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NSH227- The Soul

2007-12-05-The Soul
Nashville #227


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Soul
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham,Tomas, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Tiahuan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Soul
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham, Tomas, Michael,
TR: Tiahuan


We began in Stillness

Opening Prayer: Heavenly Father and Mother, thank you for gathering so near us, being in us, awakening our awareness of being in you. Open our hearts and minds to receive whatever gift that you would pour upon us in this moment.


HAM:  My dear friends, this is your beloved teacher, Ham. I am here, glad to see you gathering in this way, focusing your own light with me in our Father’s presence, the means whereby we are joined as one in discovering the latent source of our shared being, the soul we are co-creating together. You would marvel, and you will, as you have, as you proceed in your exploration that itself assists us who sponsor and labor with you to augment the dimension of your soul.

I speak of the soul, and you, having studied your given text along with many others know that you are joined in a partnership co-creating your individual, evolving, and immortal soul that is a real morontia substance that you are becoming. What is not so explicitly described in your text, but has been alluded to in various teacher sessions is that there is a real substance of the soul that is the fruit of your union together in such a configuration as you are now joined. This is the reality that we wish to feed, to encourage, because all that you are in and of yourself, as you are known as a discrete individual becomes magnified, glorified, enriched, and enlightened by such association that engages your genuine freedom, the freedom of your bona fide choice to be here.

You have been led from within, each of you having journeyed through so many adventures, and yet you bring to this space an offering of immeasurable value. Give yourselves an opportunity to explore the gifts that are prepared for those who would together create the opening necessary to receive all that our Father would pour upon you, bestowing Himself now as ever to the degree that his children, myself included, would allow by trusting Him– simply being here.

You have many friends, colleagues, compatriots, comrades, (and) associates who are joined with you in their own spaces, and as you invest your individual soul in this manner, you are creating the light of life. You are allowing it to come forth from within you to join its source that is indivisible. For you know this fragment you are blessed with is your eternal identity that seeks to rejoin its source with you, in you and through you. In this manner, this divine light becomes manifest in material form.

You are the ones upon whom we wait, you and your fellows, poised now, expectant perhaps of what you do not know, and yet you sense the imminence of a great birth. Let me encourage you each to rest in this knowledge. Allow yourselves to enjoin others in this manner; wherever or whenever the moment presents itself. You are making love real in this world as it is in architectural spheres. Indeed you may not believe it, but this troubled sphere, beleaguered for so long, holds within it architectural plans that astound so many throughout what you know as the heavens, the universe of universes.

There are others here looking on, awaiting opportunities, the moment to engage you for what you are now prepared. It is inspiring; do not dismiss the value of your humanity for it is just such human personality that each of your indwelling fragments craves for expression.
Would you care to address any questions or direct any comments (to me)?


Question: Ham, I had a question that came to my mind, in terms of soul making. I understand that the central function is freewill choice, and that from this choice comes the actual creation of the soul, but then in the book there are several references to how the Thought Adjuster is active when we’re asleep and not making choices. I wonder if you would elucidate on those two different functions or methods or systems.

HAM:  My friend, my dear son, thank you. Gladly, I will address this question! You are right, yes, choice is the fulcrum upon which all efforts are applied, and your choice is truly sovereign. You know that your indwelling fragment defers to your choice. It is the sovereignty of such free choice that is desired, and yes, you make these choices in your mind, but as you know, there is much of your mind that you do not know, or of which you are unaware.

You sense the presence of a depth that intrigues you, that prompts you to explore and to wonder. This conscious level is the arena in which you make your conscious choices. As you do, you signal your intent, and yet your choice is deeper. The work that is done in your mind while you sleep is that which you have authorized by your choices. In every moment, whether you are sleeping or waking, it is your choice that is honored, and as you, as an emerging soul, identify yourself to the universe at large, you signal to us the manner that you would have us engage with you. Each one does this likewise.

While you are conscious of what you think of as your choice, there is a dimension that you cannot truly analyze and consciously dissect, and know that is your choice. Depending upon the spiritual status of any personality that would engage you, they are, in varying degrees, privy to this dimension of your soul. The Melchizedeks are quite aware, being able to see you, and of course Michael and Mother and many others, see the truth of who you are. And it is for this reason that you are loved so immensely, more than you can imagine.

I hope this will help you somewhat. As you experiment in your own liaisons with your indwelling spirit, with other personalities authorized by our Father living in you that you agree to engage, you thereby offer an invitation. You may, if it helps, see it as much like the invitations that you would send out in advance of a gathering, a party, a celebration of any kind. What you may not be aware of is (that) you are sending out just such an invitation in every moment. Is this of any help?

Student: Yes, thank you! It is.

Question: Ham, when you were talking about invitation(s), I might have misunderstood. Were you saying that other personalities other than the Adjuster could be involved in (y)our personal (soul making)? Could you elaborate a bit on this? I am not sure I got the gist (of it).

HAM: : Of course. Perhaps it would be helpful to recall that your Thought Adjuster, this Mystery Monitor, this divine light that is the truth of who you are, a fragment of the infinite I Am is joined to the degree that you have authorized by your choice with your human personality. It is the fusion of the identity of this Father Fragment with the human personality, that is also of origin in our Universal Father as a direct bestowal to you and each of your siblings, it is this union that is sought at this moment.

The Father Fragment, while being derived, hailing from the First Source, nevertheless, is not a personality. The personality component of your soul is the human persona, if you will, that is the unique gift of the Father. It is in your mind that you choose to either make or break this union. You alone can authorize the eternal union that is known usually on high in the course of your ascension. You know of many personalities such as your seraphic guardians, midwayers, many personalities associated with this planetary administration, who may, from time to time, be enjoined with you, fostering not only your soul growth, but in and through your own growth, that of all others. For while you are a part, you are, as it were, an indivisible part of this larger family.

Depending upon the moment, there could be any number of personalities working with you.
But you know that there are those who are uniquely devoted to you. In addition to your guardians, seraphic guardians, in this time you are given personal teachers if you choose, if you wish. These are themselves enjoined with others, and so we are all enjoined together through various means (and) depending upon the service that is presented to us in any time or place.

You are however always in charge. Your choice is what decides, determines what you shall do, who shall assist you, for how long, any number of parameters that are defined by your genuine choice, that is witnessed unfolding from within a depth of your being that is hard for mortals to articulate. Indeed, it is always something whose depth transcends any momentary expression.

Question: Speaking of personalities, is there any chance that Lisa is over there with you?

HAM: : I am here. This one is awkward with new names. Let me assure you, yes!

Question: Can I have a message from Lisa?

HAM: : Very well. My dear son, thank you for inviting me to speak to you in this framework. I am joined with you and gladly assist, and would, if you would allow yourself to discover your own capacity to discern my nearness (for) we can work in ways that would thrill you. It is the opportunity that excites many in this time upon Urantia. Invite me into that place where you think you are alone, and we will speak the language of love with one another. Are there other questions? Feel free.


HAM:  If not, there is one who would seize this moment.

TOMAS:  Good evening my friends. You may not know me so well, but I am one who has played a role in training this one to be at ease as a transmitter in service of Michael’s Teaching Mission. I am known as Tomas, and I greet you, and would have you know that there are still many others who see in your willingness to gather an opportunity for expanded service. Practice what you know to be simply the presence of our Father.

Make yourselves at home in Him as we are, and gradually we will throw a party, and yes, I am one who loves parties. I love the celebration of souls inspired by the light we share among us. Be at peace. Go confidently in your way. All of you are enjoined in adventures that command the attention of many. I would step aside now having said my peace (piece), simply to say hello, and I would hope that we could join together perhaps more frequently.


MICHAEL: My dear children, how happy I am to bring you together and to send you forth. I am closer to you than your breath. I am your best friend. I am one who knows well the life upon Urantia. I invite you all to give yourself small moments of refreshment. Allow yourselves to release the anxiety, the pressures of your adventurous lives, and let me feed you, comfort you, reassure you that you are supported, that provision is ample, and the way is open, for I am that way, and I truly am your devoted friend. Peace be with you.

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