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NSH207- Welcome Challenges, Rejoice in Difficulties

2004-08-29-Welcome Challenges, Rejoice in Difficulties
Nashville #207


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Welcome Challenges, Rejoice in Difficulties
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Path, Acceptance
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Violence
 3.3.2 Spirit of Truth
 3.3.3 Law
o 3.4 Personal Counsel
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Welcome Challenges, Rejoice in Difficulties
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:  Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have this time this evening with you. All of your work is beginning to bear fruit in the world. Each of you is finding your path, each of you is opening to your greater life potential and this is wonderful to behold. Do not be concerned about making errors or offending people for the Master’s truth comes sometimes harshly upon the illusions of the mind. Your work in this world must always be tied closely to the Master’s truth. For truly, my friends, his spirit walks with you through the many lonely and difficult hours you will spend in calm or in conflict. You have been courageous and well spoken, Rebecca. And, you have served well the Master’s loving message.

Path, Acceptance

HAM:   The Master’s way in this world is served by his loving children as you each endeavor to bring his love to those who hurt, who fear, and who experience mental anguish. As you make efforts to reach out to your fellows, each of you carries the Master’s love and his undying message of hope for the world. Fear is the enemy of mankind. It is fear that drives the winds of hatred and it is important to stand against these forces with love and intelligence. Have increasing faith and trust in each other, my friends. You may disagree on one thing or another, but it is important to reach out in love and solidarity in that love.

Eventually, all men will know the Master’s love and all human beings will live in peaceful equality, not without strife, but without war. Only then can Urantia be stabilized and brought within the universe administration. This will be the day when the Correcting Time is finished, but for now, the Master’s message must be firm, loving, and a stabilizing influence while your world convulses in war and in strife. The world will be changed only to the degree that human beings can be changed in accepting the gospel of love and of hope.

Each of you must accept humbly the burdens which are placed upon your shoulders individually. You must each have faith that these burdens are placed only in amounts which you can carry easily, one day to the next. You have each also faced your fears with grace and good humor. All of the sadness and pain of your early years is beginning to lose it sting. And, as you become less tied to your pasts, as your own conscious mind becomes freer, you will have increasingly greater freedom of action and expression in your lives. The fear of rejection, the fear of abandonment, the fear of ridicule, all of these things are limiting and they are all rooted in the past. Gradually, now, you are releasing those old feelings. You are accepting that they are there because to reject them gives them power.

Love will gradually fill those old frightening, empty spaces. You will know that you are not alone and that you will have all that is necessary going forward. Trust the Master’s arm to uphold you. Trust his love to surround you. Trust him for everything and truly you will find everything needful in its place and in its time. Certainly there is no easy direction, no kingly roads. But, you have indeed fought the good fight, the fight of truth over error, firmness of character over weak indecision, and loving kindness over fear and withdrawal.

Welcome all challenges. Rejoice in difficulty. For in every difficult time, at every uncertain crossroad, the Master will speak to your hearts and he will guide your footsteps. What are your questions?


Q: How can a person seem to be very sincere in seeking to know God’s will and yet end up committing terrible acts of violence thinking they are doing the will of God?

HAM:  : Yes, throughout your history there have been men who raised themselves to the level of God in their minds. Man cannot deify man and the confusion resulting from these false prophets inevitably results in tragedy. The Master said, you will know them by their fruits and so it is and ever shall be. Those who sup with the Master and who know his spirit bring forth goodly fruit. Those who do not know his spirit inevitably become lost for the Master is the good shepherd and he seeks to find all his lost ones so he sends his shepherds forth to find those who are lost and who speak with his voice so that those who can hear will hear.

The Master’s spirit comes to bind up the broken hearted and to comfort the disillusioned. All human beings must know of their true status as sons and daughters of the living God. Men are not God’s slaves, nor are they merely his servants. Rather, all human beings are his children. This is the saving truth which will pull your planet back from the brink of destruction. Have no fear my friends. There is nothing stronger or more powerful than the Master’s truth.

Spirit of Truth

Q: Does a person have to associate the Master’s spirit with the person of Jesus Christ, or can they know this spirit by another name, or even in a nameless way?

HAM:  : Of course, but eventually they will know.

Q: Meaning on this earth or in the Mansion worlds.

HAM:  : It depends on the circumstances, of course. Somewhere, some time, every human eye will see him. No man comes to the Father except by way of the Son.


Q: I am concerned that some elements in the Christian church are trying to breach the wall of separation between church and state. Do you think this concern is misplaced?

HAM:  : My son, it is good to be concerned for your country and it is good to express these concerns. The underlying premise of equality under the law is the essential equality of human souls which is a Judeo-Christian concept. Do not be concerned about the realization of this underpinning, for without it there is much confusion and if equality under the law, as an ideal, is ever lost, then is a time to be concerned.

Personal Counsel

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

HAM:  : My daughter, have reassurance in your heart for you are finding that you have much more acceptance than you think. Your fear of rejection or of personal animosity is misplaced. You have extended yourself and have found a great deal of acceptance. Do not worry for you have come through the perilous rapids just fine and you have felt the Master’s hand upon your shoulder and his voice within your heart so it shall be and so it is.

Q: Jarad?

HAM:  : Of course, my son. You have found that you don’t need to carry the burdens you have carried so long. You are coming to realize the joy and freedom which comes from being small, humble, grateful, and complete. The way continues to open as you find your way forward in small steps and large ones. Slowly, true confidence is crowding out uncertainty and your strength continues to grow.

Q: Do you have anything for me Ham?

HAM:  : Of course, my daughter. You are working through some painful areas in your mind and as the fog of pain lifts, you are coming to embrace again your own smallness and your own vulnerability. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable. You will have everything needful in this process. The pain will lift, my dear, and in its place you will find increasing joy, security, and comfort.

Q: Can I have a message please Ham?

HAM:  : Of course, my son. Likewise, you are discovering a long buried inner joy. A joy that, while still tremulous, is growing stronger and more confident. Inner joy is God’s gift to you, my son. Inner joy bespeaks of great confidence and great humility at once. Truly my son you are finding yourself for the first time. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Claim your sonship completely with a full and open heart. Push nothing aside. Accept that the way may be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Marije?

HAM:  : My daughter, you are doing well. You will find comfort, joy, and peace with each passing day. The difficulties you are experiencing are exacerbated by a tendency to exaggerate and worry. Remember, always, to keep life in the broad perspective. See your life extending into eternity then the difficulties of the moment shrink in proportion.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

HAM:  : Yes, my son. Norbert, my son, have no fear for you are doing much better this year. Begin to gain some perspective by looking back at where you have been as well as forward to where you are going. Spiritually, you are doing well. You will have those lessons you require. Some will be hard, some will be easy. But we have full confidence in your progress and your ability to surmount the obstacle before you.

Q: Howard would like to know if you have any advice for him about his friend Tess?

HAM:  : Yes, my son. You are making a good and noble effort in helping this friend. However, you must be prepared to let go when you must. Each human being must make their own decisions, especially the deep ones about life, death, and life everlasting. The Master always ministered to the downtrodden. But he did not become mired in their individual difficulties. He gave the bread of life. It is up the them to partake. So you may also give of this bread, but you cannot force another to partake. All is well my son.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

HAM:  : Yes my son. Look forward rather than backward. Speak of tomorrow rather than yesterday. Have faith in the future, my son, for your future is secure. Have faith in the Master’s protection, for he will be with you through all things. Find your stride moving forward. All is well.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

HAM:  : Yes, my son, of course. Be at peace for you way continues to open. You are finding ever increasing levels of security within your own heart. You are finding greater comfort and a calm assurance with your own inner self. This confidence and security will grow in time. For this is truly a vine from the Master’s branch, or vice versa. It is part of the Master’s body, part of his being that sustains you. Know this and increase your faith to its maximum each day as you trust in the Father’s hand and as you love the Father’s spirit.


HAM:  Are there any further questions. Very well then, until next week my love and prayers go with you each. Farewell.

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