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NSH226- Expanding Concert

2007-07-10-Expanding Concert
Nashville #226


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expanding Concert
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham, Monjoronson, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Change
 3.2.2 Work, Communion
 3.2.3 Magisterial Mission
 3.2.4 Urantia, Planetary Supreme
 3.2.5 Teaching Mission
 3.2.6 Preparation
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 New Age
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Expanding Concert
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham, Monjoronson, Michael
TR: Tiahuan


HAM:  (Tiahuan TR) : Greetings my dear friends! This is Ham. I am glad to be here with you as ever. This is a stretch for this one to offer his service in the context of those he does not know so well. Bear with him, and we will explore together that which we know is the gift of our opportunity to enjoin one another in this moment of communion with our Source, communicating with one another by means that you are growing more familiar with each day.


HAM:  You have wondered how it is that we could disband, seemingly, and yet you know I am present along with my fellow teachers working with you in this process of reclamation. You are the ones who are doing the work on the ground. I would encourage you along with my fellows, but remember that nothing is more precious than the work of the world in which you live in this moment. In all of your aspirations to understand and advance in your orientation in this cosmos that is becoming more vivid in your awareness, remember how precious is the moment of your present struggle. This is the moment we have been waiting for; this present time that you have carried with you and will carry forward in the course of your ascension.

Work, Communion

HAM:  Many have desires well placed, seemingly, goals, objectives, agendas, and tasks to perform. The tension you experience in your desire for achievement and rest in the composure of communion is an ever-present creative tension designed for the purpose of creating the sound of love. All of you in various ways are making this music. Many of you know this in the course of your trade as it were, your art. Let me assure you that you have many helpers well attuned to each of your specific life plans. Do not hesitate to cultivate a greater familiarity with these personalities that are discretely devoted to your ascension knowing that your personal path is indivisibly woven in the tapestry of the larger group whether it be your family, your city, your country, your world, or the Universe of universes.

You are at home here, and when you forget in the course of your labor, when you lose your balance, and your tune is dissonant, simply return to where you know you are fully present, that you are fully aware of how much you are loved, and what a privilege it is to extend this love that you share. May I hear from you? What thoughts would you share, what hopes would you bare and allow them to be bathed in this light we are? If you are ease and would rest still, there is another who would extend his blessing.

Magisterial Mission

MONJORONSON:  Greetings my friends! This is one you know as Monjoronson. You have heard much and perhaps wondered more where we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. Many of you have listened with sincere questions, concerns about your world, your loved ones, friends, extended acquaintances. I would address these knowing that you represent many others who lovingly share these thoughts.

Your world is being reborn. You are witnessing around you much of the mess that attends any birth, and those who have borne children, who have witnessed the apparent peril of this passage know that joy eclipses fear upon seeing the face of your beloved child. In this child that you are birthing together, you are making love present.

Urantia, Planetary Supreme

MONJORONSON: This child, an evolving expression of Supremacy, a particular expression on a planetary scale, and yet one shared in the many worlds formerly isolated by rebellion; this child we behold, and like parents who are in awe of the beauty of this moment, we stand in reverence of the glory of our Father living in and through us, but you in particular in this moment. You cannot see this child with the eyes of flesh, but you can and do feel the tenderness of his presence. Her beauty is one that softens every heart.

It is the beauty of a people who have grown to see themselves in this same child, a child of spirit destiny co-created by yourselves working with us. We would function more as midwives than managers of a planet. Your labor exemplifies the courage of Agondonters, and when you grow troubled by the pain that suddenly streaks across your body upon this world, remember your beloved stands close at hand, holding your hand, caressing your face, if you will, massaging every limb to assist you in delivering this child of destiny.

Teaching Mission

There are many here that come with me and are present, and who are entering more deeply your consciousness, and as we do, our materialization becomes increasingly evident in your lives. There are those in the Teaching Mission that you know and have grown to know so well who are perhaps troubled by an apparent change of focus. Let me clarify that the focus is upon the transformation of each soul and yet simultaneously your soul is linked to this child that you all share, that I would, as your Magisterial Son, bring forth from within your womb. You together carry this precious being. Each of you is a parental contributor to this culture of planetary ascension.

There is no division among those who discern the same curriculum, the same purpose of manifesting our Father’s love, but you in this world have lacked the skills and capacity to gather yourselves in this liberating solidarity to yield the glory of the shared life that is the soul, the life that is the offspring of mind and spirit in each and all. Each of us have our roles to play, but everyone who remains focused upon this manifestation, showing forth our Father’s light, contributes to this growing culture.


Be prepared to receive additional teachers, influences of which you have not dreamed. Michael in his lavish love has prepared for you a feast. Each of you brings something essential to this table of communion. No one will be refused who desires to live in the love and light we are.
Would any of you have in this moment questions of how my work shared with so many who come with me functions together with those you have known as members of this Teacher Corps?


Student 1: Monjoronson, are you suggesting perhaps a new teacher is waiting for this group.

MONJORONSON:: There are those present now who are eager to join hands with you. Yes.

Student 1: Would one of the Teachers want to address us?

MONJORONSON:: Let me say, that, yes these are eager. There are restrictions inherent in all those we would utilize to reach you, but these are being overcome. There is a tension in this one upon which we must wait. Be patient.

Student 1: How can we facilitate communication?

MONJORONSON:: You are, by offering yourself, giving this one an opportunity to practice growing in confidence.

New Age

Student 2: Monjoronson, is it correct to assume that your burgeoning presence symbolizes or that this marks a new dispensation, and if so, do we find ourselves right on the cusp of a new dispensation, and is our role here to assuage the passage of one to the next?

MONJORONSON:: Yes, you are well invested in advancing in this new era of open communication between yourselves and those who guide you. Between your world and those who embrace it, and who hold it, with whom you share this universe path of ascension. My presence betokens one part of a gift prepared for you. There is more. You have received much already. Be confident that you are proceeding well. You hear better than you may know.


MICHAEL:  Dear children, this is your friend with whom you have journeyed far. I await the opportunity to greet you in a manner that will thrill your heart. I have walked upon your world. You know me as your Creator; I am your friend, your brother, your father. My Associate Son joins me along those of the Daynal Order who await opportunities to teach you in concert with the gift of your Magisterial Son.

Much awaits your discovery; much awaits the willingness of each to open their hearts to the simplicity of our Father’s love poured out upon you through every personality in every order of universe assignment. You yourselves are part of this family. This is a mortal sphere, and it will be you, seemingly the least of all my children, who show the wisdom and glory of our Father’s faith living in and through you.

Go in peace confident in your role, confident in love. See my Spirit in the one with whom you stand, with whom you sit, with whom you work. Allow yourself to see me increasingly dwelling in this precious space you have opened this night, a present to give to all the world. Thank you!

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