transmission/Receiving)

We wish all to be aware that this type of mediumship is not acceptable to a working relationship with us. You must make your decisions as a mortal to move ahead and disengage from this activity. This is the major distinction between mediumship and channeling or TRing.

Mediumship is a spiritual being within a mortal, speaking as though they were still here as a material being.

TR’ing or channeling is simply using the human mechanism for a spiritual being in the lowest—even the lowest morontial realm—to share with others the information and wisdom of the morontial and spiritual life. This has nothing to do with spirit possession. Spirit possession is where the spirit is in a living body, where the person within that body has given over themselves, given permission for this being to be there.

This is a violation of the greatest order at these levels of spiritual existence. This is mediumship, which has been spoken against in the Urantia Book, and which we totally support.

This is distinctly and uniquely different from channeling or TR’ing, where a spiritual being speaks through another, through what you might call a process of reverse reflectivity. This does not have anything to do with subverting another’s will or taking over a life as though it were their own. This distinction is important to be made and to be known, and to be recognized and surely appreciated. The work of genuine TR’s is vital to our work, as it exists in this very moment. I do not have possession of this individual’s body mechanism, his mind, his soul or his will.

This is channeling or TRing at its best, where the individual remains completely conscious of the process, remains intact with their will, conscious of their surroundings, their temporal setting, their social setting and in all regards, who simply allow us to use part of the brain function—not the mind function—but the brain function to speak. And even in speaking, it is this one’s voice with full awareness of what is going on. It is an overlay of neural commands on top of another, and that is the greatest extent of the submission of this one’s will, to my presence and to what I have to say.

Vicki: From the time of the Pentecost, I understood that no spirit could enter another human’s body without their consent. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is correct. Now you must amend that—there is a caveat to that—and that is due to a person’s practice or unconscious desire to have this occur, it may be that they are absent from making the decision due to fear, it may be that they have consciously decided they want this to occur. The prohibition is upon all incarnate spirits cannot overtake a mortal body and mind mechanism, against that person’s will. That leaves a lot of latitude for ignorance and fear, does it not?

This is why our program of education is so important. You see what we have to work against as we approach your world; it is not simply just your media, but the cultural biases of ignorance and fears as individuals, which make our work so difficult. There are so few in your world, who truly 101% believe in the good of the universe and of spirit, and of God’s work in their life. When people still think of God as a God of wrath, who is vengeful, emotional, spiteful and jealous, it leaves little room for our wisdom or education. We must work with minds that are free, free of fear, free of bias and free of non-productive indoctrination.

That’s why we need your assistance so much; that is why we need your assistance to invite educational programs into your areas, so that we can help you raise your consciousness, so that you are able to work with us on a conscious here-and-now, 24/7 basis in actual working situation, and this working situation is called “your life.”

Vicki: Thank you so much, Monjoronson!

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

Vicki: It’s left us with much to think about, and much to share. Are we done, Daniel?

Daniel: Yeah.

Vicki: Thank you again, Monjoronson.

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