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NWB32- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 32

1993-01-02-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 Session 32
Sarasota #32  – 01/02/1993 



1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: JoEl, Olfana, JaEl, LorEl, Michael, Chanti, Rayson, VanEl, VanEssa, Manotia – 2.2 TR: Unknown
5 Session 3 – 5.1 Dialogue

Session 3
[[ Patjie Impressions, Saturday, January 2, 1993 (9am) ]]

Patije: Dear Father, Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I dedicate it to doing your Will. Now, how do I do that? My activities will be mundane and routine – mostly as a homemaker. Perhaps Roy and I will go for a walk on the beach or shop for groceries. Then, if he watches TV or takes a nap I will work on the computer or read transcripts of teacher’s lessons. The activities aren’t doing your will – so what is? Attitude? Intention?

It is such a simple thing to say I will that your will be done and I do it consistently. But what does it really mean? My heart is simple and open and honesty and sincerity are my motive for all that I do. Teach me, Father, what doing your will is.
Lovingly, Patije

LOREL: Dear One, you are consistently successful at doing the Father’s will. You are correct about the activities – although there are instances when you will be inspired to take certain actions. Doing the Father’s will is an attitude of listening and discerning only coherency of intellectual meaning, stabilizing spiritual value reality and attractive physical harmony which will bring health, sanity and happiness into your consciousness regardless of activity experience.

Keep guard at the door of your consciousness – let in only God-like thoughts and perceptions. Weed the thoughts of your mind garden and be done with anything else. In this way you will gradually fill your sub-conscious memory banks with God-like perceptions and concepts and eventually you will find even your un-conscious (automatic) reactions – as well as your conscious responses will be God-lie harmonious, coherent and valuable!

Do you not see? It is necessary to begin to be aware of what and how you think about things – what your emotional reaction is and control your out-of-balance emotions of anything other than LOVE of the Father and service to Father and your brothers.

It is an attitude of always looking at your daily experiences from the higher consciousness of cosmic citizenship and making choices according to what is good for all mankind – not just your self-centered world. When you can rise above material mind level into cosmic consciousness the sense of urgency emotional reaction fades and become sanity and you make healthy decisions which bring happiness.

..midnight Saturday…

Patije: Dear Father, I have butterflies in my stomach – a feeling of “something is happening” which leaves me unsettled. What is coming?
Since I am committed to you and to your will, whatever it is I accept any challenge which will cause me to grow spiritually, and towards eternal existence. I love you, Father. I love you, Michael. Create within me pureness of heart and willingness to be your instrument of communication.

Is this project of Allene’s for me to do? How can I be of service? show me what I am to do. Is this tied in with Welmek’s assignment for me? It certainly seems to be!

My heart goes out in prayer for those who are hurting – financially, emotionally and wondering why? Sow us all what is happening from the higher level of understanding. Show us why there is so much turmoil and distrust among the Urantia Book readers. Why has the Foundation not fostered brotherhood and loving service among readers in all these years? Are there any messages for me tonight? Lovingly, Patije

MICHAEL: Dearest Child of my heart, you are picking up energies which alert you to an unfolding event which is happening on Urantia. Soon you will know and see with your own eyes that which you feel within your awareness now.

Have patience, Child. Your faith – as well as others – will one day receive the communication of what you now know that you know – and more. Chaos is part of the material sequence of events when whole civilizations are being moved from one place to another. You have experienced this in space. Soon you will experience this in time. Rejoice in this as your destiny. Be of good cheer! Go forth casting seeds of inspiration and expectation of Light and Life.

LOREL: Dear One, Friend of my heart, I tell you truly this is the incubation period of a new-born energy upon your world. Many are awakening. Many hear Michael’s call. Many know not what they are feeling – but they are ready to answer the call when it is made to them. Your feeling is common to those who are ready to see. It is as if you are at an open window watching for a knowing but not excited. There is much…interrupted…

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