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NSH208- Truth & Love Together is God

2004-09-05-Truth & Love Together is God
Nashville #208


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Truth & Love Together is God
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Truth & Love Together is God
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:  Greetings children, I am Ham and I am happy to have this opportunity for discussion this evening.


HAM:    As you strive, work and worry in your daily lives, you must learn the way to derive increasing comfort from the spirit for the spirit of the Master indeed, the spirit of God is personal. He is always giving you his personal comfort, his unique message for your soul. This person to person communion seems to get lost in the philosophies of humankind.
Philosophy will bring you to the brink of knowing God, but only through personal experience is God ever truly known and he is known as a person. Philosophy will make the reality of God inevitability for the mind, but only through opening the heart to God’s personal presence will the truth of God be experienced.

Finding the will to open one’s heart to God’s personal presence in fact does not require advanced mental preparation. So the least of the Father’s children may know him just as certainly as his most intellectually advanced children, even more so for sometimes the mind can be an obstacle to God knowing rather than a help.

Often what we observe is the intellectual life getting out ahead of the spiritual life, then when the spirit attempts communication rather than receiving this communication personally in the heart, the human being becomes even more confused and fanatical than before. This is why we emphasize spiritual, mental and physical balance as a priority to spiritual experience.

Either an overdeveloped intellect or an underdeveloped intellect can result in fanatical imbalances involving the ego. The truth is that with balance then your indwelling spirit may impart truth, insight and a gradually expanding spiritual awareness without the danger of precipitating a mental breakdown or a fanatical reaction.

Upon your world today there are many human beings with well developed egoistic intellects and many with wide open spiritual hearts without the intellectual basis upon which truth can build. These people get stuck in a childlike religion without hope of expansion while the intellectuals become stuck in a philosophy without spiritual experience. There must develop a middle ground and the Urantia Book was designed to help foster this middle ground.

One must develop love as well as truth while walking in the mortal life. Love in terms of spiritual experience must cradle truth for truth to be effective. Truth without love is harsh and sterile. Love without truth has no direction. Truth and love together is God. When you impart truth with love you are indeed representing the Master in this world. You can impart the maximum of spiritual light in fact you can be a source of spiritual light by conscientiously marrying love and truth in your souls.

Your world is in need of both love and truth and the beauty of your lives will be this harmonious mingling of the Trinity, love, beauty and truth in your expression as you demonstrate light. Each of you has an eternal career ahead. Your lives will be a source of strength for others during this life and in the worlds to come. When you speak truth always do so with love and you will find open receptivity in your audience.

Remember the Master always addressed the spirit within each person. His spirit connected through love to their spirit. This is what he expects from those who would follow him in this life. Your love will go before you and will make a way in the hearts of others. Then and only then will your truth be received. What are your questions?


Q: Rebecca?

HAM:  Certainly. My daughter you are doing very well. You are indeed finding greater measures of love within your soul every day. Have faith my daughter for you are doing well and you are beginning to realize how groundless the old patterns and fears of rejection truly are. You are moving forward with much courage, but you must also remember that the Master himself stands beside you giving you his love, his comfort and his spiritual power when you need it. Never are you left out on a limb battling against imaginary adversaries. Know always are you upheld and renewed through the Master’s loving spirit and this good spirit will grow larger and larger in your heart as time goes by. Give him all of your heart and all is well.

Q: Jarad?

HAM:  My son Jarad you are doing well. You are also learning to relax and to trust for Michael’s own spirit, his personal presence is growing within you daily. You are gradually relinquishing old habitual fears and these have fallen heavily by the way side giving you a calm lightness of spirit. You have everything needful my son, relax and enjoy the process moving forward. That is all.

Q: Anything for me?

HAM:  Yes my son. You are also doing very well. You are coming to accept love little by little as you begin accepting yourself. Gradually it is dawning on you that you have spent many years trying to flee what you where afraid yourself to be, but now as you come to accept the love which is your birthright you are coming to feel at home in the world and you feel comfortable giving and receiving love for the first time. Try the following exercise for one week: gaze at yourself in a mirror and dress yourself saying I love you just the way you are today. Do this every day for one week and see how your reaction changes over that time period.

Q: Do you have a message for Neil?

HAM:  Yes my son. You are doing very well. You are a man who has developed defenses against both love and imaginary ridicule. The fear of ridicule has been an unconscious element in your defensive wall. It is almost as though you have developed a fear of love and this has been a tension in your life for all humans need love above all things and it is a terrible tension within to need something that you fear. Let me say to you this, that you my son are loved infinitely, immeasurably, fully to the spiritual depth of your innermost self.

This is known to you unconsciously, but God’s love, God’s powerful love is consciously blocked and not completely accepted. But my son know this, you could not be loved more fully or more completely if you were God’s only created child. Let this love creep in gradually as you experience love for Julia. Understand that no matter how much you love her there is immeasurably more love coming to you and your heart and your soul. Allow love an entrance, all else will take care of itself.

Q: Myself?

HAM:  My daughter, Julia, You are doing well and you are coming into your own more and more. Your own unerring truth meter points you in increasingly profound directions. Never have you been contented with a small measure of truth but always have you reached beyond your grasp and this wonderful willingness to reach forward will bring into greater and greater truth and will make you a light of truth. You are like Rebecca a woman who holds Christ in your heart. You are a woman who can express the Master’s love as well as his direction for his lost ones. Cleave closely to his spirit and allow him to comfort you as you go through these sometimes difficult uncertainties. Relax my dear, don’t be in a hurry. Everything you need will be given to you.


HAM:  My friends, my children, my love goes with you until we meet again, farewell.

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